• In pictures: Hell Climb1 year 38 weeks ago'Gotten' stems from Middle

    'Gotten' stems from Middle English. It has slipped out of use in the UK but remains in use in North America, along with some other archaisms. It has crept back into speech and writing over the past 30 years.

    There's nothing wrong, linguistically, with the use of 'gotten', particularly in the more idiomatic and colloquial form of an online blog post where variations in formality and idiosyncratic expression tend to be a generic feature. Blog posts also tend to be 'blended mode' texts, occupying a semantic hinterland between spoken and written language.

    It's entirely subjective that you don't like it. It's also linked to the common assumption that American English is somehow inferior to English English.

  • Is Boris back-pedalling on London's cycling revolution?1 year 38 weeks agoWorkhard - oh indeed

    Workhard - oh indeed especially the cities that draw up cycle lanes that even a professional rider couldn't stick to. Around Peterborough it's virtually impossible to tell what is pavement and what is cycle path.

    Boris is still my favourite cyclist, and just the guy to turn up if you are getting mugged - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1224990/Knight-shining-bicycle-B...

  • Michele Scarponi admits training with Dr Michele Ferrari in Autumn 20101 year 38 weeks agoMost of the riders will

    Most of the riders will probably serve their bans during the off season and be back competing by the time the grand tours start.

  • New cycling feature film The Domestique set to go into production next year1 year 38 weeks agoClearly not missing the

    Clearly not missing the opportunity to make money from doping. Although you can't beat the China Syndrome which was released 12 days before Three Mile Island.

    Yes, I like the Skoda advert it shows what a car really has to put up with. It's sad that so many adverts portray cars as a shining idol to be worshipped when it's just a metal can to get you inefficiently from A to B. Car adverts haven't progressed from TV adverts that show you how great the colours are on this model, till you realise that the colours look just as good on your set!

  • Michele Scarponi admits training with Dr Michele Ferrari in Autumn 20101 year 38 weeks agoSo it's Sky to win every race

    So it's Sky to win every race next season, even races they haven't entered.

  • Michele Scarponi admits training with Dr Michele Ferrari in Autumn 20101 year 38 weeks agoantonio wrote:'Expect alot of

    antonio wrote:
    'Expect alot of these admission's over the off season. The fantasy game is going to be short alot of riders.....If the world tour even happens at this rate'.

    Why not a fantasy druggie drop out game to keep us happy over the dark and miserable winter turbo sessions.

    Puts a whole new spin on the purist league.

  • Genesis IO Single Speed MTB Med1 year 38 weeks agoWill see if i can get it

    Will see if i can get it deliverd by my brother in law will text e mail you later.

  • The big road.cc lights test 20121 year 38 weeks agorootes wrote:Quote:Another

    rootes wrote:
    Another year, another test missing the Philips SafeRide.

    we did try, we can only test what we're sent

    Yes shame to miss this as it is meant to be one of the few lights to be designed for the road more like a car or motorcycle light


    great article and presentation! very useful.

    We did test the Trelock 950 last year, which is very similar in concept. Awesome light. Cool

  • Head cover Or Not1 year 38 weeks agoCar occu-pants get head

    Car occu-pants get head injuries too....ergo, helmets in cars. AND on the noggins of pedestrians. And, now I come to think of it, my dog's head was biffed by a car he chased, one time. And he only did that one time, and he wasn't injured anyway....but clearly, here's a case for compulsory dog-hats!
    No, if I'm ORDERED to don a skidlid, I'll simply continue to wear the banana-hat I have already, just for retro-flash. Kick racism out of football, and kick fascism out of cycling!

  • Fiorenzo Magni, three time Giro winner and Italy's Lion of Flanders, dies at age of 911 year 38 weeks agoI must confess that with the

    I must confess that with the current ongoing debacles, I immediately thought, "That is a long straw leading down to a secret compartment in his top-tube, containing....no, surely not. Must be just a very long drool". But just how did the thing help steer his velo?

  • Yellow Jersey Stains1 year 38 weeks agoWell thats 2.21 minutes of my

    Well thats 2.21 minutes of my life I wont get back......But it did leave me with a smile. Bit strange though.

  • The big road.cc lights test 20121 year 38 weeks agoThis is fantastic! Many

    This is fantastic! Many thanks for the extremely hard work that must have gone into developing this. This must be the world's only bible for bike light choice.

    Thoughts for further tests:
    1) Would be awesome if possible to add some lights from previous years to act as a useful benchmark for those of us buying new lights (appreciate that this will depend largely on what you have lying around at any point in time, but that may be better than nothing)

    2) Agree about the photo of the light from in front of the bike so you can see how much you will blind/be invisible to oncoming traffic

    Amazing stuff. Hope this lives and grows for many years!

  • Armstrong lawyer goes on offensive against USADA ahead of agency's report to UCI1 year 38 weeks agoJust seen your comments

    Just seen your comments PaulJ. I haven't seen the results of the retrospective tests and nor do I know under what conditions the samples were kept. Must make a start on reading the published documents soon.

  • SRAM drops Lance Armstrong, but Oakley stand by their man… for now1 year 38 weeks agoI think that Oakley are right

    I think that Oakley are right to wait for the UCI. There's a lot of documentation to get through and I still have to question how it was possible to fool the testers. The motorbike is a bit of a mystery. Given the number of cameras that follow the tour how come no-one has produced a picture of it yet?

