• Camden to get London's first left hook preventing separated junction1 year 9 weeks agoP3t3 wrote:Why does this need

    P3t3 wrote:
    Why does this need "ideas" from people. Go to the netherlands, find their latest standard for such a junction, use that.

    Indeed but that would mean doing it properly and we all know the lcc curtail at the slightest bit of pressure from tfl or they'd lose their funding.

  • Paul Lew talks wheel dynamics1 year 9 weeks ago"unlimited fatigue

    "unlimited fatigue life"???


    So if I set a piece up in a testing jig and set it running and kept it running and had my descendants and their's keep it running it would still be good thousands of years down the line?

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 9 weeks agoMatt_Z wrote:Indeed MrMo. If

    Matt_Z wrote:
    Indeed MrMo. If that is the case we will soon see Nepalese sherpas on pro bicycles instead of Everest Big Grin . It would not surprise me if there is some natural effect. The question remains is it genetic or not? There is a study from 97 indicating that altitude training does increase red blood cells though (Levine, Stray-Gundersen, JAP). We will have to wait and see what the conclusion is here. I am very much pro team sky, yet the doping culture is a stigma that chases the sport without respite. Time to wait and see Waiting

    There is always the question why East Africa produces so many good long distance runners... drugs? environment? genetics?

  • Camden to get London's first left hook preventing separated junction1 year 9 weeks agoNeil753 wrote:. Personally,

    Neil753 wrote:

    Personally, I'd like to see cyclists able to use the pavement when turning left, effectively making the corner a traffic island. Yes, there may be one or two injuries amongst pedestrians, but overall KSIs would be reduced significantly. I can't understand why planners see the pavement as so sacrosanct.

    In principle I agree with you but the pavement in question is right in front of a Tube station exit and it's already insanely overcrowded. Cyclists would simply not fit.

  • Cyclist sues council for £100,000 after pothole crash1 year 9 weeks agomrmo wrote:northstar

    mrmo wrote:
    northstar wrote:
    That's a load of rubbish, if the public highway is in their "area" then it's their responsibility, end of.

    No, basically it isn't, it is the councils job to have in place a inspection regime, and to have criteria as to what needs to be fixed.

    The frequency of inspection is determined by the nature of the road, so rarely used country lanes might be a once or twice a year, a major thoroughfare in a town centre might be weekly.

    Then they can say, as Gloucestershire does, that a hole less than 40mmx300mmx300m is not a defect so they won't fix it. Unless it is in a town centre where, I guess, it could be a pedestrian trip hazard and then they fix at 20mm.

    I have raised with the council that a development that they are planning round the corner from where I live has serious risks. The road is a mess, trucks, potholes, raised man holes covers.... the response I got wasn't very helpful, you can use an alternative route to get to the train station.... I wasn't talking about going to the train station!

    Yes "basically" it is.

  • Met issue appeal after hit-and-run incident leaves Brixton cyclist with serious injuries1 year 9 weeks agoThis is exactly why all cars

    This is exactly why all cars need to have number plates and insurance. Oh, hang on...

  • Team Sky's Sergio Henao removed from race roster over test value concerns1 year 9 weeks agoThe truth will out soon : )

    The truth will out soon : )

  • Asking for advice on a new bike1 year 9 weeks agoHi mate I always commuted on

    Hi mate I always commuted on my specialized allez road bike,however I was constantly fixing/replacing cassettes,chains,derailleurs etc.then I bought a single speed/fixie bike,its the best ever thing for commuting.unless you live in the hills its THE only thing you need.i do my 10mile journey to work in 27mins

  • tirreno adriatico Stage 7 ITT1 year 9 weeks agoleortp wrote:... that's a lot

    leortp wrote:
    ... that's a lot of points for no socks!

    Give the man a sock! At least one! Smile

  • Best Value 700 x 23 tyres1 year 9 weeks agoHave read too many negative

    Have read too many negative comments about Gators so would avoid.

    For value you would be hard pushed to beat Schwalbe Blizzard Sports. A supple 240g tyre with good grip, >3,000 miles, under £10 each. Only downside: token puncture-resistant layer (this seems important to the OP), though I had 1 puncture in that time and I ride a lot on crappy lanes with hedge cuttings and so on.

    The kevlar version might be good. I was going to buy those but Spa Cycles have 700x25 rigid Durano at £15 each so I bought them instead. The Durano is considered one of the best training/all-rounder tyres you can buy (see http://road.cc/58178). About 500 miles so far and I'm happy.

    All at http://spacycles.co.uk/products.php?plid=m2b0s121p0

  • budget £200m for filling potholes1 year 9 weeks agofrom

    from https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/chancellor-george-osbornes-budget...
    "Our roads too have taken a battering.

    My Honourable Friend for Northampton North has been a persistent campaigner for resources to repair the pot-holes in his constituency and across the country.

