• Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection1 year 23 weeks agoNauseating. Oh and don't

    Nauseating. Oh and don't carry a bag, or the pattern will rub off. (Rapha website).

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 10: Sky's Uran wins first mountain stage, but Wiggins loses time again1 year 23 weeks agoI beleive Wiggins has been

    I beleive Wiggins has been suffering with a chest infection after all the rain earlier this week. Todays stage was his first without it hanging over him and i believe its taken a lot out of him.

    If he can hang in tommorrow ok then let the flat stages go by we MIGHT see a better rider come out of it. If not then the team have to switch to Uran as no 1.

  • Tour Of California Stage 31 year 23 weeks agoM2 1 Beyer 2 Schlek 3

    1 Beyer
    2 Schlek
    3 Westra
    4 Mannion

  • Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection1 year 23 weeks agoOh dear, Rapha has just

    Oh dear, Rapha has just jumped the shark. Shame, their stuff was original in a good way when they started, now it's just the King's clothes. Looking forward to the next company that will take their crown. Such is the way with innovation.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 10: Sky's Uran wins first mountain stage, but Wiggins loses time again1 year 23 weeks agoI think Nibali played it

    I think Nibali played it perfect Devil - Sky will have a sleepless night with two riders and a second difference. Confused
    Remember Vuelta 2011 Cobo - Froome- Wiggins?
    First putting the (big) money on Wiggins and later Froome loses by mere seconds Crying

  • Slow down or else! Sustrans warns cyclists1 year 23 weeks agoMy commute involves a lengthy

    My commute involves a lengthy section of the Clyde walkway which as its name implies was initially created as a footpath. Now part of the national cycling network, but still a shared use path.

    I regularly have to slow for pedestrians and dog walkers. They are perfectly entitled to be there and enjoy the same traffic free environment I'm using at the same time. Slows me down for a few seconds, but that is the same as us expecting drivers to wait.

    When I'm driving I don't have a problem slowing for cyclists, so why should a cyclist not slow for a pedestrian? Some Strava users (and some roadies) are not the most considerate of cyclists, but I'll bet they are as quick as the rest of us to complain about poor driving.

    Works both ways and that pedestrian you scared will be getting in their car round the corner fuming at ignorant cyclists. Not going to help the next cyclist they meet on the road.

    I can also appreciate what it is like for a pedestrian as my hearing is pretty poor and I've been caught out several times when a bike has come up behind me and terrified me. That's from someone who really dislikes getting in cyclists way as I know it helps everyone if we give each other room.

  • Slow down or else! Sustrans warns cyclists1 year 23 weeks agoCraigS wrote:Mrmo - you've

    CraigS wrote:
    Mrmo - you've got it spot on. You won't get more people choosing bikes over cars if the bike takes much longer because the only safe routes sustrans and councils invest in are shared use paths that you have to go slowly on.

    +1 exactly this.

  • Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection1 year 23 weeks agoAwful.


  • Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection1 year 23 weeks agoThe question is - what

    The question is - what happened to Paul Smith?
    Has Rapha switched to a different designer?

    Are my Paul Smith items now getting collectors items? Big Grin

  • CTC and families of cyclists killed by same driver 25 years apart call for appeal against driver's community service sentence1 year 23 weeks agoI joined this forum just to

    I joined this forum just to register my anger and outrage over this terrible case as it doesnt seem to be receiving a great deal of attention in the farce that is the British media
    I too hope the sentence for this utter scum lowlife is re-evaluated with the recommendation that the filth receives a lengthy custodial sentence,substantial compensation to the poor families concerned and a lifetime driving ban
    I cannot imagine what the pain these poor people went through and the tremendous suffering of the families,lets hope sense and justice prevails because this scum has got away with murder twice

  • Giro Stage 101 year 23 weeks ago134 standard and red arrows,

    134 standard and red arrows, 167 purist though moves me well up and into the top 50.

