• Transcontinental Race: Helping a fallen comrade1 day 40 min agothemartincox wrote: And I

    themartincox wrote:

    And I don't own a pair of testicles, I have them, but me and the bread-knife share everything 50/50!

    Yeah right! That says *everything* about you. Obviously you'll be getting sympathetic period-pains every month too. I'm actually quite surprised that you didn't use that as your excuse to quit on the exercise that you couldn't handle. Fortunately the Greek chappy saved you from having to use that one.

  • Byron Bay – the ‘non-formist’ Australian town where 4 in 5 cyclists ignore compulsory helmet laws1 day 53 min agoThe fact that laid-back Byron

    The fact that laid-back Byron Bay can get away with cycling without helmets does not mean it can be extrapolated to other towns and cities and that was what Freestyle Cyclists were trying to do. The situation in Byron Bay is a combination of surf, sun and counter-culture in a holiday town where the pace of life is slow. In Byron Bay, bikes are seen as normal transport and are accepted as part of the landscape by motorists. That is a good thing but it is not the situation in more than a handful of communities in Australia.

    For what it is worth, I used to enjoy cycling without a helmet when I was young but I just don’t know many places where it is safe now. If you could control dogs and anticipate pedestrian movements then shared user paths with a speed limit of 10 km/hr, and cycling paths, might be a case for helmetless riding but such paths exist in isolation and sooner or later bikes will end up sharing a road with motor vehicles. Freestyle Cylists might like to think that cycling as a dangerous activity is simply a perception but, unfortunately, it is a fact as hopital A&E statistics will attest to.

    My opinion, obviously not shared by the anti-helmet supporters, is that as soon as a bike gets onto a road then a helmet should be worn. Lawmakers make laws that apply to the majority and their opinion, based on advice from qualified medical professionals, is that helmets decrease the risk of head injuries for cyclists.

  • Five years in jail for motorist who killed cyclist while looking at pictures on mobile phone1 day 1 hour agothemartincox wrote:The fact

    themartincox wrote:
    The fact he was a JW probably didn't help him, separated him from the jury.

    Well perhaps he isn't a very good one if he didn't know using a phone and driving is dangerous.

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 day 1 hour agoHairy or not is definitely

    Hairy or not is definitely your own choice. I prefer to trim down No. 1 for the summer (only full shaved twice I think) It is just less time consuming, looks the same and doesn't feel weird in trousers. I am happy to grow all winter and get the shears out for spring.

    Meanwhile contrary to popular opinion it does get warm or hot in the UK in the summer. I would think someone wearing warmers or tights in 20+ temperature was mental because its HOT! FFS its summer you muppet. I find air is a very good means of wicking away sweat.

    I don't think hairy legs are dirty, but I do think calf tattoos are as ugly as sin.

  • what are the benefits of shaving your legs....seriously1 day 1 hour agoBBB wrote:Oh and no, most of

    BBB wrote:
    Oh and no, most of women don't "dig it". Get real.

    Your legs aren't impressive enough. For me it's like a Diet Coke advert everytime I go out haha

  • Orica-GreenEdge's Darryl Impey cleared of doping1 day 1 hour agoOn a related note, do people

    On a related note, do people think its correct that it is investigated by the national anti doping body, rather than an impartial third party? Seems mad that a country's own national body, corrupt or not, investigate their own rider's infractions at this stage.

    This is similar to the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency's perceived blind spots where Fränk Schleck was concerned back in '08. Ends up having to admit paying Dr Fuentes 7000 euros, but apparently still 'clean'.

  • Cannondale 2015: Synapse Disc range expands and CAAD10 Track and Disc bikes launched1 day 1 hour agodrmatthewhardy wrote:Plenty

    drmatthewhardy wrote:
    Plenty of hipsters also ride with just a front brake round where I live.

    They're not true to the cause then.

  • Carrying your load1 day 2 hours agoThe other option is a storage

    The other option is a storage bottle in one of your bottle cages. Whatever you're most comfortable with is best.

  • Transcontinental Race: Helping a fallen comrade1 day 2 hours agoJoeinpoole wrote:Not sure why

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    Not sure why the fuck the OP was crying at all. It's just not an appropriate reaction for someone who owns a pair of testicles as far as I'm concerned.

