• URGENT: New kit needed cheap1 year 22 weeks agoI had a good explore of

    I had a good explore of Decathlon yesterday. My god, it's amazing. So much good stuff, it's like the Lidl of sports shops. Their top end helmet felt pretty good actually. Their top end bike comes with Ultegra and Cosmics. Mental.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 41 year 22 weeks agoTaken out Arredondo and

    Taken out Arredondo and brought in David Arroyo. He won't set the world on fire but I think he'll place in top 20. No further changes, sticking with Froome.

  • So I Got Brake Checked and knocked off to teach me a lesson......apparently1 year 22 weeks agoArgos74 wrote:Yay for disc

    Argos74 wrote:
    Yay for disc brakes and being able to spot lack of opposable thumbs from 20 yards.

    My commuters got the original Magura hydraulic rim brake (a 'beast' of a brake!) on the back and a hydraulic disc on the front (result of a headset replacement and fork upgrade). Saved me in my brakecheck incident.

  • First crash of Giro d'Italia 2014 - nearly 2 months before Belfast Big Start1 year 22 weeks ago"He told road.cc there was no

    "He told road.cc there was no warning that the paint was wet."

    Agreed. Dry paint always leaves tyre tread marks from previous bikes passing through. Applause

  • Just In: Trek Domane 2.01 year 22 weeks agoNick T wrote:notfastenough

    Nick T wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    Then again, I daresay various companies would pay her rather a lot to keep it discreet - F1, aerospace etc.

    Why would you assume some sort of industrial conspiracy? This type of research is valuable in improving the quality of the product - not to uncover flaws being hidden by corrupt corporations. People have been researching the properties of steel for decades, it's not getting paid off and swept under the carpet by those building skyscrapers.

    Oh, no conspiracy to cover up failures, just plain old competition at the cutting edge. Years ago, I used to work with a guy whose son did some sort of student placement with an F1 team. While there, he came up with an innovation that could detect in real time whether the carbon being weaved was at the correct angle (that was how he described it - no doubt it was rather more nuanced/niche than that). Previously they could only inspect it after production, which was driving the cost up due to the number of failures. As a result, they took him on full-time, but the new development was kept close to their chests. The reduction in time/effort, and the ability to divert the money to other things represented a competitive advantage for them.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 41 year 22 weeks agoTalk ahead of stage 3 was of

    Talk ahead of stage 3 was of snow cutting yesterday short but in the end it came to nothing, from what I've heard there should be no changes to today's stage but even if there are I can't imagine it'd mean anything other than just finishing a little lower down the climb so my team will stay as it is.

  • Alternative To Cyclocross Tires1 year 22 weeks agoJust about to take delivery

    Just about to take delivery of some Continental GP 4 Seasons. My existing tyres are the cheap Conti Ultra Sports that came with the bike; 1800 miles and 1 puncture. Might just run them on a bit as 'lucky tyres'!

  • Womens World Cup1 year 22 weeks agoAhahaha, damnit, I picked a

    Ahahaha, damnit, I picked a team thinking 'yeaaaaah such a win' - then checked the start list.

    Half my riders aren't riding Tongue back to the drawing board!

  • On the boards with Boardman: riding the new TK Pro track bike1 year 22 weeks agoGood effort Dave! I think we

    Good effort Dave! I think we can safely say that the honour of road.cc is intact.

  • Tour de France spectator Hubs?1 year 22 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:I thought the

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I thought the spectator hubs were going to be village halls with large screens? Why would you want to do that when you can be at the road side, watching them go past?

    To watch more than a minutes worth of cycling perhaps?

  • Just In: Trek Domane 2.01 year 22 weeks agoWings falling off planes

    Wings falling off planes would be pretty bad for business, one would imagine.

  • Bespoked 2014 lineup revealed1 year 22 weeks agoThe 100 mph bike is

    The 100 mph bike is interesting and eye catching but surely the double chain drive on the Guy Martin record breaking bike makes the single ring redundant for high speed record chasing.

  • Video: Motorist speaks of "upset" after helmet camera footage of bad driving posted to YouTube1 year 22 weeks agomuffies wrote:- not ever

    muffies wrote:
    - not ever using the bike lane to prove a point generally annoys motorists as it slows the traffic down significantly -as shown in this video.
    I'm not sure the "added safety" really outweighs the gains. I only use the road (and when i do, i generally take control of the lane) when strictly necessary.
    He seems to use the bike lane when strictly convenient. Sharp opposite.

    Except in that situation the cycle is "traffic" and frankly slowing the traffic down by a few seconds while they wait for a safe place to pass is not an issue, and if the driver thinks that 3 or 4 seconds on their journey is worth endangering someone's life, they probably shouldn't be driving

  • Tour de France spectator Hubs?1 year 22 weeks agoNo idea where to park I'm

    No idea where to park I'm afraid but it sounds like a pretty good plan to me. If you stand by the side of the road all day you might see 1% of the race if you're lucky. The Skipton spectator hub has the race running right past it so you can see far more of the race as well as the experience of the caravan and the race going past on the roadside. What's not to like?

  • Braking performance1 year 22 weeks agoI can't comment on Campag

    I can't comment on Campag stuff, but there is markable difference in brake caliper quality between both brands and price points.

    For example one of my race bikes runs stock Kuota branded Tektro brakes, I found them rickety and unreliable at best, not in that they didn't work, but I've had to repair them a fair few times, and they seemed to wear down my cabling much quicker than any other brake I've used.

    Whereas my Ultegra brakes just do what they're told, the build is solid and the cables react well to adjustment.

    When you're descending, it's as much about your braking technique as it is the quality of your kit, make sure you "flutter" rather than just pull down on them, use the back to reduce your speed before you begin engaging the front etc. Make sure you descend on your drops, firstly for better control but also to get good leverage on your brake levers.

