• Updated: Donations flood in after RideLondon-Surrey 100 rider dies following heart attack1 year 8 weeks agoI'd just like to point out

    I'd just like to point out that the chances of a persons survival are massively increased when they are given CPR quickly and in conjunction with being fibrillated within 3-5 minutes can increase the survival rate to over 50%.

    And there is no need to do mouth to mouth, the CPR is far more important.

    If you have staff, do them a favour and get them CPR training, it could easily save someones life, especially if that person is in a built up city with nearby hospitals.

  • Volagi Liscio frameset1 year 8 weeks agoThanks both. Quite

    Thanks both. Quite interested in the TRPs but was concerned about lever pull reports. Sorry to derail the frame review but the brakes are a bit more attainable.

  • Eneco stage 11 year 8 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:The points and

    Gkam84 wrote:
    The points and sprints are a combined jersey in Eneco

    There is also a separate combative sprint jersey

    Not that it makes any difference, but I scored both sprint types last year, 6,4,2

  • Earphones on cyclists: Yea or Nay?1 year 8 weeks agoGood evening, bici1977. "Ok,

    Good evening, bici1977.

    "Ok, first things first. The mating call: http://youtu.be/etHbbL7Z3Aw?t=20s"

    I've been wearing earphones while cycling in traffic – the only place I ride – since the 90s, and others have probably been doing it since Walkman days. Your opinion about the importance of hearing (setting aside that I can in fact still hear the outside world - just not with the fidelity you are insisting upon) isn't going to change my mind; nor would I expect to alter the way you or anybody else rides. I only ask that people who think it's dangerous examine why they think this, rather than stick their fingers in their ears and go lalala I can't hear you {because hearing is so important}. Not to point fingers, by the way.

    "Be the change you want to see in the world."

    I am the change I want to see: a happy, confident cyclist who tries to be considerate to other road users. The change I'd like to see in this case is for people not to get distracted by non-issues when discussing cyclist safety; recall that Boris Johnson tried this on last year.

    "And if all else fails, and my argument and points fail to make you see what I mean, surely this will give you the notch in the right direction: [The Rules]"

    I prefer these rules, thanks.

  • A wet sportive...1 year 8 weeks agoEcho the comments above. Club

    Echo the comments above. Club riders in a paceline passing amateurs at close quarters are asking trouble, and putting new people off the sport. A miserable day all in all, one of the many reasons why I don't enjoy sportives. Well done all. Some great RideLondon flood shots here, self promotion ahoy: http://humancyclist.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/ridelondon-100-training-86/

  • Signs marking Yorkshire Grand Départ route being stolen by souvenir hunters1 year 8 weeks agoLast week I rode past a sign

    Last week I rode past a sign in Northern France "Feed station - 10KM Sky" - left over from the Tour perhaps?

  • Earphones on cyclists: Yea or Nay?1 year 8 weeks agoOk, first things first. The

    Ok, first things first. The mating call: http://youtu.be/etHbbL7Z3Aw?t=20s

    Secondly, the example of concentrating better when listening to music, again, is flawed. I used to ride BMX and admittingly listened to music whilst doing so - and yes, it helped my riding (a little [I think]). However, that was not in traffic but in dedicated areas such as Skateparks. A far less lethal environment, given you dont have to fear a 40 ton lorry will push you off the road.

    My whole point is not that I dont agree that music might help you concentrate, after all, thats why the surgeon probably listens to some tunes when removing an apendix or what not, but that it impairs your second most important sense whilst operating a vehicle in traffic.

    And yes, we do all need to be an ambassador for good behaviour! We cannot rely on everyone else doing the first step. Be the change (bah bah) you want to see in the world. It has nothing to do with prejudice, but with setting an example. The same way I dont jaywalk when little children stand next to me at the red lights, or the same way I dont jump red lights eventhough I just want to do a left turn.

