• TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoTJVG Velits Roman Costa Meyer


    High hopes for today

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks ago20 penalties points no TJ or

    20 penalties points

    no TJ or Spartacus Nerd


    Bring on le tour. This one was a nightmare for me Crying

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoNo stress. Music is a

    No stress. Music is a personal thing. No right or wrong really. Now let me get on iTunes and have a listen to Kraftwerk. Ride safe

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoThanks for all the support

    Thanks for all the support chaps. Much appreciated! Smile

    Oh, reason for helmet change was one for day (yellow) and one pre set up with the helmet light for night (white).

    All the best.


  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoTj Tangert Mollema That's


    That's your 1,2,3 ..... Wink

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoAll change for me, 5

    All change for me, 5 transfers, 2 penalties. Probably another 2 point scoring stage

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoI could tell everyone my

    I could tell everyone my team, but I'd be given my £10 back and banished forever from road.cc.

    I don't know how I've managed to contrive such a wholly inappropriate squad, but there it is. Kangert for the win today (N.B. I haven't picked him). Surprise

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoGreat video, looked like an

    Great video, looked like an awesome day in the saddle. Ha, I really liked the music and had even looked it up by Googling the lyrics before I read this thread!

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoRUI


  • Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 SL1 year 18 weeks agoAbout to order one of these

    About to order one of these with either Ultegra Di2 or Dura Ace mechanical but which to go for. Has anyone seen anything about new Ultegra Di2 for 2014?

    Bit concerned about some of the delay issues. Is this a common problem as delivery dates quoted for Dura Ace models creeping towards autumn?

  • Husband of cyclist killed by epileptic nun calls for tougher licensing of older drivers1 year 18 weeks agoShould be like that here too-

    Should be like that here too- some of the most thoughtless maneuvers that I've seen have been from the elderly.

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agonoticed that he's wearing two

    noticed that he's wearing two different helmets in the ride: initially a yellow mavic helmet and towards the night a white'sh...

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 18 weeks agostevemarks wrote:ray

    stevemarks wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    stevemarks wrote:
    So there I was out in the lead after stage 6 of TDS, I had managed to get a small gap on the peleton, and made the mistake of taking a quick peek over my shoulder. EEEK! The big guns, Wig Billy, TERatcliffe (twice), Drheaton, and chrisstripes gathering behind me. HELP!!!!!!

    Well you managed to drop TER,The Doctor and Stripey but yeah.....Wig_Billy has the look of Rui Costa stalking Frank in the real thing!!

    Well! Wig_Billy has bridged the gap but I.m not sure Ive anything left in the legs and with his reputationI don't fancy my chances. (could be sandbagging) Surprise

    Skidders Skeletons still holding top spot in the Forum's Scorum's Tour Du Suisse,TERatcliffe leading purists.....Wig_Billy still in the hunt for both and his standard team looks strongest for an ITT pre-transfers(Rui,Irish Dan,Wookie and Roman v just Roman and Kangert for the leaders)

    robacairns had a good day scoring 121pts climbing to 2nd in the event and 3 spots to 7th in the Forum's Scorum's Overall.

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoTejay Rui

    Rui Costa

  • TdS stage 9 - uphill ITT1 year 18 weeks agoTejay's easy to fit in if you

    Tejay's easy to fit in if you had Sagan on stage 8?

    Tejay and Kreuziger in for Sagan and Kristoff(mid-table anyway so not defending anything special!!)


  • Cycling Ireland EGM votes against nominating Pat McQuaid for 3rd term as UCI president1 year 18 weeks agoMatt_S wrote:I wouldn't read

    Matt_S wrote:
    I wouldn't read too much into the Kelly thing. He was probably asked "Do you think McPaid should be booted out?", and he responded "Certainly not..." Which is pretty much the only thing he says (apart from "on the rivet", and "making the calculation") during Eurosport commentary.


    True. When he was riding Kelly was noted for nodding in response to a question during a radio interview!

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoJust watched the video thanks

    Just watched the video thanks to the free Wi-fi of Safeway in Trinidad Colorado during the rest break of day 5 of the Race Across America

    Good stuff Mike

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoThis comments thread is one

    This comments thread is one of the best things I've ever read.

    Well done, Mike - you made that look easy, not sure I'd still be smiling after 300 miles.

    And for what it's worth, I think acoustic tracks are ideal for this kind of journey. Save the electronica for crit racing videos.

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoDo you want some ointment for

    Do you want some ointment for that burn? Devil

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoHi Mike,sorry about the nasty

    Hi Mike,sorry about the nasty comment,i just thought it was a random video link for this site to fill up a slow news day,didnt realise you may reply
    If you like the music,its fine,i cant recommend anything because you'd probably hate it but maybe something instrumental? Kraftwerk?
    Apologies again,i wish i could delete my comment
    You are a great cyclist,i only wish i could reach your level,ive only managed 68 miles furthest so far but im working on it(lots of hills where i live!)
    all the best

  • TDS stage 81 year 18 weeks agoBoth my xfers scored

    Both my xfers scored zero....maybe demare will score tomorrow... Wink

  • Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX tyre1 year 18 weeks agoThis tyre should not be

    This tyre should not be compared to any other in all aspects - it really is in a different league.

    The ride quality is absolutely transformational but IME unfortunately the rear tire got slashed on the tread after 100kms so that the tire was a write off. Front seems okay but they are a bit sketchy in the wet, I think.

    Overall though, they are worth it if you have some clean roads as even the best of the rest - ZX, GP4000S etc just do not compare in terms of ride quality and I like both ZX and GP4000S!

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoHi ScotchPoth. Glad you like

    Hi ScotchPoth. Glad you like the vid. I've made a note - "must try harder with the music" - for next time. What's your preference? Mike

  • Buyer’s Guide to Saddles1 year 18 weeks agoThe first gen specialized

    The first gen specialized body geom was the most excruciating saddle I have ever tried. The most comfortable was a Vetta (circa 1997), it had a very flexible shell and wing type mounts at rear (like Richey have now). Many modern saddles have very flat shells, which in turn means the structure has little I-factor, so the shell has to be very stiff to be strong enough. The stiff edges restrict pedal motion, forcing the rider forward onto a smaller contact area.
    This is even more of a problem with cutout saddles, none of which I have tried, is comfortable.
    If the shell is too stiff and concentrates sit bone contact in too small an area, it can be just as uncomfortable as excessive perineal area pressure.

  • Cloud Chasing1 year 18 weeks agoTerrific blog post Myles -

    Terrific blog post Myles - thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.