• Ireland bids to host start of 2014 Giro d'Italia1 year 28 weeks agoI hope that this comes off.

    I hope that this comes off. I'll be booking my holidays back to God's country and working out a few ride outs. Big Grin

  • Torq release Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+1 year 28 weeks agoHot chocolate recovery drinks

    Hot chocolate recovery drinks - SIS REGO Night is already out there, with a 4:1 protein carb ratio, no beta-alinine but that's not necessarily a post-ride recovery product. Nerd

  • Behind the design of Ultralite's 112g pedal system1 year 28 weeks agoFunny this should pop up

    Funny this should pop up today, i was just reading the RKP non-review last night http://redkiteprayer.com/2012/09/ultralite-pedals/
    I'll stick with shimano thanks.

  • IAM says bringing Britain's clocks forward an hour year-round would save lives on the road1 year 28 weeks agoTony, I think that 40 years

    Tony, I think that 40 years on, our lifestyles are more hurried and pressured. School run then work etc. I may be wrong, but it's my observation that over the years that driving skills have become poor to say the least. I also remember the experiment except for me I had to travel to school in the dark. My primary school over those few years put a stop to us cycling to school Sad

  • Helmet debate1 year 28 weeks agoTo the cyclists of Great

    To the cyclists of Great Britain,

    I never meant to start a flood of controversies on this forum. I sent my "Second Chance" story in to give people a first-person account of what it is like to wake up in a ditch, sustain major injuries and to survive.
    To me the idea of helmet use is a "no-brainer" (pardon the pun.)
    Whether you ride with or without a helmet, I wish you all smooth roads, tailwinds and no encounters with careless or distracted drivers.

    I'll even include a lighter tale below: The only controversy is one of the main characters and it is not me!

    Giving Lance “the Look.” by Jeff M. Sambur

    In the furnace-like summer of 2002, I rode my bicycle 1,650 miles along the borders of Colorado as a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I called my ride the “Perime-rado LAF a lot Bicycle Tour”. I groveled, pleaded and cajoled donations from friends, family members and complete strangers at Wal-Marts. A few generous folks even gave willingly. After it was all said and done, I had attained “Polka Dot Jersey” status in the LAF’s Peloton Project. For my efforts, I was rewarded with a few perks, one of which was a private ride with Lance Armstrong prior to the LAF’s main fundraiser, the Ride for the Roses. I have to admit I was nervous and excited about sharing asphalt with “The Man.”
    I began to fantasize about cruising the hill country of Texas with the five-time winner of the Tour de France. We’d be motoring along at a mellow 23 mph speed, all the while conversing about race strategies, Shiner Bock beer and the new significant other in his life. Unfortunately, this was only a dream; 150 other Peloton Project groupies would be tagging along as well. I now had to set my sights on different goals for the ride. Maybe, just maybe, I could ride by his side and for one moment pass him! Now, that would be something to tell the folks back home.
    In the month prior to our fateful meeting, I received information concerning the private ride from a LAF coordinator. He waxed on about the secret location of the ride, even going so far as to state that we would be blindfolded en route. (That didn’t happen.) He also mentioned that we should eat a big breakfast, always a good idea before a ride with Lance. He said that all of our other needs would be cared for beverages, mechanical support and snacks. (This was all true.) As a final note, he issued this warning: DO NOT TRY TO RACE LANCE! He added that Lance would be able to beat us while riding a one-speed bike and wearing a lead suit. This, too, is probably true. However, I was not going to allow a threat or two deter me from my mission.
    On the afternoon of the ride, the weather in Austin was steamy, air so thick you’d need a broom to sweep it aside. There was a strong breeze coming out of the southeast. We boarded the buses and were dropped off at Emma Long Park on the banks of Lake Austin. The Lance rumor mill was overheard saying that he had just arrived back from Paris after the unveiling of the 2004 Tour de France route. Hmmm! Maybe he’d be tired and sluggish from jetlag. We waited like children anticipating Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning.
    Later, with no fanfare, we were told to ride off and that Lance would meet us along the two-and-a-half mile circuit. The route was a tight, hilly and potholed affair. Volunteers advised us to slow down on the treacherous downhill portion. Up in the distance, I thought I spotted that familiar piston motion of Lance going uphill. After two laps, I was beginning to see my dream deflate like a slow leaking tire. Then an apparition appeared, he was there right in front of me. I approached him on his left flank. Lance Armstrong has features that could easily be drawn with a T-square. He is that angular. At the base of a small hill, I launched my bike with its 48-year-old, 5-foot-4inch, 145-pound cargo upward.
    On the 10th stage of the 2001 Tour de France, Lance became famous for giving what in the future would be immortalized as “The Look” to Jan Ullrich. This was over-the shoulder glare with an “I double-doggy-dare-you to cross that line” attitude tossed in. Mr. Ullrich lost heart and the Tour after “the Look.”
    Time stood still as I surged ahead of Lance by 10 feet. I paused and turned my head to give Lance a fair imitation of “The Look.” I didn’t see much of a change in his expression behind those dark sunglasses. He might have been speaking to another rider or had a speck in his eye. Nevertheless, deep down inside, I knew that I had given Lance back, his look. Now, I really had a story to tell the folks back home.

