• upgrade tiagra 4503 to ultegra 6703 - is it worth it?15 hours 29 min agoI can't comment with direct

    I can't comment with direct knowledge but my road bike has ultegra Di2 chain set and my mountain bike has shimano XT mechanical. The difference in shifting is negligible. For performance, I assume speed increase, you won't notice a difference worth bothering.

    Also depends very much on the rest of the bike. What are your objectives?

  • Transport Research Laboratory: Mandatory helmet laws “prevent head and brain injuries”15 hours 38 min agoFarrell. I totally agree.

    Farrell. I totally agree. There's no way the government will ever implement those few illustrations I made. They're in two much awe of the car and petroleum lobbies. Even the Scottish Executive who like to have firsts won't even pursue strict liability as there is no "credible evidence that it works" in their view. I'm totally against compulsion. I don't want to have to get tooled up to go to the shops/pub/cinema by bike. Look at my ugly bake in my profile pic. I'm San Helmet. If folk wish to wear helmets, by all means. I'm not stopping them. But in 40 odd years cycling I can count on one hand the amount of times I've fallen off. And then at low speed where I sprained my wrist on the worst crash. I've had one high speed crash where I wrote off a pair of tights trying to swerve a iPhone engrossed ped.

  • Not more #bloodycyclists: Social media intern slammed for 'asking to be hit' tweet15 hours 38 min agoRemember that if you post on

    Remember that if you post on Social Media, you need to be accountable for everything you do. Back it up or pack it up.

  • Not more #bloodycyclists: Social media intern slammed for 'asking to be hit' tweet15 hours 47 min agoUnfortunately, tweets like

    Unfortunately, tweets like this are just the tip of the iceberg. They show that there is a deep misunderstanding and dislike of cyclists within the motoring community. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good drivers out there but there are also a lot who harbour this kind of attitude.

    My first reaction to this article was that the police or DVLA should get involved to suspend her licence pending further training and testing but there are so many bad attitudes out there that picking up on the odd occasions that someone demonstrates this bad attitude on social media is not going to make any real difference.

  • Police chiefs deny post-crash phone seizure plan15 hours 49 min agoQuote:Given that

    Given that approximately 5 people are killed on roads everyday in the UK, then that suggests mobiles would account for nearly half.

    Which, combined with the fact that road deaths haven't gone up significantly over the last ten or so years makes be think that 2/day is an over-estimate for the UK. Still, I suspect that the answer is a non-trivial number of deaths.

  • Tour de France inspires Britons to get on their bikes, says Sustrans15 hours 53 min agoTour de France inspires

    Tour de France inspires Britons to get on their bikes, says Sustrans

    I'd be more impressed if it had inspired LAs and the DfT to build more and better infrastructure for cycling on...

  • Tour de France inspires Britons to get on their bikes, says Sustrans15 hours 53 min agoNot unlike when I used to

    Not unlike when I used to play tennis. The courts were deserted from March through to June, but come Wimbledon you couldn't get to them for the Volvos parked outside. And then, come mid-August... Wink

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video15 hours 56 min ago'Negative rise' is the new

    'Negative rise' is the new thing, no flexibility needed. Clearly aimed at the cashed up CEO, but I am liking 'integration', more of it!

  • Which stem please15 hours 58 min agoI use the 3T ARX ll Team stem

    I use the 3T ARX ll Team stem with the Ergonova Team handlebars and they are the best stem/bar combo that I own. The bend of the handlebars are great (including the diameter of the bars when riding on the tops) and the stem is stiff enough to handle the job. Highly recommended!

  • Is the King of the Mountains an also-ran?16 hours 3 min agod_jp wrote:chokofingrz

    d_jp wrote:
    chokofingrz wrote:
    I think the rider who is second on points should be called Prince of the Mountains and get to wear a purple beret.

    Surely you mean a raspberry beret Wink

    Dunno about that, second hand kit can be pretty nasty Wink

  • Bianchi launch Aquila CV time trial bike16 hours 4 min agoNot sure it helped Mollema

    Not sure it helped Mollema and Ten Dam that much on Saturday, they seemed to really struggle, or is it that this is such a comfortable TT bike that they just relaxed and started to drift off? either way it goes to show that it's only as fast as the engine pushing it, judging by that, I think Tony Martin could have won on a boris bike the power he was pushing.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-201416 hours 9 min ago11/01/2014 - 104km - Old

