• Former Royal Marine to ride Land's End to John O'Groats - on 1947 butcher's bike1 year 10 weeks agoDoes anyone know of a link to

    Does anyone know of a link to Donate? would be a useful addition to the article! Good Luck Nigel!!

  • Marianne Vos: I'm like a kid waiting for her birthday, I'm so excited about La Course by Le Tour TODAY1 year 10 weeks agoYorkshie Whippet wrote: Let's

    Yorkshie Whippet wrote:

    Let's look at it another way. Why don't you go away and look at the massive leap forward that was taken this year, instead of the negativity of what's missing.
    For the first time ever,
    1. women raced on the Champs.
    2. on the same ay as the men
    3. on the same day as the last stage of the biggest annaul sporting event in the world
    4. got tv coverage, that was live during the day.
    5. showed the world that female racing is as good or better than mens.

    Ultimately, you still have not justified calling Prudhome a sexist. He's done more for women racing this year than the last 100 years of le Tour.

    Not to be nitpicky, although I will, it's not actually the first time ever that women raced on the Champs, on the same day as the men, etc. The original Tour de France Féminin that was replaced multiple times by shorter races, axed, etc finished on the Champs when it was first held in 1984 up until, I think, 1988. It also covered some of the route before the men came through, approx 700 miles. 1984 Maillot Jaune winner Marianne Martin stood on the podium in Paris alongside Laurent Fignon with Maria Canins doing the same alongside Bernard Hinault the following year.

    Of course, there was no live coverage and few were probably aware of it happening apart from those who lined the TdF routes that the women were also using an hour or so before, so that's the major difference between then and La Course now. It's probably a leap forward in terms of where women's cycling is now particularly in trying to encourage a worldwide audience (therefore, encouraging sponsors for women's races), but certainly not much when considering where it could be or has been before.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agoThe 'occasional' summer

    The 'occasional' summer cyclists; kind of entertaining in a scary sort of way Surprise . Only a few more weeks and they'll be hibernating again.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agojacknorell wrote:kcr

    jacknorell wrote:
    kcr wrote:
    Perhaps we should start challenging the "cyclists give themselves a bad name" statement, instead of repeating it, and point out the road users who are really earning themselves a bad name by actually causing accidents, injuries and deaths?


    Because for most other road users it's not about the deaths and injuries but about their everyday life, and their 'perception' of what cyclists do (wrong). IMHO opinion it's highlighted to the larger and majority groups, i.e. motorists and pedestrians.

    As the minority I suggest that cyclists need to be seen to be squeakier clean to get a better hearing amongst that majority and stop portraying the motorist in general as 'the enemy'. An acceptance that there is a lot of bad cycling going on (as any reasonable motorist accepts in their case) may go some way to a better understanding and hearing.

  • Mavic set to release Aksium One Disc and Ksyrium Pro Disc wheels in 20151 year 10 weeks agoajmarshal1 wrote:Never mind

    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    Never mind that. A Rose Xeon disc? My interest is piqued.

    There's already one. It's a Rose Xeon DX.

  • Carrera TDF Limited Edition 2014 Reviews/Thoughts???1 year 10 weeks ago+1 for the Decathlon Tribans,

    +1 for the Decathlon Tribans, they are great bikes and you should definitely take a look. A very worthy alternative.

    I bet the TDF would be a fine bike too, for the money, but they really aren't worth £599 so don't be fooled by that marketing trick. £599 would get you a very decent Felt bike, and come mid-August lots of £800+ bikes will be on sale for around £600 too.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agomrmo wrote:Something else I

    mrmo wrote:
    Something else I have noticed is London is full of ***** be they on bikes or in cars, I get the impression that no one actually bothers with any traffic regulations, and it does seem far worse than other places I have been to in the UK?

    Virtually the only time I see metropolitan police they're either parked by the side of the road or blue lights hurrying away somewhere.

    OK, so see the occasional other vehicles, but they're never ANPR marked, so not traffic police.

    It's been months since I saw anyone pulled over.

  • Feel the pain of overweight cyclists1 year 10 weeks agoWhen I got back on my bike, a

    When I got back on my bike, a few years ago, I was heavy (100-ish KG). I started riding to work everyday, and though my body shape started to change relatively quickly, it took a long time to lose that weight. I'm still 78KG - I think that's my natural weight without stepping up the training to an intense level - but I have very few problems getting up hills now or keeping up with the fastest of club riders. I did a bunch of cat 3 and 4 climbs on Sunday, and made it up them all without any trouble (don't get me wrong, it still wasn't pretty, but it never will be -- I think it's like Lemond said, it doesn't get any easier, you just go faster).