    You're absolutely right Joe. We must make sincere efforts to withdraw the sporting achievements of any athlete who has shed a tear for their life's dreams, efforts and aspirations; in the name preserving the sanctity of true manhood. For true manhood doesn't feel. True manhood doesn't think. True manhood sits behind a computer and derides the lesser men who open the doors of uncertainly and pedal through them.

    You have no right to cry, Mr. Cox. I am a guy on the internet, and I decide when you cry, and when you do not. And you do not ever cry. Is that clear?

    We are the coldblooded, inhuman monsters of the internet; the machines among men. And our time is come.

  • Vuelta Stage 71 day 2 hours agoFroome continues to be one of

    Froome continues to be one of the best "sprinters" in the race!

  • FSA "Delta" Brake prototype spotted at Eurobike1 day 2 hours agodrmatthewhardy wrote:Tyre

    drmatthewhardy wrote:
    Tyre clearance??

    Plenty for a fag paper, or two possibly.

  • Video: Look's 795 Light with integrated everything on the Eurobike test track1 day 2 hours agoPaul J wrote: Again though,

    Paul J wrote:

    Again though, all else being equal, a long tube slanted against the wind is going to cause more turbulence than one that goes straight into the wind. The slanted tube may have a slightly better co-efficient of drag, but I don't see how it could make up enough in the Cd to make up for the much much larger windage area.

    What you don't see is the effect of the bike plus rider. One of the areas of highest pressure is at the saddle area, perhaps lowering the top tube helps relieve that area of high pressure and reduce drag that way? Perhaps the dirty air immediately after the top tube actually reduces the drag around the seat mast?
    Without extensive in the wind tunnel there's no way to know.

  • The urban cycle: round-town trends from the Eurobike show1 day 2 hours agoWas thinking about this a

    Was thinking about this a while back, still not sure there's anything there that quite meets all my requirements: http://yamdac.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/a-better-city-bike.html

  • Hersh Speed road bike1 day 3 hours agoSo the Hersh Speed is speedy,

    So the Hersh Speed is speedy, but harsh? I guess it does what it says on the tin... almost.

  • Road bike filth from De Rosa, Wilier, Argon 18, Cervélo, Deda, Time, Orbea, Ridley…1 day 3 hours agoUCI stopping the progression

    UCI stopping the progression of the road bike... What piffle.

    Vendors can sell whatever bikes they like. The UCI isn't going to send the heavies in to smash up the shop if a bicycle doesn't have their sticker. Hell, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of bicycles sold don't have UCI approvals.

    The issue of course is that a certain segment of the bicycling market wants to "look pro". They almost always don't actually race themselves, but they want a bicycle that's like what racers use.

    Now, for actual racing, there are certain considerations the UCI have to take into account:

    * Cycling is historically a fairly accessible sport. You didn't need to spend massive amounts of money to get a competitive bicycle. While money isn't an issue to many "look pro" MAMILs in the developed world, those racing may be younger and less well-off, and they may be in not-as-rich parts of the world. Not approving equipment that is not widely available, or unaffordable, keeps racing more accessible.

    * Neutral support for races (wheels, etc) is made more difficult if those racing have all radically different & incompatbile equipment. Minimising the differences, and/or waiting for standards to develop makes life easier, particularly for smaller races.

    So, it makes quite a bit of sense for the UCI to be conservative about equipment, from a sporting point of view. Which is, you know, the view that matters when it comes to approving equipment, given the UCI are a sports governing body.

    That some gadget-obsessed MAMILs, with too much money and not enough sense, are left with the dilemma of having to choose between "looking pro" and buying non-UCI approved equipment, is frankly not something the UCI should give the slightest fuck about.

    As for holding up cycling, I wonder if any of the odd "look pros", on their expensive bikes, that I've passed on climbs on my gunged-up, 1970s, steel clunker road bike (with original drive train) on the odd occasion have berated the UCI similarly. It'd be ironic if they did, because clearly it's more about the human than the bicycle.

  • Carrying your load1 day 3 hours agoI use a tiny saddle bad for

    I use a tiny saddle bad for multitool, tyre levers, patches, cable ties. I stick tubes and mini pump in jersey pocket.

