• Sponsor Le Jour de France for a chance to win a Bryton GPS1 year 18 weeks agoCheers Mike

    Cheers Mike Smile

  • Feeling smug1 year 18 weeks agoGreat Stuff Bungle! Riding in

    Great Stuff Bungle!

    Riding in the Dales is immense! Nice work up Buttertubs.

    I think that shower hit just about everyone. I was riding over the tops between Hebden Bridge and Burnley and was totally exposed - lots of manly grimacing going on!

    My dad even mentioned a similar shower later that afternoon and he was walking in the Yorkshire Wolds so it looks like no one was safe. Cool

  • TOUR de FRANCE GAME1 year 18 weeks agoI'm in steve

    I'm in steve Big Grin

  • Glitchy Garmin ANT sensor1 year 18 weeks agoDefinitely sounds like

    Definitely sounds like dirty/wet connection issue. Pop the battery and flood it with WD40 empty it out and try it again other than that ‘how old? Warranty claim’ or a new one.

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks agoWell done Mike, very

    Well done Mike, very inspiring!

  • Bike food - recipies?1 year 18 weeks agoAnother recommendation for

    Another recommendation for the feed zone cookbook, there's all sorts of recipes in there for food on and of the bike

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks ago@Bez - wow, you have a great

    @Bez - wow, you have a great memory!

  • TOUR de FRANCE GAME1 year 18 weeks agoHow about doing it purist?

    How about doing it purist? sure that would please enrique Devil Laughing

  • Sponsor Le Jour de France for a chance to win a Bryton GPS1 year 18 weeks agoGood luck guys! Safe ride!

    Good luck guys! Safe ride!

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks ago@Roberj4. It sure does help

    @Roberj4. It sure does help to have a fast rolling bike! Lights were - Reflex (bike), Joystick (helmet) and the new "Blaze" for the rear (all by Exposure Lights). All this talk of lights.....oooh, I feel another night ride coming on! Smile

  • TOUR de FRANCE GAME1 year 18 weeks agoForgot to mention Enrique..

    Forgot to mention Enrique.. Its £10 to enter my league.... Phbbbbt!

  • Science In Sport GO Plus Nitrates Gel1 year 18 weeks agoWould have to be raw beet

    Would have to be raw beet root as cooking the beer root would get rid of the nitrate. You can eat any amount of pickled beet root and it would have no effect whatsoever. More advantageous is to eat rocket.

  • Alex Rasmussen1 year 18 weeks agowtf! had big hopes for him!

    wtf! had big hopes for him! lol

  • Police escort cyclist off M1 motorway1 year 18 weeks agoIn Spain you're allowed to

    In Spain you're allowed to ride on motorways (autovias) if there's no reasonable alternative.

    In fact, just yesterday I rode a two km stretch of the M501 - not the nicest of roads, must be said, but an unavoidable part of the loop I was doing.

  • Husband of cyclist killed by epileptic nun calls for tougher licensing of older drivers1 year 18 weeks agofearful of the potential

    fearful of the potential isolation and lack of independence they may suffer if they have to give up their car,

    FML, anyone would think we don't have a public transport system in this country.

    Millions of old people use public transport, the rest just have entitlement issues.

    The generation who are Facebook addicted will not likely fear isolation when they get old.

  • L'Eroica vintage sportive could form part of Peak District Festival of Cycling from 20141 year 18 weeks agoPre 1987 kit is fine but then

    Pre 1987 kit is fine but then why go and ban kit that was around pre 1987?!.

    So my retro Vitus build with campag record internally routed brake cables and 1986 look pedals can enter? WFT!?..

  • RITMO Rating1 year 18 weeks agoI'm a little annoyed with

    I'm a little annoyed with myself for signing up to this, just to see what the RiTMO thing was all about. It is essentially a clumsy, Strava-esque attempt to get punters to sign up into Cycling Weekley's online experience, with a gimmick called RiTMO.

    I don't understand how the RiTMO value is generated and therefore don't know how to make it better or worse. The interface is dated and links regularly drive you into parts of the CW website.

    There are also attempts to replicate the Strava badges for riding certain distances in a specified time period, which sit in the same part of the screen!

    I'll stick to Strava with it's nice interface and oodles of real data that make me think I'm better than I am!

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 18 weeks agostevemarks keeps it in the

    stevemarks keeps it in the family following up daughter nata1ia's Dauphine win by taking the Forum's Scorum's Tour Du Suisse.....the winner in that household will have a good shot at taking LeTour methinks?He led all the way from Stage 4.TERatcliffe took the purist section and bizarrely the last time these 2 guys were in the winners circle was in the Giro Del Trentino where TER took the standard and 'skidder' took the purist.

