• More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 5 hours ago@Roger Geffen Thank you and

    @Roger Geffen

    Thank you and your organisation for the work you continue to do.

    The question I have?

    How do we generate a critical mass to embarrass or coerce politicians into actually doing something, and not just talking about, their plans for supporting cycling in London?

    How do we gain the popular support that the Netherlands gathered in the 1970's with their "Stop de Kindermoord" campaigns which led to radical infrastructure and social changes?

    What is really comes down to, in my limited experience and understanding, is turning our cities back into living spaces for pedestrians, wheel chair users and cyclists, after decades of dominance by the motor vehicle/.

  • Frozen shoulder1 day 5 hours agoAlso anti inflammatories can

    Also anti inflammatories can help, your GP can prescribe stronger ones but you can use Ibuprofen which does help

  • Bad news for MAMILs - 1 in 3 think cyclists should ditch Lycra before turning 40, says British Heart Federation survey (+ infographic)1 day 5 hours agoDoes this mean I have to ride

    Does this mean I have to ride nekkid now?

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 6 hours agoThe Cyclists' Defence Fund

    The Cyclists' Defence Fund (CDF) is still appealing for funds to support cyclist Kristian Gregory's defence against the ridiculous Fixed Penalty Notice he received for pulling out from a narrow and poorly-signed pavement cycle track as he approached a road crossing point. And yes, this was part of the Met's 'Operation Safeway', aimed at saving cyclists from being run down by lorries.

    Meanwhile CDF is also supporting a challenge by the bereaved family of Michael Mason, a 70-year old cyclist killed when hit from behind by a car on Regent Street, London, last March. In stark contrast to Kristian's case, the police have taken no action against the driver. They didn't even refer the case file to the Crown Prosecution Service, contrary to CPS guidelines.

    Please donate to the Cyclists' Defence Fund - https://www.justgiving.com/CyclistsDefenceFund/donate/ - to support these two appeals and the wider cause of securing justice for cycling.

    Roger Geffen
    Campaigns & Policy Director, CTC and
    Trustee of the Cyclists' Defence Fund

  • Met Police relaunch controversial Operation Safeway - fining motorists and drivers who flaunt road rules1 day 6 hours agoThe correct word is "flout",

    The correct word is "flout", not "flaunt".

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 6 hours agoSaw them arrest someone in

    Saw them arrest someone in Stockwell. Took a few photos and then a video. They called a van for backup.

    Gif: https://plus.google.com/116907127551091446906/posts/fQctXQW5vhR

    They were hassling only cyclists in the short time I watched.

  • MAMILs - want to look better in Lycra? Start pumping iron!1 day 6 hours agoTo start of with, I hate the

    To start of with, I hate the word MAMIL. It's stupid and if you think about it, it's a negative acronym that tries to persuade men not to take up cycling. Wouldn't be surprised if it was brain stormed into being by the car lobby.

    I think this research seems true from personal experience. A few years ago I practiced martial arts everyday for a year. It's easy to put muscle on like that, but when I was younger and used to run 5 miles 6 days a week followed by an hour or two of kung fu. I was much more lean. Now I have to watch what I eat much more...oh well, that's life I guess.

    Now I'm back to cycling, which I guess I found again just in time (some days I like really like cake). However, now I understand what my teacher told me. He said:

    Man is incomplete until he is married, then he is finished. In martial arts training terms there's a lot of truth in this.

  • Thoughts on the Whyte Suffolk1 day 6 hours agoHad this bike for 4months now

    Had this bike for 4months now and it is a total bag of crap. I've covered 2000km and it now has more new parts than original, including wheels, bottom bracket and headset, basically most moving parts have had to be replaced due to low quality and bits missing (mainly spacers).
    I can't think of a single thing to recommend about it... The bar tape is OK but not very durable... The bars are quite comfy?

    The ride is harsh and slow to get off the mark.
    The brakes are good, unless at low speed then they judder hugely.
    The spokes are made of breadsticks.
    The shifting feels heavy
    The steering is bland
    The paintwork finish is shocking
    And the specific mudguards are overpriced bits of plastic crap


  • Carbon Clip On Bars Help!!!!1 day 6 hours agoNo problem using tri-bars on

    No problem using tri-bars on long descents, just make sure you get lots of practise - I've quite happily descended switchbacks whilst on tribars as I knew the road and confident in my handling. A full-on tri-position with saddle right forward might be more of a handful and having the weight over the front wheel means you have less margin for error if you over-cook it. I'd worry more about the weight distribution of your riding position rather than the weight of the bars themselves. Finally, my only experience of Profile kit is you'll need that warranty!

