• Whats you team looking like?1 year 46 weeks agoThanks Simon, I just went

    Thanks Simon, I just went back on and it worked fine, I must have had something else restricting the selection such as funds or members of a single team.

    No doubt I'll go back and change it a few times before they get going...

  • Lupine Piko Max TL Front Light1 year 46 weeks agoThanks for the comments, it's

    Thanks for the comments, it's always good to get feedback on reviews.

    I actually got on ok with the mount, despite having very fat bars. I suspect I was using the smaller of the supplied o-rings (only one ring made it down to me from Road.CC Towers) which may explain why I had a bit of struggle fitting it and why it stayed in place pretty well. If you've been using the larger ring, perhaps it might be worth going small?

  • Whats you team looking like?1 year 46 weeks agoYou can have any 4 star

    You can have any 4 star riders, whatever their roles, and any 5 domestiques. Budget is the only limitation.

    (edit) but no more than two out of your 9 from the same team

  • Wilier TwinFoil frameset1 year 46 weeks agoOr an aero bottle - you must

    Or an aero bottle - you must stick with the stock bidons and no mistake! Phbbbbt!

  • Whats you team looking like?1 year 46 weeks agoI've not played before (-

    I've not played before (- never played any fantasy sports game before) so I may have got the wrong end of the stick, but it seems that I need to have 1 each of the star roles - GC, KM, PC, AR. However, I'm not sure I could find a single GC rider on the TDU start list? I wanted EBH and Simon Gerrans, but they are both listed as AR, so I can only pick one of them, while the GC rider (whichever one I pick) isn't racing.

    Or have I got this all wrong? Thinking

  • Vitus Vee-11 year 46 weeks agoThere's some clearly

    There's some clearly incorrect information in the spec list:
    - Shifters: SRAM X.7 10 Speed
    - Brakes: Avid Elixir 5

  • Is it possible? Another shimergo1 year 46 weeks agoTry the CTC forum. They are

    Try the CTC forum. They are much more geared up to this sort of thing over there.
    For what its worth though, it will work fine with an 8 speed cassette. Spacings on the cassette are 4.7mm for Shimano and 5.0 mm for Campag.
    I have used that combo for many bikes. My current "roughstuff" bike is running a elderly 105 rear mech with even older Record 8 speed shifter. Fine. The fact that the left shifter will shift in small steps will help the front trim if its needed. I bung a variety of chainsets on and all I do is adjust the stops on the front mech to suit.
    As you are all but committed to your set up anyway just buy a cassette of your chice. Get a cheapy. Be careful about the capacity of the rear mech but most Sora stuff I see seems happy with anything other than a whopping big 34 rear.
    I am guessing you are going double at the front so you won't have a big difference there.
    If it doesn't work perfectly look for shiftmates.
    SJSC are good for that sort of thing.
    Many people say that it will get sloppy when it ages. I think it improves as a touch of play in the chain more than makes up for the 0.2 mm differences in cassette spacing.
    To be honest 8 speed mixes work fine.

  • Lupine Piko Max TL Front Light1 year 46 weeks agoI think the tester is being

    I think the tester is being way too kind.
    I am a road cyclist and I was looking for a light for my evening training. I was considering Exposure and Lupine and finally bought a Piko in Dec. mainly because I couldn't find an alternative (Exposure) in stock anywhere.
    The positives are 1) looks great, 2) lightweight, 3) acceptable battery life well over 3 hours on 70% power. And that's it. To be fair to Lupine, they list this particular model under flashlight and that should have been a clue.

    The mount is simply USELESS. Specially if you have an oversized bar. The back hook on the mount is way too flat to keep the rubber ring in place.
    if you manage to mount it on your handle bar, no mean feat in itself, you have to keep an eye on it as it slowly rotates due to road vibration.

    BE CAREFUL as the mount can and will come off. In my case, I had foreseen that and had a string around the light. What I had not considered was that the light can be dangling from the string attached to your bar and getting caught in your front wheel. I had a lucky scape.

