• How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoOK, I looked at the photo at

    OK, I looked at the photo at the top of this page; and at first I thought it was my Daughter???? She is a cyclist! The bike is identical and that cheesy thumbs up - gritted teeth look are typical of my daughter. Both my wife and me thought it was her? Then we saw the pink water bottle; She uses the same colour bottles as the Blue on the Ladies Cube Agree GTC. Colour co,ordinated at all times for her beloved bike.

    I agree with some of the comments on here? and some I don't agree with! Treat everyone with respect; male or female, Oh; and BTW. most genuine ladies appreciate a kindly comments on their appearence from time to time. No snyde ones or rude ones; just genuine comments, Lets appreciate everyone riding a bicycle and not let GENDER get in the way of it.

  • Kask Dieci helmet1 year 9 weeks agoAs the guys above have said

    As the guys above have said this is an excellent helmet. Comfortable, so easy to adjust in a couple of seconds for perfect fit depending on whether you're wearing anything (like a cap) underneath. The chin strap is not only massively comfortable it's great for those of us who can be a bit beardy on occasion as beard hairs play nice with the smooth strap

    Also one of the few out there that doesn't look daft on my head Smile

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoIt's sad that such an article

    It's sad that such an article need exist, but I can understand why. I've seen some guys be horrid to lady cyclists. On the point of unsolicited advice, I've only given it a handful of times, to anyone I've seen with rocking hips due to a saddle height that is too high, but that's the only case in which I've done that. I have a female cyclist in my club who asks me for advice about anything and everything cycling, from kit to maintenance, and I'm happy to help cos everyone is in the situation of knowing little at some point in their cycling career. That, and our best rider is a lady, she kicks everyone's ass, and frequently makes us want to die when she puts the hammer down.

    I've never understood the sexist vitriol that exists in society, hopefully things like this make people realise when they're being a knob and thereby change their ways

  • US Google Glass driver case thrown out, but law remains unclear1 year 9 weeks agoIf it could be limited to

    If it could be limited to driving information and directions that would be fine. It's the prospect of drivers being distracted reading of e-mails and text messages that I find worrying.....

  • Sugoi’s new Zap jacket takes reflectivity to the next level1 year 9 weeks agoVery cool tech, nice to have

    Very cool tech, nice to have a jacket that doesn't make you look like a lollypop lady. The strobe they use in the video however I dislike. Flashing lights (to this extent) are distracting to other road users and you can only see them for 50% of the time, meaning a quick glance may render the rider invisable.

  • Whole of Ireland maps for garmin 8001 year 9 weeks agoTry here, I use these instead

    Try here, I use these instead of the explorer map on the road. It's a far better image and free.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoHow about road.cc showing an

    How about road.cc showing an example and create more women specific content (reviews, forum, news, advice etc.). Put those articles in a separate tab on your site, so that it is easy to find. Attract more female readers.

    For blokes road.cc is very helpful, for women... probably not so much.

    For example, I'd like to encourage my girlfriend to ride a bike, but I wouldn't know what would be the best women specific bike to get her. If you had separate forum for women I could ask them where to look for best closing for her etc.

    P.S. Let me guess, less than 10% of road.cc active users are women.

  • Essential wet weather cycle clothing and gear1 year 9 weeks agoInvest in wet weather

    Invest in wet weather clothing by all means, it will make you more comfortable, but remember, only your skin is 100% waterproof - you will get wet!

    Water from the sky should be your secondary concern = the water from below is what will make you uncomfortable, hence full length mudguards.

    More on cycling in the rain here on my blog

  • Eurosport HD, without Sky/Virgin1 year 9 weeks ago£50? My package with Sky that

    My package with Sky that gets me Eurosport (again the only channel I really watch that freeview wouldn't get me) is way less, (£32 iirc).
    I'd have a look at your package sounds like you have some stuff that you don't need to watch Eurosport, if you can't cut it down any more then you can always say you'll leave them, they sometimes drop the prices in an effort to keep you.

  • Tour de San Luis1 year 9 weeks agoJust to confirm the deadline

    Just to confirm the deadline to enter teams will be 5:15 PM CET Monday (17:15), January 20, 2014 - 11:15 AM ET in the USA. A little over 12 hours from now.

