• Can Birmingham turn around its dwindling cycling numbers?13 hours 56 min agoI used to live in Birmingham,

    I used to live in Birmingham, and actually it was pretty ok - apart from the city centre. I used to commute from Handsworth Wood to Castle Bromwich, and smile at the cars stationary on the M6.

  • Can Birmingham turn around its dwindling cycling numbers?14 hours 2 min agoIt's not just about the

    It's not just about the supply-side (the infrastructure). It's also about demand - who wants to, or might want to, cycle. Birmingham has a high and growing share of ethnically South Asian residents. Is cycling something many of them aspire to doing more of?

    My years cycling among the diversity of inner London suggest cycling is a overwhelmingly white activity, with a little Afro-Caribbean and East Asian. But not South.

  • Sustrans claims National Cycle Network has saved UK economy more than £7 billion14 hours 5 min agoThe problem is that a lot of

    The problem is that a lot of local authorities have no internal expertise for 'active travel' and or cycling due to cuts. So money is funneled into Sustrans.

    I don't believe this to be an ideal arrangement.

  • Buyers Guide to Kids bikes + 11 of the Best14 hours 12 min agoHalfords (I know!) have a new

    Halfords (I know!) have a new range this year of carrera 24 and 26 bikes with proper small frames (13"). My ten year old has just got one and they are really good for £200. Triple crank is a waste of time but otherwise ticks all the boxes and is light. Not as subtle as an Isla bike (very lurid green highlights), but a ton cheaper and Carrera have this funny way of getting a bike spot on every now and then (like the Subway series) and the Abyss is one of those. Recommended.


    Buying one is a song and dance. Halfords won't let you buy anything off the floor if its the last one in stock so you have to wait. And wait.

  • Cracked meniscus14 hours 14 min agoPresuming you mean you've

    Presuming you mean you've torn it, I tore the articulate cartilage in my left knee and had it 'trimmed' via keyhole surgery. I was on crutches for a couple of weeks, and started back on the bike after about four weeks. If you are treated by the NHS, do what the physio tells you to do, and if you are referred to group physio, then go, it may be with a group of senior citizens, but you must do all the exercises they give you. I was properly mobile after six months and fully recovered after a year. I average about 120 miles a week commuting and play footie couple of times a month. Hope this helps, all the best, nicko

  • Can you race on a £450 bike?14 hours 14 min agogoggy wrote:Just don't buy an

    goggy wrote:
    Just don't buy an expensive bike and then not train up to it (see Box Hill on a Sunday for examples!) Wink

    You need to be a little careful with this. I always do Box Hill last as it's the easiest one around there. After 65 miles of climbing (such as it is around Dorking), I've been known to "crawl" up there on my way home (well - spin it out in a low gear at least).

    As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover.

  • Just in: GT Grade Alloy Tiagra14 hours 20 min agoAny further updates for this

    Any further updates for this bike ? I might buy one !

  • Fantasy Cycling 2015 - game changes (and report issues)14 hours 29 min agoGREATWHITEDALE wrote:tour de

    tour de france there seems to be a problem i cant transfer any of my team from stage 1 to stage 2, need to change a few as stage 1 was a time trial.

    You joined the purist competition, there's no transfers in that

  • How Do I Change Leauges?15 hours 15 min agoI am in the rest of the world

    I am in the rest of the world team,and I meant to join the MMHL Team.

  • 2015 Tour de France15 hours 16 min ago3339 teams entered in the

    3339 teams entered in the competition... At least 4 teams with the word 'Velociraptor' in them... 2 teams called 'Team Velociraptor'... 140 teams that scored 0 points yesterday... 0. Thinking I wonder , do Purist teams show in the Standard competition, they don't, do they? Some of these teams that scored nothing seem built for the mountains... Thinking And, 'vive' the creative minds of the folks that play here, here are 2 highly entertaining team names among those that scored 0 points yesterday, US Mammary Service and League of ordinary gentlemen. Smile

  • Can you race on a £450 bike?15 hours 22 min agocrikey wrote:I do recall a

    crikey wrote:
    I do recall a young man who turned up to our ride out to watch a pro bike race in the early 90s. The race was about 40 miles away, we were youngish and all raced cyclo cross to a top 10-top 20 standard.

    His bike would have been old fashioned in 1960; he said it was his grandfathers, and he'd been riding it to see if he liked cycling.

    He schooled us in the sense of 'being taught a lesson'; he was a pleasant, polite unassuming young man and he rode us all off his wheel for 40 miles, dropping us on every climb and having us struggle to hold his wheel on the flats.

    His bike was gas pipe steel, it had 5 gears, one large chainring and steel rims with the original balding tyres on....

    This type of fella you write about is known as 'the natural'.......someone who is gifted at the sport. It's humbling......I've experienced it!

  • how many of us still riding Triples?15 hours 32 min ago2 Wheeled Idiot wrote:Yeah

    2 Wheeled Idiot wrote:
    Yeah I'd say double....depending on your strength a compact or mid compact and 11-28...you can get up anything short of vertical with that

    I'd caveat that with, if you're a mountain goat ( light weight, youngish ) Majority of riders are not and will struggle with hills over with 7% or more, especially if longish in length. Just see how many riders will push or struggle/grind up the hills on the London Prudential. Triples are perfect if you can get one theses days.