  • Torq release Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+1 year 28 weeks agoInteresting - beta alanine

    Interesting - beta alanine I've found actually works better as a pre exercise supplement, and is better taken in small doses early morning and then before the exercise belt...
    it may also cause tingling in the body etc, which some people find disconcerting.

    Most people are dairy intolerant which will lead to causes of inflammation and bloating in the body, so wouldn't recommend large amounts of that either for recovery, I'm actually surprised at the resurgence of people recommending milk.. dairy industry must have put in a bit of sponsorship Wink

    Banana with a nut butter , like hazelnut, cashew nut or almond would be better (assuming you don't have nut allergies Wink )

    For immediate recovery fluids, are better and quicker however.

  • Helmet debate1 year 28 weeks agostumps wrote:Lets face it,

    stumps wrote:
    Lets face it, there are people on here who will never ever wear a helmet, even if its made law, and no amount of points made for the wearing of one will ever change their minds.

    Of course any accident involving these people who end up with a head injury will see them running (or being carried) to the nearest A&E dept for a check up.

    Lets hope it wont be anything serious.

    Your strength of feeling does you credit. Your clarity of thinking does not.

  • Lorry load of Trek Bikes stolen from UK head office1 year 28 weeks agoDefinite info, stands out a

    Definite info, stands out a mile, either that or a gang have been hanging round the local burger bar just waiting for something to turn up, if that's so they were lucky not to have had their big getaway truck nicked.

  • IAM says bringing Britain's clocks forward an hour year-round would save lives on the road1 year 28 weeks ago"However, the same report

    "However, the same report also shows a drop in the casualty rate for cyclists killed or seriously injured per billion kilometres travelled for November compared to October, "

    Surely this suggests that darker evenings following the existing clock change are better for cyclist safety? How can the report come to the opposite conclusion?

  • Mark Cavendish talks about his frustrating 2012 season1 year 28 weeks agoI want implying that he hadnt

    I want implying that he hadnt seen any doping by his own team mates - im saying that he must certainly have known others in the peleton were doping (its not like their arent enough of them) and yet didnt say owt.

  • Cyclist whose life was ruined by careless driver calls for harsher sentencing1 year 28 weeks agoHelmet law was invented here

    Helmet law was invented here in the state of Victoria. There were four groups that got together for it, the transport accident commission, Vicroads, the department of Justice and most importantly and significantly, the RACV (Royal Automobile Society of Victoria).
    In your own country one of the active groups that tries to put helmets on everybody is the GB equivalent of the RACV, the AA.
    Elsewhere in Europe and the US it is mostly car manufacturers who desparately promote bicycle helmets.
    This all says that it was about the DRIVERS to begin with. The WHOLE idea of helmets is, and always was, to take away responsability and accountability from the drivers.

  • IAM says bringing Britain's clocks forward an hour year-round would save lives on the road1 year 28 weeks agoThis gets brought up every

    This gets brought up every year. Problem is, it is only the very south that 'benefits' anywhere north of Manchester and Northern Ireland will be plunged into darkness until late morning. This was experimented in the early seventies late sixties and nothing came out of it.