    11/01/2014 - 104km - Old Winchester Hill
    18/01/2014 - 102km - Farnham
    16/02/2014 - 120km - Mottisfont
    22/02/2014 - 116km - Gold Hill Shaftesbury
    01/03/2014 - 108km - Hungerford
    13/03/2014 - 120km - Sa Calobra
    14/03/2014 - 133km - Felanitx
    15/03/2014 - 140km - Puig Major
    22/03/2014 - 113km - Churt
    29/03/2014 - 138km - Farnham
    12/04/2014 - 142km - Kilmeston
    19/04/2014 - 172km - Hindhead
    21/04/2014 - 124km - QECP
    02/05/2014 - 105km - Kings Sombourne
    10/05/2014 - 105km - Local Loop
    18/05/2014 - 169km - Pewsey
    08/06/2014 - 116km - Kimbridge
    14/06/2014 - 108km - Four Marks
    16/06/2014 - 163km - Three Counties Solo
    17/06/2014 - 108km - Cheddar Gorge
    21/06/2014 - 126km - Solo Training
    25/06/2014 - 106km - Solo Training
    27/06/2014 - 100km - Solo Training
    28/06/2014 - 100km - Streatley Hill
    06/07/2014 - 170km - Windsor
    19/07/2014 - 114km - Hindhead
    26/07/2014 - 112km - Thruxton
    27/07/2014 - 102km - Local Event, Big Wheel

    2014 Total - 28 points

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video16 hours 12 min agoThe 566 comes with a huge

    The 566 comes with a huge piece of pie!

    Look seem to have taken sloping top tubes to the extreme for the 795. It's a shame to see such an ugly bike coming from them after they have usually delivered such lovely looking products.

  • Vincenzo Nibali's Tour de France by numbers - how Astana rider made history16 hours 20 min agoStunning ride, all subjective

    Stunning ride, all subjective I know but I would be surprised if Froome or Contador could of lived with him, he looked a different class, its a real shame we never got to see the battle though.

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam16 hours 21 min agohaha, very good!

    haha, very good!

  • Transport Research Laboratory: Mandatory helmet laws “prevent head and brain injuries”16 hours 25 min agogiff77 wrote:I'll be quite

    giff77 wrote:
    I'll be quite happy to endure helmet compulsion. But in return I want several MUSTS and MUST NOTS implemented in the highwaycode.

    And those MUST and MUST NOTS will not be implemented, however, what you would have is a situation where your happiness for helmet compulsion would mean that I am now a criminal because I decided to swing a leg over my bike and nip to the shop or if I was just doing a bit of a loop on the street when fettling.

    Helmet compulsion is bullshit and should be fought against.

    Wear one if you want, or don't wear one if you don't want to wear one, but don't try and make me a criminal if I make a decision to not perch some polystyrene on my head.

    (Just to be clear, although I've quoted part of your post Giff, my response isn't actually aimed at you personally by the way.)

  • Tour de France inspires Britons to get on their bikes, says Sustrans16 hours 26 min agoleqin wrote:I will wait to

    leqin wrote:
    I will wait to see it, but I shan't be surprised if they drift away bit by bit.

    I shan't be surprised if they don't even materialise in the first place, let alone drift away.

    Remember, this was just a little survey of whether a few people think they might be more likely to ride. There's zero evidence to suggest anyone's actually doing it.

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam16 hours 27 min agoAmazing!


  • Bianchi launch Aquila CV time trial bike16 hours 29 min agoAerodynamics make a huge

    Aerodynamics make a huge difference. If you add up the frame, wheels, handlebars, position, skinsuit, helmet, shoe covers etc. - quite literally the difference between winning and losing. So yes it matters.

  • Competition Prizes16 hours 32 min agoJoelsim wrote:It'll be on

    Joelsim wrote:
    It'll be on your homepage now I suspect.

    Indeed it was! Woo!!!

  • London 100. Getting there and getting about16 hours 33 min agoHopefully everyone get to the

    Hopefully everyone get to the start line on time. One of my Surrey News colleagues has made a video about how to survive the three toughest RideLondon climbs. If you fancy getting a cyclist's eye view of the climbs at Newlands Corner, Leith Hill and Box Hill, I'd recommend it. The link is http://bit.ly/1o5FjLl

  • Bianchi launch Aquila CV time trial bike16 hours 35 min agoCan it be fitted with

    Can it be fitted with mudguards? A pannier would be a nice addition too.

    In all seriousness, though, how much difference does all the aero tech make when you stick a human being on top, albeit one with a funny-shaped helmet?

  • Is the King of the Mountains an also-ran?16 hours 47 min agoNo. The KOM jersey helps

    No. The KOM jersey helps animate the race and is an amazing addition to any rider's palmares. At this level there are no 'also-rans'.

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists16 hours 51 min agoI won't repeat any of the

    I won't repeat any of the other good things that have been said but will just mention one thing that is often overlooked but is fundamental to all aerobic sport.


    Elite athletes are elite because they have bigger lungs amongst other things, so working on breathing is a kind of 'free' extra. There are machines, Power breathing etc., but I found it made me choke a bit or you can just practise holding your breath or swimming underwater if you want to vary your training.

  • Look launch 795 aero road bike + video16 hours 57 min agoTotally agree on the 795 -

    Totally agree on the 795 - ugly, ugly, ugly. And what's the black disk behind the cassette on the 566?