• Damn, People like this really do exsist!1 year 31 weeks agoI agree entirely, there's

    I agree entirely, there's some pretty shocking stuff floating about relating to that tweeting driver, pretty interesting on Twitter too.

    At the end of the day, when people first went trawling the internet to find that girl's employer, photos, address etc etc there was absolutely no evidence that any crime had actually been committed - just the say-so of a clearly idiotic individual. I was pretty shocked to see the lynch mob mentality that formed off the back of it - the fact that there was actually a crime and that she will rightly face prosecution is, to my mind, overshadowed by the fairly outrageous sentiments expressed by some. There's a flavour of that even on this fairly innocuous post (which I would chalk up to annoying workplace banter at worst) - "f*ck his wife, slash his tyres, f*ck his nan" etc - are people serious??

    My earlier post wasn't the most eloquent I admit and I apologise for calling the author a bell - I just cracked after reading so much us and them vitriole - at the heart of the matter there is no us and them - I commute over 100 miles a week through London, do sportives, weekly rides and club runs - but then I also drive a car as well - how are people so angry all the time?? People in cars are prone to idiocy, but then I've seen some fairly shoddy riding in my time - bottom line we're all just people sharing the same strip of tarmac - no one 'group' has a right to unfettered access.

    And for the record - all of my numerous crashes (apart from when I rode into the back of a car at some lights)have been caused by pedestrians - the unsung menace of the roads!

  • Am I aiming too high with my budget??1 year 31 weeks agoIve been looking at the

    Ive been looking at the Planet X and it does look a great machine!!
    Great recommendations!

  • Giro D'Italia - Tappa 161 year 31 weeks agoForget about badges, he's

    Forget about badges, he's ruined my purist team's consistent streak; 147, 148, 146, 149, 146(-10)... Crying

  • Video: I found a bike today1 year 31 weeks agoLol, well funny

    Lol, well funny

  • Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmer1 year 31 weeks agoJust got a set of these at

    Just got a set of these at the weekend AFTER getting soaked on a ride, tried em the following day and comfortable and dry. One thing I wasn't keen on was mine had an irritating label inside one of em..... I can see that getting removed.

  • Campag Questions1 year 31 weeks agoWhy don't you trust carbon?

    Why don't you trust carbon? Commitment issues?!

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 31 weeks agoI've been overtaken by a lot

    I've been overtaken by a lot of people in my time.

    But never by a yellow jersey, by the rainbow stripes, or outclimbed by a polka dot jersey.

    There's a lot, A LOT, of really lovely jerseys out there. Try em. They're almost certainly better than replica champs jerseys.

  • Updated: Norwich Police seek driver who tweeted about collision with cyclist1 year 31 weeks agoThe Rumpo Kid wrote:a good

    The Rumpo Kid wrote:
    a good cyberkicking won't do her any lasting harm.

    No. Sorry Rumpo, this really isn't ok. The legal system needs to deal with this (and indeed have the teeth to do so effectively), but what you are suggesting is nothing short of vigilantes taking revenge. It's not on.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 31 weeks agoPretty sure that when I go

    Pretty sure that when I go out in my Vo2 kit I get more space on the roads.

  • The hierarchy on the road?1 year 31 weeks agoYou sound like ignorant

    You sound like ignorant drivers talking about cyclists

  • The hierarchy on the road?1 year 31 weeks agoI have often wondered why

    I have often wondered why runners run on the road rather than an empty pavement and force other road users to move out of their way. Motorists who get annoyed at having to go around a cyclist seem quite happy to have to avoid runners going against the flow of traffic. Could a runner give me a reason why they run on the road? And "Because we can" is not a valid reason.

  • Damn, People like this really do exsist!1 year 31 weeks agoThese are the kind of people

    These are the kind of people who keep axes in the side of their car.

    Bese place to be is behind them.

  • Glasgow cycle commutes up a quarter in 2012 and boosting city's economy says study1 year 31 weeks agoI quite often commute

    I quite often commute Glasgow-west coast (Prestwick area), and the old A77 is an absolute Godsend.I wish there were more roads with a totally segregated area, although quite often there's a lot of broken glass and gravel when I use it rather than the road. There are definitely more people cycling these days - a great sight in Glasgow given how bad many people's activity levels are.

  • Question for tubs users1 year 31 weeks agoI deflate mine after every

    I deflate mine after every ride to make sure they're still properly seated anyway.

  • Revolutionary Kappius hubs use 3D printing process + video1 year 31 weeks agoSo will the freehub be

    So will the freehub be louder?

    That would be a main selling point.

  • Cassette help please!1 year 31 weeks agodreamlx10 wrote:chiv30

    dreamlx10 wrote:
    chiv30 wrote:
    dreamlx10 wrote:
    Still no need for your use of the word "Prick".You obviously can't handle criticism, even though it's not directed at you.

