• Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoIf it’s unlikely that a

    If it’s unlikely that a significant number of the American population (which must include those who ride bikes) don’t know Roubaix, France is the location of a well-known annual bicycle race." Then a significant number of the American population must be thick or insular, the same population who thought Lance Armstrong was a hero!!

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoThe villains of this piece,

    The villains of this piece, surely, are the American & Canadian authorities who allowed Specialised to trademark 'Roubaix' in the first place. Would they allow 'Washington D. C.' as a protected trademark?

  • VIDEO: Death-defying mountain descent, backwards1 year 16 weeks agosorry, video should be there

    sorry, video should be there now Wink

  • VIDEO: Death-defying mountain descent, backwards1 year 16 weeks agoIs there a link to the video?

    Is there a link to the video?

  • New bike advice1 year 16 weeks agojohnny1986 wrote: The first

    johnny1986 wrote:
    The first died of mechanical failure when the metal around the main attachment bolt shattered and the mech flew forward into the spokes (shimano refused to accept responsibility however the UK suppliers did offer me a discount) The second seized up and would not swing freely.

    On the first rear mech, do you remember when it happened, mechs don't usually snap, it can happen, but is usually something to trigger it, bad shift, chainsuck, twig.

    Second one Is actually more perplexing, basically rear mechs that are used don't sieze. You did try and soak the rear mech in GT85 or similar???

  • New bike advice1 year 16 weeks agoIf you keep breaking spokes

    If you keep breaking spokes your wheel has not be trued correctly. The wheel may be round and not wobble so 'true' in the eyes of the unaware, but it will not have had any uneven stresses removed from it. A good wheel builder lightly trues the wheel, then pulls it around in various ways to remove the internal stresses, then the wheel gets trued again. This happens until all the uneven stresses are removed. Get someone who knows what they are doing to rebuild your wheel properly and you'll be fine.

  • Should bike shops become collection points for on line sales?1 year 16 weeks agoJoemmo Wouldn't work for me.

    Wouldn't work for me. I refuse to buy things like furniture if I can't take it with me. I want to swap cash for parts. Delivery to me is a bad thing not a good thing. In fact its the very opposite of what a good shopping trip should be.
    It would be a as bad as mail order where you pay for something then it doesn't turn up or it isn't in stock despite the magic lantern saying it is. If you have it in your hand you know you have it. If you can't get it you haven't parted with your money and you can buy an alternative if you want.

  • New tyre1 year 16 weeks agoit seems like chipped off

    it seems like chipped off paint, i tried running my finger through both that spot and its kinda "sink" feeling.

  • Road Rags Holborn leggings & skirt combination1 year 16 weeks agoI wore a grey merino poloneck

    I wore a grey merino poloneck yesterday while trying to look like a normal person while also feeling like one dressed for an imminent 40 km cycle through snow and fog. I could only pull it off by keeping my lycra-ed legs firmly under the table. Once I stood up to leave my game was up. These would have been an elegant solution, although I'd still have had spectators watching me look for and put on gloves and a buff and a woolly hat and bike lights and thermo socks and arm warmers and a gilet asking me how on earth I was going to get home like that. Weren't there hills in the way? (check, gears!) ice? (check, knobbly studded tyres!) cold air? (check, layers.)

    So I'm torn between welcoming this - it really does look good, although the logo can be misread as ROAD RAGE - and just accepting that the only thing that will make cyclists stop looking weird will be more people cycling and weirdness becoming the new normal. Although for that to happen maybe we need more cyclists who don't look weird ...

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoAh, for those innocent days

    Ah, for those innocent days when Cannondale stamped the word 'freeride' with their corporate lawyers trademark and got a whipping from the rest of the mountain bike world

  • Former Giro d'Italia champion Danilo Di Luca banned from cycling for life1 year 16 weeks agoColin, The reason I am

    Colin, The reason I am sticking with presumption of innocence is because it is the right thing to do. Secondly if you don't do that, then that means that Evans and Wiggins and Froome are all cheats because they won. No one could win without the assumption that they are a cheat. There are plenty of people who think that already. But if that is what you think then why do you even bother to watch, what would be the point?
    If you are just going to run down the field until you get to the person you think is suitable then don't run the Giro or the Tour, just hand out a price to the nicest chap in the field at least JensV would win then.
    No. Schleck A. is clean until shown to be otherwise, we will waiting and see, but YOU don't get to choose. I hope that doesn't stick in your throat the next time some one you have taken against wins something.

    Meanwhile Di Luca gets everything he deserves. "Foolish of him to not be more cautious" so you blame him for getting caught, not cheating in the first place. You need to get your priorities straight.

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoThis sort of thing certainly

    This sort of thing certainly makes me think twice about buying a Specialized branded product - I'm pleased I'm not riding one of their bikes as I would feel seriously embarrassed... this is such bad publicity for the company you have to wonder who on earth decided to take action.

  • Just in: Aprire Vincenza1 year 16 weeks agoSimmo72 wrote:Nice looking

    Simmo72 wrote:
    Nice looking bike and a good level of spec for the money. I just wish you could buy more framesets, I'm not into this off the peg purchase, much rather enjoying building my own bike using a mix of existing parts and newly sourced.