    I'd be starting to think I had a chance in the purist if it wasn't for the fact that Billy is hovering about 15 points in front of me Angry

  • New York cyclist films harassment from driver and bystanders1 year 23 weeks agoyou never know who you will

    you never know who you will be dealing with once things escalate - I certainly hope I wouldn't let myself get drawn in if in such a situation, I'd rather get home to the family in one piece, even with a slight dent in my pride and sense of justice.

    I'm certainly not sold on the idea of using cameras as a defensive measure, it seems to make situations escalate as one feels empowered by recording evidence. As said above, fine line between assertiveness and aggression.

  • Tour Of California Stage 31 year 23 weeks agolead is 4.30 with 69 mile to

    lead is 4.30 with 69 mile to go.

  • Cyclist hopes to make 'strict liability' legal history with High Court case1 year 23 weeks agoI also agree with you on the

    I also agree with you on the prosecution side of things 700cc. If some tosser new he was going to be flung into the clink for 5 years minimum for killing a vulnerable road user I am sure he/she would not drive like a total tosser.

  • Slow down or else! Sustrans warns cyclists1 year 23 weeks agoThis needn't be

    This needn't be difficult.
    Whether a car, a cyclist or pedestrian you need to travel at an appropriate speed. That means taking consideration of where you are, what you are on and who you are around.
    This applies to roads, shared paths and dedicated paths.
    With me so far?
    I commute about 180miles a week by bike and doing that at 10mph will take nearly a whole day out of my week. I regularly use the B2B and 2T greeenway without issues. I often travel in excess of 20mph in the CD Tunnel because it's 6am and I can see perfectly well that there's no one about, it's the same on the B2B path. If there are people about then I slow down, which is the case on my homeward journey.
    If those people are with a dog or child etc then I slow down more.
    If I'm up against it for time I use the main A4 and go as fast as I like.
    As I said this shouldn't be difficult.
    If people insist on travelling too fast despite 'soft'attempts to lower their speed, then physical measures should be put in place to slow them down.

  • Cyclist hopes to make 'strict liability' legal history with High Court case1 year 23 weeks ago700c wrote:As for your

    700c wrote:
    As for your sweeping generalisation:

    giff77 wrote:
    Those that don't like it are the ones who do not take responsibility for driving with respect for vulnerable road users.

    I have set out the reasons why I don't think it's a good idea, and I can confirm I am a responsible driver and cyclist, particularly with respect to vulnerable users, so you're wrong on that one.. In fact statements like yours are simply trying to quell reasonable debate on the issue, aren't they.

    I have no doubt that you are a responsible driver or cyclist as are many on this forum. I was taught to drive by somebody who held an advanced licence. I was taught to show consideration, courtesy and care towards other drivers. Something that sadly does not appear to be taught any longer. I am not making a sweeping statement to quell the debate here. As has been mentioned strict liability would make our roads safer. Motorists generally drive with care when interacting with other motorists. They seem to abandon this concept whenever they have to interact with vulnerable road users. Only when they realise that there are consequences for their poor driving skills be it civil or criminal will things change.

    I was hit by a hit and run driver a lot of years ago. He was 100% in the wrong. He was also drunk. Fortunately a witness got his number which allowed the police to arrest him. I never received compensation from his insurance company as they refused to pay out. Strict Liability would have changed all that.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 10: Sky's Uran wins first mountain stage, but Wiggins loses time again1 year 23 weeks agoMetjas wrote:We're perfectly

    Metjas wrote:
    We're perfectly entitled to expect Wiggo to be in contention, if not in the lead - he said himself pre race he's never climbed better and the figures apparently are supporting that.

    New territory for Sky for sure, and it makes for fascinating tactics and racing, but hard to see how Wiggo, and indeed Sky can regain the initiative.

    God knows what will happen in the Tour if Wiggo does not succeed in the Giro. Time is not on his side, and you can't switch off the competitive streak in a top athlete.

    +1 - he is a contender and you expect him to contend.

    The thing is that there few positive signs for Wiggins. He has slipped time needlessly due to his failing confidence on descents in bad weather, his superiority in time trialling has not paid a dividend, he has struggled to keep up with his rivals on the first day in the mountains and his luck is deserting him. As stated, he's not a climbers climber, there are no punchy attacks by the Mod God, and severe gradients do not favour him.

