• Sheffield cyclists protest at cycle lanes being blocked by police postponed following apology1 year 9 weeks agoIt's ok...they've said

    It's ok...they've said sorry...bet it happens again and again.

  • Chinese Bikes1 year 9 weeks agojoules1975 wrote:...at least

    joules1975 wrote:
    ...at least they have proven warranty backup, unlike the direct Chinese frames...

    Where'd you hear that? Your wife's boyfriend's third-grade teacher overheard it in a noisy aboriginal barber shop while vacationing in the wilds of Borneo?

    I repeat. If you yourself don't have first-hand experience of the direct Chinese frames warranty system, then you're just regurgitating the same played-out urban myth that every other hater that came before you has peddled to you!

    At least provide ONE link to back up what you KNOW about the direct Chinese frames warranty system! Just ONE! Not what you heard. Not what you believe. Not what you WISH. What you KNOW.

    One link is easy! Right? Failing that, the only thing Chinese you have any real experience with, is Chinese whispers.

  • Top Gear producer: Cycle safety piece wasn't anti-cyclist, aimed to promote mutual respect on the road1 year 9 weeks agoIf Top Gear has given the

    If Top Gear has given the expressed view "stop being dicks to one another and everyone follow the rules" then it might have raised some awareness.

    They did not.

    What they did was make fun of riders who had been trapped under the wheels of a lorry. That's not raising awareness.

    As has often been said it is pointless complaining to the BBC about anything. They simply make a statement and ignore the problem. Top Gear used to be good, now its just a vehicle for three old men to act silly for lots of money. For that reason they should avoid important issues - May, Clarkson and Hammond are essentially clowns.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoLead back out to 9'20'' after

    Lead back out to 9'20'' after 64km

  • LCC urges Londoners to oppose TfL's King's Cross gyratory plans - consultation closes on Monday1 year 9 weeks agoA teenager could come up with

    A teenager could come up with a better design.

    A teenager did come up with a better design:
    Kings Cross can be cycle friendly

  • What pedals for my road/commuter?1 year 9 weeks agoThanks for the advice

    Thanks for the advice everyone.

    I guess I will try the A-530. I think maybe the slight annoyance of having to flip them will be offset by a better grip on the non-SPD side.

    They are notably cheaper on-line than the ones at my LBS, but I guess that's just typical on-line vs. retail.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoRojas (MOV) has abandoned.

    Rojas (MOV) has abandoned.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoThe lead went out to 10', but

    The lead went out to 10', but now brought back to 7'50'' after 55km.

  • Chinese Bikes1 year 9 weeks agoIt surely depends hugely on

    It surely depends hugely on the company though. 'Chinese bikes' is quite a broad catchment - you only have to look at what's on alibaba or aliexpress to see how many different suppliers there are, and how many focus on making fakes, for example.
    If you widen your terms to 'Chinese components (not bike related)', and then apply what you've learned back to bikes.... what you're doing here is equivalent to telling me not to buy coffee from my local cafe because you had a bad sausage roll from your local cafe.

    What I've learned so far:
    Do research. A lot of research. Read forums, take notice of the experiences people have had.
    Look at pricing and promises - if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.
    Ask questions of the supplier, the answers you get should be indicative of the level of service you might expect.
    Obviously be wary of a lot of things - you're dealing with people on the other side of the world, there's a lot that can go wrong in terms of communication breakdown, confusion, and I guess cultural misunderstandings.
    Be very, very skeptical of anyone trying to do an official review of any of these frames. I'm thinking specifically of Velobuild, because from what I understand the person/people who run that moderate the forum heavily, have special deals with certain suppliers and it's in their interest to aggressively promote the frames which they make the most money from.
    More generally speaking, I'm not sure there'll be many people buying these frames who also ride top end branded frames - so it's really hard to get reliable comparisons. You won't ever get sites like Road.cc, bikerader, cyclingnews etc reviewing them partly because their revenue comes from the major brands, and mostly because the supply of Chinese bikes isn't particularly relevant to the sites' readers; it's just too niche.

    Anyway, this is a work in progress. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agolead is now 7'45"

    lead is now 7'45"

  • Chinese Bikes1 year 9 weeks agovelonista wrote:thre3aces

    velonista wrote:
    thre3aces wrote:
    ...Cheap carbon is always a danger zone...problem with genetic chinese wholesalers is that they simply don't check their products thoroughly enough...

    On what are you basing your horror story? Chinese whispers don't count. Unless you yourself have actual first-hand experience with "genetic chinese wholesalers" [sic], then you don't know what you're talking about.

    If you do know, then provide links to back up what you know. Otherwise, you're just repeating some urban legend you heard from your third cousin's friend's next door neighbor over in Timbuktu who blogged about it that one time in 1999.

    Mate chill. I'm not attacking chinese generic goods. I am in fact quite a big fan of it when it comes to electronics.

    Electronic is in fact a great example. If you get a generic phone it's wayy cheaper. You can see where They've taken shortcuts because it's a phone. Any tech savvy person can tell. And in most cases you can live with that.

    But the problem with a carbon frame is well... How can you tell? You can't see the shortcuts (if any, and you're probably right, there most likely isn't) . But if there is on that particular batch, maybe a worker was being a dope. You just can't know. And if it fails and let's say snaps on the road then you're screwed.

    Also, in case anyone cares my safety sense has come about from my recent accident where I managed to wipe out on a corner at 40mph. My t3 aluminium frame was perfectly fine but had it been badly made carbon it could have snapped and God knows what would have happened after that.