    It would mean more sleepy, distracted, rushing drivers around on the a.m. run and all for that extra hour in the evening. Also for the likes of myself - people starting work at 5 and 6 am would be travelling to work all the year round in the dark.

    IAM would be better pressing for a safer environment for all road users. Personally I don't think scrapping the current setup will make roads any safer.

  • BBC Radio 5 Live launches dedicated cycle programme1 year 28 weeks agoThey could have approached

    They could have approached Jack Thurston of The Bike Show about transferring from the London-based Resonance FM to a wider audience. Perhaps they did and he turned them down, but it would have been better than some ex-footballer/football-pundit. Sure, Ned Boulting now does a good job at approximating a cycling expert, but when he started he made some rather big faux pas (including the now famous "Yellow Jumper" comment.)

  • Driver in car chase that left 13-year-old cyclist dead has sentence more than doubled after victim's mother appeals1 year 28 weeks agoShould lock the judge up to.

    Should lock the judge up to.

  • Lorry load of Trek Bikes stolen from UK head office1 year 28 weeks agoDoes Lance have an alibi?

    Does Lance have an alibi? (Apart from not knowing where Milton Keynes is, or what it is like, and if he did, he would, like any sane person, not want to go there.) After all, he isn't getting free bikes anymore...

  • winter road boots for women size 37.5 or 381 year 28 weeks agoTry Gaerne, the size up small

    Try Gaerne, the size up small and go down to a 38.

  • Revolution Series - Manchester Velodrome1 year 28 weeks agoWe went and had a great time,

    We went and had a great time, as usual. As said previously Jody Cundy!!! outstanding!! Big Grin

  • Lost a Look 585 Optimum in West Yorks?1 year 28 weeks agoI don't think anyone will be

    I don't think anyone will be seeing money for this with the dodgy bids Devil


  • IAM says bringing Britain's clocks forward an hour year-round would save lives on the road1 year 28 weeks agoTony - I agree completely.

    Tony - I agree completely. And now the Scots have devolution, and possibly will opt to go the whole hog and be a different country altogether, there is no reason to have 1 timezone from Dover to Orkney. Sorry to keep pointing this out.

  • Ireland bids to host start of 2014 Giro d'Italia1 year 28 weeks agoI hear what you're saying but

    I hear what you're saying but it's no different to asking 'why bring the Tour de France to Britain'? Yes, it's not over the Italian terrain but those opening stages are rarely of value and interest so why not.. I for one will be making the trek across to see it for sure. Don't complain, embrace it and go enjoy it and take in a few days riding the Comeragh mountains or other such great spots.

  • Ernesto Colnago urges lifetime bans for drugs cheats to stop cycling "destroying" itself1 year 28 weeks agoWhat happens if someone

    What happens if someone contaminates your food or drink and you get caught with a minute quantity of drugs in your system? A lifetime ban would seem incredibly unfair.

  • Debating the helmet issue again (kind of)1 year 28 weeks agoHow many times have you

    How many times have you watched them?

    I've seen a few messed up legs like that, but more HUGE spots......

  • Debating the helmet issue again (kind of)1 year 28 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:It was just an

    Gkam84 wrote:
    It was just an example of how a helmet does not protect your whole body.

    Its a nasty injury aswell. So I thought people might like seeing it, seems to be strangely popular on the tube Wink

    Anything on you tube where people get hurt or have boils lanced etc etc always draw massive hits. Its a morbid fascination we have Devil

  • Baselayers1 year 28 weeks agoWe held the Police national

    We held the Police national championships there a few years ago, cracking fun, good snow and a hell of a lot cheaper than abroad.

    Made even better when i made 1st reserve for the national team Big Grin

    Back to base layers though, i wear an underarmour top. Not the expensive make just a cheap one off ebay (cost 9.99) washes great and keeps you really warm.

  • Torq release Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+1 year 28 weeks agoits not just a cocoa drink

    its not just a cocoa drink though. Its a recovery drink in the form of cocoa. that in my books makes it a winner!
    I'm personally looking forward to trying these when my racing season is at its peak this winter.