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  • Video camera recommendations?   1 year 8 weeks ago

    So the 1st thing if getting a camera is to ditch my 'quality lightweight' helmet Smile for an actual quality lightweight one.

    Any ideas of a camera under £100???

  • Surrey* hates mountain bikers too: horse riders object to new trail at Leith Hill   1 year 8 weeks ago

    The world would be a better place if people just chill out, realise that life shouldn't be taken so seriously and learn to share with each other. If people stay courteous and friendly then there should never be a problem.

  • Brian Cookson: Could track cycling move to Winter Olympics?   1 year 8 weeks ago

    As I said this morning, he's lost it and my respect.

    Winter Olympics....for WINTER sports....what happens in winter? I snows, its cold, there is ice....Yes. cyclists might go indoors, but that does not make it a winter sport.

    NOW, if he wanted cyclocross in the winters, I'm in for that.

  • 13 of the Best Road Bike Bargains for under £500   1 year 8 weeks ago

    My first bike was an all-steel Raleigh Record. 14kg! Rode it so much as a teenager I eventually totally wore out the 5-speed cluster even though the cogs were 1/8" inch thick solid steel. I still have it in working order and have come to enjoy cycling in the slow lane.

    Since I rebuilt the hubs last year I got my fastest ever speed downhill, on 32mm tyres. All that iron pulling downhill helps I guess.

  • Wife of cyclist severely disabled by Met police car answering 999 call sues police force - who say they weren't at fault   1 year 8 weeks ago

    The police aren't there to protect and serve society like we are told, they are simply there for social control and protection of property. We don't live in a democracy.

  • Just In: Trek Domane 2.0   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Hi to all of you eager beavers with loads of money and a very very short impulse buying fuse.
    Is this the early stages of the introduction to 'Throw away Bikes'?
    Yes,believe me I am aware that this kind of money is not throw away but in the real and easily convinced world of get it on tick;it is only bla bla per month and coupled with the modern day world of not questioning the 'Experts' and believing just about everything that goes into print or is published on the internet and further accelerated by a thumbs-up/like or Trending figures,this is just another marker.
    At 68yrs young,I will probably be dead and incinerated by the time some of these get cast aside because of failures of the alleged benefits that was part of the 'Rush out now and get one' mentality and get left in sheds all over the world.
    Look at some of the older steel frames that are still around and remain as perfectly functioning cycles,some of which have change hands many times and lovingly lavished with a refurbishment programme.
    I very much doubt that the same will be experience by some of the current hyped up bikes.

  • London to Brighton   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Glad to be 1st one to comment here Smile

    Me and sis did both the London to Cambridge and to Brighton Night ride last year with moonriders.

    If the weather is ok, the nightride is amazing. Quite an experience through London, and the quiet roads and stillness and getting lost and needing bike repair in the middle of nowhere .... Smile
    Food stops were of a higher standard with free food/sweets/cakes/some energy drinks and fruits and a hot meal in the middle of the night. All 3 stops were inside heated buildings (1st one too soon after 25Km) with mechanics if you need them. Good signage (getting lost was my fault) and overall good organization.

    Not too crowded and people of all abilities and speeds. Can recommend. Will be doing it in the future.

  • Melbourne "dooring" video sparks heated row Down Under   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I thought the point of getting a taxi was it dropped you off exactly where you wanted to be? Those guys went for a half mile walk after getting dropped off. Confused

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 3   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Mezgec has those points from being in break aways. That aint going to happen in the leaders jersey...

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 3   1 year 8 weeks ago

    20 penalty points for me, and no Mezgec in sight

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Thanks for finally engaging, and I mean that sincerely. There is truth in much of what you have said and I may be wrong - at the centre of this is really whether we have faith in our sportsmen and women (no disrespect - I think the domestic English cycling scene is not as corrupt as the European - I cannot say 'clean', but I do not see it being the same den of doping that predominated in Belgium and the Netherlands).

    I am afraid I am too long in the tooth to just accept what I hear from Sky. Uran Uran and Henao both raised my suspicions with their performances in the previous Giro D'Italia's so this is a 'proof positive' for me. It probably doesn't take much these days. But having read around the subject (unless one has access to insider knowledge, which almost predicates that you're doping then you're not likely to know, even anti-dopers don't know what the dopers are doing) suspicion is almost as good a detector as we have - but obviously that doesn't meet the legal requirements of a court case (hence having a standard for hematocrit we can't humanly hope to achieve).

    Denigrate me if you will, but I watched Lemond and Hinault, I watched Lemond and Laurent Fignon, and then thought I saw the best cyclist in the world Indurain (maybe he is), but watched it all fall apart with Pantani, Festini and co. When Armstrong came on the scene he came to represent everything that was wrong with cycling. He was clearly doping, he was clearly controlling the sport in a way that doesn't happen - we delapidate from repeated stress, we break, weaken and suffer in ways we cannot adequately control and Armstrong never did any of that.

    He went away and came back - the system changed we heard, but still he rode. Contador, Schleck....both implicated, both denied. We are supposed to think that things have changed, but they don't feel like they have. While I think dopers don't dope as much, the evidence is that they still do and get away with it.

