• Support Chris Froome? Get your limited edition Sidis1 year 9 weeks agoWide-footed. It's

    Wide-footed. It's wide-footed! Surprise Laughing

    Besides, you need a such a curve on the toes as to have a pea-sized little toe, or they pinch at the outside. What kind of weirdo is born with aero-shaped toes?!

  • Braking Power1 year 9 weeks agoSome inexpensive brakes are

    Some inexpensive brakes are quite flexible, which means when you squeeze the lever, some of the force is lost before reaching the rim. Mushy brakes can be caused by flexible levers or caliper arms, sloppy pivots in calipers, soft brake pads, or poor cables & housing. Or a combination of the above. It's a common problem on cheap bikes.

    You don't need to buy the most expensive components to get good braking performance, but you can probably tell the difference between very cheap brakes and those of middling quality and above. I would consider SRAM Apex good enough for most purposes, not too cheap.

    The scenario in which I notice the difference most is a long twisty descent in cold weather when my grip strength is most impaired. With better brakes, less force is required and my hands don't tire as much.

  • Pactimo Summit Raptor bib shorts1 year 9 weeks agoedster99 wrote:I've ordered

    edster99 wrote:
    I've ordered from the UK shop, and it accepts the discount code

    Cracking, cheers for update.

  • Pain from eyewear1 year 9 weeks agoI got a pair of glasses from

    I got a pair of glasses from Decathlon with interchangable lenses which might do the trick as they rubber bits on the end of the legs are very flexible and don't really dig in. Orao Arroyo they are called.

  • Support Chris Froome? Get your limited edition Sidis1 year 9 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:They look

    notfastenough wrote:
    They look cool, but every time I see someone wearing Sidi's, I know I'm looking at someone with slightly weird-shaped feet.

    You're just jelly coz you're too fat-footed to wear such awesome shoes. Devil

  • Pactimo Summit Raptor bib shorts1 year 9 weeks agoI've ordered from the UK

    I've ordered from the UK shop, and it accepts the discount code, so the final price inc 2nd class delivery is £62.50. If they are as good as advertised / reviewed, could be a bargain!

  • Partner of cyclist killed in Manchester nearly run over as she lay flowers at the scene1 year 9 weeks agoDerby Road in Liverpool is a

    Derby Road in Liverpool is a 30mph dual carriageway for most if it's length with a 40mph mile long section at it's northern end before returning to 30mph - pretty nonsensical in itself. Having being stopped for doing 41mph in the 30mph section I was reminded by the Police officer that no signage is not an excuse as 'a road with street lights has to be treated as having a 30mph limit unless signs state otherwise.'

    A local road has a National Speed limit applies sign followed by a 30 followed by a 40 all within 500 yards if a T junction. No wonder courts are confused and reckless speeders getting off.

  • L'Eroica Britannia: best of British1 year 9 weeks agoThe insurance requirement is

    The insurance requirement is bollocks, I strongly suspect. If an event has an insurance policy where a participant not wearing a helmet could cause the organiser to face legal or financial risks, then the insurance policy isn't worth much. The organiser would have to be an idiot not to find a better insurer, if that were true.

    If you ran a sportive, would you be happy with a 3rd party liability insurance scheme that covered you against damages *except* where it involved a rider, outside of your control, removing a helmet? No you wouldn't. Nor would any real sportive organiser.

    I've asked these sportive organisers who say they require helmets because of their insurance to show me the policy, but they always refuse. One of the road.cc staff claims to have seen a policy requiring it, but again, no actual policy text to back it up.

    British cycling non-competitive event insurance, FWIW, does not require that riders wear helmets. So any sportive under its auspices whose organisers try to claim that the insurance requires helmets would definitely be talking bollocks.

    As for the person above claiming it was a scandal that this retro-sportive allowed non-helmet-wearers to take part: If not wearing a helmet is such a huge risk, why weren't there dozens of people injured in this sportive?

    The truth is that non-competitive cycling is pretty safe, with or without helmet. That there is a car-loving lobby, and a number of Stockholm-syndrome afflicted cyclists, who screech otherwise and try to denormalise cycling, does not change that fact.

  • Thinking about a hybrid... sorry!1 year 9 weeks agoI have a cannondale bad boy

    I have a cannondale bad boy that I bought about 8 years ago and it has been a cracking bike, I put cyclocross tyres on it after I got it and turned it into a go almost anywhere workhorse that I now commute on along the thames path into Reading every day. Although with the bigger tyres on it there is no mudguard clearance so I use a crud catcher.

    I did also ride it on the roads at weekend in the winter when I didn't want to spoil my road bikes but I have to admit that when "roadies" see you on a flat bar they tend to ignore you...

    I would like to replace it with a cyclocross bike but hard to justify when it already does everything that does and I can put my wee girls child seat on the back of it.

