• Just in: Bianchi Vertigo1 year 16 weeks agoWhy do all modern Bianchi's

    Why do all modern Bianchi's seem to have a touch of the 'Liberace' about them?

  • 176 junctions in Greater Manchester upgraded to improve cycle safety1 year 16 weeks agoandyp wrote:...motor vehicle

    andyp wrote:
    ...motor vehicle traffic flow will inevitably end up taking priority.'
    which is fine.

    Again. It's "fine" for you (lucky you) and some of the other members of that tiny minority of people who regularly cycle to get from a to b. I'm also in that minority but personally I would prefer not to be treated like a second-class-citizen, or like an afterthought, just because I chose a mode of transport which actually causes fewer social ills. It's especially not fine for me when I'm trying to get my kids around town.

    Plus I would very much like to see everyday cycling become viable for more people so that minority could grow.

  • First Ride: B’Twin Ultra 9201 year 16 weeks ago@carlosjenno If you mean the


    If you mean the Planet X SL Pro, it's no comparison. Mine was a festival of flexy.

  • Xenon: the Next Big Thing in 'legal' doping?1 year 16 weeks agoQuote: "M1. Manipulation Of

    Quote: "M1. Manipulation Of Blood And Blood Components

    The following are prohibited:"

    This practice clearly violates paragraph 2 (not 3) as it refers to "Artificially enhancing the uptake, transport or delivery of oxygen, including,but not limited to,..." (whereas paragraph 3 refers to "intravascular manipulation....". Note also that supplemental oxygen is excluded.

    Is it doping? - Of course it is!

    Can the Xenon be tested for? - don't know yet.

    Can the effects be tested for? - Yes, fairly easily, assuming that the practice is not used consistently throughout the whole year/career, it would show through biological passports where changes in hormone levels and Haemocrit would be evident.

    Is this cheating? - Of course it is!

    Will people cheat this way? - Of course they will because some people will cheat in whatever way they can and will always justify themselves in whatever way they can. But they will always be in the wrong!

  • 176 junctions in Greater Manchester upgraded to improve cycle safety1 year 16 weeks agoTwo metres, I think you'll

    Two metres, I think you'll find... Wink

  • Anti-cycling protests and Surrey County Council blamed for cancellation of two triathlon events1 year 16 weeks agoI did the Olympic tri there

    I did the Olympic tri there last year and it was a well organised event with a great atmosphere. There were plenty of volunteers from Cranleigh helping out, including a family on the run course who had set up an unofficial aid station including a sprinkler, which was great on such a hot day. My kids were looking forward to doing the mini duathlon and triathlon this year and will be very disappointed not to be able to go.

    I think the original problem was that the council agreed to the road closure without consulting the people living on the route, some of whom were also affected by the London 100 which came through a couple of weeks later. From what I understand, which may well be wrong, the council organised a meeting between the organiser and the people complaining and hung him out to dry.

    Given the number of utterly disgusting threats to violently disrupt the race by a few , the organiser decided not to go through with the road closure. As it was, despite the open roads, I hardly saw a car on the bike leg. Perhaps the people doing the two-lap middle distance event saw a few more later on but for me, having closed roads wouldn't be a particularly important selling point for this race.

    The bike course does use some of the same roads as the London 100, but probably only 3 or 4 miles or so, and this year the pros on the London 100 are doing a different loop to the one they did this year, which only overlaps with the tri course by a mile. Last year the people living in places lke Ockley would have been inside the pro course on the London 100 and inside the bike course of the tri.

    I am not sure what the disagreement is this year. It sounds to me like the organiser had an agreement from a few years ago that the council would support road closures for this event but are now reneging on that. I don't know why continuing without the road closures is a problem if that is the case. Perhaps it might not attract so many people if it can't be advertised as closed roads, or entry fees will have to be lower, or perhaps it just doesn't fit his vision of a world class event.

  • Elite Mag parabolic rollers *SOLD*'1 year 16 weeks agoYes I still have them.

    Yes I still have them.

  • Video: Tate Roskelley — the most creative BMX rider on Earth?1 year 16 weeks agoI can't help but wonder which

    I can't help but wonder which I would rather have been, a bmx'er with an imagination or a roadie with a high pain tolerance?

  • 176 junctions in Greater Manchester upgraded to improve cycle safety1 year 16 weeks agoandyp wrote: 'Also, why is

    andyp wrote:

    'Also, why is the 3 feet minimum passing distance not a law yet?'

    a) it's not enough distance
    b) it's in imperial units and thus should be shunned.

    I'll happily concede the 2nd point. Having moved from Germany to Scotland a few years ago, and having got back into cycling only last year, I'm struggling a bit to unlearn something just learned rather recently. One metre it is then. Fine. Tongue Big Grin Be that way.

    I did say 'minimum', though. Most of the cars that pass me during my daily commute do give me at least 1 metre of room, but every now and then I'm passed by people who don't seem to be concerned in the slightest to pass me within literally 10 inches of my handlebars. Sorry, 25 centimetres.

    I'm fine with 1 metre. Anything less and I get a tad uneasy about it, especially when they're doing 50 mph or more. 80. I mean 80 kmh.

  • Xenon: the Next Big Thing in 'legal' doping?1 year 16 weeks agoHonestly, I will be bitterly

    Honestly, I will be bitterly disappointed if a team called Sky aren't using a gas that is found in the air we breathe.

