• Shimano Groupset Parts1 year 31 weeks agohow old are the parts if you

    how old are the parts if you dont mind me asking

  • BBC 'War on Britains Roads'....1 year 31 weeks agoLet's give this programme

    Let's give this programme some balance. Road.cc should run several articles on child abuse at the BBC and the hundreds of paedophiles and rapists who worked there.

  • Truth the first casualty in BBC's War on Britain's Roads?1 year 31 weeks agoTo my surprise it was in fact

    To my surprise it was in fact a documentary which - it seemed to me and others watching with me - to be pretty fair to cyclists. Good and bad on both sides, but quite clearly not about sensaisionalist nonsense.

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoI could not believe the

    I could not believe the attitude of some of the road users. Seems that human life has very little importance or value to some people.

    The programme sickened me a little, although, I do believe it will do some good; and highlight the dangers a cyclist faces on British highways and Byeways? The boy racers didn't do cycling any favours; and as far as I'm concerned, their blatent disregard for the road regulations and rule of law was idiotic; and lacking in any true skill of riding a road bicycle.

    This should not be termed as : A War On The Roads!
    There is no them and us; because most of us Drive as well as we cycle. What would happen if you took all the cyclists in the UK off the roads? I'll tell you the answer : Millions more cars on the road; increased congestion and more time spent getting from A-to-B more fuel costs and a lot more time spent sitting in your vehicles going no-where. Thank God for people who use a bicycle as their transport, they certainly help to ease congestion.
    This programme will do a good deal for the sale of Helmet Cameras. I Must Get One! Will You?

  • BBC 'War on Britains Roads'....1 year 31 weeks agoAgree with all above comments

    Agree with all above comments but it was not as bad as I thought it might be. Could have been worse, it did try to be balanced but they were only ever going to pick the worst footage.

  • Tech Roundup: Xmas Special - from the 'big present' to stocking fillers, tech for all the cyclists in your life1 year 31 weeks agoBikerBob wrote:pwake

    BikerBob wrote:
    pwake wrote:
    Simpson t-shirt featured = sheer hypocrisy!

    How'd you work that out Thinking

    He died because he was a "drug cheat"?

  • Just In : Kona Jake The Snake1 year 31 weeks agoInteresting - love my Jake,

    Interesting - love my Jake, but it does seem to suffer a screeching front brake, no matter what I do to adjust it.
    May try a fork mounted bracket and see if this solves it Cool

  • Six of 2014's hottest £500 to £900 road bikes1 year 31 weeks agoI got a Giant Defy3. At just

    I got a Giant Defy3.
    At just under 700, probably the best value road bike out there. Much pleased.

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoI knew it would wind me up

    I knew it would wind me up and it did! (my son wanted to watch it)

  • BBC 'War on Britains Roads'....1 year 31 weeks agoCompletely unrepresentative

    Completely unrepresentative of UK cycling. No utility cyclists, no female cyclists, no child cyclists. No clear indication illegal race was professionally filmed and staged. Sensationalist crap indeed.

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoSo, anyone watch it? I did,

    So, anyone watch it?
    I did, and agree with CraigS, can't see that it was of much interest to anyone but drivers and cyclists, and the same old stereotypes were reinforced yet again. Not totally sure what the point was TBH. Sticking Live And Let Live quotes from people involved at the end did very little to distract from the sensationalist content.
    Very reasonable thread of thought , Peacenik, that's how I tend to think too, with an occasional bout of shouting if someone's really endangering my life

  • Chancellor gives £42m to cycling but it's dwarfed by spend on roads; fuel duty hike also scrapped1 year 31 weeks agoGreat report as ever - but

    Great report as ever - but don't regurgitate the Institute of Advanced Motorists' mendacious description of themselves as a "road safety charity". Or if you do, sneer quotes please Wink

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoI've just watched the

    I've just watched the documentary and whilst the footage will have been edited to be sensational it strikes me that this was done to make the point that there is good and bad on both sides.