  • Ghana fields first ever track cyclist at Commonwealth Games this summer1 year 9 weeks agoGood job it's not at Lee

    Good job it's not at Lee Valley - he wouldn't have time to get accreditation.

  • L'Eroica Britannia: best of British1 year 9 weeks agofarrell wrote: What can I

    farrell wrote:

    What can I say, it piqued my interest.


  • Bealach-na-Ba, Applecross1 year 9 weeks agoThere's a good few B&B's

    There's a good few B&B's around Loch Carron and Shieldaig and Wester-Ross. I've stayed in Loch Dubh B&B in Loch Carron myself and the couple running it were lovely, along with the room and breakfast.

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 9 weeks agoI bought the same workstand

    I bought the same workstand from Aldi a few weeks ago. My bike is red and the stand is blue. So I had to buy an R3 to match.

    Damnit. Could have saved a fortune by just waiting.

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 9 weeks agoI too have an Ultrasport

    I too have an Ultrasport Navrun, it does more than I need or want, great to track my regular circuits and monitor my fitness.

  • Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase 700x25c tyre1 year 9 weeks agoThese tyres are incredibly

    These tyres are incredibly durable. I had a rear on for 4177 miles before it wore out. The front is still on after 6988 miles. Neither has had a single puncture and I ride all through the winter.

    I've had a Conti GP 4 Season on the rear since retiring the Bontrager (I thought it would be good to try different rubber out) it has bald spots after 2816 miles and I have had two punctures.

    I will be going back to the Bontragers when I get a new rear, they are cheaper too.

    If I was lucky (or talented) enough to have a team car chasing me with new wheels/tyres then I'd probably use some super light, super sticky, super expensive tyres.

    I'm not and these Bontragers are tyres for the rest of us!

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 9 weeks agoI got HRMs from Aldi last

    I got HRMs from Aldi last year for the wife & kids - 1 out of 4 worked. Absolute tat. I hope the GPS watch is better quality.

  • New Bike1 year 9 weeks agoTrek Crossrip? Not ridden

    Trek Crossrip? Not ridden one but it was a best-seller in my LBS. There's probably a model that fits in your price range. One I saw in the LBS had a triple (good if it's hilly where you live), 2nd set of brake levers on the flat section of the bars (good in town if you need to brake quickly) and disc brakes. I think you can fit mudguards and a pannier easily if necessary. Genesis CdF as well if you fancy steel - disc brakes but no 2nd set of brake levers. Compact crankset.

  • Bealach-na-Ba, Applecross1 year 9 weeks agoGizmo_ wrote:oldstrath

    Gizmo_ wrote:

    I swear by Avon SkinSoSoft. Seriously.

    It works - perhaps perversely I prefer the smell of Smidge

  • Braking Power1 year 9 weeks agoBetter brake systems give you

    Better brake systems give you improved modulation for less effort.
    The difference between a half-decent (Centaur/105 up) setup and a cheap lever/caliper combo is very noticeable - direct, controllable braking versus a death-grip of ineffectual mush.

  • Pactimo Summit Raptor bib shorts1 year 9 weeks agoI picked up a Pactimo soft

    I picked up a Pactimo soft shell at the London Bike Show. Was so impressed with the quality I have now bought two short sleeve jerseys and a gilet. Really is top stuff, but I have only bought with discount codes or from the outlet to keep the price more reasonable.

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 9 weeks agoIt'll do the job with no

    It'll do the job with no particular fuss, seems to be the general ethos of the Aldi gear. Your phone will likely do the same via GPS too though...

    I'm not so fussed about anything on offer this time round. The watch is admittedly something of a bargain, but the clothing seems a bit naff with the faux team kit look (not least the one in the blatant Garmin colours!).

  • Pain from eyewear1 year 9 weeks agoBeatnik69 wrote:It sounds

    Beatnik69 wrote:
    It sounds like your glasses are too tight. I had similar pain when (and please don't laugh at this) my daughter made me wear her Minie Mouse ears at Disneyland. I forgot I was wearing them and after a time started getting a sore head. Eventually I took the ears of and the pain went. The ears were pressing my head in the same place as the legs of glasses sit and I've had the same problem when wearing glasses which are too tight.

    I may be stuffed then as the Madison D'arcs I wear are pretty cheap, lightweight and don't feel tight...perhaps I'm just unfortunately sensitive in that spot!

  • Pain from eyewear1 year 9 weeks agoI also find that glasses

    I also find that glasses which have been fitted by an optician are usually more comfortable. A cheap service to alleviate miles of pain!

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 9 weeks agoAnyone any experience of the

    Anyone any experience of the wirless computers? I just want some basic speed/ distance info . I am a newbie and just want to see improvement.

  • Now SOLD Cateye Cyclosimulator CS10001 year 9 weeks agoSOLD, many thanks

    SOLD, many thanks