• Video: "Excessive force" - Florida cop takes down Critical Mass cyclist1 year 11 weeks agoMKultra wrote:[There is no

    MKultra wrote:
    There is no fair play involved as he used a choke hold and then persisted in trying to force the guys head down with an arm across his neck. Only when he noticed the camera did he stop trying to choke the piss out of him with the first choke hold.

    I don't care if the guy committed a breach of the peace or robbed a bank it's simply not acceptable to use neck pressure to restrain people.

Oh for goodness sake get a life man, control the head and you have total control of the person, its common practice unless of course your willing to stand toe to toe wrestling with someone violent because we mustn't touch the precious head.

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks agoNot bad Mr Froome, i ended up

    Not bad Mr Froome, i ended up with 1,2,4,18 plus brandle.

  • Sneak peek: Holdsworth to launch steel Heritage range1 year 11 weeks agoGreat to see steel frames

    Great to see steel frames again that offer fixed, free or gear options in one unit, if only I could afford.

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 11 weeks agodrmatthewhardy wrote:It gets

    For some reason I find this comment quite depressing:

    "She drives a very fancy car. I think that is what saved her children's' lives."

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 11 weeks agoI think the issue is moreover

    I think the issue is moreover that of entitlement. These stickers add to that sense of entitlement and are percieved by some to shift the responsibility of checking that no one is passing them on the left to the person passing on the left to not do so, despite most infrastructure encouranging/demanding cyclists use them. If a bus needs to pull in to a bus stop, then it is their responsibility to ensure that there is no one using the cycle lane when doing so.

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 11 weeks agophy2sll wrote:Shouldn't it be

    phy2sll wrote:
    Shouldn't it be "Hair salon involved in collision with car"?

    Are we sure the salon wasn't attempting to pass the car on the left?

  • No plans for cycle hire scheme in Greater Manchester1 year 11 weeks agodp24 wrote:'Other cycling

    dp24 wrote:
    'Other cycling initiatives' = a bit of green paint on roads

    Nope, the green paint will be the facilities we are left with when the "other cycling initiatives" turn out to be backhanders and over blown "consultancy fees" paid to a select group of companies that happen to have friends in low places at the council.

  • Roads Minister to look into harsher penalties as study finds texting at the wheel more dangerous than drink driving1 year 11 weeks agosimon.thornton wrote:Sloppy.

    simon.thornton wrote:
    Sloppy. Very Sloppy.
    Reduced reaction time is the least of the worries about driving with a skin full.
    A habitual drunk might use this select comparison to reduce their feeling of guilt.
    But looking at this positively, we can save some time and money here.
    Keeping a careful eye out for organisations with too much time on their hands is the safest
    way to identify where the next round of 15% budget cuts should be applied ..

    I don't quite understand your point. The limit for drinking and driving is set a lot lower than 'a skinful' and reduced reaction times are a big reason why it is where it is. Its not just the totally-out-of-it drunks we don't want driving.

    Surely all the study is saying is that compared with those driving 'under the influence' and slightly over the limit (who are legally prohibited from driving because they aren't safe), texting has a very bad effect.

    Though I'm thinking you do highlight a possible reason why the state has been able to come down fairly hard on drink driving. That is, its precisely _because_ at the most extreme end its usually obvious to everyone, even the run-of-the-mill bad-driver, that there's a problem, and that those totally-pissed drivers are a menace to everyone.

    What happened, I guess, is that they started from there and then progressively moved the limit down.

    Perhaps if alcohol only ever had the less-obvious-but-still-deadly influence it has at the lower end of the limit it would never have been possible to crack down on it as we have. Which might indicate its going to be harder to deal with phone-use.

  • No plans for cycle hire scheme in Greater Manchester1 year 11 weeks agoWe're being sold a pup with

    We're being sold a pup with the Oxford Road nonsense, an absolute pup.

    It's not an improvement for cyclists, just some token, badly planned out shite as per usual.

    The only people that will be benefiting from this is the bus companies. Private companies profiting from public money, it's a disgrace.

  • Sir Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome doesn't pick Sky Tour de France team - I do1 year 11 weeks agoConsidering Froome's fiancee

    Considering Froome's fiancee first tweeted this phrase to Cathy Wiggins in 2012 referring to a Froome Dog as a loyal servant, it's interesting how its use has changed through the media in time.

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 11 weeks agoShouldn't it be "Hair salon

    Shouldn't it be "Hair salon involved in collision with car"?

  • Sir Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome doesn't pick Sky Tour de France team - I do1 year 11 weeks agoIf I was pushed for where my

    If I was pushed for where my support lies between these two, it would be to back Wiggins. It seems such a shame that there will be 180 cyclists starting in Leeds who don't have his strength or experience, but he has to sit out for the team dynamic and politics not voluntarily, like those who had a good ride in Italy, like Quintana.