  • LCC urges Londoners to oppose TfL's King's Cross gyratory plans - consultation closes on Monday1 year 9 weeks agoA road system so crap you

    A road system so crap you might as well walk:

  • Sheffield cyclists protest at cycle lanes being blocked by police postponed following apology1 year 9 weeks agoMy experience of South

    My experience of South Yorkshire police officers in Sheffield is that generally speaking, they are afflicted by the same car centric bias as the the rest of thepopulation.

    As an example, when my primary school age child was very nearly run over by a man reversing a transit van blindly along the pavement outside school at chucking out time I had a very hard time getting them to take my complaint seriously.
    Eventually they spoke to the driver and advised him that in future when driving blindly along pavements he should "toot his horn".

    I have had many unsatisfactory dealings with SYP when reporting Taxi's blocking contra flow cycle lanes, close passes, aggressive motorists etc, they just don't see cyclist safety as a priority and don't seem to understand the issues faced by cyclists.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoThey have 5'30'' after 34km

    They have 5'30'' after 34km

  • LCC urges Londoners to oppose TfL's King's Cross gyratory plans - consultation closes on Monday1 year 9 weeks agoPentonville road Perfect

    Pentonville road Perfect place for a bus lane.

    Junctiions are the most dangerous place, so why does the cycle lane stop at a junction that is no left turn because of the one way system.

    Currently it's a nightmare to cycle up, it has your typical intermittent stop start 1.5 foot cycle lane which encourages drivers to speed past you within inches. Why do TFL think this is ok?

    Still has roads that are changing in width constantly, these are a danger to cyclists as drivers jostle for position for space in a road that's narrowing. (CS2 is shockingly bad in this respect)

    Cycle lane outside entrance to Birkenhead street. Dangerous merge with lane.

    Kings Cross Bridge, still invites cyclists to get clipped and killed by right turning vehicles, no safe passage.

    Pathetic token effort.

    Here's an idea, pentonville road heading east where there are 2 lanes and a motor vehicle can not possibly pass safely whilst being in that lane, PAINT THE CYCLE LANE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE TO SHOW TO EVERYBODY WHERE THE CYCLIST SHOULD BE. YES IM SHOUTING. yes I am am serious. Give me one GOOD reason why this shouldn't be done. PUT THE CYCLIST IN PRIMARY POSITION, show car drivers where they should be, show cyclists where they should be.

    Pentonville road is one of those roads with 2 thin lanes where if you cycle next to the gutter then the cars give you inches and stay in the same lane, so what do you do - take primary... and then you get the punishment passes so there is now no safe and stress free way of cycling up this road. And what have TFL done to remedy this? NOTHING.

    Approach to junction from west - dangerous shrinking lanes again, no bus lane, bus stops in goddam awful place. so fucking shit and with such a massive pavement

    Main junction going from west to east: 3 lanes merging in to 2 lanes and a bus lane: not safe.

    Cycle lane on York way pushes cyclists over to left marking life hard for them when the same cycle lane just disappears.

    This is wall to wall crap, it is unsafe, it is utterly pathetic.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoLooks like the break is this

    Looks like the break is this so far...

    Barta (just like the Worlds Road Race)
    De Maar

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoCAVENDISH KRISTOFF DEGENKOLB



  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoMichael Matthews (OGE) Fabian

    Michael Matthews (OGE)
    Fabian Cancellara (TFR)
    Filippo Pozzato (LAM)
    John Degenkolb (GSH)
    Philippe Gilbert (BMC)
    Tom Jelte Slagter (GRS)
    Louis Meintjes (MTQ)
    Jelle Vanendert (LTB)
    Bryan Nauleau (EUC)

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoSagan Cancellara GVA (Rojas

    GVA (Rojas purist)
    Smukulis (Konovalovas purist)

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoThere you go. Needle in a

    There you go. Needle in a haystack.

    John Degenkolb (GSH)
    Sonny Colbrelli (BAR)
    Arnaud Demare (FDJ)
    Bryan Coquard (EUC)
    Alexander Kristoff (KAT)
    Daniel Teklehaimanot (MTQ)
    Sacha Modolo (LAM)
    Stefan Denifl (IAM)
    Andrea Guardini (AST)

  • New to Road cycling...1 year 9 weeks agoI think for a first bike, you

    I think for a first bike, you should consider a second hand aluminium bike. Speaking from experience you get a lot of bang for your buck. The downside is that you won't have the support of the staff at an lbs, but depending on your lbs that might not be a bad thing. Failing that and if you would feel more comfortable buying at an lbs, try and go for a deal from last year. Ior the year before, great deals to bed had. I would recommend aluminium for the durability, I've crashed mine, given quite mildly, and it's fine, as mentioned earlier carbon is done after a single fall.

    Set yourself a budget, cycle to work is great, get stuck in!

  • Laura Trott changes her mind on helmets1 year 9 weeks agoI heard that after carefully

    I heard that after carefully considering all the evidence, helmets have changed their mind about Laura Trott.

  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoGreipel Cav Matthews Degenkol


  • Milan San Remo1 year 9 weeks agoThis should be good

    This should be good entertainment.....The OPQS train will have everybody running scared and there should be some pretty exciting lung-bursting, leg-knackering shanannigans to try and derail it....... Let the lottery begin.....I would not be confident of picking the winner if I could pick 20 riders... Smile

  • Not sure what to wear to cycle in the rain? There’s an app for that1 year 9 weeks agoI think it needs an

    I think it needs an additional algorithm developed by Simon Mottram and Gok Wan that analyses the whims of contemporary fashion, the colour of your bike, length of stubble (men and women, face and/or legs) and whether its a Shoreditch fixie or a Surrey Pinarello vibe you want, to ensure you're always 'on trend'