    If it transpires that the only evidence that USADA is witness evidence (and some of that of dubious origin) then it sets a precedent for any sportsman to be banned from the sport if enough fellow sportsmen testify against them. This is not good for sports. If cheating has been going on then the UCI and WADA have to come up with a way to stop this happening again. Anything less turns this into a witchhunt.

  • 20 teams, dozens of riders and €30m - the Italian doping inquiry "bigger than Operacion Puerto"1 year 38 weeks agoOh how I love professional

    Oh how I love professional cycling - its the best soap opera around! Just when it bought it couldn't get any worse.... They are just like the bankers - even though they know stuff is wrong (eg consulting with Ferrari) the are just too greedy to stop themselves.

    And talking of Ferrari, he clearly needs locking up in 1 of those US super max prisons (23 hours a day in solitary, no contact with the outside world etc) as he's clearly not able to control himself either. One thing that puzzles me is why they all went to him - surely here must other dodgy doctors offering this service?

    Two last things - a) the more teams which are implicated in this way, the less credible Sky's claims are & b) does anyone really believe Bertie's steak defence anymore? Thinking

  • The big road.cc lights test 20121 year 38 weeks agokie7077 wrote:I just got a

    kie7077 wrote:
    I just got a £30 ebay light, claims 1800 Lumens (approx 18w), it might not be quite that bright but it's more than enough to cycle 20mph through a dark unlit park.

    It withstood a 45min downpour in which I got soaked even with waterproof jacket.

    'CREE XML XM-L T6 1800 LM LED' It comes with a recharger, the claimed battery length is 3hours on full. The flashing mode is strobe only, which you'd have to be a dangerous pest to use (doh). Takes several hours to charge.

    Why pay £100 - £200 when you can get a good light for £30.

    The ebay no' is 140744146377 and it's a UK seller.

    Come on road.cc review this one, it's a bargain.

    I am a Sustrans Ranger and a few of us have this light . It is easily as good if not better than those 2 shown. Cool

  • Martyn Ashton's Road Bike Party - the out-takes1 year 38 weeks agoAbsolute legend. So glad to

    Absolute legend. So glad to see he's still got it - and using it. Such a big influence, and helped get me hooked on the way of the wheel after I got my first MTB 16 years ago. Lost count of the number of times I watched 'Chainspotting' and 'Dirty Tricks & Cunning Stunts' on VHS.

    I had to type that last bit carefully...

  • Strava countersues family of cyclist killed trying to get KOM title back1 year 38 weeks agoall the above points are

    all the above points are good..both for and against..we will never find the answer to this as people who ride ARE competitive and motorists DO speed..obviously a near lethal concoction..add strava (which i belong to! ) and you have a potentially explosive mix.

    personally i believe that every person who slings a leg over a bike OR gets behind the wheel of a car (and i do both!) knows what they are up to...we are ALL responsible,whichever vehicle we deign to drive..

    wheels make you move...and it does'nt matter what they are attatched to...you can hurt yourself or someone else on them,so.....

    be careful,if you have to race,in a car or on a bike,you can.. just look where you're going and consider everyone else in the world, christ, there's enough tarmac for everyone.....

  • 20 teams, dozens of riders and €30m - the Italian doping inquiry "bigger than Operacion Puerto"1 year 38 weeks agoOh yes one other thing - the

    Oh yes one other thing - the italien fraud thingy - Are they saying LA was at the centre of it, masterminding the whole thing.

  • Updated: Strava changes its terms and conditions, users required to agree not to sue company1 year 38 weeks agoYou can't be forced to waive

    You can't be forced to waive your right to justice if the 3rd party is at fault regardless of what you sign. If Strava were seen to be at fault then they will be in trouble. How I ma not sure but I can see some scenarios of this were they may get into trouble.

  • Martyn Ashton's Road Bike Party - the out-takes1 year 38 weeks agoSound Of Guns - Angels and

    Sound Of Guns - Angels and Enemies

    (midomi, much better than shazam imo)

  • 20 teams, dozens of riders and €30m - the Italian doping inquiry "bigger than Operacion Puerto"1 year 38 weeks agoWell it seems this may just

    Well it seems this may just kill professional cycling completely. I bet there will be a mass exodus of sponsors.

    Who in there right mind wants there product associated with this massive range of bad publicity.

    Money laundering
    any others

    With the money all these sports men make no wonder they are corrupted totally by this.

    I do remember Shane Warne getting in to trouble over a diaretic - How is that doping, may be it helps him spin the ball better. Well this sums up the whole sorry pathetic, idiotic mess that is going on now.

    Maybe we all should be less greedy and less demanding of things.

  • Defeated by Blaze Hill, gears for 25% incline1 year 38 weeks agoDamn right about the horror

    Damn right about the horror that is cornwall. Trying to climb out of Coverack with a belly full of fish and chips even with a triple and 12/26 = bleaugh!!

  • Martyn Ashton's Road Bike Party - the out-takes1 year 38 weeks agodoes anyone know the song on

    does anyone know the song on this vid?

  • Strava countersues family of cyclist killed trying to get KOM title back1 year 38 weeks agoTicktock - to answer your

    Ticktock - to answer your question there is national speed limit but it applies to motor vehicles not pedal powered ones.

    Likewise the lower limits on other roads don't apply to bicycles either.

    Traffic lights, stop signs, give way and other signs do indeed apply to all vehicles including bicycles.