    I thinks it was pretty balanced in the end and any bias that existed was towards city cycling. I ride in a rural area and rarely experience aggression - more often close shaves on fast roads. I do sometimes have close encounters in towns but these are rare.

    I cycle like I drive. The rules of the road apply to me regardless of means of transport and if I wouldn't do something when driving I wouldn't do it cycling.

    Lastly, well said Peacenik.

    JoD Smile

  • Cambridge cyclists to see 3,000-space cycle park plans, council plans to light up guided busway path1 year 31 weeks agoNo, the ones they'll use

    No, the ones they'll use (already in place on other routes around Cambridge) are well angled, picking out the edge of the tarmac (as long as the verge isn't overgrowing)

  • BBC 'War on Britains Roads'....1 year 31 weeks agowouldn't have been very

    wouldn't have been very watchable if they just showed journey's where nothing happened. Would like to see a program on how cycling has helped people i.e people who want to lose weight/ get fit, as an aid to recovery from diseases, save money travelling, discover new places etc.

  • BBC 'War on Britains Roads'....1 year 31 weeks agoAgreed, nothing new, nothing

    Agreed, nothing new, nothing constructive, just cheap TV (mostly contributed from road users themselves).

    Feels rather more C4 than BBC

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agothere goes an hour of my

    there goes an hour of my life, never to be reclaimed. thanks BBC

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoOh my Gawd. The size of that

    Oh my Gawd. The size of that arse at 53 minutes will give me nightmares.

  • Christmas gifts for cyclists 2012: Urbane gifts for urban cyclists1 year 31 weeks agoOoh! Ooh! Pick me, sir! Nice

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, sir!

    Nice list and I really liked this: 'most of it's made in the UK by passionate little companies that deserve your custom.'

    Could I humbly suggest that urban cyclists in the UK's second city might be interested in my Top Tube Map posters of Birmingham's traffic-free cycle routes. They're individually printed to order on heavy A1 poster paper and posted to any UK address for the bargain price of £25.

    It'll help you avoid the city streets in style.


  • Greg LeMond UCI presidency bid announced as Change Cycling Now summit concludes1 year 31 weeks ago" Robdaykin " may have much

    " Robdaykin " may have much to offer to the CCN Meeting as have some of the 2660+ that signed the petition ! I doubt even if invited , i would have had much to offer , since most of my ideas are already set out in my blogs . Seems like some at the meeting had read these blogs as there is much in the " charter " and " T& R " that i espoused over the past years .

    Doc has made some worthwhile points , but the " CCN Movement " is still in it's early stages of formation and as it is taking in many people with diverse experience and agendas needs to build consensus .

    As regards " PhilSinclair's " comment , i find it contrary to my own dealings with Jaimie F., could be interesting to see reported exchange : email on skippi@ausi.com SVP !

    That Greg LeMond has been named by the CCN movement is a way to garner publicity , that was picked up by the Major News Networks and was a huge success . Tuesday we see phat ask for submissions for " Cycling's bright future " and tell me where it hit the headlines ?

    That the " UCI " is a closed shop is common knowledge , and breaching the defences that they have erected over the years is going to be a long tedious hard fought battle BUT CCN Movement has made a strong start !

  • Raleigh's 2013 range1 year 31 weeks agoWe had the Raleigh rep in on

    We had the Raleigh rep in on Tuesday with a Revino 1 and a SP Comp. They seem pretty hard to fault for the money, perhaps a bit weighty on the Revino but generally well finished nicely and sensibly equipped.

    Personally I am in love with the Team Replica.

  • Pro Tarmac NPU overshoe1 year 31 weeks agoI bought a pair of these

    I bought a pair of these based on the excellent reviews here and elsewhere and I think they're pretty awful. Water passes through them within a matter of fifteen minutes, and with only the lightest of showers, and they bunch up at the calf and rub against your skin. The only positive I can say is that they do help keep you warm.

