• Lapierre’s new Aircode aero road bike1 year 9 weeks agoThat's a very pretty bicycle.

    That's a very pretty bicycle.

  • Video: [Updated] Police appeal for attacked rider to come forward after London confrontation turns violent1 year 9 weeks agotwo dicks. only difference is

    two dicks. only difference is the number of wheels.

  • Smartphones and long rides: The Strategy1 year 9 weeks agoAnother Xperia Arc user!

    Another Xperia Arc user! Wave

    Can I pick your brains? Do you find the GPS on the Xperia any good? Mine wigs out on rides, dropping speed readings at points and showing "detours" I didn't take. I don't use Strava (not that invested yet) but use Google's My Tracks.

    Secondly, what do you use to mount the handset to your bike? There are millions of gadgets for iphones but a dearth for the XA.

  • Mother of killed cyclist says motorists should be retested before getting licence back1 year 9 weeks agoYou'd think it's be obvious

    You'd think it's be obvious really, a person proves they are unable to remember the rules. You test them again to check, otherwise there is no evidence that they have actually learnt from the experience

  • Video: [Updated] Police appeal for attacked rider to come forward after London confrontation turns violent1 year 9 weeks agoSeems to me that this is a

    Seems to me that this is a classic case of entitled motorist becoming resentful of cyclists 'in his way'. I say this because at the start the ASL box is clear and only when cyclists start to fill it does the driver decide to re-position himself clearly in an attempt to get off the line as quickly as possible.

    Quite reasonably the cyclist calmly pointed out to the driver that he had now illegally entered a protected area and I imagine he would have been told to $$$$ off or similar before the driver stuck his foot down.

    He didn't have his foot run over but it's obvious the Audi driver had complete contempt for the impromptu educational lesson and in racing off so aggressively and close it was hardly safe.

    When he caught up he was understandably upset, we all know how often motorists behave dangerously around vulnerable road users and this constant exposure does heighten our personal sense of danger.

    The issue is society at large has adopted an incredible and somewhat unique level of ignorance towards acceptable and unacceptable danger. When Michael Jackson dangled his son out of the window a few years back there was international backlash due to the danger he exposed the baby to. How many babies per year actually die from being dropped out of high storey windows anyway so statistically it's pretty safe.

    Contrast Audi man in 2 tonnes of metal box accelerating to lethal speed in just a few seconds in partnership with the 'road tax' mentality and as the annual KSI figures show, year after sickening year, this is catastrophic but does not attract international protest.

    The assault was just common thuggery. I would say there is no reason why the police should not seek prosecution for infringing an ASL especially given the fact it was already occupied and his efforts were clearly selfish and aimed at circumnavigating the protection cyclists so desperately need.

    The assault is another issue and generally the police are reluctant to force a driver to reveal the identity of any passenger making the car an even more effective method of getting away with things that wouldn't wash in any other scenario.

    I'd forward this to Boris and demand the driver is traced and prosecuted as a bare minimum as a test of commitment to protecting the vulnerable from those with no respect for an ASL.

    Reality is the Audi driver has done it before, will do it again as he can get away with it and when he does go on to 'accidentally' kill someone it'll be yet another case of very avoidable tragedy.

    The insurance companies should set up a portal to allow the public to submit footage of drivers. The current system of driving like a maniac all year with only blind luck stopping any number of deaths and injuries and then presenting to an insurance company as being a responsible individual is incredibly naive.

    The Audi driver is clearly aggressive and unable to comprehend the immense risk to others that presents so it's only right his insurers are aware of how he actually drives on a daily basis.

  • Video: Ride Wide shows drivers why cyclists need space1 year 9 weeks agolevermonkey wrote:I have a

    levermonkey wrote:
    I have a friend who as just started cycling. He weighs 28st. I sent him the link. His reply is sadly unprintable but his wife is now using it as a screen-saver.

    Superb video that has made my day.


    That just made my Friday night.

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 9 weeks agoSergent,Hepburn and Rasch

    Sergent,Hepburn and Rasch named provisonally for Qatar

  • Travis Tygart death threat man sentenced1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:...caring full time for

    ...caring full time for his mother-in-law

    give the man a break, he's been sentenced already! Wink

  • New Forest sportive base moves to Dorset to escape NIMBYs1 year 9 weeks agoWell, some reports have

    Well, some reports have stated 5,000 but I accept the numbers may be less than that, especially if they reduced them from previous years. Either way, it's a big event. Surely people understand that many cyclists drive to the event as well, so vehicular congestion also.

    I do understand also that the New Forest may have it's particular brand of second-home-owning NIMBY's, but to brand everyone who objects as unreasonable Nimbys from London is unfair!

    The point is, they've moved the start out of respect for people who live in the area, which is not a bad thing, but so nanny of these events are organised without thinking about the consequences and I strongly believe there should be some regulation or central approval coordinated by the authorities, to ensure they're sensibly run.

    The alternative is a worsening in relations between road user groups. There is already evidence of lack of understanding of vulnerable road users even on this very forum topic! I had wrongly assumed everyone who cycles would understand to go slowly and considerately around horses..

