• Official: UK has joint 3rd lowest levels of daily cycling in the EU1 year 9 weeks agoAirzound - I think you need

    Airzound - I think you need some pep up pills, you sounds depressed. How about going for a cycle ride!

    Really its not that bad, I do about 5K miles per year with no real hassle from drivers in Devon.

    I think our wet weather doesn't help people get out but the biggest thing is cycling is percieved as being dangerous despite actually being low risk if you take the right precautions. The roads surface quality leaves a lot to be desired. Some how English road builders ought to take lesson from the French on how to lay Asphalt. The French do it bowler smooth whereas Messers Hanson & Lafarge only seem to cock it up.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins adds Vuelta and Commonwealth Games to list of 2014 targets1 year 9 weeks agoI'm not able to watch the

    I'm not able to watch the video on Cycling News- is he after the Road Race or Time Trial at the Commonwealth games?

  • Official: UK has joint 3rd lowest levels of daily cycling in the EU1 year 9 weeks agostumps wrote:We have a bike

    stumps wrote:
    We have a bike rack that holds approx 50 bikes and its always full and there are always bikes at the rear of the building as well as people cant get them in the rack.

    Our problem is there are only 3 showers in the building Crying

    Do people who walk to work need to shower when they arrive?
    If people ran to work would they need to bathe and change?
    Do we think the cycle commuters of Europe, noticeably lycra shunning and helmet-less, need to swab themselves down when they reach their destination?

    The problem with many UK commuters is they don't know how to ride slow.

  • Just in: Quechua Phone 51 year 9 weeks agoI bought a basic Nokia the

    I bought a basic Nokia the other day, for carrying on my bike.
    It weighs 72g, compared to 162g for my iphone, and the battery lasts 35 days on standby. The price was just 99 pence plus an initial twenty quid top-up (on an O2 tarrif so that the 20 quid carries over every month - ie you don't lose it).

    Obviously it's not a smart phone, but it's so light that carrying one of these saves you having to worry about running out of juice if you're using your main phone as a satnav.

  • Tinkoff-Saxo's Matti Breschel nursing his wounds after being felled by "flying mattress"1 year 9 weeks agoPoor guy. He'd have had an

    Poor guy. He'd have had an even better tale to tell if he'd fallen in such way that he'd landed ON the mattress

  • Lusso HT70 Jacket1 year 9 weeks ago@ Chuck Hi-viz is like

    @ Chuck

    Hi-viz is like marmite; you either like it or hate it; and if someone genuinely feels safer wearing dark (or street) clothing then it's unlikely that they'll change their mind.

    But, since you asked your question, here's my reply.

    My ideas aren't preconceived. They're based on real life experiences every time I look for cyclists through rain spattered mirrors on my truck. I'm not saying cyclists who wear dark clothing are invisible, but it makes them much harder to see.

    Chuck, if I'm riding on a quiet road or cycle path I'll probably take my hi-viz off, but when I'm mixing it with either heavy or high speed traffic, or in town where there may be partially sighted pedestrians, I believe it makes sense for me to wear hi-viz.

    If others disagree, that's fine - it's a free country and I defend the right of cyclists to wear whatever they want.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins adds Vuelta and Commonwealth Games to list of 2014 targets1 year 9 weeks agoIts good to see Brad back on

    Its good to see Brad back on track!! He seems to have a lot of big goals this season. Good Luck Wiggo Smile

  • TT Advice1 year 9 weeks agoAgree with both the above,

    Agree with both the above, especially Davey's post. Training and learning good pacing have done far more for me than equipment.

    I've tried 50mm carbon and a tri-spoke front. The tri-spoke felt quicker but not a lot; the 50mm were disappointing, my RS80s feel very similar but much safer on steep descents and in crosswinds.

    A strong rider can go fast on anything. And I mean anything - some local MTB racers can do 25-26mins on 29er MTB (with knobblies!) over our sporting '10' course, compared to about 22mins with all the aero gear.

