• Video: Learn the history of the bicycle in under 70 seconds1 year 22 weeks agoMrGear

    MrGear wrote:
    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    No recumbent designs in there...

    Yeah, and no Grifter or Brompton either. This video was a waste of everyone's time, because it didn't cover every bike, ever.

    Every bike, ever? Now if you could create this to include recubents, Grifters, Bromptons, my Chopper, BMX and 29er I would be very impressed.

    Till then I think this is quite a good little graphics exercise, I don't think it's designed to be a true historic piece of every bike, ever.

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 22 weeks agoHave a look at this pipe

    Have a look at this pipe dream for next year: http://www.strava.com/routes/92370

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 22 weeks agostenmeister wrote:Dunks517

    stenmeister wrote:
    Dunks517 wrote:
    Let's showcase the best Scotland has to offer by going past Glasgow Central Station...

    erm.... it isn't going past Central Station, it's going past Queen Street Station, Argyle Street Station, High Street Station and Buchanan Street Underground. Cool

    It looks like it is here:

  • Widow of cyclist killed by drink-driver says he should have been jailed for life1 year 22 weeks agoTwo things surprised me. 1)

    Two things surprised me.

    1) That his sentence was as high as 8 years.
    2) "Causing death by careless driving whilst unfit through alcohol." How the Hell can that be careless? Even if you had been living under a rock on Mars for the last hundred years you would understand that drinking and driving are totally unacceptable. He knowingly drank alcohol, he knowingly got in a motor car, he knowingly drove it on the public road. How is that not classed as dangerous?

    This man left a fellow human being to die in the street and it seems to count for nothing. He pleads guilty in court and because he is saving the justice system time and money that counts for everything.


  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 22 weeks agoJust in preparation for

    Just in preparation for Scottish independence. will enjoy watching tour of Scotland though, lots of mountain stages

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 22 weeks agoJust in preparation for

    Just in preparation for Scottish independence. will enjoy watching tour of Scotland though, lots of mountain stages

  • Floppy wheels1 year 22 weeks agoGizmo... your timing

    Gizmo... your timing sucks!

    My cycle 2 work window opened today... guess what my choice was? Fortunately, I'm off work after breaking myself a couple of weeks ago, so couldn't access the codes to order my Boardman CX Team 2014.

    Half an inch is a huge amount of deflection, but I'd have thought almost bearable as they are disc brake wheels.

    The only solution is to get the wheels completely rebuilt. Worst case scenario is that it'll cost 30-40 quid per wheel. You might be able to get it done cheaper.

    I'll give it a go myself. It'll give me something to do in between getting the bike and being physically able to ride again.

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 22 weeks agoAs others have said, you

    As others have said, you can;t cover the entire country decently in 8 days. So leaving aside the transfer concerns by the teams, there appear to be two options

    1) spread it around geographically every year, and just expect people to drive up to 3 hours to see "their" region's leg.

    2) Pick areas of the country each year to locate it... so the south gets it this year, the NW next, east anglia and the midlands in 2016 - etc.

    Which ever is picked somebody somewhere will lose out. The past few years in the South-west has meant Sidmouth for us in Wiltshire - or London. Hardly "doorstep".

    As it I am well chuffed that its coming within a mile of my front door this year. I'm happy enough that it probably won't be back around these parts for a few years. Them's the breaks.


  • TfL to trial optical & radar detection technology on buses to alert drivers to cyclists and pedestrians1 year 22 weeks agoI like the idea of more 20

    I like the idea of more 20 mph limits the big question will the police be interested in in forcing them.

    The default setting for motorists is to look at 20mph and double it.

    I'm in favour of anything which makes motorists lives more difficult or expensive, in the hope that some of them might stop driving.

  • Commuter X4 bike light included in British Inventors' Project at Gadget Show Live1 year 22 weeks agoQuote:the dangers of city

    the dangers of city cycling.. biggest causes of accidents is poor visibility in heavy traffic... visibility is the simplest and most effective key to cycling safety.. make the roads a safer place for cyclists and drivers
    Safety contraptions are fine, not as good as a big pair of reflective leg bands and 2 flashing lights on the bike (not pointing to the sky half the time) but fine. But let me fix the idiot blame-the-cyclist sales pitch:
    the dangers of city driving.. biggest causes of collisions is poor observation by heavy traffic and poor infrastructure... driver observation and better infrastructure is the simplest and most effective key to cyclists' safety.. make the roads a safer place for cyclists
    Lucky flashing light harnesses have no effect on driver safety, as far as I can see.

    The chap in the photos has no back light pointing rearward, just the novelty light pointing skyward.