    And if all else fails, and my argument and points fail to make you see what I mean, surely this will give you the notch in the right direction: http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/#62 Wink

  • Cycle Computer with Cad and HRM recommendations sought from the experienced.1 year 8 weeks agoHi All, Thanks for the help

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the help and suggestions and I did have a look at the Garmin 500 - so as to cut my losses with the Polar CS200cad, I was just about to press the buy button, credit card in hand, but thought I would give it one more go by trying to change the sensor internal battery. Polar say this is a 'non-serviceable part', but I thought shit or bust I'm going to split it open and have a gander inside.
    There was a CR32 battery which I hooked out and put a new one in. Super-glued the sensor back together and,,,,,, Voila - the damn thing works superb.
    I now have speed, cadence, HRM and everything else working. Applause

    I have saved myself some cash for now, however after reading your suggestion on the Garmin 500 I am sorely tempted.

    Regards and thanks.

    Trikeman. Smile

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 8 weeks agoMy three:- Planet-X

    My three:-
    Planet-X RT-58
    Nukeproof Mega
    Ragley Mmmbop.

  • 110 KG rider Triple or Double chainset1 year 8 weeks agoI started on a scott

    I started on a scott speedster bought second hand with a tripple I still use it today for commuting but it really is uncomfortable even on short rides it honestly beats the crap out of you.
    I started riding when i was about 90kg and am now down to 84kg (i'm 35). The front end is pretty low and the saddle that came with it was terrible I've just bought a new saddle (same as on my other bike) to see if this will improve it. The scott made me decide what i didn't want in a bike. I then bought a Felt Z series (many other manufacturers have similar geometry of varying price) over the more racy F series straight away i could spend far more time in the saddle and be much faster i've done 2500 miles on it in less than a year my average speed over my local test route has improved by 2mph. So to conclude try before you buy!

    To answer you question about gears personally i don't see any advantages of a triple. My felt came with a compact and 11-30 rear cassette you can get up anything with that. Today I run a 11-25 but it's pretty flat where i live I only change it when i have a really hilly sportive takes less than 5 minutes to do.

  • Driver jailed for 18 months for vicious strangling attack on cyclist who caused imaginary wing mirror damage1 year 8 weeks agoperfect1964 wrote:The reason

    perfect1964 wrote:
    The reason for almost all instances of drivers wing mirrors getting clipped is because they drove too close to the cyclist. Only a couple of weeks ago I got "clipped" in Thornton Heath. Luckily I didn't come off. The driver, a decent human being, slowed down, and then decided to drive off.

    At least yours slowed. Mine came barrelling up a narrow road at 6.00am (drunk?) scattering cyclists in front of her before clipping me. 1 inch to the left and I'd have been off.

  • dI2 dura ace 7970 and ultegra 6700 owners1 year 8 weeks agoPersonally I would avoid

    Personally I would avoid 7970. It was arguably a 'beta' product, before Shimano established its "E-Tube" wiring system. Everything that came after is basically fully compatible/interchangeable, even if Shimano don't officially endorse the combinations. I always felt Shimano should have rewarded early 7970 adopters with a steep discount on an E-Tube system.

    The original 7970 uses 4-core cables and requires a heat gun to weather seal the connections. It's only going to get harder to get replacement parts and no upgrade path either.

  • Eneco stage 11 year 8 weeks agoThe points and sprints are a

    The points and sprints are a combined jersey in Eneco

    There is also a separate combative sprint jersey

  • La Vuelta...1 year 8 weeks agoStage 5? My plan usually

    Stage 5? My plan usually takes a good week to put together. And then stage 1 happens and I have to change it completely.

  • 110 KG rider Triple or Double chainset1 year 8 weeks agoMathematically, the gear

    Mathematically, the gear ratio makes a bigger difference than the weight.

    Total weight goes from 125kg to 120kg, or 4% lighter.
    Low gear goes from 28/28 to 34/30, or 13% harder.

