• West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoanother idiot ...

    another idiot ...

  • Bike damaged in transit1 year 31 weeks agoDid you pay for the packing

    Did you pay for the packing and transit?
    Did you take any pictures of the packing?
    The seller has a responsibility to ensure things are properly packaged. If there is no damage to the packaging then Parcel Force won't be interested, it could have been scratched before they collected it for all they know.
    Your claim will need to be against the seller and probably the best course is to reject it as unfit for purpose and ask for your money back.

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoGood way to kill off cycle

    Good way to kill off cycle gear manufacturers and shops. Why sell expensive kit when all you can wear is one colour, sounds more like Chairman Mao than and MEP.

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoIn the words of the recently

    In the words of the recently not so dearly departed Margaret Thatcher, "No, No, No."

  • Tour terror threat being planned for, but organisers "100% confident" of incident-free Grand Départ1 year 31 weeks agoI think the event will be a

    I think the event will be a huge success, with even more spectators than predicted. I just hope it's good weather. I'm certain it's going to be brilliant.

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agojason.timothy.jones wrote: I

    jason.timothy.jones wrote:

    I cant wait to get back to my home planet

    Why not stick around and improve the situation here than turn a blinder and leave?

  • Harrogate shop advises drivers to park in bike lane, takes down sign after social media criticism & police advice1 year 31 weeks agoIt's probably unfair to be

    It's probably unfair to be too critical of the business.

    The wider issue is that Harrogate is hosting the finish of Stage 1 of the Tour de France. Harrogate BC have made statements in official council reports that a cycling legacy is fundamental to the hosting of the Tour. However, it seems that they do not understand cycling very well (and nor do North Yorks CC, who have responsibility for highways).

    Harrogate is a town where there could be masses more utility cycling. It's a manageable size, and loads of people live within a short cycle ride of the town centre. At the moment, the infrastructure is not there, and it's incredibly car-dominated, and unfriendly to cyclists.

    I don't know if the council mean what they say about a cycling legacy. I don't even know if they know what they mean. I would like to see them held to their word, though. They should consult with people who do know what they are talking about, and put some serious investment into making it a bike-friendly town.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 31 weeks agoDutchie wrote:We had a young

    Dutchie wrote:
    We had a young lady joining our club last year and after a few runs i did have to say to her: "I don't want to get too personal, but do you know you're not supposed to wear anything under your bibshorts?" Had the same conversation with a new guy in the club just weeks later, which somehow was a lot easier Thinking

    I still can't believe that in 2014 we're still having debates like this. However, it's posts like the one quoted above that makes articles like this necessary. I'm all for equality but the fact of the matter is we're all different. Men have different reasons to women for wanting to ride. Men have different "equipment needs" to women when it comes to bike, saddle and clothing. Forgive me because I don't want to be "personal" or anything but this might be news to you but whilst it's virtually unheard of for a man to wear anything under his bibshorts, most women do wear underwear underneath, especially at certain times of the month . Surprisingly, our anatomy is different; lady bits and chamois don't tend to make a great combination and lots of women prefer to keep their underwear on. Not that the undergarments of your new lady cycling buddy are any of your business mind you, all your "personal" advice probably did was make her think you were a complete moron. Either that or you've now given the wrong advice to someone. Hopefully it's just the former and she's not now riding around with chaffed nether regions because some bloke at the club told her she was wearing the wrong gear. Now, I appreciate it won't have occurred to you that there was a good reason why she might be wearing underwear. Likewise, I do know a couple of lady cyclists who go commando and are quite happy. Like most things, it's personal preference. The issue for me is that you even thought it was appropriate to say that to a lady joining your group. If she wants to ride in jogging bottoms who are you to comment? It wouldn't be my personal preference but if she's keeping up and her bottoms aren't getting stuck in her chain then fine. If your group is anything like ours, there aren't many women who join and those that do are usually put off the banter after a couple of weeks or can't keep up, or both. A good cycling group should do nothing but be polite and welcoming. I've seen plenty of men riding along looking like complete idiots. Anything from hairy legs that resemble my carpet after my pet Labrador has had a good old scratch rolling up to the start line of a road race (which I personally don't see what all the fuss was about but I'm told by my fellow male cyclists arguably comes under the same category as riding with underwear under your bibs), to plenty of mechanical faux pas like riding along with their brakes stuck on, and even a bloke who had his kit on inside out. Not to mention the countless 'monkey on stick' riding styles where the operative has clearly purchased a bike two sizes too small because it was in the sales or had a nice name on it. Your new lady cyclist might not have your idea of the correct etiquette when it comes to undergarments but at least she had it all on the right way round. All of these things have made me chuckle to myself or have a good old giggle with my husband on the way home, but I'd never embarrass one of these fellow cyclists by commenting so openly on it, certainly not in front of others.
    I don't doubt that after I post this the anti-feminist brigade will be out in force and I'll be down as a man hater or even this post will be removed for being too much. Actually, it has nothing to do with being a feminist, it's not even got much to do with being a woman or indeed a man. It has to do with being polite. Next time you or any one else on this forum thinks they might like to make a comment or give someone "advice", have a think, is this polite?
    Yes, I'm a woman. Yes, I'm a cyclist. Yes, I've had awful comments made to me both out on the bike and at work when arriving in my cycling gear. And, yes, I think that more needs to be done to encourage women to get out on their bikes at all - either together or mixed groups, it doesn't matter. However, I guarantee that if people continue to make comments like some people make on this forum, not just those derogatory comments about women, then this website is doing nothing to encourage anyone into the sport, let alone women. And, just for the record, next time you see a woman wearing underwear under her bibs, just leave her to it!

