• Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoAnyone jumping on Shrek? Got

    Anyone jumping on Shrek?

    Got to do something soon hasn't he?

    Even at 3 Credits?

    take that as a no then Devil

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 17 weeks agomakiavelli and Wig_Billy hold

    makiavelli and Wig_Billy hold their 1-2 advantage in the Forum's Scorum's Spring Classics after the Tour of Flanders and a particularly strong showing from the purists of makiavelli sees him lead that section too....Most people expect a similar sort of Paris-Roubaix so he looks in good shape even with that plus the 3 Ardennes races to come.

    NeilG83 usurped livestrongnick for 10th spot in the Forum's Scorum's overall but the sense of doom increased for the peloton as Wig_Billy increased his lead further still in both standard and purist....time-trialling away like Spartacus!!

    I've big hopes for the Basque Country!!

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoI think a similar tactic to

    I think a similar tactic to Catalunya here although probably not as sprinty in the first 2 stages but certainly 4 guys who can win a small group finish and then 5 guys for the long haul so that by stage 3 I have 4 transfers to get the finishers out and the summit guys in.

    2 Aussies,2 spaniards,3 Italians a scandinavian and a waffle!!

    tip for the newbies http://www.sportdw.com/2011/07/tour-de-france-best-descenders.html

  • Tour of Flanders: Fabian Cancellara rides to another solo win, Tom Boonen crashes out early1 year 17 weeks agoI've always felt sorry for

    I've always felt sorry for the podium girls, having to plant a kiss on someone who has just cycled a few hundred km and not have had a chance to shower- can't be the most fragrant of jobs!

    Seriously though, the thing that is annoying me even more than Sagan's actions has been the "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" laddish nonsense some of the bigger cycling shops have been posting on Facebook and Twitter today- that pic of Sagan followed by some comments like "cheeky" or other nonsense rather than celebrating Spartacus' victory. As has already been said above, what message is that giving at a time we want, and need , more women in cycling? Still, it has made my decision as to where to spend my hard-earned wages a bit easier....

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoSkys line up is on their

    Skys line up is on their website http://www.teamsky.com/article/0,27290,28708_8609867,00.html

  • Which tyres1 year 17 weeks agoGp4000. Much better compound

    Gp4000. Much better compound and very confidence inspiring. Conti's Black Chilli Compound gets my vote every time. It just doesn't let go..

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoOk, I have dropped

    Ok, I have dropped Mollema.
    With my purists, I have tried to pick the winner for every stage...so the two best sprinters (both from same squad), the two best in form climbers and the best two time triallers. Easy as that. Cough.

  • Updated with video: Liam Moynihan wins Red Bull Hill Chasers in Edinburgh1 year 17 weeks agoGreat nights racing and good

    Great nights racing and good to see a big crowd out to support it

  • Shimano Dura Ace C24 for 1.92m 90 kg rider?1 year 17 weeks agoHolimoli wrote:I'm 1.87 and

    Holimoli wrote:
    I'm 1.87 and 90 kg and own some Dura Ace C24's. They've been really great untol today descending a hill. I reached 60 kph and the front wheel started to shimmy. From what I've read this is due to a combination of factors all acting at the same time. However, a couple of factors cited were frame length and saddle height - I.e. more likely to happen if you are tall. I guess if you ride some wheels that offer more comfort - like the C24s - then this is probably happening because they flex a little and the more you weigh the more they will flex.

    Fortunately I managed to bring the bike to a stop, although for a bit I really did think I might crash. A change of shorts was definitely in order.

    As I said, I don't know if the cause was just the wheels, weight and speed combination. there might have been a couple of other factors that added to those created the wobble. however, it was disconcerting and it might take some time before I descend at that speed again.

    And I was thinking to get some C24's. I was just about fed up with the speed wobble from my Fulcrum Racing Zero's. It's happened so many times, and usually on rough roads. It's worse if it's windy.

    I'm 1.84 and 87 kg. Perhaps the low spoke count is a factor (16 for the Racing Zero's front wheel), perhaps they are not laterally stiff enough. I put a Giant P SLR 1 front wheel on (which has 18 spokes).

    Over the past 3 days I rode the same route. After an hour on that route there is a descent which in the past I've hit 47 mph.

    Day 1 - P SLR 1 front wheel, Racing 0 back wheel - no shimmy

    Day 2 - Racing 0's front and back, same route same weather - shimmy

    Day 3 - P SLR 1 front, Racing 0 back, same route same weather - no shimmy

    The speed on descent:
    Day 1 - 40.5 mph
    Day 2 - 38.5 mph
    Day 3 - 38.5 mph

    I thought the Racing Zero's bladed spokes were making the situation worse, especially in the wind, but the C24 doesn't have bladed spokes...Oh well, the search continues Thinking

  • Tour of Flanders: Fabian Cancellara rides to another solo win, Tom Boonen crashes out early1 year 17 weeks agoI don't think anyone is

    I don't think anyone is calling for podium girls to be abandoned because of Sagan. They should go because they are an example of antiquated sexism. Sagan's idiocy is just a symptom which makes this plain.