    So, if you regularly use that 28/28 gear, yes you will sweat a little on 34/30. But if you keep riding you should both lose weight and get stronger legs...

  • Canyon sell off team bikes1 year 8 weeks agoSadly I don't have a spare

    Sadly I don't have a spare £4-5k lying around - if I did I'd be in like Schwinn on one of these. Florencio would be a good choice - surely the discerning cycling hipster would choose the domestique...

    Doesn't hurt that Canyon make nice-looking bikes (in my layest-of-the-layman's view).

  • Eneco stage 11 year 8 weeks agoIf there is no mountain

    If there is no mountain jersey (as there is only one mountain, and it's on stage 7) are we going to rate the jerseys for both points and sprints comp?

  • Eneco stage 11 year 8 weeks agoScores will be up soon,

    Scores will be up soon, struggling to find the sprints results but found them now.

    Just figuring out if I should take in the combative sprints into the points.....

  • Eneco tour1 year 8 weeks agoenrique wrote:chrisdstripes

    enrique wrote:
    chrisdstripes wrote:
    ... I have... both Greipel AND Debusschere...
    enrique wrote:
    ... I hope you get points for both!...

    Doubled up too. Thinking that Debusschere was reasonably cheap, and if Greipel bagged the stage he'd at least get the teammate bonus.

    Just Greips in me purist though Thinking

  • Eneco stage 11 year 8 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:I've gone cheap

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I've gone cheap and cheerful

    David Millar (GRS) Value: 3.0
    Valentin Iglinskiy (AST) Value: 4.2
    Pablo Lastras Garcia (MOV) Value: 4.4
    Yoann Offredo (FDJ) Value: 5.8
    Stijn Devolder (TFR) Value: 6.0
    Bram Tankink (BLK) Value: 6.5
    Manuele Mori (LAM) Value: 6.9
    Gatis Smukulis (KAT) Value: 7.0
    Francisco Jose Ventoso (MOV) Value: 7.1

    But still no Guardini? Surprise

  • Transcontinental Race: We are go!1 year 8 weeks agoChapeau! Wish you every

    Chapeau! Wish you every success. Applause

  • Help - carbon road bike.1 year 8 weeks agoGiants can have seatpost /

    Giants can have seatpost / seat tube issues (I think I read that on here somewhere, have a search), something about the seatpost clamp bolt needing to be constantly tightened.. and the seat tube cracking. Giant weren't too clever at addressing the issue either so...

    You've got a half decent budget there so you don't need to bother with the likes of Giant or Norco. Look to something with a bit of provenance in the road world, maybe a Colnago or Bianchi.

    I wouldn't get too hung up on different types of carbon yet, to be honest at this level it's all very similar. Two things I would spec. though would be a carbon seatpost and bars, just for comfort really.

    Happy hunting!

  • New Bontrager disc wheel range and clever Blendr multi-mount launched1 year 8 weeks agoThose wheels seem a bit

    Those wheels seem a bit heavy, especially as they only have 24 spokes. My Kinesis Crosslight Disc V3's are 1590g (measured) with 28 spokes and 23mm wide rims. Quite a bit cheaper at around £260 online too. Quick release only though, so maybe that accounts for the difference.

  • Specialized Diverge ‘go anywhere’ bike launching soon1 year 8 weeks agoWhat if they won't come with

    What if they won't come with thru-axle for lower-end models next year? What if they decide to keep the QR but drop hydraulic brakes or something else?
    What if they come up with a 'better' QR design?

    I would like to get a road capable CX bike this year (my budget allows only QR models), but if I would know for sure that next years endurance models at a grand (+2-3 hundred £) will get thru-axles both front and rear I would consider waiting.

    What about a QR to thru conversion? Is it better, stiffer, aligns the wheel better than the current QR? Possible to replace most or hardly any hubs that way? Is QR with bolt on any better?

  • Transcontinental Race: We are go!1 year 8 weeks agoI stand in awe sir. Good

    I stand in awe sir. Good luck.