• Tour de France Stage 17: Rafal Majka takes his second stage win11 hours 28 min agoLoving this Tour! A Pole

    Loving this Tour! A Pole with a lock on the climber's jersey, a Slovenian with a lock on the points, a couple French teams fighting it out to get on the podium in Paris...young guys in total control of the race

    Sure isn't the snoozer it could have been with Cav, Contador and Froome out!

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?12 hours 27 min agoGary Imlach's mouth gets

    Gary Imlach's mouth gets smaller every year. I don't really think about the accuracy of Phil and Pauls commentary; I have been watching the tour for over 20 years on C4 and ITV4 since the days of Indurain and their voices just mean the Tour for me.

  • Defeated by Blaze Hill, gears for 25% incline12 hours 37 min agoI wish I had the legs that

    I wish I had the legs that this thread has!

  • Guernsey judge criticises road layout as lorry driver acquitted of causing cyclist's death13 hours 13 min agoDoes Guensey have the

    Does Guensey have the equivalent of Section 39 RTA? This is a fatal crash. What does the States of Guernsey do by way of investigating crashes and identifying road hazards (risks)?

    Given the reports from other users that this is a dangerous arrangement of cycle path, footway and roads it would also be interesting to know what the safety audit process is for the roads department as well.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists13 hours 23 min agoJeevesBath

    JeevesBath wrote:
    cyclingDMlondon wrote:
    seven wrote:
    You can't simply make a law that says "it's an offence to step over this here line when you're wearing blue shoes"

    Yes they can. In this country, the government can do whatever it likes, and nothing or nobody can stop it.

    Disabuse yourself of the notion that you live in a democracy.

    Not accurate. A new law has to be presented in a Bill, which is discussed in Parliament. It must then pass the House of Lords before it can receive 'Royal Assent'. All of these are opportunities for your democratically elected representatives to prevent it being made.
    I agree that stopping the Government is not easy, but as recent cases from the European Court have shown, unjust legislation can be overturned.

    Provided said government has a majority and can whip its members, then yes the government can, quite literally, do what it likes, your democratically elected member be damned. Lord Hailsham didn't call Westminster the elective dictatorship for nothing.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists13 hours 35 min agoRe unenforceable - Aren't the

    Re unenforceable - Aren't the council allowed to install speed cameras? Are our politicians so in fear of Jeremy Clarkson and the tabloids?

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism13 hours 39 min agoWe need a quota system like

    We need a quota system like every other walk of life. That'll show these bloody cyclists.

  • which cassette?13 hours 48 min agoThe 30 or 32 teeth options

    The 30 or 32 teeth options usually require a Shimano derailleur with a longer cage.

    39x28 will get a decent climber up pretty much anything. If you're a bigger built chap you might struggle to reach a good cadence on this combo on double digit gradients.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him13 hours 53 min agouserfriendly wrote:Col Nago

    userfriendly wrote:
    Col Nago wrote:

    Is it the Netherlands where there is a presumption of car driver fault in any accident with a bike?

    It's every European country with the exception of UK, Ireland, Romania, Malta, and Cyprus.

    All parts of the old British Empire, and Romania. If its good enough for Hungary, its good enough for us.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him14 hours 6 min agoCol Nago wrote:Lucky boy to

    Col Nago wrote:
    Lucky boy to escape that without serious injury and what utterly s***e driving!

    I must be very lucky (and I am tempting fate here horribly) - 20 years commuting and this sort of thing has never happened to me. If I see a driver ahead waiting to make a right turn I assume they will not see me and slow down just in case. Does make me think a helmet cam is worth getting though.

    Agreed. Every sympathy to Cyclejack but I've got to say he is braver (if that's the right word) than me cycling full-on at 22mph in those conditions. It was raining (so bike brakes less effective), he was approaching a junction with one car obviously turning right, across his path, and another car turning left out of the junction, and again across his path. Many car drivers simply do not expect bikes to be approaching at speeds of 20mph+. I know that they're at fault but it is the cyclist who is going to get hurt. Either of those drivers *might* have pulled out so you do what you need to do to protect yourself.

    I would always have backed off pedalling and be covering the brakes whenever approaching a junction like that. I want to make eye-contact with the driver/drivers before I even begin to relax. I can't be alone in that surely?

    If you watch the video there was exactly 2 seconds between the point where the driver clearly moved right ... and the time of impact. Not ideal but still enough time to take some evasive action. He didn't even begin to slow down or slam a left turn to minimise the collision. Mind you, maybe that's what saved him worse injuries in the end.

