• Man fined for dangerous cycling after riding bike with child perched on shoulders1 year 31 weeks agoJust deserves, however

    Just deserves, however motorists seem to get away with just as dangerous occurrences pretty much all the time, high street racing with a car full of mates.

  • Police fine 125 Manchester cyclists in 'share the road' operation1 year 31 weeks agoJoeinpoole wrote:Number

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    Number crunching;

    Number of people killed by motorists in 2012 = 1800

    Number of people killed by cyclists in 2012 = maybe 1?

    Number of motorists fined during Operation Grimaldi = 22

    Number of cyclists fined during Operation Grimaldi = 125

    number killed by cyclist 1 = maybe?? = definately, you obviously dont follow the news when a cyclist caused a bus to perform an emergency stop, seriously injuring an old age pensioner who later died, i believe the cyclist is awaiting trial!!

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 31 weeks agowelly2 wrote: If you find

    welly2 wrote:

    If you find helmets "so much trouble" then you must find life in general in inconvenience. My helmet weighs 175g - I hardly know I'm wearing it, it's ventilated enough that I rarely, if ever, get horribly sweaty.

    As a helmet wearing cyclist, I have absolutely no problem with whatever other cyclists wear or don't wear on their head. Do what you want, it's your head, but it's the venom with which "anti-helmet wearers" on this site have I find a bit distasteful.

    Just out of interest, if you rode a motorbike, would you wear a helmet?

    I don't see the relevance of your last question - motorbikes and their helmets are entirely different beasts to bikes and bike helmets, so whats the point of the question? My answer is "I wouldn't ride a motorbike - too dangerous and environmentally damaging for my taste - and most of all, too bloody loud!".

    The "venom" you refer to is, insofar as it actually exists, a bit unfortunate. I also wear a helmet and also leave it up to others to decide.

    But as with high-viz its pretty obviously a reactive venom to that spouted by the judgementalists and assorted victim-blamers and compulsionists on the other side. The recent Met police "Operation Victim Blame", for example, almost made me want to stop wearing a helmet, just to annoy them.

    Also - are you really saying you never get a distracting itch under your helmet? Or that you never set off, then realise something's missing and have to go back for the damn thing? They _do_ add another inconvenience, another thing to forget or mislay when cycling.

  • Niterider Solas rear light1 year 31 weeks agoi bought this light for £30

    i bought this light for £30 which is much more reasonable. The lights is bright and has a good selection of flashing mode. The bad points are
    1.) The rubber USB port bung lets water in and so needs tape putting over it or vaseline to repel the water.
    2.) The battery is a pathetic 700mahrs and gives a run time of 4.5 hours on full. This is pathetic. My blacknurn mars 4.0 gives about 40 hours on full using 2 AAA batteries. Why is it that all powerfull rears lights have pathetic batteries. Why not use standard AA batteries or at least put a battery in thats man enough for the power of the light. If this light used 3 AA 2500mahr rechargables batteries it would have an amazing run time even on full it would last about 16 hrs. This would be much better. The bracket also appears to be a custom bracket and unique to niterider. If it breaks what then, ya nackered.

  • Police fine 125 Manchester cyclists in 'share the road' operation1 year 31 weeks agoI have a sneaking suspicion

    I have a sneaking suspicion that 5 times as many cyclists were fined because it's easier to stop cyclists rather than cylists breaking the law 5 times more often than motorists.

  • Man fined for dangerous cycling after riding bike with child perched on shoulders1 year 31 weeks agostumps wrote:A buffoon of the

    stumps wrote:
    A buffoon of the highest order, no-one should stick up for this bloke...

    I'll stick up for him a bit.

    I used to take one of my daughters to school on my MTB her sitting on my knee me holding her with one hand, couple of miles mostly down hill but with a bit of up. Did it most days for getting on for three years until she got too heavy with no bother at all. Certainly wasn't the only one. I wouldn't have put her on my shoulders though. And it is true as was said at the top that in other countries where bikes are transport people carry kids on bikes in all sorts of way with no apparent mishaps or high viz involved.

