• Lezyne micro drive rear1 year 9 weeks agoMy Zecto suffered the same

    My Zecto suffered the same fate. I've sent it back once for a replacement, but won't bother again. One bit of rain and it became toast...

  • Castelli Sorpasso Wind bib tights1 year 9 weeks agoI'd suggest that at 180cm and

    I'd suggest that at 180cm and 76cm you should maybe have gone up a size to alleviate the pressure marks from the bib straps. I'm 183cm / 73kg and take XL Castelli shorts and bibs! I'll second the low front for comfort breaks point too. No help on the bobbling front though - are you running a particularly grippy saddle?

  • Boardman: I'd swap Olympic gold for more ordinary Britons cycling1 year 9 weeks agoA lot of very sensible speak

    A lot of very sensible speak in this item, keep up the good work Chris.
    Lets see what the government do in response?

  • Aussie company kickstarts combined rear light & camera at bargain price1 year 9 weeks agoNice vid,but here in the UK.

    Nice vid,but here in the UK. Your definition of low light and mine differs Wink

  • Aussie company kickstarts combined rear light & camera at bargain price1 year 9 weeks agoHI guys and thanks for your

    HI guys and thanks for your comments & questions! I will try and address them here.

    We believe that motorists will become aware that cameras are out there via the media (not by the light/camera itself). An example is where an aggressive driver harassed a group of cyclists (one with a Fly6). The video went viral (locally to Brisbane, Australia) and the police took hold of it, interviewed the cyclists and were taking it up with the motorist directly. Ultimately the news media picked up the story and was on the nightly news that night (http://bcove.me/4lz78hdi). This is the awareness that Fly6 can create which should lead to a safer environment for cyclists & motorists.

    Fly6 has a normal camera that requires light to capture imagery. It is not an infra red camera so where there is no light there is no footage. An infra red camera would similarly be ineffective during the day. Many people use their lights during the day and should do to increase visibility (although we have an off function for those that don't want to). Most riding is done during the day (why you see most of the footage during day). Of course commuters often ride through daylight, low light and night conditions where Fly6 will work well as a light for all those conditions and as a camera for day and low light situations (see low light example video here http://vimeo.com/85642890) where the footage is fantastic.

    The battery life is not just what is written in the manual - we have 150 units with cyclists at the moment and they are getting over 5 hours by default with both the camera and the lights working (longer if you turn the lights off!). Making the device, last 5 hours, have very steady footage, weather proof, HD & audio, incident protection (in case of an accident), aerodynamicly located behind the seat post, just over 100grams and looping constantly for set & forget ease of use are all features that cyclists need. Sure GoPro has higher definition footage and a 'keyfob' is inexpensive but neither of them can deliver the features a keen cyclist needs (although we need to start designing the beer holder!).

    Hope that answers all your queries and happy to answer more if you have any! We are a small company (two of us) and have tried our best to bring all these features into a small enough device that is what we believe affordable and easy to use. We are open to other ideas and suggestions so please keep them coming! Our website (www.fly6.com) has plenty more resources if you want more details.

    Sorry for the long winded response and thanks for being interested in Fly6.

  • Vote for my Project One Bike - here is why you should1 year 9 weeks agoMy vote went to juliet

    My vote went to juliet elliott, its not black and I guess it is for a female. Those were my biggest reasons

  • Road Cycling LA1 year 9 weeks agoL.A. has loads of great

    L.A. has loads of great cycling. But it's a _huge_ place. It depends where you're staying.

    You also don't mention what time of year you're going though. Be aware that L.A. is darn hot. If you're there from May onwards my advice would be to try and not be cycling between 11am and 3pm if you can avoid it. Yes, you can do it, but it's really hot if you're used to the U.K.

    If I were you I'd do the Mt.Wilson ride. You'll travel up through some cloud cover and get to look out over it all.

    A shorter introductory ride can be had in Griffith Park.. you'll get to see over the city from several different look off points.

    The P.C.H. stuff isn't all that pleasant IMO b/c of the amount of motorized traffic that you're travelling beside, but your question suggests (without stating) that you'll be in S.M.? If so, then it makes sense to do it.

