• Kinoko’s custom Independent Fabrication Gravel Royale1 year 21 weeks agoIt's a nice bike, but just

    It's a nice bike, but just run by me why you'd want not enough clearance in case you encountered some typical UK conditions?

  • Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll…(don't try this at home kids)1 year 21 weeks agoWhen I see the likes of

    When I see the likes of McCaskill and Akrigg doing their tricks, I think of them as cyclists. When I see this guy, it puts me more in mind of a circus performer.

  • DAUPHINE1 year 21 weeks agoDefinitely a few bargains in

    Definitely a few bargains in there too if you do some digging (though I've been on a massively downward trajectory since the Tour of the Med, so probably best not to listen to what I say).

  • DAUPHINE1 year 21 weeks agoOh go on

    Oh go on then.....

    Still undecided Confused

  • DAUPHINE1 year 21 weeks agoWhere's the "tearing hair out

    Where's the "tearing hair out smiley"... need it for this one!!! Confused

    Got most way through picking a team, then it was... ooh I'd like to put them in... oh, and them... oops there goes my budget!!! Crying

    Should be an interesting race Big Grin

    Purist (currently) 1 GC, 3 AR, 1 KM & 4 DS

  • Strava abroad1 year 21 weeks agoSimple as that!? Really ? ta

    Simple as that!? Really ? ta

  • DAUPHINE1 year 21 weeks agoAny got thoughts on whether

    Any got thoughts on whether Ian Stannard might do something decent here?

    I'm always a bit reticent to pick Sky riders for anything other than TTs in stage races, but some of the lumpy stages seem suited to him - just don't know whether he'll be let off the leash at any stage or will be entirely concerned with protecting Froome.

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 21 weeks agoEveryone remembers the bit

    Everyone remembers the bit about dealing with dogs.

    Top man who did an incredible service to cycling.

    I'm going to go and re-read that section now.

  • DAUPHINE1 year 21 weeks agoJAndrewHill wrote:change of

    JAndrewHill wrote:
    change of Plan. My Purist TeAm Is Now Traditional.
    I.e. Gc, Km, Pc, Ar, Ar, Ds, Ds, Ds, Ds
    And Not too Bad.

    And My port is In Western europe.

    I think I know...

  • Kinoko’s custom Independent Fabrication Gravel Royale1 year 21 weeks agodrool.... Pretty much like my

    drool.... Pretty much like my Croix de Fer but nicer....

  • Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll…(don't try this at home kids)1 year 21 weeks agoMental. But brilliant.

    Mental. But brilliant.

  • Strava abroad1 year 21 weeks agoEnsure you don't have data

    Ensure you don't have data roaming enabled on your phone. That ought to do it.

  • Strava abroad1 year 21 weeks agoOk sounds promising next

    Ok sounds promising next stoopid question how do i do that?

    I get that i can have Strava on without mapping a ride (guess thats what you mean) how do i turn on the gps? (excuse my ignorance)

  • Anyone used bike discount.de1 year 21 weeks agoNot bought any wheels from

    Not bought any wheels from them, but lots of other stuff, including an Edge 800. Prices are often ridiculously good and it's always arrived within a week. Can't fault them!

  • Not sure if anybody has used these but good deal?1 year 21 weeks agoYes thanks for sharing - just

    Yes thanks for sharing - just ordered some too! Mwahahahah the fools! Big Grin

  • 12 of the fastest aero road bikes1 year 21 weeks agomancsi wrote:In the top photo

    mancsi wrote:
    In the top photo of this article, the guy riding the Cervelo. Can you tell me where those bib shorts are from???


    Yeah, Adidas from a few years ago. I look cool, don't I? Ha.

    Notfastenough: In my experience, any problems in sidewinds are down to the front wheel way, way more than anything else. I've ridden a few of these bikes and not had any trouble handling any of them in crosswinds.

    Everyone who says they're not pretty: get yourself a Pashley Princess (I'm joking; calm down!).

