• Greg LeMond: Lance Armstrong should be in jail... and was top 30 rider at best1 year 14 weeks agoI think Greg's performances

    I think Greg's performances were great. I love the way he came back from an accidental hunting gunshot wound to the lung to win TdF.

    It is however important to remember that we live in a world of human beings, whatever superhero status they may have they are still human. I read the infamous Sports Illustrated article below. I read the improbable account about iron injections alone giving Greg a tremendous boost. I understand that EPO must be given along with iron to allow new blood cells to be built, but iron alone does not stimulate stimulate incredible new red blood cell growth. The season in question was the season just prior to general release of EPO to the public. The possibility that gunshot wounded Greg was used as a guinea pig seems credible, although he would still carry some responsibility even if that were so.

    To be honest what I see when I read the article is Greg trying to admit that something incredible or miraculous happened by taking the iron shots. Through this admission he achieves penance, because he has stated all that he knew with absolute certainty, while leaving it up to the listener to consider the same doubts that he himself might have harbored.


    " LeMond had a second injection of iron and started feeling stronger. He actually stayed within shouting distance of the leaders on a late mountain stage of the Tour of Italy, which was such a morale booster that he wanted an all-out test. Being hopelessly out of contention in the overall standings, LeMond decided to go for broke in the final stage of the Tour of Italy, an individual time trial of just under 34 miles. He would hold nothing back, start to finish. If he ran out of gas — "blew up," in cycling parlance — so be it. But LeMond didn't blow up. He finished second, a whopping minute and 18 seconds ahead of Fignon, the overall winner. "It changed my entire outlook," says LeMond. "Obviously, there was nothing wrong with me physically.""

  • Your greatest achievement on the bike?1 year 14 weeks agosnappyandrew wrote:only been

    snappyandrew wrote:
    only been cycling since August 2012 so doing the RideLondon under 5 hours was mine.

    (whispers) Barsteward.

  • Changes to road design could improve the safety of cyclists1 year 14 weeks agoI live near a crossroads

    I live near a crossroads where the behaviour of cyclists has been "constrained" by engineers who thought they knew where cyclists needed to go. Unfortunately, they seem to have assumed that no cyclists live on the hill where I and quite a few other cyclists live. Three of the four roads that meet at this junction have parallel cycle paths. The fourth road doesn't have one. I need to turn into this fourth road very regularly to get home, but the entire junction has been designed so that cyclists cannot leave the cycle path network and join this road without dismounting and using pedestrian crossings. So I have no legal way to get home on my bike unless I use the roads rather than the cycle paths to approach or leave this junction. So that's what I do. It saves me dismounting, crossing as a pedestrian, remounting and then doing a standing start on a slope. I'm pretty sure my behaviour is predictable for motorists when they see me in front of them before we reach the junction and they start concentrating on multiple traffic streams. I'm in the correct lane, I'm ready to heed the same traffic signals as they are, I'm signalling my intentions and everybody knows what's going to happen. In fact, I think I'm WAY more predictable than a lot of the other cyclists I see at this junction - plenty of cyclists revert to "wheeled pedestrian" mode on the junction arm that has no cycle paths, so it's hard to know what they are going to do: will they mount a footpath, roll across a pedestrian crossing on green and then a second one on red, or will they skip the RLJ at a crossing they aren't supposed to use anyway and stay on the footpath and ride up the hill on the narrow footpath on the wrong side of the road? Hard to tell.

    You won't get predictable cycling if you build segregated infrastructure that isn't seamlessly integrated with non-segregated infrastructure where it needs to be. Constraining cyclists behaviour doesn't work when it constrains their ability to make journeys efficently for no good reason. People just find their own hopelessly unpredictable workarounds, some more or less legal and others illegal, and continue to follow their desire lines.

  • Buyer’s guide: Mudguards for keeping you dry this winter1 year 14 weeks agoIf you do much group riding,

    If you do much group riding, you'll need better mud flaps on all of those.

  • Mavic SSC brakes - in original box1 year 14 weeks agoyhm


  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoI'm pretty sure I claim the

    I'm pretty sure I claim the whole lane there, sod anyone behind me, then join in with the onwards moving traffic. But I have felt pressured by the other road users to be somewhere else. Unfortunately with a road layout like that you have to be thinking ahead and riding assertively, and it only takes a few moments of uncertainty to end up in an unsafe position.

