• Updated: Bianchi launch new Oltre XR (+ video)2 years 4 weeks agoIs this the bike that De

    Is this the bike that De Ghent rode to the Cima Coppi Stage in the Giro?

  • Tour de France Stage 17: Team Sky tighten grip on Tour one-two, Valverde takes stage2 years 4 weeks agoSorry, I have forgot! How did

    Sorry, I have forgot! How did he do at barloworld?

    Kind of agree that it's over-shadowing the victory a little. Will be interesting to see what happens to their time gap on Saturday. If it stays the same, perhaps CF would have been the better bet.

  • Tour de France Stage 17: Team Sky tighten grip on Tour one-two, Valverde takes stage2 years 4 weeks agoFroome's job in this tour is

    Froome's job in this tour is to ride for Wiggins. It's a shame that he can't do that professionally without having to petulantly show that he is the better climber by repeatedly 'accidentally' dropping his team leader at every opportunity and then sit up with one hand off the bars and pretend he doesn't know where Brad is.

    I have dreamed for years of a british tour winner and don't need the final realisation of that dream spoilt by a petulant domestique who thinks his job is beneath him. Let's not forget Froome's achievements at Barloworld. If he hadn't had the good fortune of Team Sky forming when it did and looking out for UK registered pros then Froome would be stacking shelves in supermarkets right now. He needs to grow up get some respect for the people who have put him where he is.

  • Portsmouth tells its cyclists to be more polite2 years 4 weeks agoAs a pompey resident it was

    As a pompey resident it was fascinating to read this on the day the government announced an alarming increase in deaths and serious injuries on the nation's roads. Don't worry - Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire Constabulary have launched their latest hard-hitting road safety initiative. On the very day that a horrifying 31% rise in fatalities among young pedestrians is reported PCC announces its grand plan - Polite Cycling.

    This is the same PCC that was very recently happy to close all pedestrian crossings on one of the busiest junctions in the city for upwards of 6 weeks. A busy junction that is right by Milton Cross school, and is depended upon daily by many hundreds of young pedestrians. The very people who most commonly fall victim to fatal accidents on our roads were left high and dry by PCC for weeks on end.

    But never mind all that, because at least PCC is going to give us Polite Cycling. Don't worry about the traffic problems that seriously injured 143 people in Portsmouth last year - just lock up the uncouth cyclists. Forget about all that death and injury - much too messy, let's deal with the trivial irritations instead.

  • Saddle opinions2 years 4 weeks agoride test saddles, any shop,

    ride test saddles, any shop, or for that matter saddle maker,worth their salt will have test saddles. I ride fi'zi:k but you have just asked the "how long is a piece of string" question Wink

  • Tour de France parties - where to go to watch the finale2 years 4 weeks agoDown in the Cotswolds this

    Down in the Cotswolds this weekend - anyone know where the Wiggo-fest might be in full swing?

  • Tour fantasy riders2 years 4 weeks agoI see! So I was missing

    I see! So I was missing something. Thanks guys.

  • Tour fantasy riders2 years 4 weeks agoWhen you go to make

    When you go to make transfers, you can take in ANY rider thats in the database, does not have to be in the race and you will still score for your riders who are in the race.

    I don't know which team you are talking about, but for example.

    If I wanted Wiggo, Froome, Sagan and TJG, I would need to take in DS that are not in the tour with a value of 2.3, the cheapest DS on the tour is 2.7

  • Infographics highlight Team Sky's Tour de France in numbers2 years 4 weeks agoBlackhound wrote:Mentioned on

    Blackhound wrote:
    Mentioned on Eurosport yesterday that there is a broom wagon to pick up rubbish left by riders.

    5 bikes each sounds a lot. Flat, mountain & TT I suppose. Rest day / rollers pre TT maybe. Is the other a pub bike?

    More like 3 x Road bike (1 being ridden, 1 on each of the 2 cars each team has), then 2 x TT bike, 1 for the ride, 1 as spare on the car.

  • Help a newbie who's 'changing codes'!2 years 4 weeks ago2mm on tyre width won't make

    2mm on tyre width won't make any significant difference. I'd try lower pressures initially (60-80 psi), so they have a bit more 'give', in case that helps make it feel a little less of a knife-edge.

    Make sure the bike fits you properly and is set up properly - saddle height etc. A higher handlebar position will feel more secure than running with a low stem or riding in the drops.

    Do some skills practice somewhere safe like a car park, or an imagined slalom course. As others have said, road bike handling feels sooo different from MTB but it's merely a recalibration of input, feedback etc, not totally relearning how to ride. Same goes for braking and shifting gears, but some time practising these without worrying about traffic etc will soon make you more confident. The more miles you do the more natural it will feel, so get out there!

  • Tour fantasy riders2 years 4 weeks agoIf you change the selection

    If you change the selection to all riders you can select riders not actually riding the stage. Looks like he's picked a couple of dirt cheap non-starters to give him a few sheckles more to spend on his star riders.