    His persistence has paid off and I’m making £200 million available which local authorities can bid for. I trust Northampton will be making an application."

    and details from https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/fil...
    "2.28 Potholes challenge fund – The government will provide an additional £200 million in
    2014-15 to set up a potholes challenge fund to increase further the amount local authorities
    spend on maintaining the local road network. This includes an allocation to devolved

    so it seems to be new money

  • Camden to get London's first left hook preventing separated junction1 year 9 weeks agoAl__S wrote:This isn't the

    Al__S wrote:
    This isn't the first. In Cambridge, we used to have this arrangement going north bound on Hills Road at the railway bridge. Main cycle flow continues northbound, much of the car traffic turns left. So there was a segregated lane with it's own phase. A lot of cyclists resented the time sat stationary whilst cars turned left/went straight on- the phasing was definitely biased in favour of motor vehicles. As part of the recent redevelopment this disappeared, replaced with a wide central cycle lane leading to an ASL- which not everyone was happy with (I'm not convinced it's a great move). However, my point here isn't the merits- it is trailing this as a "first".

    I think you need to look again. There is no separate light phase for cyclists. It is a new phase separating turning traffic and another phase for traffic going straight ahead.
    edit; I note they say if there is room for a cycle lane cyclists could turn left! If cyclists are held from turning left whilst cars can it will not work. I won't wait at a red whilst its green for cars! Don't treat us like 2nd class road users with time to waste.

  • Team Sky's Sergio Henao removed from race roster over test value concerns1 year 9 weeks agoPaul J wrote:That a team has

    Paul J wrote:
    That a team has internal monitoring programmes flagging things is a fairly positive indication. Bravo Sky.


  • National Road Championship 2014 courses announced1 year 9 weeks agosimoncon wrote:Celtic Manor

    simoncon wrote:
    Celtic Manor doing Hospitality for Thursday, all day, welcome drinks, 3 course dinner with access to the VIP start for only £75. We have booked

    Have you got a link to that? Can't find it on their website. TIA

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 9 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote: The

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    The excuse Sky seem to have come up with seems a little weak.

    Which excuse is that exactly?

    Think you may need to read who contacted who again.

    Or not, I mean, why let the details get in the way of a good Sky bashing!

  • Ribble Gran Fondo; Anyone own one? Or a Sportive Bianco?1 year 9 weeks agoandybnk wrote: I would

    andybnk wrote:
    I would personally pop campagnolo wheels on instead of the Fulcrums, same wheels just think it's cooler having everything saying Campag on it!

    Good point.

  • Trek about to launch road disc equipped road bike? As Bontrager says road discs are the future1 year 9 weeks agoI've come from a more than

    I've come from a more than decade long period of riding mountainbikes with discs... pulling too hard and crashing doesn't happen.

    Also, in that arena, things break a lot, so a rear brake cr***ing out is bothersome, but wouldn't be much of a problem.

    I guess on the road things don't break much, so riders aren't used to adjusting?

    If the front stopped working though... I'd drop a load and hope it helped with breaking!

  • Camden to get London's first left hook preventing separated junction1 year 9 weeks agograham_f wrote:Not a

    graham_f wrote:
    Not a criticism as such, as it looks like a big step forward, but in the crossroad examples above, how would a cyclist turn right? As far as I can see their only options would be to get across the two lanes of traffic going left or straight on and join the motor vehicles in the right turn lane, or to go straight on, do a u-turn to return to the junction then turn left from the other direction. Am I missing something?

    There is no right turn in the Camden junction. The choices are straight on or left. If aiming to travel up Camden High Street (your 'right turn') both drivers and cyclists go straight on at the first junction, then straight on at the 2nd one.

    The crossroad diagram is not applicable for this scheme. With a crossroads you're better off having a simultaneous green phase for cyclists between every red phase for motor traffic.

  • Fine and ban for Australian driver videoed hitting cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI think you'll find most

    I think you'll find most Aussie cyclists think this is a light sentence for the evidence presented.

  • Jerseys with a specific pocket for a pump1 year 9 weeks agoI get the feeling I'm just

    I get the feeling I'm just being a little paranoid then. I'll give it a whirl in the back pocket tonight. If any Bristol based riders find a shiny silver Lezyne pump rolling down a hill then you know what happened. D Oh

    Cheers all.

  • Alberto Contador wins Tirreno-Adriatico; Adriano Malori beats world's best to win ITT1 year 9 weeks agoI want to be the first to

    I want to be the first to state categorically that this is in no way suspicious.

  • Jerseys with a specific pocket for a pump1 year 9 weeks agoI put a couple of O rings

    I put a couple of O rings around my pump so it grips against my jersey and other items in the pocket. I also have a lezyne.
    The other option is, if you have enough seat post out, get some velcro cable ties and tie to the back of the seat post, again using two O rings so it doesn't clatter and grips the seat post.

  • Guerciotti Antares CX - Custom Build1 year 9 weeks agoReduced to £600.

    Reduced to £600.

  • Jerseys with a specific pocket for a pump1 year 9 weeks agoI have a Cafe du Cycliste

    I have a Cafe du Cycliste jersey which has a couple of elastic loops stitched into one of the pockets to keep your pump secure. Same as Nick T for me though, I've not had an untethered pump fall out of a pocket.

  • Team Sky's Sergio Henao removed from race roster over test value concerns1 year 9 weeks agoThat a team has internal

    That a team has internal monitoring programmes flagging things is a fairly positive indication. Bravo Sky.