  • Eurosport HD, without Sky/Virgin1 year 31 weeks agoI know this isn't directly

    I know this isn't directly linked to the thread, but does anyone know how many of the Tours are going to be put on Sky Sports, and not Eurosport, as has happened with the Tour Down Under (or was that on Sky Sports last year ?)..
    The start of a slippery slope ?

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoWhat a daft proposition from

    What a daft proposition from this Part, Part-Time, Part-Timer.

    Accountable to what?

    If so, get rid of all cars on the road first.

  • Just in: Charge Plug 41 year 31 weeks agoWeight on the scales is

    Weight on the scales is 11.03kg (24.31lb).

    Which size is the test bike, please?

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoBeing cynical, I see it like

    Being cynical, I see it like this:

    Anti-cycling lobby carefully select gullible individual.
    The seed of thought is sown.
    Gullible individual issues bonkers statement.
    Cyclists do the usual chatter on forums.
    The silliest reactionary pieces get targeted on the twittersphere.
    The opinions of motorists, about cyclists, remain firmly anti.
    Those whose assets are dependent on drivers continuing to drive are protected.

    But if we avoid rising to the bait, we might be able to push through change a little faster.

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoWell, I've got the helmet and

    Well, I've got the helmet and the hi viz. I'll just put a "reg number" on the back and see if it makes any difference either on the road or cycle path.
    Who is this person? Lowers my faith in our politicians even further. http://road.cc/sites/all/modules/smileys/packs/Yahoo!/doh.gif

  • Is it possible to ride up 30% on a 34x28 compact?1 year 31 weeks ago34/26 on Hardknott Pass = no

    34/26 on Hardknott Pass = no dabs
    Wasn't bothered about time just getting up the hill without walking.

    Just in case these may be handy (or the SPD-L equivalent)


  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoWell what can we say! A great

    Well what can we say! A great picture dont she look happy? Not! And the hi-viz jacket doesnt do much in bright days proven. Hey and whats this it looks like a 3 door ford fiesta psassing extremly closely to her, maybe the hi-viz enabled the driver to get even closer putting her at risk. Hi-viz is great at night. As regards having an identifying mark I assume thats great in full view stamped on the back of the jacket. Oh alot of thought went into that most people carry their kit in a rucsac humm that will work NOT. Also cars have identifying marks number plates etc but it dont stop them from carving cyclists up and failing to signal their intentions. I drive and ride and we seem to miss out it doesnt matter what we drive ride fly sail etc it boils down to the idiot behind the controls.