  • Video: California reserve police officer suspended for posting “I hate cyclists” YouTube clip14 hours 9 min agobikebot wrote: The only thing

    bikebot wrote:

    The only thing I've ever learned from the DM, is that stupid is sometimes permanent. And that the comments on the DM are of no consequence to anyone, except those who want to be annoyed by them (but they are sometimes very funny!)

    You may enjoy 'DM reporter' on twitter. They pick out the most insane comments from the website and it means you don't have to visit the site itself.


  • Video: Coolest support car ever? Team Sky's Jaguar F-type14 hours 13 min agoI'd take one. Not for the

    I'd take one. Not for the £100k it probably cost though. I'm open to sponsorship options.

  • which cassette?14 hours 13 min agoTo put things in perspective,

    To put things in perspective, a 39/28 is generally a pro's lowest gear - at least in current fashion - so providing there aren't any serious climbs around where you live, you might be able to get by without changing the front cogs or the rear dérailleur. Something easier would certainly be a good precaution for anyone not earning six figure sums for riding bikes. A compact (50/34) set at the front would also be another option in taming the gears.

    But really, if you're sticking with the full-size front rings, go as easy as you can on the back. Which as someone has said, is going to max out at 28 teeth on a standard derailleur.

  • Which energy drink?14 hours 20 min agoInstead of using stupidly

    Instead of using stupidly expensive sports gels, just get jelly sweets from your supermarket. E.g. Aldi own brand cola-bottles are stupidly cheap, and the ingredients, sugar and energy content are pretty similar to gels that are 10× the price.

    As a general rule, all these "sports" drinks, gels and jellies are pretty much just fairly basic, staple ingredients, remarketed for "Sport!" at massive markups. There are pretty much always cheap alternatives - read the ingredients list and use your head!

  • World champion Rui Costa out of Tour de France14 hours 21 min agoIt's because he has no chance

    It's because he has no chance of winning it too. I don't like his way of winning races anyway - sucking wheel and never doing a turn on the front (World Champs and Tour De Suisse anyone?)

    He won't be retaining that rainbow jersey. It's good to hear that Froome is looking to win it this year anyway.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him14 hours 25 min agoBike lanes are dangerous,

    Bike lanes are dangerous, check out this link.

  • Which energy drink?14 hours 46 min agoSimon E wrote:If you want to

    Simon E wrote:
    If you want to diy then myprotein.com and other websites sell bulk powders. You could do a lot worse than adding plain Maltodextrin to weak juice/squash with water. That way you decide on both the strength and flavour.

    Sweetened energy drinks get really sickly quit quickly when you're going hard. Fig rolls are OK but, again, sweet stuff starts to feel sickly. For drinks, I've found that maltodextrin with a High 5 zero (flavourless) electrolyte tab (or two - depending on temperature) and maybe a small splash of squash for flavouring. It tastes foul at the beginning of a ride but like nectar of the gods when you've been on the edge for a couple of hours.

  • which cassette?14 hours 46 min agoIf you have to grind to get

    If you have to grind to get up hills, my answer would be... a substantially larger cassette! 28 is a popular choice and often the largest cog size that will work with a standard derailleur. With 39x28 you can do a decent bit of climbing - maybe not everything though. 30 or 32 are also available options. You'll need a new chain to go with a new cassette, measured to the right length for the big cog.

  • Ssshh! Fantasy football is back (again)14 hours 53 min agoI'm in. Can't promise how

    I'm in.

    Can't promise how long my interest will last as I've gone right off football over the last few years.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him15 hours 9 min agoCitroën is cyclist-friendly

    Citroën is cyclist-friendly vehicle though.

  • Aerozine Titanium Axle Road Skewers15 hours 46 min agoThat was my first thought

    That was my first thought when I fitted them. I may yet polish off the SwissSide branding. Wink

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism16 hours 43 sec agoDisgusting. Needs a ban.

    Disgusting. Needs a ban.

  • Video: Cyclist's lucky escape as driver turns across him16 hours 2 min agoDid the Police prosecute the

    Did the Police prosecute the driver?

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism16 hours 11 min agoSTAMP IT OUT ASAP! there is

    STAMP IT OUT ASAP! there is no place for this in our sport. Period!

  • Crack in Giant Defy 2 seat tube16 hours 19 min agoThanks for all the advice, I

    Thanks for all the advice, I don't really want to get all heavy with the LBS, it's not them that designed the frame, it's Giant. I've used the shop for ages and they are good. Dilemmas. Maybe getting to Giant via FB and Twitter is a starting point.