• Milan - San Remo1 year 36 weeks agoThere is also a possibility

    There is also a possibility of them hitting snow near Alessandria and heavy rain through Pavia. This race is gonna be fun if your sitting on your sofa just watching. Devil

  • Spring Classics purist1 year 36 weeks agoIs this definitely the case

    Is this definitely the case then?
    Why under the 'competitions' panel are the Spring Classics just one competition?

  • Milan - San Remo1 year 36 weeks agoSnow also predicted for Milan

    Snow also predicted for Milan in the morning. Not much but the start will probably hover around zero Devil

  • Bournemouth cycle safety pledge following claim it's second most dangerous place to ride outside London1 year 36 weeks agono-one in their right mind

    no-one in their right mind would cycle in Bournemouth unless they had to; from Poole westward is a different matter, lovely rides in the Purbecks.

  • Could lie detector tests be the solution to catch doping cheats?1 year 36 weeks agoThis is a worrying

    This is a worrying development. Lie detector tests are unreliable, be they based on cardiac/metabolic indicators as in polygraphs, or eye-movements, or FMRI. If lie detector tests have any use, it is a prop in interrogations, to help an interrogator persuade a naïve subject that it is in their best interests to co-operate.

    All the studies where polygraphs appear to show good results are under conditions where this effect likely is present (e.g. prisoners who have an interest in pleasing the interrogator).

    Objective, peer-reviewed studies under lab conditions show that the polygraph is no better at detecting truth or lies than a human interrogator could on their own. There is no evidence to suggest that other methods, such as eye-movement NLPs or FMRIs would fare any better.

    Anyone who says lie detector tests can detect lies in any meaningful, useful way is likely trying to sell you them, and/or has been taken for a mug.

  • Door to Door: Government launches vision for integrated cycling, walking and public transport1 year 36 weeks agosidesaddle wrote:I trust that

    sidesaddle wrote:
    I trust that everyone employing the predicable anti-car rant ferries their weeks shopping back from Tesco in their Bakfiet and their kids to school in child seats? In the rain?

    Ok, might be being a bit smug, but yes, my children were never driven to school, I might have looked a bit of an idiot going back home on a tandem on my own though Big Grin

    We walked them to school when we lived close enough, one of the reasons for living where we do was easy access to shops so again, we walk or cycle with panniers or a trailer.

    It's all about choice, if you choose to live miles from work, shops, schools, you will always have the problem of sustainable transportation, but if we don't demand alternatives, they won't be offered, simply because there is no demand.

    The way we live needs to change, and sometimes just because it's a bit harder is no reason not to do it.

  • What are the virtues of disc brakes?1 year 36 weeks agoI have found this previous

    I have found this previous discussion:
    There is one horror story but generally people see enthusiastic. I am still a bit concerned about the fact that the brake becomes a component of the wheel, which reduces the chances of swapping wheels quickly (a slow flat in the morning before work can be costly.) I will have to sneak into Harry Halls and examine an example if possible and look like I might actually buy something soon.
    I think this is something to consider with a new bike. It would depend how much I have to spend at the time and whether discs come down the range over time.

  • Rapha Pro Team clothing now available1 year 36 weeks agoI know it is an old argument

    I know it is an old argument and it always comes up on Rapha threads, but the prices are ridiculous. I keep thinking, perhaps I have got it wrong because people keep talking about the quality, but then I go back to the website and can't believe it... Surprise

    £120 for a pair of Sky mitts. Mitts.

  • Mercia road safety campaign highlights danger to cyclists from distracted drivers1 year 36 weeks agoDear Selfish motorist. Please

    Dear Selfish motorist. Please take a few minutes to look at this website and learn about how to drive safely around cyclists. Thank you.
    Oh of course, I remember now, you don't have 2 seconds to spare which is why you just skimmed my handlebars at 50mph rather than wait until there was space on the road for both of us.

  • Door to Door: Government launches vision for integrated cycling, walking and public transport1 year 36 weeks agoI trust that everyone

    I trust that everyone employing the predicable anti-car rant ferries their weeks shopping back from Tesco in their Bakfiet and their kids to school in child seats? In the rain?

  • Door to Door: Government launches vision for integrated cycling, walking and public transport1 year 36 weeks agoI count a massive 2

    I count a massive 2 paragraphs specifically about cycling in the Govt's new 44 page "Door to Door" sustainable transport strategy. Not good! "Door to Door" sustainable transport strategy is no such thing. It's a public transport integration document

    Govt's "door to door" has no real ideas. What's needed is the balls to make cars the inconvenient option for local journeys at least

  • Tapering off before an event1 year 36 weeks agoCheers for the advice

    Cheers for the advice chaps.

    Fonts of knowledge every one of you Cool

  • Levi’s extend Commuter Series of clothes for cycling1 year 36 weeks agoSomething

    Something something..........fool and his money..........blah blah...........Aldi Lidl..............etc etc

  • FS: Specialised quill stem1 year 36 weeks agoHi ok please send payment to

    Hi ok please send payment to humanfish5 AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks. Please include your address.

