• Howies Leadout bibshorts1 year 16 weeks agoJez, that's exactly what

    Jez, that's exactly what happened to mine. I was disappointed, but the customer service response was superb and the redesigned back does solve your niggle

  • Video: 2014 Giro d'Italia route unveiled in Milan1 year 16 weeks agoOh, and i agree with the

    Oh, and i agree with the Human Cyclist above, that music is a euro-abomination...there's no place for it in 2013!!

  • Video: 2014 Giro d'Italia route unveiled in Milan1 year 16 weeks agoIs it just me or is that a

    Is it just me or is that a slightly more balanced Giro route than some in recent years? - more opportunities for the sprinters and the not quite the usual all out suffer-fest (although far from easy).

    Personally, i'd rather see opportunities for good varied racing which isn't weighted so far towards the skinny climbers, there seems to have been an arms race style escalation in recent years to produce harder and harder routes each year.

    I haven't even heard the word 'brutal' yet about this route - the phrase used to sell the Giro most years!

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoMy wife's Litespeed. Explains

    My wife's Litespeed. Explains all the pics; when your wife rides a bike like this the n+1 rule doesn't apply!! Party

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoOops! That's Lance's. Forget

    Oops! That's Lance's. Forget you ever saw it! Big Grin

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoWalmart cruiser... China's

    Walmart cruiser... China's finest.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoBoardman TK Comp... Ace bike

    Boardman TK Comp... Ace bike Smile

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoOne for all the Halfords

    One for all the Halfords haters out there. Carrera Virago TT all spruced and ready to go for IM Texas. It's carried me very capably through five half-IM and one full and taken out plenty of P3's, Speed Concepts etc. in the process.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 16 weeks agoScott CR1 (the original

    Scott CR1 (the original carbon superbike) with 404 tubs. Gets raced regularly and takes the knocks without worrying about fragility. Slid out a few weeks back in a crit and just had some grazed bar tape!

  • CAAD10 OR BIANCHI IMPULSO1 year 16 weeks agoLove my caad10

    Love my caad10

  • City in Bolivia passes law making it compulsory to ride bikes1 year 16 weeks agoPlease can we have this in

    Please can we have this in London?

    I'd settle for just black cab drivers...

  • Saboteurs target New Forest sportive for second time this year1 year 16 weeks agoJust a thought: could cases

    Just a thought: could cases of cyclists riding 'irresponsibly' be reduced if sportives stopped providing timing?

    That really takes away any last notion of it being a race, as against the current nudge-nudge-wink-wink practice of 'requesting' riders to be responsible, and not treat it like a race.

  • Rapha Pro Team bib shorts1 year 16 weeks agoEveryone's being nice about

    Everyone's being nice about Rapha; what's going on? Very disappointing...

  • British Cycling membership hits 80,0001 year 16 weeks agoNice to see someone in charge

    Nice to see someone in charge of a national governing body sign-off on such a high note, rather than slinking out the back door after some kind of scandal.
    Thanks Brian and good luck! Applause

  • Saboteurs target New Forest sportive for second time this year1 year 16 weeks agoYou can't please all of the

    You can't please all of the people all of the time.

  • What should I do with this old thing?1 year 16 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:Bedfordshire

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Bedfordshire Clanger wrote:
    All you need is a crank puller for a cartridge BB or a BB tool for a hollowtech one on that old frame.

    You might as well have said 'The engines cannee take it Captain,' for all the technobable you just said. The BB on the J does now sound like a South American Rain stick whenever it rains. This may be an upgrade for the spring.

    OK I get it, you don't want to know. I'm not sure if you want my advice but here it is anyway. If you learn to maintain your bike properly you will save a lot of time and money in the long run. You can find out how to change a bottom bracket within ten minutes of reading this post if you search for the right video on youtube. It's not difficult and it's nothing to be afraid of. If I were you, I would take that sound of your bottom bracket on your good bike as a cue to do some maintenance right now. Bottom brackets are one of the cheapest components on your bike and running a knackered one will only slow you down and may ultimately end in you having to push your bike home. Find out how to change it, order a new one and fit it. The whole thing won't take you more than an hour to do. Otherwise, take it down the bike shop. Running you your bike into the ground is a false economy, a little bit of preventive maintenance saves you hassle, time off the road and putting your pride and joy into the hands of someone who cares about it a whole lot less than you do to pay a premium for something you could easily do yourself.