  • Busch & Muller IXXI rear light1 day 6 hours agoYou use an illegally bright

    You use an illegally bright or flashing light in Germany and the polizei witness it you get pulled over, asked for your ID and fined. Its as simple as that.

  • David's Genesis Croix de Fer long termer is ready to ride1 day 6 hours agojoemmo wrote:Looks great...

    joemmo wrote:
    Looks great... but the high end build seems a bit at odds with the frame and intended use. Maybe it's a chance for you to kill two birds with one stone (test frame and group) but I can't imagine many people would build up a cdf frame like this.
    When did steel mean "low end"?

    It's a brilliant material, those who disreguard it as old hat have obviously never had a good quality steel frame.

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 7 hours ago@Eebijeebi I used to work for


    I used to work for the Police. I understand their issues, to some degree, although I have been out of touch for a while.

    They are told what to do by their senior commanders briefed on the latest mandate raised by the Home Office and Politicians.

    Adding more Special Constables and PCSO makes no difference as extra numbers are not automatically re-directed to traffic duties, but Policing public disorder (i.e. Black Friday shopping events), anti-terrorism and helping the football intelligence unit Police large matches.

    When I did work for the Police (I finished working for them, just before the London bombings), there was a big shift to move the bulk of the traffic police to anti-terrorism duties.

    The sad reality in the UK is that road traffic collisions kill and seriously injure many times more people, than terrorism incidents, when you look at historical data. According to ROSPA:

    "Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain, 2012
    Killed 1,754
    Seriously Injured 23,039
    Slightly Injured 170,930
    All 195,723"

    When you look at that data, its an insane number of people.

    But the hot political topic is fighting terrorism, whereas road traffic collisions are just seen as "collateral damage" i.e. a necessary part of citizens using motor vehicles, rather than a fundamental failure of our infrastructure design, our policing priorities and our social attitudes towards the motor vehicle.

  • David's Genesis Croix de Fer long termer is ready to ride1 day 7 hours agoLooks great... but the high

    Looks great... but the high end build seems a bit at odds with the frame and intended use. Maybe it's a chance for you to kill two birds with one stone (test frame and group) but I can't imagine many people would build up a cdf frame like this.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 day 7 hours ago5th January 2014 - 102

    5th January 2014 - 102 km
    16th February 2014 - 110 km
    29th March 2014 - 105 km
    18th April 2014 - 101km
    3rd May 2014 - 100km
    18th May 2014 - 216km
    8th June 2014 - 103km
    18th July 2014 - 139km
    26th July 2014 - 101km
    25th August 2014 - 100km
    31st August 2014 - 165km
    14th September 2014 - 100km
    28th September 2014 - 116km
    26th October 2014 - 100km
    1st November 2014 - 100km
    20th December 2014 - 100km

    Total Points: 17

    I've finished the challenge! Big Grin

  • Question on regaining fitness1 day 7 hours agoWhenever I've felt that

    Whenever I've felt that terrible, it coincided with low haemoglobin / red cell counts - the blood transfusion people have refused me twice. Not anaemic, just not not high enough for donation.

    I was recommended that I reduce intake of tea, red wine and chocolate, and eat green leafy veggies and red meat (or take iron supplements).

    Following that for 6 weeks saw no change for 3-4 weeks then steady improvement until I reached my "normal" fitness level again.

    Score 1 for "bloke on the internet said...." if that works for you.

    Good luck!

  • Frozen shoulder1 day 8 hours agoHad what my GP diagnosed as a

    Had what my GP diagnosed as a frozen shoulder winter 2008, like yourself pcaley it followed a fall weeks before, injections were never mentioned, codeine 30 mg prescribed and I was off work for 10 weeks, very painful condition, no recurrence since then.

  • Carbon Clip On Bars Help!!!!1 day 8 hours agoI got a set of

    I got a set of these:

    I think these are the same ones that 3cylinder refers to above. There used to be a cheaper aluminium version also - not sure if that's still available.