    I have since bought an Exposure Diablo and use my Piko as a nice paper weight on my desk.

  • Howies to launch new cycle-specific jacket… and announce they're small again (in a good way)1 year 46 weeks agoThat looks lovely. Will be

    That looks lovely. Will be interested to hear how it performs.

  • Wilier TwinFoil frameset1 year 46 weeks agoTotally agree

    Totally agree pedalingparamedic, the line on the Bont Crono shoes stinks. Let's hope Bont prevail if/when it goes to court.

  • Wilier TwinFoil frameset1 year 46 weeks agoSo the UCI say it's OK to

    So the UCI say it's OK to have 'flow stabilisers' for £3750, but won't let you have aero shoes (http://road.cc/content/news/35273-bont-comes-out-fighting-ucis-crono-sho...)?
    That'll be a different sort of air flowing over the frame to that flowing over the shoes presumably?

  • Is it possible? Another shimergo1 year 46 weeks agoyou need this:

    you need this: http://www.ctc.org.uk/desktopdefault.aspx?tabid=3946

  • We've got a Wattbike and we're gonna use it1 year 46 weeks agoPlease give them an earful

    Please give them an earful about only having Windows software. That's just ridiculous these days.

  • For Sale - Boardman Team Carbon1 year 46 weeks agoYeah, we saw your other forum

    Yeah, we saw your other forum post


    But why not put put pictures here? You can do it by using the "attachments" part Big Grin

  • Is it possible? Another shimergo1 year 46 weeks agoWow, what a collection of

    Wow, what a collection of bits!

    I'm sure there's a way it can be 'forced' to work, but it won't be pretty, there are devices that change the shifting from campag to shimano, what sort of cassette do you want to run, how many speeds?

    Personally, I'd get off the fence and go all campy or all shimano.

  • Is it possible? Another shimergo1 year 46 weeks agoYou can get that to work if

    You can get that to work if you buy a shiftmate.

  • Is it possible? Another shimergo1 year 46 weeks agoGood luck.

    Good luck. Devil

  • Inquest hears how "cowardly and despicable" thief stole drowning cyclist's bike1 year 46 weeks agoTerrible story - and there

    Terrible story - and there are questions over how the poor guy ended up in the canal that we'll probably ever know the answer to

  • New Game1 year 46 weeks agoDays until next win would be

    Days until next win would be more useful. But the UCI aren't releasing that information unless you pay them for it...

  • Decathlon Shoes1 year 46 weeks agoGotta love value for money.

    Gotta love value for money. The French certainly know how to outsource themselves, seeing as there's no Mavic in Decathlon

  • New Game1 year 46 weeks agoHmmm.... how about days since

    Hmmm.... how about days since last win?... Smile

  • Fantasy Cycling Budgets and Change in Rider Values1 year 46 weeks agoThanks, Dave! Pretty

    Thanks, Dave! Pretty thorough! Smile

  • Whats you team looking like?1 year 46 weeks agoJAndrewHill wrote:LabMonkey

    JAndrewHill wrote:
    LabMonkey wrote:
    I know my team, and I don't require any 'feedback' from the forum. Cool

    But you are so predictable, /i am sure we can all guess it anyway . . . Nerd Nerd

    Feel free to have a go - I might even consider a little prize for whoever gets all nine correct!

  • Decathlon Shoes1 year 46 weeks agoAlways loved Decathlon. A

    Always loved Decathlon. A sports store that sells, you know, sports kit. Crazy French. It'll never catch on.

    Bought a lot of stuff there over the years for riding both bikes and (for a while) horses, always been really pleased with their own-brand stuff especially given the prices.

    I don't know this specific shoe, but of you look to the right of your original post, there is a review of one of their other shoes which tells you all you need to know - you're not going to get all the bells and whistles of shoes that cost £££ but you are getting very good value for money

  • Respro Hi-viz Ankle Bands1 year 46 weeks agoI've had a couple years out

    I've had a couple years out of my Aldi pair, and those are still going strong ... still on original batteries too. Devil