  • That Rapha Team Sky mesh skinsuit: new pics & the origin story1 year 31 weeks agoI'm 100kg have a spare tyre

    I'm 100kg have a spare tyre around my waist, flabby under arms and a soggy bottom, I want one of these skin suits, I can't see a car coming within 5 metres of me, I'll be the safest cyclist on the road LOL

  • Just in: Charge Plug 41 year 31 weeks agoYou won't be putting a front

    You won't be putting a front pannier rack on that any time soon...+1 to the CdF.

    But great to see fat-tyre discs. The future.

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 31 weeks agoInteresting. My next bike

    Interesting. My next bike (which I 'need') is, in my mind a steel, off-roady(ish - I'm talking muddy/gravelly paths with lumps and bumps) single-speed with discs. Looks like this could be just the ticket.

    The pinky-purple colour is, for me, an added bonus Big Grin

  • Freight Transport Association: Target rogue lorry operators to improve cycle safety1 year 31 weeks agoThis is one reason why so

    This is one reason why so much material is transported by road rather than rail, or otherwise.

    If so much as one train was found to have a fault or issue there would be a long drawn out inquiry, several million pounds of fines and a very expensive upgrade installed on the rail network. But when it concerns the road the findings are simply ignored, after all can anyone imagine finding out that 2/3 of trains were unfit for the railways, and nothing happening?

    If you train driver or pilot was found to be drunk or failing to execute their jobs correctly they would get a serious disciplinary, perhaps lose their job. What we need is far more accountability, and that's only going to happen if larger, more responsible firms being used. The current system where there are many fly-by-night sole-traders or small firms is always going to encourage a race to the bottom with regards to safety. After all they have no concern of being caught by the police and PR isn't an issue for a sole-trader, he'll simply start again with a new company name.

  • Tour Down Under Stage 1: Simon Gerrans outrsprints André Greipel to take race lead1 year 31 weeks ago43 points for me - total

    Crying 43 points for me - total disaster!

  • Help for Heroes H4H Sportive1 year 31 weeks agoI'd love to ride this but

    I'd love to ride this but unfortunately can't be involved with military charities so I'll need to give it a miss.

  • Tour de San Luis (stage 2)1 year 31 weeks agoSprint2 Va De La

    Sprint2 Va De La Quebrada
    Toloza 6,Giacinti 4,Guzman 2pts

    sounds like there's a break in the main peloton with Boonen and OPQS leading 30 riders across the gap which is 3'10"

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoAnother load of crap from

    Another load of crap from those who think they know best. I once worked in a local authority road safety unit where the philosophy was to keep cyclists off the roads and thus reduce accidents, rather than deal with the problem - the motor vehicle. 1.3 million are killed by motor vehicles every year throughout the world and millions more injured. Millions more are affected by asthma and other respiratory diseases. Urban squalor thrives with more space being given to park cars than to green open spaces. Yet we devote massive efforts to fight terrorism - a fight difficult to win given the West's current foreign policies. However, it would be possible to save more lives by giving more attention to promoting worldwide safe cycling and walking. Heavens only knows what stupidity is leading China, India and other developing countries to get rid of bikes and embrace the car.

    Sadly, much of the problem in the UK is caused by the attitudes of motorists and the media towards cyclists. They should be welcoming cyclists. After all, they use less road space. Ironically,it was the early cyclists who invented pneumatic tyres, as well as aeroplanes and motor vehicles,
    and pushed for the metalled road surfaces we have today.

    Happy + safe cycling to all.

  • West Midlands MEP calls for cyclist registration, compulsory high-vis & helmets1 year 31 weeks agoI think it's a great idea.

    I think it's a great idea. While we're at it, let's make pedestrians get licensed to walk on pavements and licensed separately to cross roads. Let's impose a double licensing regime on dog walkers. Or people with prams. Just off to join UKIP now.

  • TV naturalist Chris Packham denounces Derby cycle track plans as a "wanton act of vandalism"1 year 31 weeks agoThe television personality

    The television personality said that losing or destroying the wildlife reserve “would maWk a vile act of wanton vandalism” dubbing the reserve a “tWeasure”...