  • The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association film 53% of RLJ-ing Cyclists at 2 junctions1 year 31 weeks agoScreeching denials and

    Screeching denials and counter accusations aren't going to get it done, people. We have a problem.

  • Police fine 150 in London safety crackdown as MP calls for national dangerous junction audit1 year 31 weeks agoNeil753 wrote:How about

    Neil753 wrote:
    How about switching your Strava off, when in London? I mean, why would you want to know your "time" when trying to safely negotiate traffic on busy urban roads? Can you not recognise a potential conflict of interest?

    Neil, are you trolling? If not then that is pretty pathetic. Or perhaps you regularly get drivers pulling up alongside you and saying "Mate, your time on the Strava segment along here suggests you RLJ'd this junction twice last week".

    Neil753 wrote:
    We have enough problems with drivers not respecting us because of a few RLJs. The last thing we want is another "issue" for drivers to throw at us.

    Drivers don't respect cyclists (or each other) anyway, they're just looking for excuses and a scapegoat, though the 'blame Strava' thing is news to me. Most RLJers I see are lightless plebs riding BSOs or cheap town bikes.

    As others have already said, it seems to be a police priority to hassle cyclists, even law-abiding ones, instead of concentrating on behaviour that cause real safety issues (with the exception of those riding at night without lights, which I think is pretty dumb). And it's a bit rich when they don't even know the law.

  • £999.99p1 year 31 weeks agoShanefutcher wrote:Don't buy

    Shanefutcher wrote:
    Don't buy upgrades,ride upgrades

    Or both.

  • Just in: Orbea Orca B M101 year 31 weeks agoYou mean English or maths?

    You mean English or maths? Laughing

  • Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof phone case launched1 year 31 weeks agolocalsurfer wrote:a freezer

    localsurfer wrote:
    a freezer bag costs about 3pence.

    Where's that, Waitrose? I think they work out less than 1p each in Aldi Wink

  • £999.99p1 year 31 weeks agoOld Cranky wrote:Ignore those

    Old Cranky wrote:
    Ignore those Trolls.

    If you already have the RS80 (presumably C50), then I can recommend the RS81 (C35) and if your budget goes far enough, then the C24 (Ultegra or Dura Ace hubs) are excellent light weight wheels.

    No I have the RS80 c24s, great wheelset, that's what has held me back from getting a new set as these are just that good... C35s are in my top 5... Are they that good?
    I have been toying with fulcrum red passions? Planet X is always drawing me back and the price of the carbon sercofs are TGTBT... Question is, are they?

    Deep rims don't really appeal ( look great of course) but I don' do Tri or TT so no real use to me... I have a number of trips booked next year for the Mnts, the tourmalet - ventoux and the le Marmotte, wiggle Dragon ride so good climbers and descenders are needed... That's why I am erring towards carbo/alu clinchers, better longevity.

  • High vis clothing doesn't make cars pass you more safely, says new study1 year 31 weeks agoCould the author repeat the

    Could the author repeat the study but vary his typical distance from the kerb instead of clothing. I hypothesise the more room you take the fewer close passes you'll receive. Unconsciously the brain of the driver assumes that if you only need a foot from the kerb they can pass leaving only a foot, take a yard and a half they give you three or hold back if the road is narrow or beep if they are impatient.

  • £999.99p1 year 31 weeks agoPJ McNally wrote:It's an

    PJ McNally wrote:
    It's an unfortunate tendency nowadays online, to label anyone with a different opinion as a troll.

    I was merely trying to point out that if one has £1000 to blow, there are plenty of better uses.

    If we all gave just 10% of our income (and kept the other 90% to spend on ourselves), to the most efficient charities or good causes, we could solve many of the world's problems.

    Personally my spending on bike stuff comes second to my giving.