  • Brighton BikeHub wins cash to set up ‘banks’ for surplus bikes1 year 22 weeks agoI'm sure there are scrap guys

    I'm sure there are scrap guys in every town, but in Kingston upon Thames if a bike is left in town and locked up the scrap people won't be interested. How would it look if they started hacking away at a lock and then chucked the bike in the back of a truck? Is it worth the risk of getting collared?

    Anyway, the bike shops round here tend not to touch secondhand bikes. Why would they take something that might be stolen? Fixing them up doesn't pay as well as selling a brand new bike with accessories. It's a long time since F.W.Evans sold a 'one careful owner' bike. I think this Bike Bank scheme could work and I wish it luck. Applause Much better than leaving ugly knackered old bikes out on the street taking up space on bike racks. At Wits End

  • UCI announces change of direction for Southern Hemisphere track racing1 year 22 weeks agoGood one road.cc - had me

    Good one road.cc - had me going,
    Call me gullible but this one too: http://www.wheelsuckers.co.uk/profiles/blogs/germans-to-launch-autonomou...

  • UCI announces change of direction for Southern Hemisphere track racing1 year 22 weeks agoGood one road.cc - had me

    Good one road.cc - had me going,
    Call me gullible but this one too: http://www.wheelsuckers.co.uk/profiles/blogs/germans-to-launch-autonomou...

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 22 weeks agois that a ritte custom paint?

    is that a ritte custom paint?

  • Deep Breath Everyone1 year 22 weeks agoenrique, let it go mate, our

    enrique, let it go mate, our only adding fuel to a fire that Dave has tried to put out and nothing is going to change that.

  • FS: Genesis Equilibrium 54 cm £7501 year 22 weeks agoA handsome machine deserving

    A handsome machine deserving of a careful new owner. But how can you sell her? Mine is a year older, shiny red and mostly Campag' and it would be like flogging one of my grandchildren.

  • Shimano 105 goes 11-speed1 year 22 weeks agoWhile I realise there are

    While I realise there are some real reasons for these technical developments (at least for those hard-core cyclists for whom their own body isn't far-and-away the primary limiting factor for performance!) I nevertheless find the topic of increasing numbers of cogs always makes me think of this Onion article (once satire but since overtaken by reality).


  • 105 Front brake calipers move out of line1 year 22 weeks agoA suggestion: if one of the

    A suggestion: if one of the pivot arms is experiencing greater friction than the other it will tend to drag the caliper as a whole out of line with repeated cycles of use. I'd suggest checking the operation of the caliper off the bike and if it's there's noticeably more friction on one arm than the other strip it down, lubricate it and see if that does the trick.

    Or use this as an excuse to upgrade of course!

  • Reynolds Assault SLG disc brake wheels1 year 22 weeks agoJust last week I got a pair

    Just last week I got a pair of Reynolds Stratos Pro disc wheels for my winter / wet weather bike. They're similar to these in that they have the same hub and spokes but with a 30mm deep alloy rim. They weigh exactly the same (1600g on my scales) as these carbon versions but cost about half as much. I don't think they have the swirl lip generator though.
    So far I've only done 100 miles on them but I'm quite impressed. They're half a pound lighter than my previous Hope / Open Pro combo, and despite having far fewer spokes don't feel any less stiff. Above 20mph their aero benefits are definitely noticeable, the bike fairly flies along now.
    I always dismantle any new components, partly to see how they go together in case I ever need to repair them but also to make sure things are properly greased etc. I can report that these hubs are very nicely made and easy to strip down with just a couple of allen keys, and the freehub uses 6 engagement pawls IIRC. However, in my opinion the bearings needed a bit more grease in them to cope with year round use in the UK.
    Overall I'm very pleased with them, they're just what I've been waiting for since I first built a road bike with disc brakes about three years ago. So save your money and buy the alloy version.

  • Help required. Sorry, another thread asking for opinions...1 year 22 weeks agoThe good news is that with

    The good news is that with Fyffes now being bought over by Chiquita, you shouldn't suffer from any compatibility issues when switching bananas now. Also, if you can hold off until the end of the evening I hear there will be price cuts on previous models.

  • Floppy wheels1 year 22 weeks agoMKultra wrote:ajmarshal1

    MKultra wrote:
    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    So half an inch of deflection is normal? And my radial laced 16 spoke front wheel should be noodly and fragile? 3000+ miles and no brake rub says different.

    There's a hell of a lot more to wheel stiffness than simple spoke count.

    No it's the build and the spoke count.

    The simple fact remains though that for certain applications a traditional build with a good quality rim and higher spoke count lends greater strength, especially so for a commuter, tourer or cross bike used as such.

    You also have to take into account rider weight and sprung weight on the bike which is an issue with low count wheels.

    But hey ho you go ahead you get arsey and take offence because you feel affronted by the idea that your flashy wheels are not the pinnacle of wheel technology to all men.