    Apologies for the rant. You might as well get rid of that old frame, wherever you can find a good home for it. Good luck in saving up for the Canyon, they are brilliant bikes by all accounts. Look after it well.

  • Help - overtraining, advice on resting1 year 16 weeks agoSounds like you need some

    Sounds like you need some proper rest, by which I mean in the order of two weeks off. Protein-rich diet, early nights, GENTLE stretching. A good quality multi-vitamin won't do any harm either.

    I've not got to the point you have, but I'm not as strong even after a couple of days rest, so I'll probably not use the bike for over a week now. Always works for me, and I feel strong when I start back.

  • Win a unique HOY Autumn edition bike with road.cc and Evans Cycles!1 year 16 weeks agoif this is referring to my

    if this is referring to my canal shot it was taken late september

  • Video: 2014 Giro d'Italia route unveiled in Milan1 year 16 weeks agoLooking at the route it feels

    Looking at the route it feels surreal to see these guys using roads I cycled on as a kid.

  • Paul Kimmage Defense Fund1 year 16 weeks agoIts not there, I can see what

    Its not there, I can see what he's doing.

    He's hoping that only a percentage will trust him with their details again. Say 25% of donors request a refund. He'll have to cover $16k.....He might have that left.

    He's saying its been checked over by accountants and lawyers, well I think those details need to be given to everyone. Scanned documents or some sort of release from those who have checked it over.

    Its VERY dodgy and even Kimmage is suggesting NOT to get involved with this until the money is in trust somewhere that is neutral and away from Brown

  • Paul Kimmage Defense Fund1 year 16 weeks agoDave, as far as I can gather


    as far as I can gather the original account was closed and all the details with it.
    So it might explain the need for the Paypal ID and the email.
    I assume he intends working off a spreadsheet downloaded before the account was deleted.
    What do I know?

  • Rapha Pro Team bib shorts1 year 16 weeks agoEyewateringly expensive but

    Eyewateringly expensive but if you value quality products and aftersales service i think they are worth every penny. I have a pair of 3/4 bibs and after wearing them for 2.5 years had a problem with the pad causing discomfort. I contacted Rapha to see if was possible to replace the pad, and they couldn't have been more helpful. A postage label to send them in, a couple of phone calls from the guys there to establish that I hadnt altered anything on the bike etc, and they swapped them for a new pair, explaining they had improved the stitch design for the pad. Got to say customer service like that is a rare thing these days. Save up for them, they are worth it! Big Grin

  • Just in: Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 Ultegra1 year 16 weeks agoVeloPeo wrote:And what's the

    VeloPeo wrote:
    And what's the difference between the regular Synapse and the hi-mod? Weight? Material?

    Just guessing without even checking (OUTRAGEOUS!) but it's probably similar to the SuperSix - so as you said.

  • Paul Kimmage Defense Fund1 year 16 weeks ago_SiD_ wrote:And on it

    _SiD_ wrote:
    And on it goes.
    The saga started by ex-UCI President, Pat mcQuaid, rumbles on.
    Aaron Brown, who has been accused of absconding with the initial fund and was reported to be seen by McQuaid 'side' at the recent election, has set up a 'refund fund' in an attempt to return the money to the initial donors and restore his reputation.

    Kimmage has welcomed 'any attempt' to repay the donors.
    Lots seem skeptical and rather reluctant to submit rather personal details to Brown.


    Money is to be returned at the start of 2014.

    he's in charge of the paypal account and therefore has the transaction details already.

    so if he wants to refund the money, what's stopping him?

  • Saboteurs target New Forest sportive for second time this year1 year 16 weeks agoI know the Scottish legal

    I know the Scottish legal setup is a bit different, and our Local Authourity may be pushing things a bit, but they require sportives (and other public events on the roads) to get a parades permit. A route map, risk assessment and marshalling/signing plan gets sent round the police, roads and other council departments. Road works (council, utility or private) require permits too, so the benefit is that as well as control over different sporting events clashing, there are controls over road works affecting your event too.