• Lou Reed on Bikes.1 year 21 weeks agodullard wrote:And he did of

    dullard wrote:
    And he did of course pen the classic lament of the race-abandoning Grand Tour rider as he faces the prospect of the broomwagon, I'm Waiting for the Van.

    Oh for god's sake, are these puns going to be an Endless Cycle?

  • Lou Reed on Bikes.1 year 21 weeks agoarfa wrote:Clad head to toe

    arfa wrote:
    Clad head to toe in black, that'll get the high vizzers going Wink

    I did, briefly, consider poking that particular bear and thought better of it, that and him not wearing a helmet.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 21 weeks agoMy 2004 Pinarello Prince SL,

    My 2004 Pinarello Prince SL, ITM Triango carbon bar and stem, Selle Italia C2 saddle and Campagnolo Centaur red. Wheels are my brothers, I´m building some for it at the moment.

  • Campangolo Inner Pulley Cage.1 year 21 weeks agoFrom your Campagnolo dealer,

    From your Campagnolo dealer, if it´s a never group, say 2005 to present.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 21 weeks agoCurrent steed is a 13 model

    Current steed is a 13 model Pinnacle Dolomite 5 in a fetching shade of orange Cool , Gatorskins being the only change to as bought.

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Disc1 year 21 weeks agoI look at the spec and you

    I look at the spec and you think, why does this limit you to 28mm tyres. Why not let it go to 35 mm and it could fill in for touring, or a bit of off road. But, of course, that's what the Croix de Fer does. So it's a limited Croix de Fer with skinnier tubes and nice wheels.

    I wouldn't mind a set of the wheels if they've any spare.

  • New bike poster1 year 21 weeks agoThanks for pointing that out

    Thanks for pointing that out Colin. I genuinely had not seen those before. I honestly drew the bikes from scratch, so the artwork is totally original. I guess it's pretty hard to avoid aesthetic similarities when illustrating bikes though. Recently a friend of mine also pointed out this site, which I had not seen before:


    I think they're really nice illustrations. I don't mean to tread on anybody's toes with these designs, just trying to spread a little bike-related love in whatever form I can!

    Hope you enjoyed the prints anyway

  • Scottish Parliament to debate 'strict liability' civil law protections for cyclists1 year 21 weeks agoAny improvement in cyclist

    Any improvement in cyclist safety resulting from this would be a secondary and indirect consequence of this legalisation, which is mainly concerned with compensation.

    What they should focus on instead is proper conviction and punishment of drivers who endanger or kill cyclists and pedestrians

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Disc1 year 21 weeks agoMaybe it is me, but that

    Maybe it is me, but that seems quite heavy? My steel road bike is around 19.5lb with no real effort to save weight. Platinum OX frame, and Veloce/Centaur/Chorus build, 32 spoke wheels the only carbon is the fork and that does include the pedals.

    So nigh on 24lbs with no pedals? so best part of a pound there, plus any likely build is likely to contain mudguards so another couple for mudguards?

    Not saying it won;t do its job, just that the weight seems surprisingly high.

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Disc1 year 21 weeks agoFork is near 400 g heavier

    Fork is near 400 g heavier than a carbon one.
    Rough weights, I did have the numbers.
    Not convinced the steel is anything wonderful in its profiles. double butted or straight?
    What about things like seat stays?
    No t knocking this bike, in fact its on my short list but I do wonder about the weight as well.

  • Another, deeper fantasy idea1 year 21 weeks agoGhedebrav, I'm sure you'll

    Ghedebrav, I'm sure you'll manage to notice the Sign-up sheet after you follow the link I posted above Nerd

    Last call for 2014!
    Both the free agency and the neo-pro draft begin on November 1.
    16 people checked in for 2014.

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 21 weeks agoWell said Brian. Over the

    Applause Applause Applause

    Well said Brian.

    Over the weekend. I carried out an experiment on who I could see and at what distance. I easily saw cyclists and pedestrians from 100 meters in average light and all were in dark clothing. Granted I was walking but if I was driving at 30 mph that's more than enough reaction time. I'll also ask you the question. Do you see a cyclist's rear light or their hi viz at night time. As for day time. If you can't see somebody at 40 feet and not react then you shouldn't be on the road. I've e said before. The hi viz is a red herring to sort out road safety.

    As we speak. The government at Holyrood are debating strict/presumed liability. Here's hoping something will come about from this and make Scottish roads a bit safer because the 'be nice' campaign as sure as hell hasn't.

    *should have said what do you see FIRST - the light or the hi viz

  • New bike poster1 year 21 weeks agoForgive me, but it seems a

    Forgive me, but it seems a little familiar:


    But he is letting them out for commercial use I guess and you have added colour and detail, if not some different bikes.