    Anyway, what I found was that when you start cycling regularly, you get a big appetite. You need to reign that in as quickly as you can, while making sure you do actually consume enough energy to do what you need to do without feeling tired/burnt out. Eat porridge, cereal, fruit, pasta, healthy meals etc. Don't use your cycling as an excuse to eat cakes/doughnuts/lardy breakfasts, though the occasional slip here and there won't hurt -- just keep it as a rare treat. Don't eat giant portions either, that's another easy trap to fall in to, and probably the main reason it took me so long to start losing weight. I'd also recommend avoiding alcohol as much as you can.

    As for technique, I spin at high cadence up the hills -- I try and keep it at 100rpm as long as possible, but I'll slip to 90rpm at about 7%, and by 12-15% I'm down to 70 or less. However, I've got a good set of lungs (I do a fair bit of running too), and spinning draws on your lung capacity more than grinding would. It means your chest burns more than your muscles. If you can't do that, just grind out the low rpms. I stay seated and steady as much as possible -- standing gives you a nice boost, but uses way more energy and will burn your thighs. If you stand up to grab a bit of momentum/acceleration, sit down and get back in to your rhythm as quickly as possible. That rhythm is what gets you up a big hill in one piece

    Also, I ride a 10KG alloy bike with heavy wheels -- that's useful, because if I'm slow up a hill, I can blame the bike Smile

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agoBecause they are vulnerable

    Because they are vulnerable and a easy target.

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 year 10 weeks ago7 Jan 1 Point 108km 9 Jan

    7 Jan 1 Point 108km
    9 Jan 1 Point 117km
    13 Jan 1 Point 161km
    16 Jan 1 Point 108km
    16 Feb 1 Point 102km
    22 Feb 1 Point 105km
    06 Mar 1 point 123km
    11 Mar 1 Point 132km
    18 Mar 1 Point 131km
    14 April 1 point 148km
    25 April 1 point 112km
    12 May 1 point 116km
    27 May 1 point 123km
    09 June 1 point 141km
    17 June 1 point 151km
    28 July 1 point 152km

    Total Points 16
    Total KM 2027

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agokcr wrote:Perhaps we should

    kcr wrote:
    Perhaps we should start challenging the "cyclists give themselves a bad name" statement, instead of repeating it, and point out the road users who are really earning themselves a bad name by actually causing accidents, injuries and deaths?


  • Newbie looking for first road bike up to £1,500 - Possibly the Felt Z5 but after opinions1 year 10 weeks agoI think £1500 is quite a lot

    I think £1500 is quite a lot to spend on a 'first bike'. You can get a perfectly good bike, for the purpose you describe, for much less than that. You could get an off-the-peg popular bike, like the Allez for example, use it for a year then sell it on eBay (probably for 2/3's what you paid for it) if you then wanted to upgrade. By then you'll have a much better idea of what is really important to you on a bike.

    Security is important too if you are commuting. The more you spend on a bike the more attractive it is to bike thieves. I wouldn't leave a £1000+ bike out of my sight for more than a few seconds. For commuting and shopping I use a Piccadilly Vertigo that cost £125 from Tesco.

    Don't dismiss Tiagra in favour of 105 either. Tiagra is absolutely fine for recreational and commuting rides. It may be slightly heavier but then it is more robust than 105. 'Lighter' often means less longevity and more maintenance.

    My current cyclocross bike has Tiagra and when I also had a Roubaix Expert with Ultegra I could barely tell the difference between them as far as changing gear was concerned. They both worked extremely well. The Ultegra looked nicer though.

    The new 'big thing' is of course disc brakes. The ability to stop quicker in all conditions would be more important to me than say carbon over ally or the fancier group-set. My next upgrade will be primarily motivated by my desire for disc brakes.

    Always consider the possible resale value of a bike too for when you might want to upgrade later. The 'big name' bikes will probably hold their value better because there is likely to be more demand for them. What you save on buying something obscure now, which appears to be 'great value', may well be lost when you sell it on. Think depreciation rates for Audi and BMW against those of Vauxhall for example.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving1 year 10 weeks agoHe shouldn't be allowed to

    He shouldn't be allowed to continue in his capacity as a councilor following this incident. It speaks volumes for his ability to make the right decisions for people in his local area.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agoEveryday I see people using

    Everyday I see people using various methods of transport with little consideration to others, whether they be more or less vulnerable than themselves.