    Make sure the brakes themselves are well adjusted, if they need tightening (i.e. if you feel like you have to pull forever before they engage properly) then give the adjustments a little twist.

  • Braking performance1 year 22 weeks agoIn order of cheapness. Try

    In order of cheapness.

    Try not to drag your brakes and scuff off speed, apply pressure and then back off. Difficult at first, ok very difficult if you are like me and dread going down.

    Play about with with the cable adjuster and see if there is a sweet spot for you and the pads. Sometimes moving the pads closer to the rim will improve feel, other times having them further away does the trick.

    Flush any crud out of your cable run or even replace the cable and outer. Clean the pads and rims.

    Try different pads, I've run Discobrakes red pads for several years and find them just as good as the Swiss Stops. As for Shimano Dura Ace, I find them horrible. The feel on some pads will change as they wear.

    Finally buy a different set of brakes, dual pivot are all the rage and generally are better than single pivot or cam activated. Or even look at the set up of the bike. If you feel like you are going over the handlebars try raising the bars or try a longer stem. I found switching to compact bars raised me that little bit I had more confidence. Is your bike known for a bad characteristic? Planet X Pro Carbons are known for vague steering at high speed, which I originally put down to lack of confidence. A change of frame left me dropping a lot faster.

    IME, you can have lots power but a wooden feel or loose some power but have lots of feel, spending time setting brakes up will allow you to find the sweet spot. If you can easily lock the wheel, you don't really need more "powerful" brakes.

    Is it the brakes you lack confidence with or the set up of the bike?

    Hope this helps.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 41 year 22 weeks agoThey were talking yesterday

    They were talking yesterday about it possibly getting cut short today due to the weather on the final climb, anyone heard anything?

    I lost 3 riders yesterday, so decided to just have some fun with it and picked some guys for the break. Bertie and Purito were my only scorers yesterday anyway, and I still have them, so can't go any worse!

  • So I Got Brake Checked and knocked off to teach me a lesson......apparently1 year 22 weeks agoPotiriadis wrote:Just been

    Potiriadis wrote:
    Just been looking at Cams funnily enough, and am now on my third cup of tea. Feeling a lot better after a few cups of best of British. Thank you for supportive messages. The tears just really caught me out.....

    I'm considering a Countour Roam2 as its not too expensive and if I can counter balance it on one side of my helmet with my helmet light on the other side. Can't really face commuting to work with a GoPro mounted on my head. Looked at Garmin Virb as thought it would be nice to link it to my Edge but then realized it looks enormous. Also thought the Sony actioncams looked alright. Happy to get advice.


    My son has a Contour and it's pretty tough and takes good quality footage. He wanted a GoPro but the Contour was cheaper and to be honest, it's plenty good enough.

  • Cyclist sues Halfords for £1 million, claims steerer tube "failure" led to severe facial injuries1 year 22 weeks agoI regularly see kids turning

    I regularly see kids turning up at the BMX track for a few laps with the forks on the wrong way round. Quite often the parents are nearby and I'll point out that the bike has been assembled incorrectly, only to be told "It's brand new, I just bought it from Halfords."

    I've sorted out a few of these bikes in the past but I don't do that any more as I'm concerned there will be something else wrong with them that could go wrong and I could then be blamed. Instead, I now simply tell the parent that the bike's not safe to use and shouldn't be ridden until it's sorted properly, but that I don't have any tools with me.

  • Video: Motorist speaks of "upset" after helmet camera footage of bad driving posted to YouTube1 year 22 weeks agoThat''s harsh. I can't

    That''s harsh. I can't comment on his private motives for doing what he does (if he indeed has any that are private)...can't read anyone's mind, but I have no reason to believe he is motivated by anything other than a wish to capture dangerous or careless driving on camera as evidence in case it is ever needed for legal reasons, and a hope that by publicising such behaviour, drivers will begin to realise how what they do on the road can impact so powerfully on the safety and experience of more vulnerable road users. I can't see the harm in that at all, really.

  • So I Got Brake Checked and knocked off to teach me a lesson......apparently1 year 22 weeks agotarquin_foxglove wrote:I'd

    tarquin_foxglove wrote:
    I'd only report it to the police if you have his registration, contact details for the witnesses, video footage & some magic 4th thing that would make the police do something.

    As posted above, I had an accident and have received a cheque for replacement value of bike with no need for witnesses, video footage, police report etc.

    If you have a non-fault bike accident you can recover your costs in the vast majority of cases.

  • Just In: Trek Domane 2.01 year 22 weeks agoI don't know about a

    I don't know about a conspiracy! It is moderately well discussed in the academic literature, eg.:


    At the moment, particularly in aerospace, composite structures are massively over-engineered, because the fatigue property of composites are still being understood. My understanding is that there is still a lot of potential for lighter parts, just that (understandable) conservatism is holding things back.

  • Alternative To Cyclocross Tires1 year 22 weeks agoI swapped my cross tyres for

    I swapped my cross tyres for a pair of 28mm Gatorskins last year and like 808finch@m noticed a huge difference on the road in terms of speed. They cope OK on sustrans path on my commute in dry(ish) weather too unless its muddy and then I lose the front wheel all the time. (I usually use a hybrid in the winter). Done 1,100 miles on these and no punctures so far (typing that probably means I'll get two on ride home tonight).

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Italian adventures1 year 22 weeks agochrisdstripes wrote:Thats an

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Thats an impressive result for Farrar...

    Finishing is a result for Farrar these days!!

  • URGENT: New kit needed cheap1 year 22 weeks ago+1 for lycra commuting. DHB

    +1 for lycra commuting.
    DHB are good and cheap but the sizing can be a bit all over the place so read the reviews before hand.