• 2013 Criterium du Dauphine Stage 31 year 21 weeks agoany links to live feeds

    any links to live feeds without the need for flash player?

  • Specialized helmet amnesty1 year 21 weeks agoPaul J wrote:Wonder what this

    Paul J wrote:
    Wonder what this says about the mark-up there is in the normal price for these bits of polystyrene...

    Agreed. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Di Luca fails ANOTHER doping test1 year 21 weeks agochiv30 wrote:jut172

    chiv30 wrote:
    jut172 wrote:
    This is a completely retarded comment. It's sort of like saying having read Mein Kampf, I would suggest all Germans hate Jews and Blacks and believe they are the pure race.

    I take it then you have never read the secret race or watched and listened to L.A i'n his come clean interview?

    If you had you would understand that to be able to dope, with all the tests and security around it , then Di Luca had help getting his ability enhancers and that means people on the team and in the peleton knew he was doping.

    As it was said above ....sponsor came with him and money talks (or in this case ensures silence)

    And now santambrogio .......now tell me my comment is still as you described....

    obviously you have no idea about doping in cycling Devil

  • Specialized helmet amnesty1 year 21 weeks agoWonder what this says about

    Wonder what this says about the mark-up there is in the normal price for these bits of polystyrene...

  • Specialized helmet amnesty1 year 21 weeks agoI see you can buy a kid's

    I see you can buy a kid's helmet from Decathlon for £4.99. I wonder if they would accept that as an exchange?! I threw my old Met helmet away. Damn!

  • Mad Fiber wheels get new UK distributor1 year 21 weeks agoif you brought them in

    if you brought them in yourself you'd pay import duty and vat. assuming vat at 20% and the lowest normal rate of import duty (5%) that's, oh, £2,386

  • Specialized helmet amnesty1 year 21 weeks agoHmmm. I tried on a prevail,

    Hmmm. I tried on a prevail, and the fit was awesome - it felt like it really encased my head rather than merely sat on it with just a bit at the sides. I couldn't drop £160 on a whim though, but this is more like it.

    Not sure it passes the 'mushroom test' though.

  • Dragon Ride: Spare place1 year 21 weeks agoI'm definitely keen to grab

    I'm definitely keen to grab the place - I've dropped you a direct message about it.

  • The law around filtering through traffic1 year 21 weeks agoYes, lane splitting by both

    Yes, lane splitting by both cyclists and motorcyclists appears to be condoned by the current highway code. Advice for motorists:

    151 In slow-moving traffic. You should

    • be aware of cyclists and motorcyclists who may be passing on either side

    See "LANE SPLITTING" on this page: http://www.bikehub.co.uk/featured-articles/cycling-and-the-law/

  • Mad Fiber wheels get new UK distributor1 year 21 weeks agoThe clinchers RRP on the Mad

    The clinchers RRP on the Mad Fibre website is only $2900. I find it hard to believe that the cost of bringing these wheels into the UK constitutes a mark up that high

    Thinking Someone stands to make a lot of money from these gash looking things (just my opinion)

  • How many bits make up a bike?1 year 21 weeks agoAwesome.Imagine how long it

    Awesome.Imagine how long it would take to build the bike back up from that picture!

  • Suspended sentence for driver who used camper van "as a weapon" to ram cyclist in road rage attack1 year 21 weeks agoI wonder what that lawyer

    I wonder what that lawyer chappie would think if I was driving a lorry and "clipped" his car with it. The size/weight difference between a lorry and a car is comparable to the difference between a car and a bike+rider so I reckon the analogy works.

    Suppose I just clipped him and sent him spinning off into a ditch. Presumably that would be OK, just one of those things? And we'd all shake hands at the side of the road, laugh about it and go on our merry way?

    No, he'd be pressing for everything he could, probably claiming whiplash and all sorts. So why is it any different for cyclists? The attitude of some people just makes me despair! I'm coming to the same conclusion as mrmo above. Kill them, claim self defence.

  • Updated: British Cycling's Brian Cookson to run against Pat McQuaid for UCI Presidency1 year 21 weeks agoWhat can the cycling

    What can the cycling community do to ensure Cookson becomes President of the UCI...?

  • Mauro Santambrogio provisionally suspended after positive EPO test at Giro1 year 21 weeks agoCheck out the news elsewhere

    Check out the news elsewhere on the web:


    Seems the team sidestepped a post-race test for one of it's riders with the excuse of being late for flights, but then found time to have tea with another team prior to boarding the aircraft.

  • The law around filtering through traffic1 year 21 weeks agoThe gallows humour of

    The gallows humour of cyclists is frightening at times.

  • Suspended sentence for driver who used camper van "as a weapon" to ram cyclist in road rage attack1 year 21 weeks agoTerrible News for road

    Terrible News for road safety! This two-ton camper was used as a leathal weapon and amounts to "Attempted Murder" by the driver! There should be a campaign for justice, let the punishement fit the crime.

    Is the Law; becoming an ASS?

  • The law around filtering through traffic1 year 21 weeks agoThanks for that - I burst out

    Thanks for that - I burst out laughing when reading this, now everyone at work thinks I'm deranged.

  • Help campag bearing service1 year 21 weeks agoGREGJONES wrote:I'm in need

    GREGJONES wrote:
    I'm in need of replacing my centaut 2011 bearings too. Kjust going to takeine to the LBS, I hope they're prepared to fork out for the tools. The campag bearings system seems to be poorly engineered on thw whole, completely beyond us mortals.