    Because the pads clip straight onto the handlebar tops, and the aero bars go underneath the handlebar, it does not raise me up too high, so it's pretty good for position and comfort no matter whether I am in the drops, on the hoods, or on the aero bars.

    For reference, my preference is to ride with handlebars quite a long way below the saddle, and I ride deep in the drops with traditional, not compact bars. I don't often ride with my hands on the handlebar tops, so using up that space to put the armrests on was not a big problem for me.

  • Question on regaining fitness1 day 8 hours agoWell the climb I mentioned is

    Well the climb I mentioned is a common one for me, and I know that when I'm fitter, under 5 minutes is doable. On Sunday it took me 6:14.

    Having said that, I suppose you have all got a point re the other factors. The thing is, if someone else had posted this, I would have been among the first to say the same thing!

    As it happens, I had the bike stripped and serviced (you try doing it yourself when you have 1-year-old twins!) and the mechanic must have removed the Garmin mount when cleaning everything, as it's now 90 degrees out, so I can't really use the Garmin anyway. Maybe he knew the secret truth and this was his samurai way of making me ride through winter without numbers...!

    Anyway, I'll crack on and try to stay motivated. Maybe I'll dangle the carrot of a treat when my time on that climb goes back under 5 minutes.

    Thanks all.

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 8 hours agoYou could have it all sorted

    You could have it all sorted with coppers all over the place day and night - if prepared to pay enough taxes - or all the moaners join the specials and do something about it.

    It's so much easier spouting, 'You're doing it wrong', than being the one having to do it.

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 8 hours agoAnyone that regularly

    Anyone that regularly rides/commutes in London knows you witness dozens of motoring offences every day.

    And rarely see any traffic police enforcing the law. Apart from these occasional 'crackdowns' (public relations campaigns). Perhaps the police are more concerned with the hype around terrorism as ISIS in London are such a big threat Wink

    The motoring public have cottoned onto this, and blatantly take the piss with RLJ, red light gambling, driving into bicycle box (asl), driving using handheld cell phone, tablet,etc. Driving aggressively, driving dangerously, trying to intimidate pedestrians from using pelican crossings, trying to intimidate cyclists on the roads with punishment passes and left hooks...

    Would be interesting for a website like road.cc and
    Organisations like LCC to put these issues directly to the metropolitan police commissioner to see his response? Where is the lack of action coming from? No political will? Lack of funding? No visibility of the problem on the streets?

  • Frozen shoulder1 day 8 hours agoHad 2 frozen shoulders within

    Had 2 frozen shoulders within 3 years- both times avoided the injection - there are no guarantees of a long fix. Both times went for a manipulation (see one on youtube), bloody hurts and much physio needed afterwards - but it worked. No doctor can verify the cause - its a grey area - mine started after a return to cycling - although it could just be age!!

  • Busch & Muller IXXI rear light1 day 9 hours agoPresumably the 0.6 watt

    Presumably the 0.6 watt restriction comes from the historical restriction to dynamo lights?

    Have to say this thing puzzles me. It, and most other german rear lights, appears utterly inadequate. But presumably German cyclists are not being mown down from behind in large numbers. So are German drivers more civilised, or is their night vision better, or do German cyclists just ignore the regulations?

  • More than 1,000 fined in latest phase of Met's Operation Safeway1 day 9 hours agojacknorell wrote:fluffy_mike

    jacknorell wrote:
    fluffy_mike wrote:
    Why aren't they out on their bikes in the city centre in plain clothes?

    Too dangerous... clearly.

    And they then lose the ability to stop vehicles because they're not in uniform which somewhat defeats the object.

    What is totally apparent is that no matter what they do or don't do, they're always wrong on this forum. Hopefully the silent majority are the even minded ones.

  • Diabetic driver jailed for killing cyclist on Kent A21 day 9 hours agoWhist it would seem that this

    Whist it would seem that this driver would be better taking the bus, it seems strange that he is banned for 20 years for carelessness whereas others are banned for just 2 or 3 for an act of aggression.

  • Diabetic driver jailed for killing cyclist on Kent A21 day 9 hours agoClearly a serious case, given

    Clearly a serious case, given the punishments, almost didn't even come to court.

    Valuable lesson is not about insulin monitoring but about prosecution policies needing addressed.