• road.cc t shirts.....1 year 34 weeks agoi remember them!

    i remember them!

  • New magazine1 year 34 weeks agoRead the first three issues -

    Read the first three issues - ok and quite informative for beginners but really the same old stuff. Very superficial with no depth. Best bit has been the ride sections ie. Norway, Gerona etc

  • Separated at birth: Chris Froome and a cheetah?1 year 34 weeks agoGreipel looks like a

    Greipel looks like a Gorilla.


  • Competing British Tour de France bids jockey for position ahead of ASO decision1 year 34 weeks agoSEEMS STRANGE that " Le Tour

    SEEMS STRANGE that " Le Tour " would start in Scotland and head south without passing through parts of Yorkshire ?

    Peter Dodds , are you AWAKE ? Do you think Florence getting the start because you " picked up your bat & ball " and went home ", is good for Yorkshire ?

    A:S.O. talking about 4 days in G.B. will mean that York could be an Arrival and Leeds a Depart ? What more could you ask , since the money that you have to give to ASO will be considerably reduced !

    Not getting the Grand depart means you do not have to feed & water free loaders from Wednesday to Sunday ! Scotland can have that chore !

  • Etape Caledonia - Where Does the Money Go?1 year 34 weeks agoCan you let Marie Curie know

    Can you let Marie Curie know I will organise the event for them and do it for a 50% discount, thanks

  • New magazine1 year 34 weeks agoI'd say its mainly for people

    I'd say its mainly for people who race, but do the occasional sportive.

  • road.cc t shirts.....1 year 34 weeks agothems the ones Gkam..i guess

    thems the ones Gkam..i guess that dave and co. are'nt selling them any more...big shame!

  • 'Sorry' the hardest word for Boris, while Jenny Jones urges him to review cycling plans for Olympic Park1 year 34 weeks agoMunicipal Waste wrote:Boris

    Municipal Waste wrote:
    Boris for PM Big Grin

    Post Mortem??

  • Just In: Islabike Beinn 241 year 34 weeks agoCracking bikes. Keep their

    Cracking bikes. Keep their value well too.

  • road.cc t shirts.....1 year 34 weeks agoThese one's from 09/10

    These one's from 09/10 range?


  • New magazine1 year 34 weeks agoI would say it is aimed at

    I would say it is aimed at anyone who loves riding a bike. Every week they do a different ride and the pictures/ reportage on the ride are first class.
    There are some gear reviews but not page after page.

    It has a real quality feel to it right down to the paper its printed on.

    If you want interesting well written articles without the condescending bollocks and excellent photography then this is the mag for you

    Hope this helps

  • Any cat owners?1 year 34 weeks agoI have one cat of my own and

    I have one cat of my own and then at my girlfriend's house there's a stray that I always let in because it's comical and meows all the time Silly

  • 'Sorry' the hardest word for Boris, while Jenny Jones urges him to review cycling plans for Olympic Park1 year 34 weeks agoBoris for PM

    Boris for PM Big Grin

  • 20mph speed limit mooted for Cardiff, councillors in Birmingham vote to adopt it1 year 34 weeks agoOf course, now every delivery

    Of course, now every delivery driver will take longer to drop off all of their goods meaning that freight companies will need to put more trucks on the roads and charge us all more Thinking

    I hate the fact that the only way to do things in this day and age is by force. Take for example the news last night that in the Medway area to stop children getting fat they are going to ban take-aways from opening near to schools! Fine, I'm all for making sure people aren't obese but why does it have to be enforced before it happens. Why can't people be responsible?

    Same on the roads. I doubt anybody actually has a problem with traffic moving at 30mph, but because everyone decides to go at 40mph instead those of us who do stay at or below the limit get basically penalised. Grumpy Dave Sad

  • Gkam84 needs a trike to ride and help him deal with early Parkinson's - he's 28 FFS1 year 34 weeks agoAH, I need help.......I've

    AH, I need help.......I've been asked to provide a "success story" to go fund me site by the 7th Dec.

    With the chance to win an Ipad Mini and £100 towards my appeal......

    This is it took me a number of weeks to write and publish my story in the first place and there are rules to the story. I must sit and make eye contact with the camera.....blah blah blah.

    Christ, I would love an Ipad mini for the auction.....What do I say. Smile

  • Wiggle swap bike for Twitter follower's car1 year 34 weeks agothink halfords will do the

    think halfords will do the same for 98 plate volvo ;-p

  • Wiggle swap bike for Twitter follower's car1 year 34 weeks agoHopefully he doesn't have to

    Hopefully he doesn't have to deal with their customer service department any time soon.