    I still watch the sport and follow avidly, I watch and every race or match is tinged with an umbra of drugs. I watch most most sports that way - my other half sees why, but does not think things are as bad as I. But in a world where we continue to 'guarantee' our winners, where budgets count more than talent, where the vagaries of the human body rarely seem to decide a ride /match (though cycling rarely throws up a guaranteed winner in a single day race) I do not get astounded at the outcomes.

    I hope the latest tests can get to the heart of the doping. I hope it helps break the ring. But until we have more convictions and understand the actualities of doping I will find such anomalies a high likelihood of wrong doing.

  • Cyclist killed by train at level crossing in Suffolk   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Paul_C wrote:
    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    Here's the underpass, located a few hundred yards west of the crossing:

    One wonders why it isn't used. Both paths lead to the same route, except this one is obviously far safer.

    did you actually look at the state of that underpass? A nasty gate and it's filled with rubble... plus it's NOT on the "desire line"...and there's no path on the other side...

    Gosh, it must be an almost impossible task to remove a gate, remove some rubble, and re-route a public right of way. Herculean, one might say. I mean, man went to the Moon and back, but how on earth would he ever use an underpass?

  • If it's good enough for Vin Cox...   1 year 8 weeks ago

    That bike looks awesome

    I have just fitted a kinesis cx fork on my Equilibrium disk, purely cos I had one for another build (tinkering for tinkering's sake), a lot lighter and looks ok but think there is a bit of juddering under hard braking.. May swap it out again, or just tinker some more

    What guards are they?

  • Kickstarter campaign for bike with retro-reflective tech paintjob to get noticed at night (+ gallery & video)   1 year 8 weeks ago

    vbvb wrote:
    The reflectivity is nowhere near as good as my frame (which is completely coated in diamond-grade 3m tape).

    1. How much did that cost?
    2. How much tape did you use? Dimensions?
    3. Where did you get the tape?
    4. How much does it weight?

    Merci pour votre information!

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Chocolate coated hard nougat, has milk, almonds, chocolate and sugar. Get a big long bar and chop it into manageable chunks. Absolutely delicious!

    But mostly I don't eat much, just zero cal electrolyte drinks and carry a couple of bars that I don't mostly eat, a gel in case a big hill suddenly appears at the end that I often need, and a protein recovery something to eat on the train home.

  • New to Road cycling...   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Buggers85 wrote:
    I wouldn't want disc braked on my bike

    Don't think anyone's forcing you. There are still both v-brakes and canti's available for MTBs... if you really go looking.

    Hard to find because they're simply the worse choice.

  • 'THINK! Cyclist' safety poster campaign returns after DfT deems first run last year a success   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I think the positive comments reflect the pleasant surprise at a Government-led campaign which avoids the usual pitfalls: stereotyping of cyclists, victim-blaming, and/or pandering to the Clarksonite drivers' wish to see cyclists being castigated at every opportunity. That's certainly progress and deserves to be acknowledged.

    However Bob D is also right that driver awareness campaigns alone cannot be expected to tackle the most serious problem behaviours. For that, enforcement is necessary too.

    Moreover, the two should be seen as synergistic, delivering benefits that are greater than the sum of the parts - that is what we've learnt from c30 years of efforts to tackle drink-driving. Driver awareness campaigns help galvanise public support for enforcement activity, while the latter helps ensure that the message of the awareness campaign gets through to those who aren't susceptible to moral persuasion alone.

    It would therefore be good to see more local authorities and police forces co-ordinating their efforts on other issues too (e.g. speed limits, mobile phone use, or - in this case, looking out for cyclists and leaving space when overtaking them). Joined up action? Let's hope so!

    See CTC's campaigns briefings on:
    * Driver awareness campaigns:
    * Roads policing:

    Other CTC campaigns briefings are accessible via

    Roger Geffen
    Campaigns & Policy Director
    CTC, the national cycling charity

  • New to Road cycling...   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I wouldn't want disc braked on my bike

  • European Parliament sounds beginning of the end for brick-shaped killer trucks   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Shep73 wrote:
    Or better education for cyclists? no thought not, it's everyone else's fault.

    How do you suggest educating me so I'm not run over from behind, exactly?

    Can't decide whether stupid or trolling or both.

  • New to Road cycling...   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I wouldn't want disc braked on my bike Angry

  • New to Road cycling...   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I wouldn't want disc braked on my bike Angry

  • wHICH HELMET CAM SHOULD i PLUMP FOR   1 year 8 weeks ago

    okay, Contour I have seen and liked, not keen on GO pro as I hear its expensive for all the add ons. Was hoping for insight into JVC Adixxion, But i guess I shouild read into the lack of response on that one. Also the name is a bit crap but i like the actual camera when I saw it at the bike show.
    Thanks you for ll your comments so far..... very helpful.

  • NAHBS 2014 in pictures: The award-winning bikes and frames   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Well… four of those manage not to be shit-the-bed ugly.

  • Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Stage 3   1 year 8 weeks ago

    I'm hoping for another zero

  • European Parliament sounds beginning of the end for brick-shaped killer trucks   1 year 8 weeks ago

    Initialised wrote:
    Now we just need a mandate for collision avoidance and GPS tracking tech in all new vehicles and road safety will improve dramatically.

    And a justice system that puts human life before money.

    No chance of that while the vermin are in N° 10.