  • Essex police: If cyclists were more safety-conscious they wouldn’t get killed1 year 9 weeks agooozaveared wrote:I want

    oozaveared wrote:
    I want motorists to see me from as far away as possible and have as much time to plan their approach to me as I can help to give them. I hope they are doing their part and slowing down and looking for cyclists. I am not prepared to bet my safety on it. I can control what I do though. I can help them to see me from further away using lights, my road position by considering what I wear. And High viz doesn't mean you have to wear a day glo jacket or tabard just don't go out there dressed as the man from Milk Tray.


    Expecting motorists' attitudes towards cyclists to collectively change for the better in any of our lifetimes is massively wishful thinking.

    Doing what you can to ensure you are seen is, to me, just common sense.

  • SHYSPY GPS Tracker seeks Kickstarter funding1 year 9 weeks agothere is a serious flaw with

    there is a serious flaw with this kind of technology.

    1) I don't want my bike to be stolen in the first instance. this doesn't prevent it. but by labelling my bike as being GPS tracked, the theif can easily remove this or take measures against it.

    2) it is battery operated, i.e. has an operating shelf life.

    3) it is not smart, i.e. it is tracking all the time, as opposed to at the point of theft, thus by prolonging operating time

    4) it can be easily removed/tampered with which renders this uselss.

    basically it is a gimmick and only useful if you don't have a phone or bike computer...therefore it should be marketted as a GPS accessory for the likes of Strava as opposed to anything else.

    If you want proper tracking then micro/nano tech that is built into the frames and utilise kinetic energy of movement is the only way. I suspect this kind of technology is years away.

  • Castelli Crash repair?? rather than replace?1 year 9 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:bfslxo

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    bfslxo wrote:
    err, that doesn't make me happy, i've emailed them as well although only this morning, good luck mrmo, mine was a xmas pressie to to myself - castelli pocket liner north of £200 notes met a barbed wire fence yesterday morning
    absolutely trashed Crying

    Johnny Hoogerland, is that you?

    LOL yes! Hoogers is now my idol Applause

  • Lusso HT70 Jacket1 year 9 weeks agolocalsurfer wrote:60quid for

    localsurfer wrote:
    60quid for an anorak is not a sensible price. To compare, a breathable traffic jacket only costs about 30quid at most.

    Why are cycling waterproofs so expensive?

    Any change of linky to what you prescribe sir?

  • TT Advice1 year 9 weeks agoI'd say focus on fitness,

    I'd say focus on fitness, training and position before worrying about 3-spoke wheels and other aero products.

    You could get a good coach for the cost of a set of wheels, and it'll be a better investment. It's perfectly possible, provided you've got the legs, to go sub-25mins on a regular road bike with deep section wheels

  • First Ride: B’Twin Alur 7001 year 9 weeks agojason.timothy.jones

    jason.timothy.jones wrote:
    edoardo3 wrote:
    Bigger section tyres helps also having lower pressure and a more comfortable ride, many parts of your body will thank you about, especially prostate (if you a man...).

    Im not to sure what saddle you are using but if its hitting your prostate, you are doing it wrong Smile

    Why? So comfortable using it vertical... Big Grin

  • First Ride: B’Twin Alur 7001 year 9 weeks agoredmeat wrote:You can still

    redmeat wrote:
    You can still buy the AG2R age bike. It's the Mach.

    I mean the one used from AG2R during world tour from 2000 to 2006 (check wiki), at that time the bicycles was still decathlon brand, not b'twin

  • Just in: Quechua Phone 51 year 9 weeks agoUpgrade time for me in a

    Upgrade time for me in a month or so, but this just seems a little bit cheap and cheerful, spec-wise, to have as a main/only device.

    Where it does seem to make sense though is as good value second device, which is capable of doing both the GPS and phone functions. Saves having to carry both a GPS and a phone, or if you'd prefer not to take your latest £500 handset out with you on rides.

    It's priced favourably against standalone GPS units too.

  • M&S cycling chinos1 year 9 weeks agoDizzy, if you order online

    Dizzy, if you order online you can always send them back or return to a store if they don't fit (provided they are still as new etc).

    I think I'll buy a pair. I wonder how different the cut is to the normal water resistant ones that are £10 cheaper:

    For Bez and other lanky types M&S do 'Big & Tall' cut of the above water resistant chinos:
    Not the same but might be worth a look.

  • Essex police: If cyclists were more safety-conscious they wouldn’t get killed1 year 9 weeks agoI do wonder whether this

    I do wonder whether this attitude had anything to do with the failure to prosecute the driver who knocked me off at a roundabout in Essex (just...) last June.