    Putting the emotion of the above aside, I can't help thinking that Froome is pushing his position much better by his performances at the CDD, than Wiggins media outbursts on Friday. That said, If Wiggins still wants to watch the Tour in Yorkshire, I'd be happy to buy him a pint.

  • fish and chips versus energy bars1 year 11 weeks agobashthebox wrote:Aye, look at

    bashthebox wrote:
    Aye, look at the Froome lad, all skin and bones, he needs to eat a few meat pies, he'd get up them mountains much faster if he did.
    And what's wrong with riding steel bikes with downtube shifters? While we're at it, fuel those riders with brandy and amphetamines, like our Tommy Simpson did.

    We are not all racers so why do some of us fuel ourselves like we are?

    If the point of non-competitive cycling is to enjoy the experience why not enjoy the part of the experience that requires you to fuel up? Eat normal enjoyable food. Have a pint of shandy - the darn stuff Radler is named after cyclists in Germany -, pie and chips, pot tea, slice of cake, and enjoy your riding.

    Chances are is you ain't a trained athlete with a trained athletes gut then eating gels and supping energy drinks and whatnot, if you ain't used to 'em, will just upset your stomach and spoil your day.

    but then I'm a tourer not a racer....

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 11 weeks agoIt gets worse... it was an

    It gets worse... it was an autistic cyclist, and the driver had 5 kids in the car!


  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 11 weeks agoSo when are buses getting

    So when are buses getting pedestrian and cyclist detection and collision avoidance systems to prevent the morons that sometimes drive them from coming good on their threats?

    Fixing road safety with these stickers is like trying to repair a broken collar bone with elastoplast.

  • Geraint Thomas says he doesn't envy Brailsford having to make Wiggins Tour de France call1 year 11 weeks agochiv30 wrote:wiggo basically

    chiv30 wrote:
    wiggo basically taking himself out of the TdF not DB .....
    it's their idol wiggo that's the problem and nobody else ....

    Did someone mention prima donna? Waiting

    Don't think that's quite fair, is it? In the interview he's saying as it stands there's no place for him. DB now saying 'team not finalised', this doesn't necessarily contradict and I imagine Wiggins knows more than we do, esp. as its widely understood Froome has a say in selecting the team. He has repeatedly said he wants to be in the TDF starting in Yorkshire, I've no reason to disbelieve that. As others have said, he's an honest guy and speaks his mind. A PR nightmare, I'm sure, but better than releasing a book just before the tour which slags off his rival, like Froome has done.

    It seems likely Froome doesn't want him undermining his chances as a leader of the team, as Froome appeared to do to Wiggins when he attacked him in 2012.

    So if he's not picked, then its a decision based on egos and personality rather than form alone. A shame as Wiggins can destroy a peloton uphill, look what he did at tour of California. That would be so useful to Froome if he could get over his issues.

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks ago1,8,16 + kom and sprint for

    1,8,16 + kom and sprint for brandle

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks ago1,2,8,16


  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks ago1,2,4,16 Intxausti and Spilak

    1,2,4,16 Intxausti and Spilak went missing

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks agoUnbelievable ending to the

    Unbelievable ending to the stage!

    Get in there Froome! And totally awesome to see Adam Yates up there in 8th.

    Team did alright, but realised all through the final climb that Kelderman would have been a much better choice for both standard and purist teams than Nibali.

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks agoGreat finish! 1,2,4,7,9 for

    Great finish!

    1,2,4,7,9 for me I think, but loads of pens.

    Just stage-hunting this week, I'm not taking things as seriously as I did last season when I was trying to get as high as I could overall. My philosophy is that if I'm doing well after two days then I'll take the race seriously, if not then I'll have a bit of fun, take some risks and not worry about my overall position.

    Don't know where Spilak disappeared to...

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks agoYep chapeau

    Yep Applause Applause chapeau

  • Frameset1 year 11 weeks agoKinesis gran fondo, and

    Kinesis gran fondo, and excellent do it all bike.
    It's light, has mudguard and rack fittings.

    It's fast and comfortable too + you can build it up with all your favorite parts

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 11 weeks agoWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROOOOOOME!



    That was amazing!

  • Video: Cyclist appeals for help in identifying rider who crashed into him in West London1 year 11 weeks agoI was in london last week,

    I was in london last week, and had the 'pleasure' of riding along 'CS3' for a bit... it was awful, it was like playing Russian roulette.

    Who had right of way, would that actually matter? Why is that guy cycling to me on my side of the road?... oh actually, no, I'm supposed to be on the right here.... etc. etc.

    For the journey back towards Paddington I went via the roads... far less stressful.

    My point being... its probably more the infrastructure than any wild cannon cyclist.