    Of course, that's also a bit of a hill there too, so a (rather unobservant) driver approaching from behind could miss the cyclist slowing down and falling into their manoeuvring space.

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoI hope the woman makes a good

    I hope the woman makes a good recovery despite what sound like horrific injuries.

    Possibly pedantic and possibly wrong but that looks like a roll off skip truck to me not a tipper - no big deal both construction related, both often paid by the load and expected to be at site at specific times and take a lot of road space to turn.

  • Buyer’s guide: Mudguards for keeping you dry this winter1 year 14 weeks agoNeil753 wrote:I bought some

    Neil753 wrote:
    I bought some Daniel Salmon Super Profil aluminium mudguards, about 30 years ago, and they still look very modern.

    Yeh me too, nice robust piece of kit but the alloy stay clips wear out eventually and are costly to replace (if you can get 'em).

  • Just In: Garmin Edge Touring1 year 14 weeks agoAre you sure about the

    Are you sure about the cadence capability with the Touring Plus, even via ANT+? Garmin website says No ??

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoFFS, not again. Ban these

    FFS, not again.

    Ban these death-chariots from rush hour traffic, at least.

  • Horse riders ask New Forest Show to stop renting car parking to sportives1 year 14 weeks agoI've ridden some great

    I've ridden some great sportives in the new forest and the Isle of Wight starting and finishing in brokenhurst. What both cyclists and equestrians should remember is that we both share the same precedent to our right to use the road ( free of VED): we are both the original users of the roads. The roads were built originally for our mutual use.

  • Regent's Park Freize art festival - poor road management1 year 14 weeks agoAll clear now. I agree the

    All clear now. I agree the Frieze Fair is a hindrance to fast lapping but be reasonable, the Outer Circle is actually not a velodrome! We (Central London CTC) see some pretty risky riding there, as well as clueless car drivers. Get out early on Saturday morning if you want to enjoy the Regent's Park circuit at its best.

  • Greg LeMond: Lance Armstrong should be in jail... and was top 30 rider at best1 year 14 weeks agoAs I keep saying - if the

    As I keep saying - if the Sunday Times had not settled with Armstrong and had him testify on oath here we could see him in jail for perjury. We don't have a statute of limitations on perjury (and neither should the USA - it's a very serious offence in their country someone could die as a result of lies in court).

    Although if it's shown that he doped on his return to the sport then it's still possible. I am so disappointed in Lance.

  • Your greatest achievement on the bike?1 year 14 weeks agoonly been cycling since

    only been cycling since August 2012 so doing the RideLondon under 5 hours was mine.

  • Ultegra Pads are rubbish in the wet1 year 14 weeks agoThe SwissStop rim rubber is

    The SwissStop rim rubber is ideal for cleaning alloy rims, and is esp effective used in conjunction with SwissStop brake pads. Also very useful is the Tacx brake-shoe alignment jig, which assures perfect toe-in.

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoLooking at photos of the

    Looking at photos of the junction on the web, the junction filters cyclists into the left turn lane even if they're going straight on. Looks like a perfect storm if you have to cut across to the right of a high cabbed vehicle. Yes cyclists should hang back from HGV' s but there is very large element of tipper trucks being inappropriately designed for urban use. And no, tipper truck drivers wearing HI-viz, helmets and reflective tape is going to do sweet FA for vulnerable pedestrians, children or cyclists being directed into the wrong position.

  • Your greatest achievement on the bike?1 year 14 weeks agoMy greatest achievement was

    My greatest achievement was due to commuting half hardheartedly a couple of years ago. My car blew up on the way back from the bike shop just over a year ago and I decided not to buy another one. 11 months later and I did the Manchester 100 in under 6 hours.

    Mad when a year ago I thought people averaging 15 mph was witchcraft

  • Changes to road design could improve the safety of cyclists1 year 14 weeks ago... They don't see the need.

    ... They don't see the need. Motor transport is what they design for not cycling. They'll only consider cycling if made to. Make friends with councillors. It's the key.