    Anyone want to buy a second-hand pair in large?

  • Six of the best £2,000 to £2,500 road bikes1 year 31 weeks agoAssume this review is based

    Assume this review is based on list price because there are some deals to be done and 2.5k can land you a lot of bike if you have the spondies to splash. A quick check (and this is the Christmas season don't forget) lined up some carbon beauties with great running gear that would show a clean pair of wheels to your parade:

    Focus Izalco Pro 1.0 Dura Ace (2.3k)
    Raleigh SP Team Dura Ace (2.3k)
    Focus Izalco Pro 2.0 (SRAM) Red/Force (2.2k)
    Focus Cayo Evo 2.0 Ultegra Di2 (2.1k)
    De Rosa Athena (11 spd) (2.1k)
    Ridley Noah RS 1102A/B Ultegra (2.1k) - [this one is a beaut]
    Felt F3 Red (1.95k)

    If you could stretch a little north of 2.5k then it gets seriously sexy:

    Colnago CLX 3.0 Ultegra Di2 (2.8k)
    Focus Cayo Evo 1.0 Dura Ace (2.6k)

  • Fears grow that BBC's cycling documentary 'War on Britain's Roads' will be 'sensationalist and irresponsible'1 year 31 weeks agoPhytoramediant wrote:Re:

    Phytoramediant wrote:
    Re: Clarkson:

    - It was that all accidents are caused by wildlife.

    This reminds me of an incident where a driver insisted that he had lost control of his car when he drove round a bend to see a Deer in the road... People were falling over themselves to tell the traffic officer that the driver had overtaken them at high speed and was driving like a complete idiot. The officer laughed at him and asked him if he was going to stick to his story. Which, fair play to him, he ignored the provocation and stuck to his story. Result? Incident caused by (imaginary?)wildlife....

  • Merseyside man gets stolen bike back... after spotting it for sale in Cash Converters shop window1 year 31 weeks agoI was moving house and

    I was moving house and stashed my cheapo singlespeed mountain bike in my friend's garden shed, intending to collect it once all my other stuff was moved.

    At some point a couple of scallies seem to have clocked her unloading her (much nicer) mountain bike from her car, and concluded that it must be stashed in the flimsily secured wooden structure in the garden. So they came back later that night, broke the hasp, and nicked my MTB together with her hack bike.

    Despite only purchasing it for the princely sum of £100, I was pretty annoyed to be parted from my faithful clunker, and I started doing a bit of detective work, including saving the brand and model as a favourite search on eBay.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and I get an email saying a search result has been returned. I look at the picture and it's my bike. Read the description and it's written in stereotypical thief-speak - "Supa lite biek, hydrolick brakes" etc. He also wants payment via cash on collection. In an impulsive moment, I whack a large bid on it. Then contact the police and give them my crime number, and tell them I've spotted a bike which I'm certain is mine.

    A couple more days pass with no response from the police, and I get an email telling me I've won the bike, together with the seller's postcode. I contact the police again to pass on the info, but then I have to go to Scotland for a mate's stag do. The seller contacts me and seems really eager to get payment so I stall him. Over the next few days I get more messages from him saying things like "when u gunna colect m8?" and "da deal is turnin sour".

    Finally my case gets passed on to some police officers who appear to have an interest in sorting it. They tell me that there's a "known address" within the postcode I've been given, and they're planning to go and search it. A few hours later I get a call and they've recovered my bike, along with a couple of others.

    They ask what evidence I can produce to prove that it's mine, and I immediately feel like a massive numpty for not taking down the serial number. So I describe it as best I can, including various stickers, the one black spoke in the back wheel (I didn't have any spare silver ones) and the top cap with my name on it that I got for entering a mountain bike race. Incredibly the thief hasn't changed this, so after giving a short statement, I'm wheeling my bike out of the station.

    My friend got her hack bike back separately after it was found abandoned. I never found out what happened to the thief.