  • Disused Northampton railway line bought for £1.5m to become cycle path1 year 21 weeks agoMore of this needs to happen.

    More of this needs to happen. There would be a lovely scenic ride in Devon from South Brent to Kingsbridge, One of Dr Beechings closures buy alas a fair chunck of the passage has been sold to private ownership.

  • Bianchi Infinito CV1 year 21 weeks agoDoes seem a bit expensive

    Does seem a bit expensive given the intended market

  • Scottish Parliament to debate 'strict liability' civil law protections for cyclists1 year 21 weeks agoI would encourage anyone in

    I would encourage anyone in Scotland to use something like https://www.writetothem.com to send a message to their representative MSPs (all of them) asking them to support this motion.

    Would be a good step forward!


  • Scottish Parliament to debate 'strict liability' civil law protections for cyclists1 year 21 weeks agoa_to_the_j it's all about

    a_to_the_j it's all about civil law. If someone knocks you down they (hopefully) will have the book thrown at them. Not guaranteed if recent results are anything to go by.

    This will hopefully go through and make people think twice how they interact with vulnerable road users. Not just motorists but also cyclists with pedestrians. The onus will no longer be on us to prove the motorist was at fault. And it will make the whole civil process much easier and less traumatic for the victim. Insurance companies already practice this when apportioning blame in a shunt to the rear most car. So why not apply to the vulnerable as well.

    Jack. I can't wait to see the Herald in the morning!!!!

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 21 weeks agoOf course Andrew, wear what

    Of course Andrew, wear what you feel most safe in as that makes you more confident. It's confidence and assertiveness on the road that makes a cyclist less of a victim and more empowered to control the situations we find ourselves in.

    There are always the reflective bands if you don't like a hi-viz jacket, less of a fashion statement downgrade perhaps Smile

  • Your guide to the best front lights for cycling + beam comparison engine1 year 21 weeks agoMy wife had a Light & Motion

    My wife had a Light & Motion Vega (£100) and the battery stopped holding charge after a few years. Found an on-line company called Recell Your Battery who changed it for a higher capacity one (approx £35). Saved buying a new light.

  • Doping scandal hits Belgium - but it's pigeons, not cyclists1 year 21 weeks agoImagine getting stuck talking

    Imagine getting stuck talking to a coked-up racing pigeon who had just been sold to a Chinese billionaire. Terrifyingly awful.

  • Altura Night Vision Jacket1 year 21 weeks agoThis has been my commuting

    This has been my commuting jacket for 4 years now and, despite a number of washes, it's still going strong. It's a bit 'sweaty' but I have yet to find a cycling jacket that can 'breathe' fast enough. I used to feel a bit self conscious stopping in town and walking around in it, but now I don't care as I'm often carrying a pannier bag so look like a cyclist anyway. I used to hate the bright high viz stuff but if you're driving it just brings cyclists to your attention that little bit earlier.

  • Third of cyclists support mandatory hi-viz clothing claims survey1 year 21 weeks agoa.jumper wrote:"Are you sure

    a.jumper wrote:
    "Are you sure that it's the fluro and not the reflectives? If it's low-light, you've got lights on while driving, right?
    And anecdotes aren't data and the data in studies shows no clear benefit."

    Reflectives are directional; even with car headlights they need a certain angle of incidence to work. Additionally, in low light conditions, outside lighting up time, not all drivers have headlights on. Fluro may be effective in these conditions. You're quite right that anecdotes aren't data. As far as I can tell, there isn't enough data, so I choose to side with precaution. If you have a link to a good study please share.

    a.jumper wrote:
    "Quite. So please stop suggesting that wearing it is a good thing because it's unproven. Wear it if you want, but realise that it will make some campaigners unhappy."

    You just said that the data shows no clear benefit, and now you're saying its unproven; which is it?

    If you read my post, you'll see nowhere that I contend it's 'a good thing'. What I'm saying is, given the lack of evidence, I'll side with precaution.

    I face plenty scorn on the roads from drivers, and now I find out I'm facing it from other cyclists because I'm wearing bright clothing! Brilliant.

    I'm a grown up on a bike, I'm already part of the out group; whether that perception may be that I am (in normal clothes) a drug dealer or (in cycling clothes) a middle class wanker. What I mostly care about is not being hit by a car.

  • THis is what we have to put up with1 year 21 weeks agoyeah, nothing about the

    yeah, nothing about the thousands of children or commuters that run the gauntlet every day

  • THis is what we have to put up with1 year 21 weeks agoi read the first few comments

    i read the first few comments and....

    I dispare, i really do! I ride a bike, i drive a car. Use the right tool for the job in hand. Does it make sense to drive into town to pick up the odd thing? No. Does it make sense to do the weekly shop with a car? sort of.

  • Your vote can help British bike bag maker Michaux grow business1 year 21 weeks agoDone.