  • Door to Door: Government launches vision for integrated cycling, walking and public transport1 year 36 weeks agoSmashing. Yet another poorly

    Yet another poorly thought out, underfunded, greenwash attempt.

    We have a society where the car is king, and a population with a regal sense of entitlement when it comes to driving. Until driving is made more awkward, more expensive, more trouble than the alternatives, nothing will change.

  • Prendas Ciclismo Midweight Primaloft Wool socks1 year 36 weeks ago'any other time of year

    'any other time of year you're feet are in for a treat', really?

    Please, use a spellchecker .....

  • Lance Armstrong to race himself to a cinema near you as Warner Bros snaps up Tyler Hamilton life story1 year 36 weeks agooh for gods sake ...

    oh for gods sake ...

  • Wireless computer with cadence ???1 year 36 weeks agoGood choice on the Strada

    Good choice on the Strada wireless, it's what i run on mine, just clocked over 1000 miles on it and still no need to change the battery. only annoying thing is is that when the clocks change (is it the good one this time) you have to reset the device, so you're precious odometer will be reset Crying

    after a couple of weeks of counselling i got over it.

    Great device, i highly recommend it!

  • What's the best pro cyclists's name?1 year 36 weeks agoBram Tankink (sounds like hes

    Bram Tankink (sounds like hes doing really bad)
    Ramunas Navardauskas (not after a drink you won't)
    Nick Nuyens (sounds like a Marvel character)

  • Door to Door: Government launches vision for integrated cycling, walking and public transport1 year 36 weeks agoThe one elephantine omission

    The one elephantine omission from this is the use of the word inclusive. With the number of young people who hold driving licences falling dramatically, along with the ability of those with such licences to be able to afford to use a car, added to the ageing population being more effectively policed to withdraw their licences, when they are no longer safe behind the wheel we might well see a shrinking use of private cars, with indications such as Peak Car and falling levels of car ownership in cities making car owners a minority in many parts of the UK already - here in Central Glasgow less the 35% of households own a car, and in some areas it is below 10%, and a recognition that transport spending is ludicrously skewed to provide roads, which if they were rail lines would have been closed years ago through lack of traffic.

    As one who hopes never again to own a car (I last owned one full time in 1976) I see some well intended puff but a lack of understanding from those who want to take the concept forwards.

  • Rapha Pro Team clothing now available1 year 36 weeks agoBelieve in Better

    Believe in Better

  • Nice little bonus idea?1 year 36 weeks agoAn old idea I had was selling

    An old idea I had was selling unused transfers at the end of a race for the cost of an additional transfers, 10 points.

    But to be honest the game is about picking the best riders each day, encouraging lazy easy picks (like the old Lanterne Rouge points for last on GC) isn't part of how the game works.

  • Tapering off before an event1 year 36 weeks agoJust to add a little more to

    Just to add a little more to the subject... in terms suited to my simple understanding the purpose of tapering is to make sure that your muscles are fully topped up with glycogen - the energy they use as their first source.

    The reason for tapering is that you've been doing so much training the reserves are depleted and you need to build them up and that the event will need to use them. The most intense training period may be the one leading up to the taper so they need to be replenished. Laurent Fignon used to go out a week before an event and take no food so that he ran himself into a hunger knock.

    So I would distinguish between general rest and tapering. Yes, as the advice above says, make sure you have a day or two off before the event so you aren't fatigued. But feeling your muscles isn't in itself a bad thing.

    The other thing is that general advice is to reduce volume not intensity. So if you've been doing hilly sessions or turbo workouts, cut the duration by about a third but don't completely stop them.

    I've got a three day stage race starting next Saturday. My week would normally be:
    Friday - hard ride or race - 120-140km
    Saturday - medium/hard - 70-80 km
    Sunday - rest
    Monday - Interval sprints - 40km
    Tuesday - hard tempo ride - 50km
    Wednesday - moderate rolling ride - 60km
    Thurday - swim

    But this week I am doing:
    Friday - hard ride (hills)- 120km
    Saturday - medium, steady - 60km
    Sunday - rest
    Monday - Intervals - 30km
    Tuesday - swim
    Wednesday - tempo ride - 40km
    Thursday - off
    Friday - travel / easy ride

    So I've cut from 350km to 250km in total and I'm still doing the hrd sessions but have shortened them by about 25%.

    Good luck, and enjoy it most of all.

  • Nice little bonus idea?1 year 36 weeks agoAh, I see your point. I only

    Ah, I see your point. I only play as a purist so such a tactic would not be possible.

  • Suggestions for first proper road bike, Secteur Triple Sport or Jamis Sattelite Comp?1 year 36 weeks agoThought you might be

    Thought you might be interested in finding out that I did go for the Spesh in the end!

    The Jamis was ok, but heavier and the sizing wasn't as good for me.

    Picked it up last weekend and it's been great so far for commuting. Drops are taking a bit of getting used to and the brakes aren't as good as Vs/discs with the stock pads, but it's so much faster and more responsive than my Roadrat.

    I've got my first long Sunday ride on it coming up tomorrow, will be interesting to see how it handles in the wet and if it's still as comfortable over greater distances...