• Omnimoan: Road Conditions1 year 18 weeks agoIf Thatcher and Major

    If Thatcher and Major kickstarted the decline, the New Labour government certainly helped it along, and late Labour/early current government slashing council budgets means less rescources to even patch things.

    Problem is that "Fundamental rebuilding of the entire road network moving and upgrading the utilities underneath" would be a highly expensive and cucially deeply unsexy national infrastructure project.

    In an ideal world, we'd not just carry out such a project, but we'd use it as an opportunity to have the roads redone to modern dutch standards whilst we were going about it... perhaps install better integrated public transport facilities (more trams, better bus facilities) and rid us of level crossings at the same time. Anyone got a few spare £10billions we could use? Maybe mug the likes of Bill Gates?

  • Why SRAM believe hydraulic brakes are the future1 year 18 weeks agoSuper Domestique

    Super Domestique wrote:
    Sticking with the pro peloton, as some of us like what the pros ride, do you guys think the pros want discs or hydro rim brakes?

    Just thinking in terms of wheel changes, etc.

    Disc pads can be harder to avoid rubbing than on a rim brake during a quick change for eg.

    Shouldn't be a problem with modern hydraulic systems, they basically self-centre - assuming you don't completely screw up putting the wheel in, that is.

    I'd have thought the pros would want discs for the long mountain stages, particularly the ones with big descents or if rain is forecast. Give it a couple of years, and I won't be surprised to see all but the TT stages using disc equipped bikes, the clear advantages and (very) few disadvantages mean rim brakes will slowly but surely disappear.

    And personal peeve about threads whenever this topic comes up: "decent" is not the same as "descent" Angry

  • Storck bikes get Worldwide Custom Division1 year 18 weeks agoThat Aero 2 IS would look

    That Aero 2 IS would look stunning with most (or all) of those logos removed

  • Cannondale launch Synapse Hi-Mod1 year 18 weeks agopersonalized test bikes ...

    personalized test bikes ... almost. Nice Smile

  • Law firm launches campaign for 'strict liability' in Scotland in cases involving cyclists1 year 18 weeks agoSuperb shout. Here's hoping

    Superb shout. Here's hoping it catches on down south.

  • Law firm launches campaign for 'strict liability' in Scotland in cases involving cyclists1 year 18 weeks agoAnd in your 'idiot' moments,

    And in your 'idiot' moments, the driver would no-doubt have been able to prove that you were at fault... so it wouldnt be a problem.

    It works fine in Europe and appears to make perfect sense. Also, in the absence of a better suggestion (cycling related road death numbers aren't getting better anytime soon), I can't see a problem with it.

    Friends that live abroad are perfectly happy with this arrangement and as a result both drive and cycle more caustiouosly as a direct result, making for a more pleasant experience for all road users including the pedestrian.

  • Four arrests after car occupant pushes Oxford cyclist from bike1 year 18 weeks agoA lesson needs to be learned

    A lesson needs to be learned for this type of behavior by offenders, let's hope a strong message is sent, not holding my breath though.

  • Enigma launch Evoke Titanium road bike with disc brakes1 year 18 weeks agoDelta brakes are mind

    Delta brakes are mind smashingly beautiful and deeply pants. Campag brakes back them were heavy and you had to have forearms like Popeye to use them. A fantastic ornament.

    I saw the Enigma stand and that bike is an absolute killer. Having owned Enigmas I can vouch for fantastic service and beautiful bikery.

  • Fleche Wallonne1 year 18 weeks agoChris goto the competitions

    Chris goto the competitions tab and select spring classics! And good luck

  • Cannondale launch Synapse Hi-Mod1 year 18 weeks agoThis is probably the nicest

    This is probably the nicest of all 'endurance' style bikes at the moment. Their considerable investment looks like they think this is the future of bikes for most punters... Have fun testing

  • SRAM launch Red and Force 22 groupsets1 year 18 weeks agoRe 130/135 - so now we don't

    Re 130/135 - so now we don't just have to buy a new groupset, we need to buy a new frame?? Talk about planned obsolescence. This is ridiculous.

