• National Championships game1 year 30 weeks agoCav Demare Sanchez Nibali Gil


    Edited: Cav for Swift, as I didn't think Cav would be riding, but he is

  • Lorry that killed Paula Jurek had faulty indicator inquest told - CPS dropped case against driver1 year 30 weeks agoarfa wrote: If it was poor

    arfa wrote:

    If it was poor cycling then the CPS should have established it, that's the point in a justice system.

    I cycle alot in London London and there is plenty of poor cycling but there is also some pretty appalling driving. I have nearly been taken out by badly driven HGV' s where they've forced themselves through too narrow a gap and quite frankly the drivers have shown complete disregard for anything other than their schedule. Until there is some form of deterrence there will be no change and the raft of recent court decisions is not helping

    I think the point in this case is that they couldn't be sure that it wasn't poor cycling. You're right about poor driving too. I come across a heap of that, but it sounds like you, like me, are aware of the potential for it. This is where education and experience come in. You spot the tight gaps and notice the HGV and you decide discretion is the part of valour and avoid seeing who gets squeezed out first. I eyeball every HGV driver at a junction (actually cars too), and every car trying to join the main road. The point being that if I can anticipate the action I can take a reaction. A lot of cyclists in London are very blithe about that (and some of that can be seen in the way people drive their cars too). My friend once posted a video on Facebook because he was indignant at the driving of a bus. When a bunch of us friends pointed out that he had no right to expect the bus to cede the space he learned a valuable lesson. When I rode down my road the other day and some Nigerian driver pulled out into the flow of traffic from the right and slowed my progress I had anticipated the shitty manoeuvre. I made it clear to him that he was wrong. I don't he liked that, but at least he knew I was there and displeased. The point is that just as good drivers drive defensively, so do good cyclists. And that's about understanding the risks around you, not undertaking buses and HGVs, not always making the mad dash to the cyclists box (I think these actively encourage people to move through traffic when they are safer to wait - if you are caught in a tight spot when the lights change you are in trouble), checking to see if motorists and pedestrians have clocked you.....

  • Sagan parking vid1 year 30 weeks agoBut it's on

    But it's on backwards!


  • Judge: driver's lapse of concentration that killed veteran cyclist 'could have happened to anyone'1 year 30 weeks ago? did the judge actually

    ? did the judge actually repeat the words of the defence barrister ? or is the headline wrong ?

    anyhow very sad sounds like was a great guy and drivers need to learn that life deserves respect - I'm convinced most driver don't believe cyclists are allowed on dual carriageways and absolutely don't know how to deal with them safely
    at least the dangerous driving charge stuck and the driver was disqualified probably not a sufficient deterrent to say to others what the impact of bad driving can be - maybe a quality tv documentary (if that is possible) with a few families of bereaved and a few drivers talking about the impact on their lives is needed - need a cultural change that says driving and not respecting other road users is a blight

  • Sky reveals the team that will support Chris Froome's Tour de France challenge1 year 30 weeks agoGo Geraint!! Lovely Welsh lad

    Go Geraint!! Lovely Welsh lad he is too. Good luck boys, make us proud.

  • Judge: driver's lapse of concentration that killed veteran cyclist 'could have happened to anyone'1 year 30 weeks agoLet's say I poison a few

    Let's say I poison a few people because I have a momentary lapse of concentration in the kitchen and pregnant lady and old fella die. Criminal charge and a fairly tough sentence will follow, you can be sure of that. Thinking

  • Judge: driver's lapse of concentration that killed veteran cyclist 'could have happened to anyone'1 year 30 weeks agoAs well as working ourselves

    As well as working ourselves into a frenzy over the badly judged driving and 'shit happens' judge comments, lets take a minute to admire Grayson's stamina. 83 miles @20mph? Wowzers, I want to do that when I'm 75.

    Also at least the driver did everything right after the accident - admitted the charge, accepted it was worthy of prison, etc. it sounds like he'd lined up an overtake without quite having enough room, and the worst happened. If it was a busy road (A19? sounds like it) then it may have been dangerous to brake quickly to 20mph, and the lanes might be big enough to think you can go3 abreast. I'm just guessing.

    I hate riding on fast A roads in any case.

  • Sheffield campaign to create 1,000 new cyclists this year1 year 30 weeks agoManglier wrote:Went cycling

    Manglier wrote:
    Went cycling in Sheffield once (from Rotherham). Not going back 'till they've fixed the shocking state of the roads.

    Living in Sheffield I can say that some of the roads are terrible, but they are doing a lot of re-surfacing work (thank you, ASO) for the TdF and other things. Now some of the tarmac is like being cushioned by angels...

    As for this scheme, anything which gets a few people out on bikes is a great idea. The major problem with cycling in Sheffield isn't the roads though, not these days, but the hills ...

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins says he may not target Tour de France again1 year 30 weeks agoFran The Man wrote:Anyone

    Fran The Man wrote:
    Anyone think that, with Froome becoming established as the leader of Brailsford's machine, Bradley might move on to another team where he's encouraged to "do stuff that I want to do, stuff that I'm willing to train hard and sacrifice for"? After all, in a funny sort of way, he was never a typical "Sky rider". Too much of an individual, maybe, too much of a maverick, like Cav...
    Perhaps we're asking too much of him .....

    Oh please. Cav left Sky because they couldn't offer him a lead-out train, because they wanted to protect GT riders. The fact Cav still won three stages of the '12 TdF shows how good is really is.

    Let's not have this 'maverick' vs 'boring' dichotomy in Sky. We're lucky to have a British-ish pro Team who can ride and win GT's, and they do it by teamwork.