    The positives for him are that his team appears to be stronger than Astana's. He still has 11 stages to turn it around and the giro throws up some great surprises.

    Since the Olympics it has seemed that he has been happy to take a back seat to Froome (I know some may say this is team preparation of Froome for the Tour) and I just think it has meant he has taken his eye off the ball. Team Sky did not make any mistakes last year, but this year whenever Brad has raced thr Sky team seems replete with them (Giro Del Trentino a prime example). Some may say 'oh, just a mechanical', but these things always seem to get you when you're not at the top of your game e.g. Cadel Evans and the tacks - it just seems to work like that.

  • Sore Knees! Any help appreciated1 year 23 weeks agoAlso consider strengthening

    Also consider strengthening the VMO muscle group on the inside above the knee. They rarely get properly extended when cycling, so end up weaker than the ones on the outside.
    Try this: lie back on bed or floor, stretch legs out and support top of thigh with hands (initially) point one top and trace out a, b, c, d to z with your toe in the air with leg straight. That helped to balance out my knees, along with sorting out cleat position. Works your core too Wink

  • Rapha & Raeburn launch city cycling collection1 year 23 weeks agoOh dear lord no!

    Oh dear lord no!

  • Tour Of California Stage 31 year 23 weeks agoBeyer in purists and Schleck

    Beyer in purists and Schleck in standard - with 3 more KOMs and a sprint to come - hoping they can stay out til the last 30km at least...

  • Slow down or else! Sustrans warns cyclists1 year 23 weeks agoI sincerely hope these slow

    I sincerely hope these slow down measures don't discriminate against disabled and those who chose to ride something other than a rusty old mountain bike, ie, tricycles, recumbent cycles, hand cycles, cycles with child trailers, e-bikes and other mobility aids. There are already a few challenging and difficult barriers to those users, along with a crappy surface on many sustrans paths, I'm beginning to think sustrans have an ideal cyclist who rides a touring/trail bike with thick tyres in mind, anyone else can go to hell. If you're going to create cycle paths, do it, make them useable to everyone, make it possible for people to commute to work on them, ride for leisure or excersise, don't force these legitimate users back off their bikes because they're now unwelcome everywhere once again.

  • Video: Diplomatic incident! South African cyclist manhandled by occupants of diplomat's car could face charges1 year 23 weeks agoMental, would be interesting

    Mental, would be interesting to see how this goes cos of the "diplo immunity" etc.

  • Tour Of California Stage 31 year 23 weeks agoNeilG83 wrote:stumps

    NeilG83 wrote:
    stumps wrote:
    First KOM points are done,

    1 JONES
    4 SCHAR

    break away Beyer Schleck Westra Mannion only 10 secs but its a start.

    Brought Jones in for today and have got Mancebo and Schleck. Transferred Westra out though.

    Thanks for the update Stumps. Anyone know what time live feed starts?

    Eurosport Said Ten Pm Uk time

  • Giro Stage 101 year 23 weeks agorcorbin wrote:JAndrewHill

    rcorbin wrote:
    JAndrewHill wrote:
    JAndrewHill wrote:
    OK, I have axed SKY riders...ie Wiggo.
    Can't see SKY winnng it today...its too soon...they'll make sure they don't lose time to other contenders and follow Nibali in...I hope.

    Cadel Evans (BMC)
    Stefano Pirazzi (BVI)
    Enrico Battaglin (BVI)
    Robert Gesink (BLA)
    Vicenzo Nibali (AST)
    Mauro Santambrogio (VIN)
    Rafal Majka (SAX)
    Carlos Alberto Betancur (ALM)
    Danilo Di Luca (VIN)

    Thats 2,3,4,5,6, 14 not too bad.

    exactly the same team as me Surprise

    Would you say you had a great mind? Surely a fool coul not scorre over 180 pts. ;0)

  • New York cyclist films harassment from driver and bystanders1 year 23 weeks agoHope the fat driver meets his

    Hope the fat driver meets his maker soon, then the roads will be safer. As a PR exercise, the fat driver and his telepathic muppets have scored an own goal.