  • Eurosport HD, without Sky/Virgin1 year 9 weeks agocisbtint wrote:I know this

    cisbtint wrote:
    I know this isn't directly linked to the thread, but does anyone know how many of the Tours are going to be put on Sky Sports, and not Eurosport, as has happened with the Tour Down Under (or was that on Sky Sports last year ?)..
    The start of a slippery slope ?

    Sky Sports have confirmed the following so far...


  • Police appeal leads to arrest of aggressive cyclist who abused driver1 year 9 weeks agoMy god if I/we reported every

    My god if I/we reported every abusive driver the police would have to employ a lot more officers.Seeing as they are cutting the number of police that would never work.A bit like reporting abuse doesn't work for cyclists now

  • Video: [Updated] Police appeal for attacked rider to come forward after London confrontation turns violent1 year 9 weeks agoWhen you aggressively pursue

    When you aggressively pursue someone and shout obscenity's at them, you might get punched in your mouth. Illogical reaction with a logical conclusion. D Oh

  • Essex police stop cyclists for riding without lights, high-vis or helmets1 year 9 weeks agolights between sunset and

    lights between sunset and dawn maybe, but high viz and helmets... get stuffed...

  • Video: [Updated] Police appeal for attacked rider to come forward after London confrontation turns violent1 year 9 weeks agoWe as cyclists need to push

    We as cyclists need to push for traffic lights that give cyclists 10 seconds of green in advance of general traffic (and by that I mean anything with an engine - yes, you moped rider you know I mean you) like they do in Holland.

    I had exactly the same scenario heading south from Tower Bridge last week in the evening. Racy guy in his Porsche Boxster annoyed by the cyclists that pulled into the ASL. He did the same thing, but didn't touch any of the cyclists. He then raced off as the lights changed.

    I trundled along a bit later and waved at him as he sat in the traffic up front heading from the A2 towards the Elephant & Castle roundabout (those that cycle the route will know it is gridlocked).

    It made me smile, and that was enough for me, as well as wonder why on earth anyone would want to drive in this congested city ... I spend 45 minutes each way on my commute and generally pass stationary traffic the whole time.

    Cycling is a great stress-reliever for me, even in London. But (a big but) we all need to chill and let those stupid enough to sit in gridlocked traffic every day continue to do so.

  • Supplements and vitamins?1 year 9 weeks agoProtein

    Protein supplements/bars/drinks - avoid, unless you're on a vegan diet and need to up your protein intake, or are doing some serious damage in the squat rack.

    Balanced, nutritious diet, hydrate lots, rest lots and what Le Grindeur said about targeted, intelligent training.

  • Cycle - A Short Cycling Animation1 year 9 weeks agoNo helmets no hi-viz kid had

    No helmets no hi-viz kid had earphones on woman was using hand held phone. GRRR GRRR

  • Just in: Genesis Volare Team 9531 year 9 weeks agoHas to be said, with a bit of

    Has to be said, with a bit of shopping around, you can get the frameset for £2300, DuraAce groupset for just over £1000 and RS81 wheels for sub £500.....leaving over £1000 for better finishing kit than the own brand Genesis stuff......

  • Essex police stop cyclists for riding without lights, high-vis or helmets1 year 9 weeks agoI'm not a racist, but...

    I'm not a racist, but...

  • Kinesis Aithein: now in orange and green1 year 9 weeks agoI have one in the orange,

    I have one in the orange, looks amazing and great fun to ride, really quick and nimble, real competition for much more expensive carbon Framesets , can't wait to see how it fares in a race, be ideal for crits I reckon! Hats off to Kinesis and great to have a homegrown alternative to the big names

  • dhb summer preview1 year 9 weeks agoBibs and tights look a lot

    Bibs and tights look a lot like my Le Col kit

  • Essex police stop cyclists for riding without lights, high-vis or helmets1 year 9 weeks agoGood move essex, real good

    Good move essex, real good move Applause
    Seriously though, how much money do you think they're spending on this? A better idea might be perhaps to fund officers to actually investigate the hundreds of car on cyclist incidents. Or maybe they could pay for a refresher course in "using discretion" for PCSOs

  • Video: Ride Wide shows drivers why cyclists need space1 year 9 weeks agoCamera work by a road.cc

    Camera work by a road.cc user, it would appear.

  • Need a new helmet?1 year 9 weeks ago'My Kask Mojito possibly

    'My Kask Mojito possibly saved me a long stay in hospital or worse'


  • 2014 Badges1 year 9 weeks agoI do like the new badges, so

    I do like the new badges, so thumbs up on them.

    That's not to say I don't wish that the 'Bookend' wasn't available in TDU, as I would've won it Crying

    But still, they're good and yes, those vast numbers of 'sprinter' badges did get a bit silly last year.

  • Need a new helmet?1 year 9 weeks agoI had a similar crash in

    I had a similar crash in November. My Kask Mojito saved me a long stay in hospital or worse. I have to say the service I have received from Velo Brands the Kask importer has been brilliant. You send them the damaged helmet and they send you a replacement for half price.

    Although the Mojito was brilliant, I upgraded to the Vertigo for an extra £20. The comfort and fit of the Kask helmets is superb. They may not be lightest, but they are worth every penny.