  • British Cycling unveils 10-point manifesto urging government to #ChooseCycling1 year 9 weeks agooozaveared wrote: Sorry but

    oozaveared wrote:

    Sorry but no. You have to make cycling safer or should I say feel safer on ordinary roads. If you just separate cyclists from traffic at every opportunity all you do is reinforce the message that roads aren't safe or the right place for cyclists and you encourage motorists to regard the road as generally being free of vulnerable road users.

    And if you think about the difficulty of intertwining two completely "separated"networks everywhere that the existing network goes then it becomes very plausible that the second network is going to have much less coverage. And, this second "separate" network will have normalized the banishment of cyclists from the first.

    oozaveared wrote:

    In most cases that doesn't even increase overall travel time. You'd be amazed the number of people that argues that they cab beat the average speed of traffic.

    Trying to explain the difference between instantaneous velocity versus average speed is not easy. Many people simply believe that you must push as hard as you can at each available moment and then jam on your brakes at the next inevitable hold up.

  • Boardman: I'd swap Olympic gold for more ordinary Britons cycling1 year 9 weeks agoIn case anyone was wondering

    In case anyone was wondering why cycle lanes are ever built:


    “In the article, he described his rage at being stuck behind a slow moving cyclist on a wide boulevard in London.

    “I’m not sure he meant to, but I think he made the case for cycle lanes in a nutshell.

    Welcome to the cycling ghetto. Crap infrastructure motivated by a desire to deny us our right to the road.

  • Tour of Qatar Stage 21 year 9 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:There was an

    Gkam84 wrote:
    There was an issue with the badges

    The badges held up the scoring? Don't mess with the badges while doing the scoring, Gkam! Wink

  • Tour of Qatar Stage 21 year 9 weeks agoSorry folks, beyond my

    Sorry folks, beyond my control. Dave fixed it. There was an issue with the badges

  • Should cyclists ride on the pavements?1 year 9 weeks agoarmchairracer

    armchairracer wrote:
    drfabulous0 you need to read the Highway Code ? .

    No I don't, there is no obligation for cyclists to read that.

    The police are issuing £50.00 fines for Adults riding on the Payment and thats the law.

    So what? Do you really suggest I risk my child's safety just because it's the law? Or that should the police decide to ignore Home Office guidance and common sense that a paltry fifty quid really makes a difference.

    Highway Code Section below

    You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.
    Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A 1984, sect 129

    Its my understanding that Children under 11 are ok to ride on the payment , once they reach 11 then they need training to be able to ride on the road.
    The local council should be able to offer such a course.

    You've just made that up, there is no such exemption relating to age, although fixed penalty notices cannot be issued to anyone under the age of 16.

    I helped the local school in training Cycling road safety to 11 years old to get them ready for them to take to the road. This course was funded by the local council

    God help us, typical of a council to have someone foolish enough to put rules ahead of common sense teaching safe practice to kids.

    You need to have some basic training as it sounds like you are not cyclist, just an idiot on a bike and in charge of a minor.

    Well done for telling all that about me from a short post, I'm sure you're right on the money, give yourself a pat on the head...oh hang on, no, you couldn't even spell my name correctly.

  • Road Cycling LA1 year 9 weeks agoHaven't had the opportunity

    Haven't had the opportunity to cycle in LA (too busy shuttling between relatives & the in-laws when we're there) but have researched some routes for when (if) we can ever sneak down there with the bike boxes and tool around. Here are some helpful route links:

    The first is by the cycling writer for The Examiner with detailed pics and info on what to expect and how to get to the routes. The PCH to Malibu and Glendora mountain routes have always seemed to beckon.


    This link is more for mainly urban routes with scenic boardwalk/beach views so not for high speed cycling as they're shared walking paths.


    Hope you have a great time. Are you doing a cycling trip in NZ too? Had looked into doing a trip along the west coast including a side trip to the glaciers on the South Island but some of experiences on the biking list servs sounded a bit unnerving. Motorists being driving very fast and close to you and chucking cans of soda at your head was mentioned a few different times?!