  • Tour Of Dubai - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agosnap 5 & 11 for me

    snap 5 & 11 for me

  • Anti-cycling protests and Surrey County Council blamed for cancellation of two triathlon events1 year 16 weeks agofreespirit1 wrote:As is

    freespirit1 wrote:
    As is checking a story.

    Surrey County Council did indeed make the decision for Ride London, behind closed doors in November or December 2011. This is now a matter of record as they have now released the minutes of the meeting, but only after they were found out in December 2013.

    Part of the rules for closing roads is that they can only be closed once a year under the powers that they have used for Ride London. Parts of the Vachery use the same roads as Ride London.

    Lets face it they are hardly going to let another organisation take their place are they.

    You've certainly caught up quickly haven't you?

    You were seemingly caught so unawares by the Surrey/London 100 last summer that you were held under house arrest tighter than Nelson Mandela ever was but today you are fully versed on the ins and outs of the laws and regulations that govern road closures and have access to council meeting minutes.

    That is a remarkable turn around sir, bravo to you.

  • Tour Of Dubai - Stage 31 year 16 weeks ago11 for me and i think thats

    11 for me and i think thats my lot today Plain Face

  • Trek Project One competition: the shortlist1 year 16 weeks ago20thebear wrote:Is there a

    20thebear wrote:
    Is there a prize for the one on the shortlist with the least votes? Looks like I'll win that one.

    Voting hasn't started yet, you never know what will happen!
    The comments here don't necessarily reflect what the final outcome will be.
    Lets hope that there are runner-up prizes too, we deserve some for being on the shortlist from nearly 6000 entries!
    Good luck.

  • Xenon: the Next Big Thing in 'legal' doping?1 year 16 weeks agoI'm here all

    I'm here all week.....available for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs etc etc

    I'll get my coat

  • Focus launch new lighter Mares CX cycle-cross bike with disc brakes and bolt-thru axles1 year 16 weeks agoI like the idea that CX is

    I like the idea that CX is getting so rad that chain-retention technology is being imported from MTB enduro.


  • Anti-cycling protests and Surrey County Council blamed for cancellation of two triathlon events1 year 16 weeks agooozaveared wrote:They aren't

    oozaveared wrote:
    They aren't even a major event like the Tour of Britain that brought in millions to the local economy and was a spectator event for some residents.

    I'd be interested to know whether the triathlons made any money for the local economy. That would be a good argument against the naysayers.

  • Tour Of Dubai - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agojust 5 & 11 for me

    just 5 & 11 for me

  • Tour Of Dubai - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agoTop

    Top 20

    1 KITTEL
    2 LOBATO
    3 SAGAN
    6 POELS
    9 TRUSOV
    10 HERRADA
    11 PHINNEY
    12 MARTIN
    13 JUNGELS
    14 VELITS
    18 ROVNY
    19 MALORI
    20 ZAUGG

  • Tour Of Dubai - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agowell they got there in the

    well they got there in the end, quite a bit of a climb just before end, lots of attacks helped break it up a bit

  • Road to ruin: Councils warn they may have to ignore pothole repairs on some roads1 year 16 weeks agomatttheaudit wrote:In a way

    matttheaudit wrote:
    In a way the DfT is right about funding. Councils get lots of cash in the form of maintenance and transport plan grants. the trouble is that many see these as a way of implementing shiny, new, pet projects rather than keeping what they've got up to scratch.

    Take a look at how many DfT grants are awarded for maintenance. DfT practically encourages shiny new pet projects with things like the Local Pinch Point Fund and so on. It's within their power to change this.

    I agree on the utility companies not filling or sealing properly and the councils not holding them to account. One small note on roundabouts, I know councils that are actively trying to reduce the through-velocity of motor vehicles, but of course it's motivated by maximising capacity for motor vehicles, not capacity or safety of other users.

  • Xenon: the Next Big Thing in 'legal' doping?1 year 16 weeks agoallez neg wrote:notfastenough

    allez neg wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    [goes outside to inhale the contents of car headlights]

    Nope, I'm still slow.

    ....but your night vision rocks!

    Ba-dum tish! Very good!

  • Blackburn Mars 4.0 rear light1 year 16 weeks agoHaving gone through a variety

    Having gone through a variety of rear lights over the years, this is definitely the best by far.

  • Kask Vertigo C50 helmet1 year 16 weeks agoKask helmets are seriously

    Kask helmets are seriously comfy. I ended up with the cheaper (next down the range) Mojito which I preferred over the Vertigo.

  • Appeal considered in Audrey Fyfe case, daughter says allowing motorist to drive again "beyond comprehension"1 year 16 weeks agooozaveared wrote:Right then

    oozaveared wrote:
    Right then (and as a motorist as well) one incident in which you end up killing someone with your vehicle may indicate anything from poor driving and very bad luck upwards toward homicidal lunacy.

    Very few motorists ever kill a cyclist. If you have done it twice (and been convicted of careless or dangerous driving twice ie it's definitely your failt both times) then it is time you weren't allowed to drive ever again.

    Jesus H Christ. You would think, would you not, that a driver who has already killed a cyclist and then regained their licence would be THE most careful driver around cyclists. Wouldn't you?

    My thoughts exactly - I'd be so hyper-aware of the possibility of it happening again, that it would border on paranoia.