    We all hate the cycling ninjas. Because they give us a bad name. But, as said, cycling without a helmet is not illegal. Cycling without hi-vis is not illegal. How about the police actually follow up on things that actually are illegal?

  • Just in: Quechua Phone 51 year 9 weeks agoandycoventry wrote:How can

    andycoventry wrote:
    How can they get away with calling it a Phone 5, surely that can't be allowed so close to iPhone 5?...

    Good question but the Apple is an "Apple iPhone" Version 5 there are previous iterations so the name of Apple's product is not connected to the number 5 any more than it is connected to 4s or 3. They can't patent a number. If Apple had called their phone Apple Phone 5 and only had one version such that 5 was permenantly linked to the word phone not just the fifth iteration then they might have an issue to explore.

    Think of it this way. Ford won't be taking up BMWs use of the X, 3 and i which they used on the Escort XR3i and which BMW now use on the BMW X3 xDrive28i. or the new Hybrid BMW i3.

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 9 weeks agoKuurne-Brussels-Kuurne?

    Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne? Disco Inferno!

    Big Grin

  • Tinkoff-Saxo's Matti Breschel nursing his wounds after being felled by "flying mattress"1 year 9 weeks agoOf course it may also have

    Of course it may also have fallen from this … http://www.britishpathe.com/video/cycles/query/cycles

    (50 seconds in)

  • Official: UK has joint 3rd lowest levels of daily cycling in the EU1 year 9 weeks agostumps wrote:Unless its

    stumps wrote:
    Unless its printed in a cycling forum i think the vast majority of people will never hear of or be aware of Police operations such as the one in Essex, its just not interesting enough to put on local or national news so i cant see that having any effect at all on the numbers of people cycling.

    Somehow I don't see the general public visiting cycling forums to read about police operations related to cycling.

    They're more likely to read about it in their local paper - it's the sort of thing many papers with an anti-cycling agenda love to print, especially if they can show cyclists breaking the law.

    The main effect of these police operations is on the few people who do cycle in a given area. If they feel they're being constantly targeted and stopped by the police, especially when they're not doing anything wrong, such as not wearing a helmet, they're more likely to switch to a hassle free mode of transport.

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 9 weeks agoAce - exactly the races I was

    Ace - exactly the races I was hoping for. Nice on Dave. Big Grin

  • TT Advice1 year 9 weeks agoI'd stick with the planet x

    I'd stick with the planet x wheels you've got on at the moment, while they're not top of the range as far as I'm aware they're alright quality for the buck.

    Under 25mph you probs won't find you go all that much quicker with the 3spoke/disc.

    I'm not even running a disc this year as the deep set (50mms also) wheels will probably do the fact that there's climbs to be tackled still etc.

    At club level power & position will make the biggest gains, example - my first 10 last year was a 28 on a roadie, I added clip ons and went down to a short 26 two TT's later.

    Get that spermy helmet on and go turtle it! Smile

    I'd say nail your position and refine your time (or the other way round!?), if you're on a TT bike and wearing a skinno & spermy helmet you shouldn't need to upgrade too much for a while. When you start averaging +24mph for your 10's then I'd say maybe look at a disc.

    Or, of course, if you've a ton of cash and you think it might help the brain - go for it Tongue

  • Croydon council urged to make borough safer for cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoSeems to me like a lot of

    Seems to me like a lot of London's best cycling infrastructure was put in 30 years ago by the GLC

    And TFL did f*** all after that... In fact worse than f***all, they put in new infrastructure whilst 100% deliberately not designing in good infrastructure for cyclists. They actively commissioned reports asking for cyclists not to be factored in (kings cross). This lead to people getting killed.

    TFL should be abolished, the people working for it should not be allowed in to the replacement.

    Hackney Council said:

    We have quite ambitious targets for cycling and I remember when we had to respond to Boris’s transport strategy in 2011 and when we sent in cycling targets, we were sent them back saying ‘Hah, can you be a bit more realistic please, this is ridiculous’. And then when the census came out it transpired that we were way above what our targets were at the time.

    So according to TFL, decent cycling targets are "ridiculous".