    I constantly see pedestrians walk into roads either staring into their mobile or in another world with it glued to their ear, completely oblivious to their surroundings. I see the same with vehicle drivers constantly looking at (the obvious mobile in) their lap.

    I see cyclists who jump red lights (doing a very very late "amber gamble") or position themselves in unsafe places. 'Shoaling' I've heard it termed as: slow cyclists that cut right in front of you while waiting at the lights so when you pull off, you have to take extra action to pull around them.

    When it comes down to it, its not 'cyclists', or 'drivers' but people. A lot of people are arseholes and act exactly the same no matter what form of transport they use. Constantly framing it in tribalist terms is non-constructive and provides no solutions.

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving1 year 10 weeks agohttp://www.cravendc.gov.uk/ar

    Most noteworthy, Vice Chairman of Standards !!

  • Decent (Enough) Short-Duration Locks1 year 10 weeks agoThose Defcon locks look like

    Those Defcon locks look like they're good fun & compact.
    I think I'll check those out.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agoEebijeebi wrote: anti

    Eebijeebi wrote:
    anti car/driver jihadists

    Eebijeebi wrote:

    I for one won't be beaten down by zealotry.

    When language like this is used, it makes me think you are the one with the chip on your shoulder.

    Eebijeebi wrote:
    It is a sad fact

    These usually aren't facts.

  • Anti-cycling Dales councillor banned for drink driving1 year 10 weeks agozanf wrote: You know there

    zanf wrote:

    You know there are other reasons he could have stopped other than out of compassion or his incredible first aider skills (you would guess that paramedics would have been in attendance if the police were there)?

    At no point does it state police was there when the councillor stopped, so you're making assumptions.

    He's clearly a knob for drinking and driving, and has some very strange ideas about cyclists.

    But he's probably not the devil incarnate and responsible for all cycling problems ever, which some people on here are implying.

  • Shand produce handbuilt Hoy keirin bike1 year 10 weeks agoHubba hubba

    Hubba hubba

  • Mavic set to release Aksium One Disc and Ksyrium Pro Disc wheels in 20151 year 10 weeks agoNever mind that. A Rose Xeon

    Never mind that. A Rose Xeon disc? My interest is piqued.

  • Video: Europcar's Kévin Réza picks up fan's helmet cam1 year 10 weeks agoI know this is hardly

    I know this is hardly breaking news and the current rash of onboard cameras only serve to reinforce it but, from someone who has never raced, these fellas dont half shift do they?
    They are just ambling along and not even trying and are going faster than i can ever even imagine.

  • Giro Empire shoes1 year 10 weeks agoTaylor Phinney made these

    Taylor Phinney made these achingly cool. Then Bradley got his feet in them and all coolness was erased.

    The horror.

    (I still think they're a very pretty shoe though. Grudgingly)

  • Shand produce handbuilt Hoy keirin bike1 year 10 weeks agoBeautifully built frame but

    Beautifully built frame but 'Keirin'? A look at NJS keirin bike frames in japan suggest that, nice though they are, fillet brazed frames would not cut the mustard. I would love one of these Hoy - Shand frames though.

  • So why do cyclists get a bad name?1 year 10 weeks agoStats - don't you just love

    Stats - don't you just love 'em.

    9 out of 168 ATS accidents caused by cyclists. Put that into the proportion of cycles/vehicles and I doubt it will look good as a percentage of users.

    I like this site but it does seem to have a disproportionate number of anti car/driver jihadists (at least that post), and I for one won't be beaten down by zealotry.

    It is a sad fact, as both a cyclist and a driver, that I witness more and more inappropriate behavior by cyclists every day. I also witness more and more bad driving every day.

    Imagine what they'd be saying on a pedestrians site?

  • Nice Novice road routes in North Essex / Suffolk area1 year 10 weeks agoI'd recommend you find a

    I'd recommend you find a local club and go on the club runs with them. The club I'm a member of (SE London, not Essex) does a run specifically aimed at novice/new riders, so usually shorter than our regular runs and at a comfortable pace. The roads we use are generally light on the traffic. And they are a "try before you buy", so you don't have to join the club immediately. Try British Cycling club finder.