• Ask Dave14 hours 26 min agocgipryan wrote:Dave, do you

    cgipryan wrote:
    Dave, do you think we should open an "Ask Enrique" thread?...

    fukawitribe wrote:

    From what i've seen so far of the man, it would just be filled with inane questions from himself with the occasional pat on the back from his little side-kick....

    How right you are... But for the record, what I'm wondering is:

    *cue the music*


    Big Grin since I really haven't seen you around here much Big Grin

    On another note...

  • Police go door-to-door in hunt for New Forest sportive saboteurs14 hours 33 min agoAt least they're taking it a

    At least they're taking it a little more seriously than last year...

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes14 hours 42 min ago"...Mike Burrows’ Lotus bike,

    "...Mike Burrows’ Lotus bike, used by Chris Boardman..."
    Pedant alert! I believe Boardman never officially set the record on a Lotus bike. He used a Corima for the first ride and, a little ironically, given the later rule changes, an Eddy Merckx for the second. Okay ,the Merckx was a Lotus bike painted blue with Merckx stickers....
    I guess that means that Eddy himself had no objections to the technological developments if his name was on them!

  • Leveret Roofscope car mirror14 hours 46 min agoDon't think that this is

    Don't think that this is going to help my OCD! Big Grin

    Like the idea though. Cheap, simple and effective. I do worry about the paintwork though.

    Don't really understand the rating this product got though. If it sticks to the car, doesn't fall off and allows you to see what's on your roof surely it has fulfilled its brief. Why only 6/10?

  • Aptonia ISO+ Isotonic Sport Drink14 hours 55 min agoPaul, I think you're reading

    Paul, I think you're reading the list from something else? My packet says:

    sucrose, maltodextrin, dextrose, acidifiers: E330 and E331 (iii), potassium chloride, sodium chloride, natural lime flavouring, natural flavouring and stabiliser: E445, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E, zinc sulphate, colouring agents E102 and E133

    Certainly no glucose-fructose syrup - we don't really get that in UK, tends to be more a US thing as they have a corn industry to prop up.

    Also, water? It's a powder!

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes14 hours 55 min agoSo long as it is clearly

    So long as it is clearly stated which hour record he is going for; what's the problem? Confused

  • Video: Lance Armstrong shows you how to change an inner tube14 hours 56 min agoTo boost performance did he

    To boost performance did he inflate the tyre with air he had sucked out of it a couple of weeks earlier

  • Geometry questions14 hours 57 min agoReach and stack are the two

    Reach and stack are the two main fit related geometry factors you could look at, which are related to horizontal top tube and head tube length (but also affected by frame angles).

    Greater reach and lower stack height usually is what is meant by more aggressive geometry.

    Speed of steering is only loosely related to head tube angle, trail and fork offset are more relevant.

    From my reading of it the Canyon has about 25mm less stack height than the equivalent reach Synapse carbon, although the sizing is not directly equivalent. This suggests a more aggressive geo fit wise plus the Synapse has a huge conical spacer on top of the headset. So more flexibility and core stability needed for the Canyon, probably.

    The usual suggestion is to go ride them but with Canyon that may take more effort?

  • Police go door-to-door in hunt for New Forest sportive saboteurs15 hours 1 min agoDid they ever find the idiot

    Did they ever find the idiot who sabotaged the Etape Caledonia a few years back? No? Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

    However. If more is made of the possible injury to dumb animals rather than inconvenience to law-abiding cyclists then there might be a more promising outcome. Devil

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes15 hours 5 min agoThe principle is fine, but

    The principle is fine, but the result even with the current athletes hour rules were Sleepy Very few attempts made ii) Trek throwing cash at a team of a dozen people to find the gains the rules still do not rule out.

  • Video: Lance Armstrong shows you how to change an inner tube15 hours 10 min agoTom Amos wrote:Cool video but

    Tom Amos wrote:
    Cool video but this is cooler


    Yep! Way Cooler and Hector Picard is way cooler than Lance Armstrong!

    I saw this video when it first came out and my opinion of it hasn't changed. It is still one of the most inspirational videos ever put on YouTube.

  • Attempting my first bike build - Advice please!15 hours 13 min ago+1 for taking your time - if

    +1 for taking your time - if it isn't screwing in easily don't force it (although BB cups might need a bit more effort), take a break and come back to it.
    I would leave the bars un-taped for a few rides to make sure you are happy with the position of the levers on the bars and the orientation of the bars - it's really annoying to have to unwrap perfectly good tape

  • dhb Momentum Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey15 hours 21 min agotrue re the windslam version

    true re the windslam version - mine's a couple of years old now and they've really improved the fit since then - the current generation are really well cut.

  • Genesis Volare Team 953 road bike15 hours 21 min agoYes it is because building

    Yes it is because building your own house is nothing like the a sending a couple of hours building up a bike yourself. I take, if you got a house built you would use the builder with highest quote that pays over the odds for all is raw materials because he owned by the builders merchant who gets suppliers from overseas that cost more than you could by yourself. I bet you still get your milk delivered to your door by the milk man, buy your gorcecies at the local independant shop and get your car serviced by the main dealed because that its always been done. I'm surprised you have any money to buy £5000 bike.