    Anyone else notice the irony here.....


    I don't think calling someone a "Prick" is criticism though. It's just name calling.

    I think I called you an elitist prick, this was based on your response thus criticism, however just a prick would have been name calling , in that respect you are correct .

    Now I have passed my helpful advice on, so I am happily finished with this thread however I do believe the op also asked for your most hated kit so by all means carry on and answer him Big Grin

  • Green Party's Jenny Jones says law must evolve as London moves away from car-dominated roads1 year 31 weeks agoI heart the Greens!

    I heart the Greens! Love Struck

  • Video: I found a bike today1 year 31 weeks agoBrilliant - love the song as

    Brilliant - love the song as well as the videos.

  • Campag Questions1 year 31 weeks agoKmc chain will definitely

    Kmc chain will definitely work as I use it on 10 speed veloce. I imagine they do 11 speed also but haven't checked.

    Not sure about shimano chains, generally people prefer the kmc quick link for ease of user, cleaning etc.

    Re buying groupsets cheaply, just look out for special offers. I find bikediscount.de can be very cheap. Generally anything 11 speed is a lot pricier as it's new and trendy. You'd be able to get good discounts on 10 speed components if you were prepared to compromise on number of gears. Adjustment may be less tricky too..

    Finally yes, for 11 speed Athena is the only aluminium groupset, according to a quick check of their website.

  • Giro D'Italia - Tappa 161 year 31 weeks agoletsgoup wrote:I now really

    letsgoup wrote:
    I now really really really hate Gavazzi. I'm loosing a 180, full house and a lanterne rouge badge because of him. Crying Crying Crying Crying Surely he should get a 2 year ban. I mean its not like he sat down and ate a steak or anything. This is serious Road C.C. Fantasy treason Not Talking Not Talking

    I'm sure the guilt he now carries having screwed over so many road.cc-ers is greater than the shame he feels for getting himself kicked out of the Giro. Big Grin

  • Barclays teams up with Sportsdirect.com for national cycle helmet promotion1 year 31 weeks agoPaul99 wrote:joules1975

    Paul99 wrote:
    joules1975 wrote:

    Sorry gkam, but isn't a helmet splitting in a crash a helmet doing exactly what it SHOULD DO.

    Correct. Simple physics.

    Thank you Paul and Joules, and Gkam, quite simply it saved my life. Whether it remained in one piece or not (the second time that helmet dented but I replaced it) it did the job - protecting my head and keeping me alive.

    I'd rather it split (even if as you say [wrongly] that it shouldn't do) if it means its not my head splitting and my brain and blood on the road instead of compact polystyrene.

  • Barclays teams up with Sportsdirect.com for national cycle helmet promotion1 year 31 weeks agopmanc wrote:And so it

    pmanc wrote:
    And so it begins!

    jdstrachan@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
    What reason do riders have for not wearing them?!

    @jdstrachan, if this is a genuine question, then I would point you towards this site: http://www.cyclehelmets.org/

    But I think, given a lack of hard evidence either way and so many confounding factors, most reasonable people feel it's a decision best left to the individual. To be fair, the announcement of this discount seems worded with this in mind.

    So compulsion is not helpful, and neither is patronising people who make a decision which differs from one's own. So no abuse from me - the name calling seems to be more your forte.

    Although I might just ask, out of interest, if you are as forthright about wearing a helmet when walking or travelling in a car?

    Of course many cyclists will feel different about sports cycling (of whichever discipline) and popping to the shops, etc.

    Perhaps name calling is unhelpful, and immature, but I don't understand why people would choose not to. And yes, whenever I have travelled on our roads, on a vehicle that provides no other protection (i.e. bicycle or motorbike) I have always worn a helmet. I have not ridden on occasion when I did not have my helmet with me.

    A car driving too fast, too close, too aggresively, or distracted doesn't discern between 'popping to the shops' and 'racing'. Therefore, for me, in my opinion, a helmet should always be worn.

    Obviously, people can choose not to, I just don't get it.

  • Twit and run story goes viral, police question driver, cyclist's Facebook response, #bloodycyclists hashtag reclaimed1 year 31 weeks agoMercury one - focusing on few

    Mercury one - focusing on few parts of a massive whole to say that's what the whole represents is misguided.

  • Giro D'Italia - Tappa 161 year 31 weeks agoTwo subs scored zilch. If I

    Two subs scored zilch. If I Had Stuck Would Have Eleven More pts. Crying

  • Anyone seen Trikeman?1 year 31 weeks agoSweet ride. I've always

    Sweet ride. I've always dreamed of one of those massive American things, to live in all year round like a Gypsy.

    If you ever come up this way. Give me a shout Wink