    It's not poorly engineered, it just needs the right tools to service it. It requires no more complex tooling than BB30 or any of the variants (proper bearing presses and extractors).

    On the general point, really the need for this tooling in the cases of these types of BB (and, increasingly, headset) systems results from the fact that technology in the peloton (and in the off-road world, too) is moving along apace now but end-users all want the same bikes that the pros are riding (or close equivalents of them ...) so tooling and techniques that were once the province of the manufacturers or the LBS is now needed by consumers if they want to do their own maintenance and repair.

    This has been the case in the motor trade for many years ... the problem is that it is progressing into the cycle trade and many end-users are not ready for it ...

  • 'Wiggo's career in crisis' - and other reaction to this week's big knee news1 year 21 weeks agoI think Sir Wiggo has lost

    I think Sir Wiggo has lost the fire in the belly after the year he had last and then this year's Giro not going to plan.

    He should let 2013 go, maybe look at the TT World Championship as the last vestige of the year, but focus on 2014...his heart isn't in it.

  • Suspended sentence for driver who used camper van "as a weapon" to ram cyclist in road rage attack1 year 21 weeks agoantigee wrote: "Alistair

    antigee wrote:

    "Alistair MacDonald, leader of the North Eastern Circuit, said: "The losers from this bill will be law-abiding citizens on modest incomes who defend their homes against intruders, accidentally clip a cyclist in their cars,......"

    This is astonishing and quite informative. It makes it sound like knocking someone off their bike with a ton of metal is just a little "Oops!" incident that happens to the best of us from time to time and that people can't reasonably be expected to be held accountable for.

    Until that changes we'll get nowhere. On the plus side, a few years back it would have been something about law-abiding citizens who just have a couple of beers after work before driving home so things can change.

  • Mauro Santambrogio provisionally suspended after positive EPO test at Giro1 year 21 weeks agoFFS, blatent when you saw the

    FFS, blatent when you saw the suggested watt/kg values he was putting out for the stage win. Vini Fantini are hopefully finished.

  • Criterium du Dauphiné stage 2: Viviani wins the sprint into Oyonnax1 year 21 weeks agoAnyone know if there is

    Anyone know if there is coverage of this on telly? Anyone?

  • Criterium du Dauphiné stage 1: Veilleux attacks from the gun to ride to victory1 year 21 weeks agoBreakaways are always about

    Breakaways are always about chancing your luck. If you don't try you can't succeed. Also, it helps if you are a 'nobody' since the teams won't care about pulling you in to defend their GC contender.

    It is always about the right confluence of events: parcours, crashes, weather, team motivations and how good a riders legs are. It has always been that way.

  • Help campag bearing service1 year 21 weeks agoThe bearing should be a light

    The bearing should be a light press fit in the cup, so that that the crank just needs to be "rocked" out gently.

    On installation a high-quality waterproof grease should have been used as an anti-seize / anti-galling measure.

    If it's that firmly in there, it suggests that assembly was done without any grease and that the assembly has corroded together to some extent, or that the assembly was done with grease but the grease has been washed out over a very long period of time by water, or maybe as a result of exposure to a thinner lubricant (spray oils are one culprit we see often) or a degreaser / strong detergent (spray cleaners used around bearing assemblies - generally a bad idea).

    A bearing puller is a better plan that BF & I with a drift etc, esp if the cup is still in the frame or if the cup is in fact a BB30 adapter or similar.

    @blablablacksheep - The grade of LocTite used on the BB cup if it's threaded should not be sufficient to prevent removal - it's only there to prevent fretting. We recommend 222 which can be broken with firm spanner pressure. If LocTite isn't available a tightening torque of 35nm is recommended - with the LocTite, you should find a parallel amount of spanner pressure is needed to break the LocTite. Best plan is to use the correct socket tool, UT-BB130 and a 3/8" drive / 24mm spanner.

    If the cup has been hugely over-torqued or bonded into the frame, put the tool in a bench vice and use the frame as leverage but do so with extreme care - at this level of torque, if the frame is carbon and has an insert bonded into the BB shell, you are in danger of breaking the bond between the alloy and the carbon. If you need to go to this extent, it is is probably a job for a shop with a really competent mechanic.

    If you have had sufficient corrosion going on in the cups to give the issue described, I'd probably recommend replacement of the cups in any case - once the cup is clean, the fit of bearing to cup is going to be compromised as any corrosion will have damaged the surface, removing a small amount of material.

    Servicing - DON'T forget the circlip that retains the RH bearing on the half-axle - remove it before trying to pull the gearside bearing.

    Also, DON'T use a slide hammer to refit the new bearings to the cranks (unfortunately half the UT toolkits out there include a slide hammer for this job), use a press. Hammering a bearing, any bearing, is a really bad idea (esp in the case of Campag CULT system).

    Refit the circlip onto the axle to retain the drive-side bearing - easy to forget.

    We generally recommend a new "safety clip" and wavy washer on re-assembly too - IOE the ends of the safety clip that project through & into the cup get slightly worn and can make noise if there is any bearing movement (and there will always be a tiny bit). It sounds as if the wavy washer in this case will be foobarred anyway.

    Velotech Cycling Ltd - Campagnolo Main UK Service Centre

  • Suspended sentence for driver who used camper van "as a weapon" to ram cyclist in road rage attack1 year 21 weeks agoPathetic! It will take a

    Pathetic! Angry

    It will take a politician or one of their family members to have a serious incident before the politicos pull their heads out of their backsides and 'realise' cyclists aren't a nuisance, but are vulnerable road-users!