  • Box Hill community newsletter banned by LOCOG2 years 4 weeks agoTheir powers come from a

    Their powers come from a specific set of laws enacted by the UK government to protect the games, The London Olympic Games And Paralympic Games Act 2006

    It's a totally craven set of legislation that basically can be summarised as "Oh, you want the Olympics? Then suck it up, bitch."

    I hope they bury a time capsule at every venue, the content of which reads. "If in future any politician suggests hosting the Olympics, overthrow them."

    We could have done so much more for the UK by spending 2-4 billion on improving health, sports, and cycling transport infrastructure. A tenth of the cost, much more than 10 times the benefit to the taxpayer.

    Very few things make me really irate, but the festival of running and jumping has become one of them.

  • If you were Chris Froome2 years 4 weeks agoafter watching todays stage I

    after watching todays stage I am even more convinced that froome should leave sky.

    He is 2 min 5seconds behind wiggins, of which he lost 1 min 30 seconds in a puncture early on. On the two big mountain stages froome could have easily took 2-3 mins out of him. It will be interesting to see what froome decides.

    ps nibali I hope you are impressed now!

  • Portsmouth tells its cyclists to be more polite2 years 4 weeks agoIt's just like the standard

    It's just like the standard RLJ/cycling at night without lights issues. Shrewsbury's local paper periodically features headlines about a 'crackdown' or enforcement re. pavement cycling. A few old dears and full-time whingers turn up at local community (LJC) meetings to give their councillor and CSO some earache about a pet peeve. So the fuzz and politician both want to look like they are doing something about this 'issue'.

    As a result the much more serious issues such as the safety of vulnerable road users are never discussed (not that the plod or stuffed shirts give a hoot about cyclists' safety anyway).

    Will they be writing to all peds to ask them to keep the f..k off the clearly marked cycling side of the shared path?

  • Cycling ettiquette2 years 4 weeks agoI'm loving Tour de France

    I'm loving Tour de France season... I passed 2 Team Sky riders on Sunday, obviously didn't make the cut this year Wink

    I live in NE Scotland though so I assume that if you live down south you must see hundreds of them at this time of year!

  • Tour de France parties - where to go to watch the finale2 years 4 weeks agoglad there's 2 pubs in

    glad there's 2 pubs in dorking - the home of british cycling.

  • Tour de France parties - where to go to watch the finale2 years 4 weeks agoLook Mum No hands and Rapha

    Look Mum No hands and Rapha Cycle Club both mentioned in the article Wink

  • Tour de France parties - where to go to watch the finale2 years 4 weeks agoLook Mum No Hands?

    Look Mum No Hands?

  • Pro-Lite wheel highlights2 years 4 weeks agobike porn

    bike porn

  • Cycling ettiquette2 years 4 weeks agoProbably just grumble to

    Probably just grumble to yourself before consulting rule #5 and burning past him taking a feed.

  • Cycling ettiquette2 years 4 weeks agoOK, so what is the etiquette

    OK, so what is the etiquette for this; I am on my way to work, not cruising but not hanging about on a slight downhill road. A young lad on a crap bike complete with surf shorts and trainers flies past me. I am on my CX bike and all lycra'd up. Do you a)jump on his wheel slipstream him and blast past when he tires. b)let him go c)race or d)what? What did I do? I let him go knowing that the slight downhill turns to a slight uphill. Then we will see who is boss; but. What happened? He turned off left half a mile later, before the slight uphill....Pissed off, me, nahhhh

  • TdF Stage 17 - Bagnères-de-Luchon to Peyragudes2 years 4 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Hardly climbs,

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Hardly climbs, From what I know, If everything goes right, Sky will be leading out Cav for the win tomorrow and in Paris

    Paris, yes. I hope Cav wins there. His sprinting is a bit more exciting than watching Wiggins. (But I had enough excitement today watching Valverde win.) But I doubt it tomorrow. Sky and the other GC teams are probably too knackered to do anything. One for a sprinter/break artist. Maybe Dumoulin who's had one go but I'm not going to put him in. Gerrans has done nothing but he may still be injured. Morkov again, he likes the little hills and Saxo have nothing. Gilbert could win in a break. BMC don't have a stage win yet.

    Had strong gut feelings about yesterday and today with Voeckler and Valverde, but haven't got a clue for tomorrow. But quite a few teams haven't won anything yet, EUS, Orica and lots of others. Hoping for something from Urtasun,Izagirre, Vichot or Impey. Put in Sagan as well, just in case he goes for it again and he has the same points as Voeckler who certainly won't do anything. Thinking about it now Gilbert might be worth a punt but I don't think I have the points or transfers now. When I don't have a clue I just play it safe. Either a couple of DSs turn up or I'm finished.

  • MPs call for Games Lanes to be open to cyclists2 years 4 weeks agoI look forward to riding in

    I look forward to riding in under-used lanes that are free of cars...thank goodness for the hoops and G4S screwing up so bad that there won't be any police around to enforce the O-Lanes anyway!

    Critical mass indeed.

  • Ouchie2 years 4 weeks agoNot going to comment what

    Not going to comment what comes up when I search for cock-ney.

  • Ouchie2 years 4 weeks agoThis is the first thing that

    This is the first thing that comes up when I search Scotchman: