• SRAM Wireless… don’t hold your breath1 year 14 weeks agoI thought you weren't

    I thought you weren't supposed to cut the cables?

  • Casual cycling shorts1 year 14 weeks agoWear bibs/shorts for the

    Wear bibs/shorts for the padding and wear a pair of Craghoppers Kiwi pro stretch shorts...smart and not too casual looking, but very comfortable in use whilst cycling...the "not so well off man's" Rapha touring short alternative...and a bit more roomy without being too flappy.


  • Cyclists need to show more respect to motorists, says Salford councillor1 year 14 weeks agoTheHound wrote:A guy say's we

    TheHound wrote:
    A guy say's we should show the respect we very vocally demand, and that facilities should be provided that make it easier for us to do so, and he gets slammed?

    What exactly do you want him to say?

    Again with this odd use of 'we'! I don't understand the thought-processes at work here. "We" should show respect? What are you talking about? Who is this 'we'?
    I follow the rules on the road. A very high proportion of motorists I encounter don't and so make cycling both more stressful and dangerous than it needs to be. What this mythical 'we' has to do with this situation I have no idea.

  • Giro stage 101 year 14 weeks agoMy eight riders Nacer

    My eight riders
    Nacer Bouhanni
    Maarten Tjallingii
    Luka Mezgec
    Elia Viviani
    Roberto Ferrari
    Giacomo Nizzolo
    Ben Swift
    Wilco Kelderman

    and i've still got Chicchi in as i didn't want to take a 10 point penalty for another 3.0 rider.

  • Giro stage 101 year 14 weeks agoStage hunting today then dr

    Stage hunting today then dr

  • Giro stage 101 year 14 weeks agoAll 4 transfers used in the

    All 4 transfers used in the end Sick

    Nacer Bouhanni (FDJ)
    Roberto Ferrari (LAM)
    Rafal Majka (TSB)
    Diego Ulissi (LAM)
    Ben Swift (SKY)
    Julian David Arredondo (TFR)
    Fabio Aru (AST)
    Alessandro Petacchi (OPQ)
    Steve Morabito (BMC)

  • Giro D'Italia 2014 - Pick Three Italians1 year 14 weeks agoSo Ghedebrav have you got the

    So Ghedebrav have you got the latest for us all?

  • Giro stage 101 year 14 weeks agoEvans Tjallingii (haven't

    Tjallingii (haven't gotten around to dumping him yet)

  • Anti biotic comedown1 year 14 weeks agoGo easy for the first bit I

    Go easy for the first bit I guess, lots of recovery rides, sleeps and green vegetables! Smile

    Hope you feel chipper soon mate

  • Looky, likey. road.cc is now on tumblr1 year 14 weeks agoI have

    I have access....whoa!
    Normally can't even get on to XE.com ....or cutefluffykittenvideoforyou.com...progress is good...

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoIt is tricky, as we must not

    It is tricky, as we must not put people off riding or try to make it too elitist.

    However, A lot of Sportive riders seem to think that the rules of the road do not apply when on a sportive.
    I have seen such bad riding on sportives lately and you know that the riders would simply not replicate it when riding alone.
    We have christened it the Peloton effect.

    To the riders ignoring the Marshall, would you ride across a level crossing with the barriers down too?

    Sportives are becoming very dangerous places to ride, lack of helmets seems to be quite common as does the use of Tri bars, it is only going to be a matter of time before a bad accident forces tighter regulation to the detriment of all.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoHate to say but this manner

    Hate to say but this manner of riding is typical to sportive events.

    Seems to attract bloody minded cyclists who think rules of the road do not apply to them when riding such events. A lot seem to think they are riding closed roads they ride. They also think it's a 'race'. Funny they encountered a real race.

    If any of them who ignored the closed road sign have a club jersey then they should be banned from futures events.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoSo the car drivers sit there

    So the car drivers sit there patiently while the cyclists behave like dickheads.... now I am depressed.
    But, "I've done 54 races me" Great quote....

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks ago"Yorkshire Divs Road Race" -

    "Yorkshire Divs Road Race" - says it all.

    SURELY the riders had been told before hand?

  • Motorcyclist / cyclist collision near Buckingham Palace1 year 14 weeks agoStupid on several counts. The

    Stupid on several counts. The rider on the Ducati shouldn't have been in the cycle lane and could easily have slotted in behind the taxi until he was safely past the cyclist. I'm not 100% convinced it was a deliberate take down by the Ducati Hypermotard rider but at best, it was poor riding on his behalf as he should have left more of a margin and it wouldn't have delayed him more than a second or two to wait behind the taxi. Meanwhile any cyclist on the phone while riding along a busy London street needs his head examined.

    That the Ducati rider saw fit to post this online says a lot about him and his lack of perception. I'd say he probably hasn't been riding that long and while he may be an older rider, like as not he did the direct access test, allowing him to have a high performance bike like the Hypermotard.

    As well as cycling a great deal, I've also been riding motorbikes for several decades. And I've noticed that there are a lot of riders on high performance bikes they don't really have the skills for.

    The Ducati rider didn't take proper care (due care and attention) and that should merit some penalty points. With this clip being posted online, it's probable he'll get his due. Even if cycling while talking on the phone is not be illegal as Gkam suggests, it seems crazy that the cyclist should escape a legal penalty for doing something so blatantly stupid.

    Neither rider comes out of this smelling of roses. It was lucky it wasn't more serious.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoThe worrying thing is that

    The worrying thing is that the guy arguing with the marshal is a past / maybe present organisers of road races.