    You can buy just the framesets from Aprire for all models - ping them via the website or call. Cool

  • tdu1 year 16 weeks agoTrek Factory Racing Laurent

    Trek Factory Racing

    Laurent Didier (Lux),
    Fabio Felline (Ita),
    Fränk Schleck (Lux),
    Boy Van Poppel (Ned),
    Danny Van Poppel (Ned),
    Jens Voigt (Ger),
    Calvin Watson (Aus)

  • Price dropped! Kinesis Racelight GF Ti V11 year 16 weeks agoYou could probably get a new

    You could probably get a new one for around £2k.

  • VIDEO: Don’t be an illegal alien - say no to pavement cycling says University of York1 year 16 weeks agoDigging the groovy jazz

    Digging the groovy jazz double bass soundtrack

  • View from the cab: Lorry firm boss tells of effect of cyclist's death on the driver and the company (+ video)1 year 16 weeks agoTwo very sad stories of loss

    Two very sad stories of loss wrapped up here - belated condolences to the families and friends of both the student and the driver.

    Looking at the treatment of this story in the haulage magazine, I'm actually very pleased to see the range of measures they've asked readers to comment on - in particular, the physical segregation of cyclists from more dangerous vehicles. This is what happened in the Netherlands and is viewed from here as a upotian solution. If it's just cyclists calling for it, it's never going to happen here. But if important sectors of industry begin telling the government this is what they want, there's a chance they'll be heard. I'd be curious to know how strong support is for that option in the haulage industry. Being very optimistic, I can see an opportunity for starting to build a cyclist/non-cyclist consensus in support of Dutch-style infrastructure.

  • VIDEO: New cycle and pedestrian bridge to be London's newest river crossing1 year 16 weeks agoMeanwhile, the proposed

    Meanwhile, the proposed Hetherwick garden bridge at Temple has absolutely no provision planned for cyclists (you can comments on that in the current consultation). The cantilevers off the Hungerford Bridge are pedestrian only - again, you have to carry your bike up steps and walk it across.

    On the Millenium footbridge you can at least wheel your bike up from the embankment, but still you have to push.

    Further east, there is a serious dearth of river crossings of any kind, but what is proposed? A new ferry, and the Silvertown tunnel which will be motors only. Cyclists and pedestrians are offered only one option - the laughably named "Emirates Airline" cable car, for which you have to pay £3.40 each way. Perhaps Boris plans only motors for Silvertown because he is desperate to force some custom onto the airline as it is seeing its passenger numbers nosedive?

    The only bridge currently with anything approaching cycling provision is Southwark Bridge, a road bridge with cycle paths behind high concrete kerbs. Even these weren't installed for cyclists though - their real purpose was to prevent coaches parking on the bridge, apparently because the structure was not considered strong enough to support all that weight. Didn't stop the City of London spending an entire year's LCN grant from TfL, £200k on it though. (Actually, like all City cycling projects, the budget was split fairly evenly htree ways, between consultants reports, a raid to pay City highways dept salaries which should have been funded by the City's own humungous tax income, and shovels on ground).

    Meanwhile, on all the other road bridges, cyclists outnumber all private cars and taxis combined in rush hour, and in some cases outnumber all motor traffic. Shame they are still so unsafe.

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agohttp://redkiteprayer.com/2013


  • is it me or are the roads super slippy at the mo?1 year 16 weeks agoI had a two wheel slide on

    I had a two wheel slide on Friday, turning an uphill corner that I ride every day. Through my immense bike handling skills (i.e. blind luck) I stayed upright. I stopped to check for punctures as it felt so unlikely to slide at that speed.

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoI am well qualified trademark

    I am well qualified trademark lawyer and in my legal opinion Specialized are being utter dicksplashes.

  • Chris Froome says he'll prove cycling has drugs-free future by winning Tour de France again1 year 16 weeks agoAl__S wrote:Froome's not

    Al__S wrote:
    Froome's not going to win SPOTY. If you;'re a betting type, putting money on anyone other than Andy Murray is probably foolish

    Yeah, I made the point on Twitter that the potential 4 per cent return you'll get for backing Murray and lending Messrs Ladbrokes or William Hill your dosh for the next week is a lot more than you'll get from a bank for letting them look after your money for a year.

    And, to be honest, probably safer Wink

  • Specialized slammed over legal threat against Canadian bike shop using Roubaix name1 year 16 weeks agoCorporate bullies.

    Corporate bullies. Tradmarking the name of a town in a different country...money...bullies...money...bullies!!! Put me off purchasing anymore Sworks products.

  • is it me or are the roads super slippy at the mo?1 year 16 weeks agoGlad it's not just me; I was

    Glad it's not just me; I was getting paranoid! Two falls in two weeks, slow corners. One a roundabout (where a friend also went down) and one a 90 degree corner. Both pretty much dry, both surfaces coated in a fair amount of black stuff. Front wheel just went from under me both times.

    I must admit that I've never experienced roads like this before, problem is I'm now super nervous about all cornering and descending.

    Not good.

  • Chris Froome says he'll prove cycling has drugs-free future by winning Tour de France again1 year 16 weeks agoFroome's not going to restore

    Froome's not going to restore credibility to the sport either, lol. Rolling On The Floor