  • Boardman: I'd swap Olympic gold for more ordinary Britons cycling1 year 9 weeks agoAnd yet, the Highways Agency

    And yet, the Highways Agency won't build cycling infrastructure on its roads because cyclists don't use its roads... but cyclists don't use its roads because they have no infrastructure and mixing with 60+mph motor traffic unprotected is no fun. Will the minister do anything to break that loop?

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 9 weeks agoBoth my DS and team name are

    Both my DS and team name are TERatcliffe26

  • Boardman: I'd swap Olympic gold for more ordinary Britons cycling1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:“89% of delays are

    “89% of delays are caused by traffic congestion in urban areas.

    “Good cycle lanes on wide roads benefit everyone.

    “Faster cars aren’t in conflict with slower moving bikes.

    “Cyclists don’t come into conflict with pedestrians.

    Doesn't Mr Goodwill mean that 89% of delays are caused by CARS AND LORRIES? 'Faster' cars are not faster when they are in a queue.

    David Cameron might have 'promised' a cycling revolution but his government is doing sod-all to make it happen. If they were then Boardman's comments in this article (and several others over the last few months) would probably be very different. And of course one of the first victims of the Tories' so-called Bonfire of the quangos was Cycling England.

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 9 weeks agoI too will give it a go

    I too will give it a go Nerd

  • Maybe moving to Edinburgh. What's the road cycling like there?1 year 9 weeks agoSouth side is ideal for road

    South side is ideal for road cycling. Lovely routes down towards Peebles & Innerleithen if you stay off the main road. Within 10 mins of leaving Edinburgh you'll find plenty of quiet roads and lanes. Equally lovely, the east side of Edinburgh as plenty flatter routes

  • Davina McCall's Edinburgh to London cyclothon almost derailed when she's affected by 'hypothermia'1 year 9 weeks agoIt's Feb, the wind especially

    It's Feb, the wind especially has been atrocious and pretty much directly in to her face. She's pushing day after day the limits of her body. It will make - of course - compelling TV but also could well inspire may others to do something epic too, even if that 'epic' is just going out on a 5 mile bike ride at first. She'll probably raise around £1m from these efforts. To me she is a star doing this, a total star. Applause

    Oh, and she rides Campag. Double-star. Applause Applause

  • 176 junctions in Greater Manchester upgraded to improve cycle safety1 year 9 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:I see 176

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    I see 176 junctions has become 96 junctions. I presume this is Manchester City Councils fault, not the infallible road.cc.

    ahem Big Grin

  • Now totally confused about tyre pressures1 year 9 weeks agoMy perfect tyre pressure is

    My perfect tyre pressure is when I pump them to 120 psi and I have a week of teeth rattling. After that I have a window of about a week where the tyres are bouncy and the bike feels amazing. And then I have to pump em up again. Ive tried getting the perfect PSI but I never seem to get that sweet spot

  • Now totally confused about tyre pressures1 year 9 weeks agoNick T wrote:120psi front and

    Nick T wrote:
    120psi front and back, one-twenty just sounds pro. Ninety-five sounds like the pressure a sucker fool would ride.

    damn tootin mate, like me, it's just not hardcore enough unless its over 100 psi

    Summer, winter, raining, shitty roads, anything else to us older guys feels like a puncture!

    Then again, I ride tubulars 8 months of the year at mega pressures, always have since I was at school and told in no uncertain terms that anything less was for the likes of John Inman.

    Can't get the hang of lower pressures, too stuck in my ways.

  • 2014 WorldTour bikes: Geraint Thomas' Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 21 year 9 weeks agoI like the tyres, garmin

    I like the tyres, garmin mount and the saddle.

    Rest of it is minging in my personal and humble opinion!

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 9 weeks agoI will have a look later and

    I will have a look later and should give it a go (already have a squad like this in ProFSL)

  • Tour of Qatar Stage 21 year 9 weeks agoThat 8 man OPQS break was

    That 8 man OPQS break was impressiveand it's difficult seeing anyone unseating Terpstra now