  • Strava abroad1 year 21 weeks agoAs I understand it, the GPS

    As I understand it, the GPS tracking bit is built into the app so won't eat up any data allowances or incur charges, but the uploading/downloading of routes/results would, so record things, and then wait till you've WiFi to sync if want to do it for free.

    Post-hitting save edit: Yeah, what Mike said. Smile

  • Sir Chris Hoy provokes online ire of some Scottish nationalists with independent Scottish Olympic team comments1 year 21 weeks agoI listened to the interview,

    I listened to the interview, Sir Chris went out of his way to avoid being political, and to my mind succeeded, yet the political bigots claim him for their own, bigots both sides of the nationalistic divide.

  • Strava abroad1 year 21 weeks agoyou can use it to map stuff,

    you can use it to map stuff, then use free wifi to upload to strava and match up to maps etc.

    But using strava with data turned on your phone will use up data which will cost money.

    All you need is your gps turned on and strava running

  • When do you change your chain? Update > It may be too late!1 year 21 weeks agoYou are right it is too

    You are right it is too late.

    There are two approaches to this problem of chains wearing out.

    You can just run everything into the ground and replace chainrings, cassette, chain and jockey wheels when everything starts squeaking at you and you can't shift properly or you can buy a chain wear indicator, check the chain regularly and just replace the chain when it wears out.

    At the cheaper end of the market it probably doesn't make too much difference price wise but it's more hassle to get everything changed at once and one big lump to spend rather than buying a new chain every few weeks or months.

    At the more expensive end of the market, the cassettes and chainrings are so costly that you will want to make them last as long as possible and so replacing the chain regularly makes economic sense as it prolongs the life of your expensive kit.

    Any mechanic, maintenance book or manufacturer will recommend that you clean your chain regularly, check it for wear and change it when it is showing signs of wear. The advantage of this approach is that you take a greater interest in the maintenance and smooth running of your bike and are less likely to suffer a sudden failure when miles from home.

    You fallen into the trap of replacing your chain too late and now need a new cassette to make it work with a new chain. You can refit the old chain and run it for longer but you may end up damaging your chainrings too and having to do the lot in one go.

    I recommend that you buy a chain wear indicator, they are cheap, and use it every week after you've passed a few hundred miles on your chain. The tool takes the guesswork out of the replacement cycle. If you don't have a decent maintenance guide then it is well worth getting one. Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is really good.

  • Kinoko’s custom Independent Fabrication Gravel Royale1 year 21 weeks ago'We don’t really have the

    'We don’t really have the same gravel road scene over here, but maybe it’s just a matter of time.'

    I like this, the state of our crumbling potholed roads says it could be sooner than we think!

  • Endura enters the helmet market1 year 21 weeks agoIn the office, we reckon it

    In the office, we reckon it looks like a Giro crossed with a Scott...

  • Lifespan of a chain1 year 21 weeks agoYou may need new chainrings

    You may need new chainrings and jockey wheels to go with that new chain and cassette too. A chain might last 1500 - 2000 km depending on how you ride and the weather you go out in. If you buy a chain wear indicator and check your chain regularly you'll be able to change your chain before you do any damage to the rest of your equipment by riding with a worn chain. Chains are a consumable item and they need changing. The more expensive ones won't necessarily last longer. I find that Shimano 105 and Campagnolo Veloce chains offer the best combination of price and durability. KMC X- L chains are convenient as they can be easily removed when cleaning your bike although the mechanic at my LBS doesn't rate them at all. I've found that SRAM chains seem to wear out quickly but others may have had better experience with them.

  • Not sure if anybody has used these but good deal?1 year 21 weeks ago89% discount? Surely a data

    89% discount? Surely a data entry cock up. Ordered anyway, so let's see what turns up. Thanks for sharing!

  • A lonely ride back to race HQ1 year 21 weeks agoLane71 wrote: had them on my

    Lane71 wrote:

    had them on my bike for a while over all sorts of crap,rocks,glass,pot holes everything

    ...and I'm the one riding recklessly?! Confused

    Every tyre I've ever ridden has punctured at some point; it's pointless debating whether a certain favoured make/type would resist a puncture to which another tyre might've succumbed!