    I have been experimenting with different cassettes and even made a modified hanger to accommodate the new XTR 11-40 cassette onto my road bike. My mountain setup allows a 34-40 on a compact setup. This allows me to stay seated, spin at 70rpm and climb hills upto 45% Surprise

  • how many of us still riding Triples?15 hours 46 min agoMines 9 spd triple 50 39 30

    Mines 9 spd triple 50 39 30 with 11-25 cassette. I use the granny ring most rides if its a usual hill day, however I cant remember the last time I used the cassettes 25t

  • Canyon Aeroad Advice.. L or xl15 hours 51 min agoI'd be interested to hear how

    I'd be interested to hear how that L shapes up..

    How much seat post extension do you think you will be running?

  • Lorry driver involved in fatal collision with Denbighshire cyclist banned for five years15 hours 52 min agoWhy not start by reporting

    Why not start by reporting this to his employers?

    They are ERS Medical.


    reg no YJ64JXV

  • Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro16 hours 3 min agoGoldfever4 wrote:I've got the

    Goldfever4 wrote:
    I've got the previous version and it is brilliant, but it needs one of its structural rods along the top as it tends to collapse a bit and it affects the stability of the bag.

    This is exactly what bothers me the most also. Perhaps EVOC is attending to this?

  • how many of us still riding Triples?16 hours 3 min agoIf you are buying a whole new

    If you are buying a whole new groupset, I'd change it to a double. I have a Caad 8 triple, but didn't want to spend crazy money when my chainrings wore out so just put on 105 triple chainset.

  • Sustrans claims National Cycle Network has saved UK economy more than £7 billion16 hours 5 min agoSustrans are simply yes-men

    Sustrans are simply yes-men for bad infrastructure. They have the belief that ANYTHING is better than nothing, which leads to small budgets spread too thinly and used for the easy option. That's why we have the NCN that we do - unsurfaced routes with steps and barriers that are indirect or inappropriate for most types of bike and rider.

    Just look at their approval for the Bedford Turbo-roundabout.

  • Sustrans claims National Cycle Network has saved UK economy more than £7 billion16 hours 11 min agogaza_d put his finger on

    gaza_d put his finger on exactly why segregated infrastructure isn't generally being installed anymore. Bot prds and people on bikes ignore the segregation.

    As for Sustrans, they are becoming part of the problem rather than the solution. They have several members of staff who are positions to give a yeah or nay on funding who simply don't live in the real world. For instance they wanted raisewd cussins put across junctions on 40mph road with cyclists have priority across all junction. I wonder how many casualties they thought was an acceptable level on an arrangement like that?

    gazza_d wil also find that he uses LA routes with Sustrans paying for the signs and a proportion towards groundworks, with no provision for any future maitenance, leaving the LA to pickup the bill, and a map with their logo all over it. After that- nothing to do with us guv!( the sections of paths owned by sustrans where I live are notable by their lack of basic maintenace. some years not even basic grass cutting, surfaces lifted by tree roots and generally poor quality surfaces). The money they use isn't even theirs, most of it comes fro central government fro some unfathomable reason Sustrans get their hands on it first and take out their admin fees before a penny is spent on infrastructure.

    Get rid of Sustrans, give the money directly and ringfenced to LAs with rules governing consultation before implementation and we might statrt to get a network that goes to the same places that people want to.

  • Tour de France Bikes 2015: Rohan Dennis' BMC Timemachine TM0116 hours 22 min agoNo mention of the new helmet

    No mention of the new helmet Dennis was wearing?

  • Radial Cycles Micro Vapour Co2 Pump16 hours 24 min ago"nonetheless this Co2

    "nonetheless this Co2 inflator is very efficient and has a lot to offer"

    A lot to offer? What like pump your tyre up? Rolling On The Floor

  • Can Birmingham turn around its dwindling cycling numbers?16 hours 26 min agoI lived in Birmingham before

    I lived in Birmingham before moving to the Isle of Man. The canal was OK if it wasn't wet as it would soon fill your drive chain with a nice grinding paste. You needed your wits about you on the Bristol Road and Pershore Road and I was t-boned by cars twice and had no end of confrontations with bus drivers.
    There was cycling allowance on a broad footpath on the Bristol Road but it was an unswept puncture paradise and you were fair game for drivers reversing out of their drives.

    My 10 miles to work now is a dream in comparison.

  • Rookie league, new player questions and discussions16 hours 39 min agoYes. From the dashboard you

    Yes. From the dashboard you click into Tour De France Standard, and then access your leagues from there. If you access from the dashboard you will get the season competition rather than the specific race.

  • Edinburgh's bin lorries upgraded for cycle safety - city asks for cyclists' opinions16 hours 46 min agoAll of Sheffield's bin

    All of Sheffield's bin lorries [that I've seen] have low cabs with the large, surround windows .... anything is garbage

  • Can Birmingham turn around its dwindling cycling numbers?16 hours 54 min agoIt may be the same everywhere

    It may be the same everywhere else, but around B'ham aggressive & abusive driving is commonplace, with the 'punishment pass' being a bit of fun to have with the 'illegal immigrants of the road'. Certainly my best mate shares this view when he visits from Notts. I do my best to get the hell away from the city (actually relatively quiet suburb) out to N Warks or Staffs