    Oh I'm not getting arsey, just pointing out the huge flaw in your argument. I note that you added the build contributes now in addition to spoke count and pattern, which is exact;y what I was saying. If you think half an inch of deflection is normal, then your standards are remarkably low. I'm simply going by my own experience of owning a number of wheelsets, factory and handmade. I have NEVER owned a wheel, Road or MTB that deflected that much, budget or high end.

    The fact remains that there is more to stiffness than simple spoke count, there are a multitude of contributing factors. Otherwise at a simple level, my Fulcrum 7s would be stiffer than my zeros, which they aren't. Likewise my Crossrides and Hopes, which are on a level playing field despite my Hopes being 32 spoke. This is all taken from riding them. I've ridden HED Carbon tubs laced 24 to 28 that had more flex than chinese carbon tubs that were 20 / 24.

    Mind, not that any of this helps the OP. Other than he has a really poor front wheel that needs looked at.

  • 105 Front brake calipers move out of line1 year 22 weeks agoThanks for all your

    Thanks for all your comments.

    Everything is correctly set up to specified torques (carbon forks), wheels seated properly etc.

    Yes, it has the toothed washer; are you just checking Chris75018, or is there a problem that you know of?

    The differential wear due to the different arm arcs is a good point, but this is happening in too short a time; it's not due to pad wear.

  • Brighton BikeHub wins cash to set up ‘banks’ for surplus bikes1 year 22 weeks agoNever heard of the scrap man

    Never heard of the scrap man thing. Every time I go to the recycling centre I see 5 or 6 bikes of various descriptions that have been dumped. In fact getting rid of my son's old school bike wasn't that easy. No-one wanted it either. I couldn't even give it away and that was in good nick.

    It's the same with tellies mind. We had a perfectly good Phillips 28" CRT. Couldn't even give that away. No bidders on ebay even at 99p and collect.

    Any scheme that helps recycle bikes is a good un.

  • Deep Breath Everyone1 year 22 weeks agoQuote:Let's just leave it

    Let's just leave it fellas and play the game.... it's obvious that it is a genuine mistake, so let's give them a break.

    northstar wrote:
    No it isn't : )

    This is really interesting Thinking You see, northie is right. It wasn't a mistake to put those riders in the break on your team. It was a very sneaky, 'opportunistic', 'aprovechado' way of getting more points in the competition... which required that you be very much aware that there was an opportunity to be taken which others who play the game might not even be aware of, which would net you points others couldn't possibly get unless they noticed the same system mistake you (!) did!

    Having the race deadline creep over to to when the race had already started and the breakaway established, that (!) was a mistake (!) Thinking

    But what shall remain a mystery is, what if an email had been sent out, announcing, 'The race deadline for tomorrow's stage has been mistakenly set for one hour after the stage start and the system will not allow a change at this moment. Please make your team selections accordingly', would northie have 'played accordingly' and not be complaining now? Thinking

    So, what is that bothers northie? Is it the fact that he didn't do it, too? The fact that he lost out on some points? The fact that those points gained by others will forever make him look, on paper, like a player of a lesser calibre than Gkam, Ray or Wig Billy, because they scored more points than him in one particular stage or in one competition and, therefore, maybe even in the whole season? Thinking Intriguing...

    Given his suggestions:

    northstar wrote:
    The posted transfer deadline was available to all way before, reset them to this

    northstar wrote:
    [have] all transfers involving riders who were in the break after the ride/race started removed?...

    northstar wrote:
    ... everyone else should receive the same amount of points as the person who profited the most.

    northstar wrote:
    ...something has to be done.

    it's kind of hard to decipher if it's just about the points.

    I can't imagine he's looking for an acknowledgement from Wig Billy, Gkam or Ray that they are in the wrong and they shouldn't have done what they did, because it was unfair to the others. Or is he?... Thinking

    There is, of course, a weird way to look at this. Could it be that what northie is saying is 'I want to be able to play this game with the knowledge that I don't have to be stuck in front of a computer or looking at my phone 1 hour before and after the race starts to make sure these opportunistic asses like Gkam, Ray or Wig Billy, don't take advantage of the system if there's another faux pax with the race deadline and they get to score more points than I do in my favorite game'?.

    And that, in a way, is a fair sentiment... Thinking

  • Dorking bike shop to the rescue after vital bike stolen from girl with painful illness1 year 22 weeks agopedalismo wrote:Fair point

    pedalismo wrote:
    Fair point but fatuous comment, my friend. In my opinion, it is the best bike shop. And cycling is nothing like a church.

    Head for the Hills is by far the best Bike shop in Dorking by a country mile any day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

    However Chapeau to Max for what he did. He deserves praise for that deed. There's no need for the nonsense.

    and cycling is just like a church. Lots of people go for a short time on a Sunday . Some people think there's more to it than that.