  • Jamis Xenith T Time Trial bike1 year 14 weeks agoNor me, I would wait and save

    Nor me, I would wait and save the extra £270 needed for the Planet X Exocet 2 with Dura Ace

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoCyclist must ride with

    Cyclist must ride with continual risk assessment at all times. We dress in hi-viz cover ourselves in reflective tape, wear helmets, glasses and gloves they ride like loonies at times.

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoPity... Simple answer is for

    Simple answer is for cyclist to give HGV's a bit of time and a wide berth. Doing this she could have ridden to work the next day.
    Looking at the truck its a 20tonner which for a city centre is a pretty unwieldy vehicle, a 16tonner would be so much more manouverable & shorter but carries 45% less capacity meaing more trips. It's a pay off against safety and cost so safety loses on this occasion. It shouldn't.

  • London Cycling - Commuter Experience1 year 14 weeks agoGreat post and great replies

    Great post and great replies too. I've only done 3x different routes all from Harrow to Hayes (via Northolt), to Gunnersbury (via Hanger lane) and now to Dollis Hill. No central London cycling. Commute times ranged depending on workshifts, from 6am-10am to 4pm-9pm all seasons.

    I wear sunglasses, even at night, no lights most of the time unless its raining, and listening to music/audiobooks, jump on and off pavements and still jump some reds on some junctions or if its only a pedestrian crossing. I just look around and use common sense as excuse Smile

    Having said that I seen so many worse examples, me stopping at a red, and other cyclist 3sec later running to the mid of the junction, or weaving in the middle of the road (not drunk, just not steady and straight line at all), going into the junction with phone in hand. (me too sometimes, but on pavement with noone there). Not giving advantage or space to let being overtaken, and getting into the path of vehicles coming from behind as well as oncoming ones.

    Agree with Colin, in London, cycling education for both cars and cyclists should be priority.
    Also agree with that most bus/HGV drivers are well cyclist aware. One of the first thing all cyclist here should learn is how and when to overtake busses/HGV's in traffic/reds. Sometimes you just have to stop and let them go.

    What I seem to notice (either am right or wrong), that car drivers awareness of cyclists is almost non existent till they see one in their mirrors or have to pass one. Whether drivers are stuck in traffic or there's just a long wait at a red, drivers almost never and almost everywhere make no effort to accommodate us with space on either side of them. Neasden roundabout area for example, with up to 3x lanes. With enough space even in 2x lanes for a wide motorbike to pass in each lane. But no. They just stop there in such stupid ways that you have to left-right, right/left pass them just to get forward. Simply carelessness.

    For the record, had no major, and only one minor injury. Been knocked over the first time earlier this year (was clearly her fault).

    My favorite near miss (almost one happens per day) happened last week. Coming slightly downhill into the junction and turning left as every morning, traffic all over in Wembley, just lined up on what was once a green cycle lane, that stupid biatch turned left of a sudden onto that quiet road, thinking to jump the queue. No indication. Nothing. With me right next to her and a white pickup coming the other lane. Managed to keep turning left without her hitting me and pickup stopped early, so I just turned right back onto "my" road. No adrenalin rush at all. I did not even swear (I used to for smaller offences, sry).

    London isn't the ideal place for cycling, but it has got everything that cyclist need to be aware of and learn to handle.

  • Jamis Xenith T Time Trial bike1 year 14 weeks agoDoesn't seem like good value

    Doesn't seem like good value to me at all

  • CTC supports calls for tougher driver testing process1 year 14 weeks agoDrivers licences should last

    Drivers licences should last for 5 years then you should have to retake the test.

  • Witness appeal after cyclist seriously injured in Camden lorry collision1 year 14 weeks agoShe was to the right of the

    She was to the right of the truck as it made a left turn wasn't she? Vehicles do typically move to the right before making a left turn. This sets up the vehicle better for the corner. It's physics.

    Tipper trucks do have a wide turning circle and to get round a tight corner, there is even more of a need to make this initial move to the right before making a left turn. And the large turning circle of a tipper also means that the move to the right would be more pronounced.

    Banning tippers from London's streets is unlikely. Restricting their use to night time only is also unlikely. But fitting detection technology to alert the driver to the presence of a cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian is comparatively inexpensive. The systems are proven. They should be made compulsory for any tipper truck used in London. Tipper truck drivers should also be required to undergo cycle training to be allowed to drive in the city.

    This woman is reported as having life changing injuries, so it's possible she may never recover fully.