  • Chris Hopkinson to attempt LEJOGLE record next week1 year 17 weeks agoI shall try to update when I

    I shall try to update when I can and when my phone signal is enough to get some emails out

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agoAll comments have been

    All comments have been gratefully received folks and i think the overriding msg is find a good local bike shop first! Anywhere i can get recs for shops in the W.Sussex area? i know my immediate local guy tells me Raleigh are the best ever (guess what he sells!)And ive got more info on this forum today than in two months talking to him!

  • Tour of Flanders: Fabian Cancellara rides to another solo win, Tom Boonen crashes out early1 year 17 weeks agoBut surely calling for podium

    But surely calling for podium girls to be removed because of this is a bit knee-jerk? Surely the problem here is that Sagan acted like a nob? Every other male professional cyclist seems perfectly capable of keeping his hands to himself.

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agoGo to any decent bike shop

    Go to any decent bike shop and they will fit you, at least give you a semi detailed fit, for free to any bike they have.

    Spesh and Trek are overpriced. If you are after Alu look at the Felt f85 or z85 depending on the geometries you want and style of riding you will be doing.

    Good alu frames, superb carbon forks and seapost. f85 comes with tiagra for £800, z85 with 105 for £925. Get a relationship with a local shop, you should get servicing and a bike fit (a proper one, not an evans style stand over thing) along with the bike.

    Most importantly dont buy any bike without riding it first. You dont need to guess.

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agoThe Ribble R872 with shimano

    The Ribble R872 with shimano 105 seems to be about the same price as a Canyon Ultimate AL.

    Ultimately, it's your decision. Noone can choose for you. The choice out there is overwhelming which never helps.

    Would be quite happy for you not to buy a Canyon. I like being the only one out there on the road with mine.

  • Video: Marianne Vos wins Tour of Flanders to consolidate World Cup lead1 year 17 weeks agoSuch a shame - it could have

    Such a shame - it could have been a perfect model for TV, set the women off first and cover the finish before the action starts in the men's race. All the logistics are in place, you're only staging one race and the audience is ready and waiting.

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agoNo comments on the Ribble

    No comments on the Ribble R872 as yet , not impressed ?

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agopmsl im starting to get

    Big Grin pmsl im starting to get impression im signing a deal with the devil! Smile Do you folks all belong to clubs? Ive thought about it but kind of like my own company!

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Just because

    drheaton wrote:
    Just because they aren't listed under the 'riding the next stage' doesn't mean they aren't riding, we're always playing catch up on start lists, sometimes even after the race has started. If you think someone is riding that isn't listed then you can find them by selecting 'all riders' from one of the drop downs.

    I've started doing an update and I'll do another tomorrow.

    Thank you I was not aware I could choose a rider who was not listed, I was just letting you know he was not on your list Surprise

  • Bike Insurance Recommendations1 year 17 weeks agoYou might try Teachers

    You might try Teachers Assurance (you don't have to be a teacher). We had four bikes stolen from our garage and they sorted out replacements with no fuss at all, and all with House and Contents insurance. And they are cheap!

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoYeah, its official, but there

    Yeah, its official, but there are still empty slots.

    If they aren't filled by morning I'll strip out the missing people so all that's left are those confirmed then add in whoever is riding once the race starts.

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agohttp://vueltapaisvasco.diario


    This is official. Mollema isn't riding! Quintana is!

  • Tour of Flanders1 year 17 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Alan

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Alan Tullett wrote:
    Well, no big surprises. Got 1 and 2, what a surprise! Also van the man! And Devolder. Unsure between keeping Paolini and bringing in Kristoff and saved a transfer. Never mind. Dropped Haussler but for Cancellara. Eisler, Bozic and Terpstra didn't quite work. Didn't think Chavanal would do anything today but probably in my team for next time. No big moves on the fantasy side I think, that will be decided in the more unpredictable Ardennes races.

    Think we had pretty much the same team again, apart from I had Langeveld and Chavanel, whereas you had Eisel and GVA, so should score about the same

    Strange, isn't it? Can Cancellara do the double? Probably.

    I'll have a similar team for next week, but got 7 transfers if I want to make changes. There won't be any big changes in the table this week. Dropped a few places but nothing much!

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 17 weeks agoThat's what you think now,

    That's what you think now, just you wait a year or two. Don't say that you haven't been warned! You can't go wrong with a Canyon at your budget, they are exceptional value for money.

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 17 weeks agoYeah, he and a couple of the

    Yeah, he and a couple of the Sky guys are no longer listed but replacements haven't been named, not sure if this is an omission or we're just waiting to find out who's riding.

    Always always always check start lists separately rather than relying on us to be completely up to date, because in the run up to a race we can never keep up with all the changes.