  • Transcontinental Race: Helping a fallen comrade1 day 3 hours agoJoeinpoole wrote: Jesus H

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    Jesus H Christ. You were never in 'a race'. It's quite clear you weren't even *remotely* equipped, in terms of experience and speed, to compete to win the event. You were simply on a long sportive ... and I do genuinely applaud your guts to even attempt it.
    What irritates me is your faux claims to heroism ... 'I gave up my race to save a fellow competitor'. You didn't. It's like you've tried to draw a parallel with yachtsmen in the Southern Ocean, who give up their *genuine* chance of winning a prestigious event, to go to each other's aid because it really is a life-or-death situation when there's literally no other help available within 1000 miles.

    Giving up your 'race' to hold the hand of a fellow 'competitor', who was already safely tucked up in hospital, and whose life wasn't in any danger is utter nonsense.

    My impression is that you were under-prepared for the rigours of the event, realised that you couldn't make it and were then grateful to grasp a face-saving excuse to give up early. To then claim 'heroism' for doing so is really cheap IMHO.

    Hmm... A race is a race even if you are loosing, or never had much chance of winning. Giving up when you are loosing to achieve another objective is laudable; especially if he did bring some assistance to another rider in hospital on his own. Though the article is a bit selfaggrandizing and you might wonder how motivated he would be to stop if he were that much nearer the front.
    I guess this isn't 'Touching the Void' and without a full blown analysis of his angst of seeing his dream slipping away and distress of hearing about the crash its hard to judge motivation.

    A 'bit' selfaggrandizing? A hell of a lot, I'd say. Yes, Joe sounds harsh, but come on, looks to me like Cox saw an opportunity to get out of the ride and have a story for his blog that would generate praise for his efforts. Looks like that's his purpose in all of his blogs, which I've just read for the first - and last - time.

  • Carrying your load1 day 3 hours agoWeight wise it doesn't matter

    Weight wise it doesn't matter if it's on you or the bike - you're still working getting the "system" up the hill. I find there isn't enough room in the bag and with 3 jersey pockets for everything you need...can't imagine not having a saddle bag

  • Best helmet camera?1 day 3 hours agoI do understand your reasons

    I do understand your reasons for not wanting a GoPro sticking off the top of your helmet - I wear mine like this, and I look like a total pratt.

    But I don't care. Big Grin

    I would rather the rearward traffic see clearly I have a camera bolted to my head and possibly slow down a little, than just forget I am a human being, just like them, only less protected.

    And if the worse ever does happen, hopefully the c**t who takes me out will get caught by the footage. And given community service.

  • Vuelta Stage 71 day 3 hours agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Didn't

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Didn't know about the falls to be honest, as Ive been working alot. I actually already had Degenkolb, Martens and Mondory, as well as Reynes, and ive added 3 others to that, but not Matthews.

    I shouldn't try to take the piss, you are winning after all, and doing an awful lot better than me!

  • Carrying your load1 day 3 hours agoSome people seem to think

    Some people seem to think even little saddle bags are wrong. However, I have a mini one that holds 2 tubes, self-adhesive patches, 2 CO2 canisters & inflator, multi-tool including chain tool and spare quick link. That lives on the bike so I don't have to worry about picking up tools and stuff on the way out.

  • Bad luck, or something else?1 day 3 hours agoglynr36 wrote:New tyres take

    glynr36 wrote:
    New tyres take more than 12 miles to 'bed in', especially in the wet.
    Could have had some diesel/oil anything on the road, could have ran too much air in them too, million and one possibilities. I'd not anaylse it too much and just put it down to 'Shit happens'.

    This. Turns out 'shit happens' is an anagram of my real name! I did not know about the 12 miles, just got a new set of Conti GP 4 tyres, hoping the weather holds to start breaking them in tomorrow. Smile

  • Vuelta Stage 71 day 3 hours agoDidn't know about the falls

    Didn't know about the falls to be honest, as Ive been working alot. I actually already had Degenkolb, Martens and Mondory, as well as Reynes, and ive added 3 others to that, but not Matthews.

  • BMX1 day 3 hours agoActually Quillan came 2nd in

    Actually Quillan came 2nd in elite men at the Brits. I said 3rd but that was wrong.
    Training tomorrow morning so I'll maybe ride the 20" for a change.

  • Anatomy of a lie: How Guide Dogs London fabricated an attack on cyclists1 day 3 hours agoRegardless of Journos

    Regardless of Journos bullshit, watch out for peds - blind or otherwise.