  • Fleche Wallonne1 year 18 weeks agoHELP!! Playing Standard game

    HELP!! Playing Standard game but only option last night (when game not available due to updating) and this morning is to pick a whole new Giro team. Where has Flèche gone? Where have my Amstel team gone? Sad

  • Early Riser cycling and music festival coming to the New Forest in August1 year 18 weeks agoThis looks amazing with some

    This looks amazing with some great bands! My children will love it too, Sid and Andy! We will certainly be there, a great alternative to RideLondon which many missed out on Day Dreaming

  • Fleche Wallonne1 year 18 weeks agoTERatcliffe26

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Apologies, it must have been my fault when I was re-updating Trentino, however I don't know why it took so long

    No worries TER! Bit tired now tho Wink
    Picked my Fleche team early, but then had 2 riders drop out (sod's law), hence trying to get back in last night.
    Mainly gone with explosive climbers for the steep finish, rather than canny Dutch/Belgian guys that know the territory - could well be a mistake. Quintana was the one guy I think I might regret avoiding tho'...

    Have a gut feeling today is going to go really badly, my Trentino team especially looks really poor! For Fleche...

    G Caruso
    J Simon
    Denifl (random guess for the break...)

  • Hell Is Other People1 year 18 weeks agoWas my third time doing the

    Was my third time doing the 50km HONC and by far the hardest, agree the slippy mud on top of grass was the worst, had so much wheel-spin some sections my back wheel probably did more like 55km Tongue And the headwind was brutal, what was a 30mph+ freewheel descent previous times was a 10mph pedally slog this time.
    Happy I did it in hindsight but can't say I actually enjoyed it much on the day - def only riding it in future if it's been dry for a couple of weeks beforehand!
    Really well organised though, puts most sportives to shame and is a bargain to enter with proceeds going to charity rather than someone's pocket.

  • Hell Is Other People1 year 18 weeks agoyou were strong like ox, ol'

    you were strong like ox, ol' fixie guy...

  • Pulled by the fuzz1 year 18 weeks agoKarbon Kev wrote:The highway

    Karbon Kev wrote:
    The highway code to a policeman should be the same as 'the knowledge' is to a cabbie ...

    Hmm - shouldn't a cabbie know the highway code, too? Or is that too much to ask?

  • Law firm launches campaign for 'strict liability' in Scotland in cases involving cyclists1 year 18 weeks agoHow about "no fault"

    How about "no fault" insurance for bicycles and cars. Saves a lot on lawyers fees, and would protect cyclists who on average take the blame when the true cause is not able to be determined.

  • SRAM launch Red and Force 22 groupsets1 year 18 weeks agoThose levers really are

    Those levers really are hideous. They should have waited until they had electronic shifting sorted and hopefully be able to get it all in a neater package.

  • Fantasy Cycling Calendar1 year 18 weeks agoOn the subject of splitting

    On the subject of splitting up the classics to avoid confusion, I think the reminder emails could be a bit more explicit for new purist players like myself. For example, I received this:

    "We've made the final changes to the start roster, there are six free transfers available from your Amstel Gold Race team."

    Maybe add a line that this is not for purist players. I understand now but didn't a while ago - think you just need to be careful around the wording of "free transfers" compared to "unlimited transfers".

  • Hell Is Other People1 year 18 weeks agoYeah Dave, even ol' fixie guy

    Yeah Dave, even ol' fixie guy managed 16:30! Cool

  • Cannondale launch Synapse Hi-Mod1 year 18 weeks agoThey spelt your name wrong on

    They spelt your name wrong on the top tube...

  • Proviz wins Red Dot design award1 year 18 weeks agoCosts 210 euros to be

    Costs 210 euros to be considered for red dot, then 3100 euros more for the "winners package". Thinking Anyway, fun over, bedtime.


  • Proviz wins Red Dot design award1 year 18 weeks agoActually, while I'm at it, I

    Actually, while I'm at it, I refer you to the other red dot "winner" story I can see on this page, a bike frame that has a saddle that pivots down to the back wheel for locking purposes. It's idiotic, of course (heavy, expensive, adds many new failure points and doesn't even actually secure the bike). Just how bad would an idea have to be to fail to get a prestigious red dot?


  • Proviz wins Red Dot design award1 year 18 weeks agoA search for Proviz on the

    A search for Proviz on the red dot website returns Keine Ergebnisse (nothing).

    Lost in the crowd maybe - there are thousands of red dot "winners" - you submit an application and 1 in 6 win.

    The blue triangle is photographed against a black background. Presumably it is only brighter than a good l.e.d. for those who cycle against black backgrounds.

    Sorry to pour scorn on the marketing but rear visibility is not actually a problem at the moment. I'd rather we saved design awards for better street design, not for start-ups marketing their cycle-danger knick-knacks.