    Below are the standings with positional changes since 16/5/13(a month ago)


    1 Veelers Wheel Wig_Billy 14078
    2(+1) Ratcliffe26 TERatcliffe26 13101
    3(+1)Pharmacie Roulant Jonas Lorenzen 13036
    4(+5)skidders skeletons stevemarks 12830
    5(+1)Mostly Hopeless drheaton 12824
    6(+4)dum spiro lacesso simon F 12638
    7(NE)Team Cairns robacairns 12553
    8(-1)Queens Park Riders ray silvester 12552
    9(-4)The Pigeons chrisdstripes 12526
    10(NE)Les Miserables 2013 JAndrewHill 12513

    The big losers in the period have been Alan Tullett and NeilG83 who have fallen out of the top 10.

    next we have the current purist podium with their positions amongst all FS teams too

    1st (30) Veelers Wheel (Purist) Wig_Billy 10004
    2nd (38) Ratcliffe26 (Purist) TERatcliffe26 9020
    3rd (39) The Pigeons (Purist) chrisdstripes 8918

    Top 2 look familiar???

    And last but not least the Squeakers(non-payers):

    1st(53) EPO breaks nickobec 7350
    2nd(57) nataliaa nata1ia 7057
    3rd(58) Winona Riders chokofingrz 7044

    enrique's excuses lie only 10th amongst squeakers!!

  • Cycling Ireland EGM votes against nominating Pat McQuaid for 3rd term as UCI president1 year 18 weeks agoDoes Roche have any

    Does Roche have any credibility left at all? - his is now an opinion that I just don't want to hear.

    Dont they understand that Irish cycling will actually have grown in respect around the world for this stance.

    Oh and more importantly than the whole UCI / doping..in fact more important than ANY current world affair....WHY OH WHY is Kelly STILL on Eurosport?. Loved him on the bike but in the studio he actually makes me want to watch something else!...bowls perhaps...

  • Video: Mike Cotty's 300-mile training ride1 year 18 weeks ago"We're sure we could crack

    "We're sure we could crack off 300 miles in 19 hours too"

    Yeah, yeah, you turned down this one, though, didn't you Wink

    "With this long ride, are you preparing for a tilt at the Paris-Brest-Paris or Bordeaux-Paris run perhaps ?"

    They both seem a bit tame given that he's already done the Raid Pyrénéen (690km, 11000m) in under 31 hours...

    Can't wait to see what the next thing is.

  • Cloud Chasing1 year 18 weeks agoI am looking out of the

    I am looking out of the window at a grey, wet,miserable, windy day.... The forecast for this afternoon is better Wink Cue another coffee!

  • 2013 Road.cc Tourist Trophy1 year 18 weeks agoHome county: East

    Home county: East Sussex

    January: Surrey
    February: Kent
    March: Isle of Wight
    April: Dorset (and a tiny bit of Wiltshire)
    May: Perth & Kinross, Angus, Fife, Cumbria

    Stage 1 - Somerset & Wiltshire: 100 miles from Bath to Salisbury via Cheddar Gorge and Wells. Got 'lost' a couple of times, rained so hard between Bath and Cheddar that route notes disintegrated, and maps got wet.
    [I know I did a bit of Wiltshire in April but it was only a tiny bit, not a proper ride]

    Stage 2 - Wiltshire, Hampshire, West Sussex: Another 100 miles to get home from Salisbury. Technically Hampshire and West Sussex don't count as Jo is counting West & East Sussex as same place, and Hampshire is bordering West Sussex and I've used up all my neighbouring counties* already. But there were no trains home due to Southern Train banning all bikes on trains to Brighton due to London2Brighton charity bike ride, and I had to get home somehow. Gashed rear tyre on metal or glass near Southampton, patched it up best I could and hoped for the best. Got to Chichester and couldn't face the suburban sprawl of Littlehampton, Worthing, etc, so headed inland to Petworth and back via the countryside.

    *However I see rules state riding from home into a neighbouring county for max of two counties. Doesn't say anything about riding from the other side of a neighbouring county, through a neighbouring county and back into home county. Therefore I think I've found a loophole that allows me to claim Hampshire.

  • TRP Hy/Rd mechanical interface hydraulic disc brakes1 year 18 weeks agoI ordered these one week ago

    I ordered these one week ago and I am currently waiting for them to arrive. I am really looking forward to trying them, and I am pretty sure they will be a big step forward over my BB7s. However, I am not sure I like what I read about the long lever throw.
    The thing is that, if you read the product description in the websites of online bike stores, including the UK distributor, (not in TRP's website, though), it says "cable fixing position options optimize performance with 2.0 or 2.5 ratio levers". Thus, it seems cable pull can be adjusted depending on how and where you clamp the cable. Do you have any further info on this? Maybe pinching the cable to the inner side of the bolt helps? Would that be possible?


  • Not available1 year 18 weeks ago£2000?


  • Tour de France roster1 year 18 weeks agostevemarks wrote:JAndrewHill

    stevemarks wrote:
    JAndrewHill wrote:
    Gkam84 wrote:
    Ok, with the final changes made...

    Andy Schleck (DS): 9.2
    Tyler Farrar (AR): 21.4
    Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (KM): 25.3

    There are 3 for you. Notice that Schleck's value has gone up, thanks to his points in the TdS Big Grin

    I spy
    with my little eye
    Quite a bargain for a purist team !

    Yes I am going to have Farrar in my team too along with Gossy......

    Big Grin Liar Big Grin

    And i hear Shrek's TT'ing has improved!! My team is starting to take shape....as long as it's not windy I'll be fine!!