  • cycling cafe or bar Paris1 year 30 weeks agoI'll be in Paris for a few of

    I'll be in Paris for a few of the earlier stages so won't be able to see the race in the flesh. Was wondering if there was a cycling cafe of some sorts in Paris but seems such things are hard to come by.

  • Judge: driver's lapse of concentration that killed veteran cyclist 'could have happened to anyone'1 year 30 weeks agoIf you kill using a vehicle,

    If you kill using a vehicle, you should receive a mandatory life-time ban from driving again. It doesn't matter why or what the details of the case were.

    Driving is a privilege, extend by license. If you kill someone while licensed, you should never be able to have the privilege again. Because you've proven yourself unworthy of it, and a danger to others.

    It might concentrate a few minds, too....

  • South Ayrshire's 'Alps' - Scotland's first road cycling park opens website1 year 30 weeks agoNice, but the website is

    Nice, but the website is borked. Can't sign up for the mailinglist and links to the maps 404. Crying

  • Video: Park your bike like a pro 2... Peter Sagan takes the quickest route to the roof rack1 year 30 weeks agoWow!


  • Neglected Glasgow estate could become a model cycling town - and athlete's village for Youth Olympics 20181 year 30 weeks agoIt's a good start. I cycled

    It's a good start. I cycled to Springburn College recently via the Google maps cycle route and found it to be heavily carpeted with glass. There is a big brownfield site there that is ripe for imaginative redevelopment. The pic was taken from the footbridge at Charing Cross Mansions looking east.

  • Polish inventor rolls out IzzyBike chainless folder +video1 year 30 weeks agoInner city dwelling hipster

    Inner city dwelling hipster commuter types will probably love it.

  • Judge: driver's lapse of concentration that killed veteran cyclist 'could have happened to anyone'1 year 30 weeks agoVery poor comments from the

    Very poor comments from the Judge.

    According to the police Barraclough would have been able to see the cyclist for 'at least' 9 seconds before the collision. And he admitted he had seen the signs indicating the event was taking place.

    So hardly a 'momentary lapse' of concentration.

    The sentence seems a bit light, a suspended prison sentence and a driving ban for just 18 months. Not enough.

    Another example of the courts favouring motorists, even when the evidence is clear.

  • FS: Fulcrum racing 5 wheelset Campag freehub1 year 30 weeks agoNot sure at the moment mate

    Not sure at the moment mate I'm in the middle of a bike reorganisation will know in a couple of months what i have surplus. I'll give you a shout if the wheels end up without a frame

  • cycling cafe or bar Paris1 year 30 weeks agoUmmm in Paris? Champs

    Ummm in Paris?

    Champs elysee
    Place de la conconcorde

    Usually the best places to watch it if ur talking the final stage ...

  • Charge Scoop saddle1 year 30 weeks agoThere are a number of

    There are a number of 'disciplines' within the sport of cycling. 'Genres' are a feature of creative works.

  • Best Road Shorts1 year 30 weeks agoAs the 2nd poster said, which

    As the 2nd poster said, which ever ones fit you and are comfortable to ride distances in.

    For me I am happy with dhb for 100km or so, longer & particularly in summer, craft or sportful (but those are kits, lighter coloured than DHB shorts and I live down under ie bloody hot 30C for 7am morning commutes).

    Santani knicks I find uncomfortable after 30 minutes in the saddle.

  • Which 30-35 deep rim wheels for my new project?1 year 30 weeks agoHi Kupepe I own a pair of the

    Hi Kupepe

    I own a pair of the older original FSC-38CM

    I have put over 5000km into the front wheel, about the same into the 50mm rear I built and about 2000km into the FSC-38CM. Other than I need to improve my wheel building skills and the nipples are very soft, no issues.

    Mind are 20/24 both the 38s, the 60 front and my 50 rear with sapim CX spokes from Farsports

    I am 1.82 80kg and race over some of the poor quality rural roads around here. Actually I usually attack on the worst surfaces, so my wheels do take abuse.

    The best info can found on this Road Bike Review Carbon wheel thread 2.0 where you can trawl through 130 pages of comments from owners, potential buyers and few people acting for suppliers.

  • 2013 crank compatibility SRAM vs. Dura-Ace 79001 year 30 weeks agoWithin a year I'm going to be

    Within a year I'm going to be building up a carbon frame(weight weenie project) that has a BB30 shell. I'm going to move the SRAM drivetrain over to this ultralite build(Shooting for 11.5 lbs.), and purchase a SRAM Red BB30 crank which is quite a bit lighter than the GXP version(BB68) plus I won't need an adapter which would add a little bit more weight. Sorry I didn't explain the details, but my post was too long already.

  • Great Cycling books1 year 30 weeks ago[[[ Yes---"One More Kilometre

    [[[ Yes---"One More Kilometre And We're In The Showers", by Tim Hilton. I couldn't stop pedalling it..oops..reading it. Next best thing to being awheel.

  • Tips for Sportives please, Overtaking riders1 year 30 weeks agoOn the plus side, the later

    On the plus side, the later start time means I can do the 26 miler with some mates and go on the piss after.

  • Tips for Sportives please, Overtaking riders1 year 30 weeks agoThe 12 miler, the one for

    The 12 miler, the one for kids and families etc, starts at 2, I was under the impression it was much earlier (actually given the incorrect start times by someone involved in organising it, which doesn't fill me with confidence), which I thought meant there was an overlap with the various groupings.

    If you come up behind the 26 or 13 milers you probably wont have been going that fast at all and wont be troubling them a bit.

    I got it wrong, I hope you have a good ride and a good day out.