  • Greg LeMond and Jonathan Vaughters to attend Change Cycling Now summit in London1 year 34 weeks agoSam, I agree. The likes of

    Sam, I agree. The likes of @festinagirl and UCI Overlord are not representative of most cycling fans. In fact I think they are part of the problem. Their constant questioning of results by riders they don't like damages the sport further and prevents trust between fans and riders. Why did this group decide that she represented fans.
    As for Velocast, recently they attacked David Millar for getting involved in the politics of the sport. Now it looks like they are doing the same.

  • Separated at birth: Chris Froome and a cheetah?1 year 34 weeks agoBradley looks like a meerkat.

    Bradley looks like a meerkat.

    Cav looks like a chimpanzee.

  • Any cat owners?1 year 34 weeks agoLost my cat earlier this

    Lost my cat earlier this year, a real character, she featured regularly in my club run write up epilogues for the welcome home I got. I'd like another but pets are very tying for a cyclist who likes the odd weekend away, more so if you live on your own.

  • CTC and British Cycling welcome extra £20 million for cycling announced by Norman Baker1 year 34 weeks agoMercuryOne wrote:Decisions

    MercuryOne wrote:
    Decisions are made by the Highways department with no consultation with actual cyclists - just a little bleating from ineffectual sustrans staff and council cycling officers who have no power to coerce the council into making real progress.

    Amen! Most Highways-led changes don't seem to go through the full planning process, so we get a compendium of crap cycle lanes and farcilities. We can comment on redesigns that are developer-led (so are submitted as part of planning permission applications) or that go out to consultations, but councillors will often accept their Highways officers rather than actual user groups.

    Of course, one way to fix this is to make even Highways-led layout changes go before the planning committee and allow Sustrans, CTC and cyclenation groups to register as statutory consultees. But that's new "red tape" and not the way the UK coalition government is going.

    Another way would be to recruit Highways designers who understand cycling, but that's hard to do from the campaign side: our pressure is applied to the elected politicians who appoint the cabinet or committees who appoint the directors who appoint the actual designers... three degrees of separation, so it's very imprecise.

    Anyone see a better way to fix this, before I get really depressed?

  • Shimano PD-M540 SPD pedal1 year 34 weeks agoAll 6 of my bikes (2 x off

    All 6 of my bikes (2 x off roaders, 3 x road bikes & 1 combination bike) have the Shimano M520 pedals and to be honest I have no idea how many thousands of miles that they have all done it total and are really the only SPD pedals I ever recommend. Drooling

    As one person has mentioned getting a seized pedal off a crank with only an allen key would be nigh on impossible - so you would have to build in to your routine maintenance schedule to remove them, clean the threads, re-grease and refit them at least annually if not biannually (depending on how many miles & the conditions they are ridden in).

    OK they can be really fiddly with the tiny bearings to service and rebuild but from my experience that is not needed that often - just remember which way to turn the plastic locking collar, shear that and you really are stuffed! Surprise

  • Choosing new bike size based on old bike.1 year 34 weeks agohow tall are you Redbeard?

    how tall are you Redbeard?

  • Road Rags launch merino bike clothing1 year 34 weeks ago" it seems like this company

    " it seems like this company has been created to cynically milk the new and expanding cycling market. I for one, will be avoiding and encouraging others to do likewise".

    Really ?....by phone or email?....Prob best just to write in to the Dail Mail and spread the love

    PS the 'we hate Hipsters/London/fixies' thing isnt nearly as egalitarian as you think

    PPS "And i'm not a hater - just cynical, do you think any of the models used in the photos look as though they ride bikes"

    Good point, but err..what do people who ride bikes 'look like' btw, i have never been able to tell....

  • Etape Caledonia - Where Does the Money Go?1 year 34 weeks agoNo doubt a profit is made,

    No doubt a profit is made, how about painting the full picture and completing the story by finding out what profit IMG actually make, its OK saying they got charged £500 by the council, lets pick the smallest amount shall we, how about other costs, there is no mention of St John Ambulance, the Drinks & Food, the advertising of the event, the web site etc. etc. etc.

    This is a one sided sensationalist article which could damage the event which won't help the sponsors will it !, now clearly we could find out that IMG make an 80% margin, in which case it's a complete disgrace, but we could also find out they make 2% (though I doubt that very much).

    So lets stop having a go at them until we know exactly how much profit they make, I hate this type of reporting.