    Fantastic, and I commend you. But I am an exceedingly hard working individual who loves me time and shiny stuff and against your personal and possible political views which should not be on here btw, I am a selfish MF'r and will spend MY money on what I want and that is shiny stuff excellent suits and ridiculously priced holidays, for nothing other than pure indulgence. Nice.
    As for everyone else thanks very much greatly appreciated, time to surf again. Thanks

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 31 weeks agoWe've had a compulsory

    We've had a compulsory helmet law here in NZ since 1994. Cyclist modal share has declined and injuries and deaths have gone up since then. A recent two year coroners review of thirteen cyclists deaths has finally started to move away from focusing on high vis and helmets as the sole safety measures. Unfortunately his only recommendation was for another report. It would be great to put the onus for safe roads on society rather than on cyclists.

  • The Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association film 53% of RLJ-ing Cyclists at 2 junctions1 year 31 weeks agoThis the same LTDA that runs

    This the same LTDA that runs "Badgesafe" for its members?

    i.e. the scheme to provide legal cover for idiot taxi drivers with 12 points on their license - plead hardship, get off scot-free?

  • Genesis Croix de Fer 20141 year 31 weeks agoI'm not sure I agree entirely

    I'm not sure I agree entirely with the last post, based on my reading of many 105 magazine tests. There seems to be a significant body of opinion saying that the new, concealed routing of 105 cables has degraded the quality of the gear changes. It makes sense if you consider the sharper angles involved, but I haven't tried it myself.

    What I do know is that the new 10-speed Tiagra flicks between gears very nicely, certainly as well as Campag' Centaur and the old 105.

    Of course, you are left with that rather unusual dinner plate chainset, but that's purely a matter of taste.

  • Police fine 125 Manchester cyclists in 'share the road' operation1 year 31 weeks agohttps://www.gov.uk/rules-for-


    However I had to explain to a police buddy the other day that it was legal for cyclists to ride 2abreast! He txt me and said he checked it out and conceded defeat.... If they don't know then we are Fubar'D.

  • Police fine 125 Manchester cyclists in 'share the road' operation1 year 31 weeks agoRegardless of whether the

    Regardless of whether the miscreant is a cyclist or a driver, fines don't really work because they have a varying effect, proportional to the affluence of the offender.

    Perhaps a day at a detention centre might be a more compelling deterent, at a time convenient to the rule breaker, but which must be completed within a certain time period.

    Rich or poor, time has an equal value to all, and a spell in "detention" gives an opportunity to help those that need a little "guidance".

  • Etape Caledonia - advice1 year 31 weeks agoyes you can do it and its a

    yes you can do it and its a great day out. enjoy!

  • Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof phone case launched1 year 31 weeks agoa freezer bag costs about

    a freezer bag costs about 3pence.

  • Etape Caledonia - advice1 year 31 weeks agoThe thought of 3000 cyclists

    The thought of 3000 cyclists on one route is a bit too much. Personally I prefer the peace and quiet of the country roads, I think I'll give it a miss and tick off the 100 greatest climbs in my area instead. The Cairn O'Mount, Cairnwell & the Lecht beckon...

  • Just in: Orbea Orca B M101 year 31 weeks agoIf the 'yet' had been an

    If the 'yet' had been an 'and' or a ',' then it would be three things. Think you need to study up on your english or maths.

  • Dog & Bone Wetsuit waterproof phone case launched1 year 31 weeks agoQuote:Because the screen is

    Because the screen is made from glass it’s waterproof already, the design instead leaves the screen exposed and relies on having a really good seal around the edges.

    Well that seems like a terrible idea. Applause

    Yes, I'm sure it'll be waterproof - but the other thing that the covering the screen does is protect it from scratches when you are poking at it with muddy wet fingers or gloves.

  • Police fine 125 Manchester cyclists in 'share the road' operation1 year 31 weeks agomrmo wrote:antonio wrote:If a

    mrmo wrote:
    antonio wrote:
    If a car has parked part on / part off the pavement then surely they have driven on the pavement, illegal or what?

    Prove it. The car could have been lowered off a low loader by crane.

    I know it is unlikely, but you have to prove the car was driven onto the pavement, not just say it is on the pavement therefore it PROBABLY drove on the pavement.

    Common fallacy. Evidence to proof standard s required on for criminal trials. For this a "balance of probabilities" is all that is required. The car might have been lifted there by crane, helicopter or a couple of power-lifting grannies, but the balance of probabilities says it was driven there.