    No matter how ridiculous prices demanded by likes of Madison there appears to plenty of people on here saying that's ok would you please charge me more.

  • Saboteurs attack Wiggle New Forest Sportive (again)15 hours 23 min agoThere's a little bit of me

    There's a little bit of me sort of wishes (though I applaud him for having taken part) that Tony Hockley had been one of those who punctured. Having him be personally angry at the saboteurs would have been interesting!

  • Genesis Volare Team 953 road bike15 hours 31 min agoOne lads in our local bike

    One lads in our local bike shop use these brakes on his cross bike and they nothing but problems. Only getting 1 and a bit races from a set of pads before there no adjustment left.

    Is Albert Genesis that Campag is priced better than Shamino. I don't think the Madison Shimano brand manager will be happy about this.

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes15 hours 34 min agoThis is ridiculous. There is

    This is ridiculous. There is *still* a "modern" hour record category with the UCI, it's called the "Best Human Effort". If Cancellara wants to do the record on a modern bike, he can simply go for that category - *without any rule changes*!

    Personally, I think it's a *good* thing to try minimise equipment differences in cycling. Track and road cycling, as a sport, is about the people for me.

    If I want to watch the end-result of engineers competing behind the scenes, running their CFD simulations, I'd go look at Formula 1. Except of course, I gave up watching Formula 1 cause I kept falling asleep!

  • Police go door-to-door in hunt for New Forest sportive saboteurs15 hours 34 min agoThis type of activity is as

    This type of activity is as futile as it is dangerous; a rider or perhaps livestock could have been injured. One of the participants or perhaps the event's organiser ought to contact Mrs. Sevier (she of poster campaign fame) and invite her, as someone concerned with road safety and animal welfare, to use her "good offices" to identify those responsible and condemn such behaviour. If she's really concerned about the area in which she lives she'll respond positively, if not...

  • Video: Jon Snow launches CTC campaign urging councillors to pledge creation of Space for Cycling15 hours 35 min agoWe should do pilot projects

    We should do pilot projects with small cities:

    1st run a survey to see which cities would have the best cycling take-up if good facilities existed.

    Then massively upgrade the whole city at once, make the city centre mostly vehicle free like has been done in some other European cities. Put secured cycle storage everywhere, put in segregated easy to clean continuous wide cycle lanes. Run a public information campaign. Enforce traffic laws using technology. Replace half the traffic wardens with pollution inspectors. If people can't drive carefully then take their cars away from the long-term.

    £300m is a joke CTC, the transport budget is approx £20 billion and cycling infrastructure has been neglected for a century. Considering that every billion spent would probably save over a billion in long-term health and transport costs, we should spend billions as an investment, why piss about doing a little bit year by year and getting effectively no-where. The only way to make a difference is to think big.

  • Geometry questions15 hours 36 min agoAre there any other geometry

    Are there any other geometry factors I should be looking at before eventually choosing?

    It depends what you want to do with the bike

    If you want a fast bike for real racing then you might rate faster steering
    If you want to ride long distances then you want something more stable
    I always want a more comfortable bike so I get a longer head tube and shorter top tube
    If you want to do time trialling on it then there are probably factors for geometry for that

  • Turbo training music15 hours 40 min agoFoo fighters Snow

    Foo fighters
    Snow patrol
    Kaiser chiefs
    The killers
    And AC/DC always helps to lift the tempo!

    Turbo training album anyone?! With the rest of the other rubbish in the charts we could have a Christmas no 1! Wink

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes15 hours 40 min agodstuk wrote:Pretty certain

    dstuk wrote:
    Pretty certain Tony Martin rides a Specialized...

    yeah, my bad Wink

  • Attempting my first bike build - Advice please!15 hours 41 min agoGet the LBS to fit the

    Get the LBS to fit the headset and face the BB shell.

    Have a spare pack of cables in case you make a mistake cutting. They will keep if you don't have to use them. Measure twice and cut once.

    Take the opportunity to fit a new chain (also measure twice and cut once), maybe a new cassette, new brake blocks.

    Don't expect to get it all right the first time. The new frame might have some bit missing like a BB cable guide and your old bikes one won't fit. Just relax, order the bit and wait.

    Get some of those frame protector patches if they are not included with the frame. They prevent rubbing from cables.

  • Cancellara Hour Record bid on ice as UCI mulls rule changes15 hours 42 min agoPretty certain Tony Martin

    Pretty certain Tony Martin rides a Specialized...

  • Miche Cassette - where to find15 hours 43 min agoDon't remember exactly off

    Don't remember exactly off hand - 3/4 quid per sprocket rings a bell - I only needed a couple to modify the cassette I already had.

    Miche's own price list (in euros) is here ...
    I assume this is the cost to the distributors, rather than retail as they don't sell direct.

    I'm pretty sure I ordered from plan Z which, I think was a part of Condor cycles but the name Peter Cole rings a bell so maybe they've spun it off to one of the others - Zetta Distribution seems like a similar name.