    Anyway I don't want to be too hard on people - it's too easy to make comments on forums which are basically uninformed, and this is maybe just a snipet of what really happened.

    I would love it though if stripy shirt guy saw this and gave his opinion of what happened. It's would be nice to understand what really happened here from people who were there. Even when he is riding head on in to the peloton he seems oblivious to the danger Smile

    Maybe their wasn't enough signage warning the sportive riders to stop........ I don't know. But they really weren't listening to the marshal.

    Note to diary: arm all marshals with video cameras at next sportive event. Thinking I kid you not

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoandyp wrote:absolute

    andyp wrote:
    absolute idiots.

    Still some people seem to think that a sportive is a race, huh...

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I ride sportives, I enjoy them, but I'm also aware that the AREN'T a race. Sure I have an idea of a time I would like, but if I'm asked to stop or need to stop then I will. If I don't get my time because I had to stop for something, then that's just the way it goes, I still enjoy my day regardless. People like this do my head in.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoif Mr Disembodied ShoutyVoice

    if Mr Disembodied ShoutyVoice *had* organised and been in that many races he would have understood the importance of a marshall, and why you should listen to them, they're usually there for a reason

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoHilarious. Genuinely laughing

    Hilarious. Genuinely laughing out loud to the soundtrack.

    Faux racers on a sportive encounter real racers head on. But, of course, the faux racers won't obey the rules of the road, even the temporary rules imposed to ensure the safety of other cyclists in a real race...

    Seems to sum up the mindset of the large fraction of sportive lemmings pretty well.

    The real racers of course just avoided the dullards and carried on as if nowt were appnin!

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoPoor communications between

    Poor communications between the race and sportive organisers for sure. Mr Stripey top needs to be taken aside and told how to ride safely. A ban from future sportives wouldn't be inappropriate. The same goes for any rider arguing with a marshall. It's not as if the delay was particularly long.

    As for the BMW rider, there are a lot of Ewan Macgregor wannabees on those these days.

  • This coming week's Giro1 year 14 weeks agoYou've got to be in it to win

    You've got to be in it to win it!

  • Cyclists need to show more respect to motorists, says Salford councillor1 year 14 weeks agoJoelsim wrote: Treat car

    Joelsim wrote:
    Treat car drivers courteously and they are as good as gold, except for the odd muppet here and there.

    Likewise there are also some cycling muppets who ride too fast, who go over zebras when people are crossing and as for red lights, I would say that 20% of cyclists ignore them. Quite frankly that isn't good enough and gives us all a bad name.

    1 in 100 (or whatever) drivers being bad is enough to prevent 90% (or whatever) of people ever seriously considering cycling on the roads. That one muppet can kill or maim in the blink of an eye. Your 20% of cyclists (or whatever) cannot be condoned but they are also unlikely to injure anyone. I hate seeing inconsiderate riding as much as anyone but to give the two equivalence is just playing into the driving lobby hands.

    The whole hysteria over cyclist RLJ is a smoke screen and displaced frustration. It's dangerous as it always comes along as people are demanding safer cycling infrastructure. Good quality infrastructure is expensive so arguing cyclists don't deserve it is an easy way of avoiding the cost.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoMarshalling is a thankless

    Marshalling is a thankless task, having a go at them is not on, without them events don't happen.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoThe potential for a huge

    The potential for a huge crash was massive.. not sure why the road marshall didn't get them to get onto the pavement sooner, (although you can hear him trying) but just goes to show how many idiots are on bicycles in sportives or charity rides and think the rules don't apply to them. is it almost getting to the point now where ride marshalls need to be implemented on these events perhaps?

    The rolling road block applies to cars & bicycles.

    This is a case of the left hand and right hand not communicating at British Cycling.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 14 weeks agoOmg ok here goes just

    Omg At Wits End ok here goes just because I have seen this video it doesn't mean I know the full facts. I am only going by what I have seen and heard in this video.

    But going by the video, I would presume that some rider numbers of the sportive riders have been taken and letters have been sent out to them to inform them that they will not be welcomed again at next years version of this cyclosportive.

    As for the argument between what seems is the marshal and a rider. The marshal had every right to raise his voice. When the riders purposely, presumably ignored his command to stop.

    They didn't want to stop ........some didn't even keep to the left when they saw the race coming.

    I would agree with Dr Galactus what was that hipster thinking ? ? ?

    Maybe all cyclosportive organisers should be adding more terms and conditions to their ever growing list of conditions to try and keep everybody safe. Sad

    Any suggestions on this matter will be welcomed I will be watching with interest. It would be good to have the opinion of the marshal and especially the guy that was arguing with the marshal.

    I put it to the guy that was arguing with the marshal that he was being unfair to the marshal who was doing his best to make sure that both sportive riders and racers weren't hurt.

    It's no good saying that you are an experienced cyclist, road racer etc etc, having a go at a marshal that is obviously shouting because he is worried for the safety of others is .......... well it show that said person arguing with the marshal is either short sighted or hasn't a clue what could of happened in this instance if the marshal didn't continue shouting and insisting ! that riders at least use the pavement.

    Applause well done to that marshal, it's not an easy job sometimes. You can only inform in a lot of cases if they don't want to listen then what more can you do. Thank you for doing you best under the circumstances.

    open door now .......... to the guy who was complaining to the marshal to come back to be and tell me how it really was. I feel that there was no need to have a go at the marshal. Tell me I am wrong.... as I might be, as I wasn't there. If I am not wrong help us all and apologise to the marshal.