  • Tour de San Luis1 year 9 weeks agoTwybaydos wrote:Mark

    Twybaydos wrote:
    Mark Cavendish (30.1)
    Michele Scarponi (22.7)
    Janier Acevedo (21.8)
    Taylor Phinney (20.1)
    Juergen Van Den Brouck (15.4)
    Darwin Atapuma (14.2)
    Sacha Modolo (12.0)
    Miguel Rubiano (10.3)
    Daniel Diaz (3.0)

    Total 149.6

    You're in! Nice looking team! Smile

  • Eurosport HD, without Sky/Virgin1 year 9 weeks agoI subscribe to the Eurosport

    I subscribe to the Eurosport Player - http://www.eurosportplayer.co.uk

  • Tour de San Luis1 year 9 weeks agoGhedebrav wrote:enrique

    Ghedebrav wrote:
    enrique wrote:
    Ghedebrav wrote:
    In like Schwinn:

    Peter Sagan Cannondale Pro Cycling 36.4
    Sacha Modolo Lampre - Merida 12.0
    Moreno Moser Cannondale Pro Cycling 18.0
    Ariel Maximiliano Richeze Lampre - Merida 18.4
    Carlos Alberto Betancur AGR La Mondiale 24.0
    Davide Appollonio AGR La Mondiale 9.6
    Fredrik Kessiakoff Astana Pro Team 9.9
    Filippo Pozzato Lampre - Merida 11.0
    Tom Boonen Omega Pharma - Quick-Step 7.1
    Juan Jose Haedo Jamis - Hagens Berman 3.1

    Should come in just shy of 150. Big Grin

    I love your team, Ghed. You did nice! But... check how may riders you have on your team... Surprise

    Ah, OK. D Oh

    I'll live without Haedo, then. Silly

    Haedo's got more stage wins in San Luis than anyone else in the startlist I think Love Struck

  • UPDATE: Police looking into moped rider caught on cam trying to kick London cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI had a few negative

    I had a few negative responses to my earlier post. I read it back and it is a lot grumpier than I meant it to, and I definitely apologise for that... And sorry to the original poster for any of the words that felt like a personal attack, my exasperation was for the community as a whole. I think we're all on the same side here, I ride in zones 1-2 every day and know what road users can be like to each other. As for the return replies calling me elitist and other names, well, I will try to be more constructive and re-phrase, because I think my points are still valid, but need phrased better:
    - these videos only have negative outcomes when posted, as far as I can see. There are several offers of criminal retribution in this thread, not cool. Then there's the over reaction like calls for the charge of attempted murder and others declaring their strong belief that police won't do much, and calling any slight dissenters out as victim blamers. Really?
    - couldn't people be potentially put off cycling by watching these vids? Surely that is something we should avoid.
    - this and other slightly less aggressive driving (and cycling) happens all the time in Central London. The place is full of road rage, as well as careless, unqualified, and uninsured driving, lemming-like pedestrians and terrible cycling. The video is frightening and does show violent road rage but I'm almost numb to it because I see a lot that is, say, a quarter to half as bad as this. We need to somehow concentrate on a productive and constructive response that improves attitudes and relationships. I haven't got any great ideas myself apart from trying to be a considerate cyclist and not react angrily every time I nearly get knocked off, but inviting comments on these videos seem like endless negative reinforcement. My petty comment about core activation was an example - distasteful and I'm sorry again but it was meant to show a potentially constructive use of the video.

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoJimmy Ray Will wrote:Wow...

    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    Wow... This piece has been enlightening.
    I'm fairly comfortable in my ability to interact/not interact with female cyclists, but wow, I never knew there was so much animosity (from both sexes) to receiving advice/suggestions from fellow cyclists.
    Personally, I want to be told every tip, hear every suggestion for ways to make my cycling better, so I find it weird and alien that this is not a genuinely shared sentiment.
    Are you really saying you'd prefer to ride along making obvious mistakes that will compromise comfort/enjoyment/performance/safety than 'endure' the horror that someone might be more experienced, may be able to offer an objective third party viewpoint that helps... Wow.
    This has changed my cycling and I will never offer advice to a cyclist again. How weird that trying to help should be twisted around to become a cynical display of superiority... Weird

    I would not give unsolicited advice to an unknown adult except in the most extreme circumstances where saying nothing could have serious consequences.

    Even with family and friends, IMO, it is often better to allow them to learn from their own 'mistakes' rather than butting in with an unwanted opinion. For example, I found it extremely difficult to keep my big mouth shut when my daughter at University started dating an absolute buffoon. If I had stuck my nose in her business, she would probably still be with him, just to spite her meddling dad and assert her independence.

    Even as a teacher of post 16 students, you really cannot begin to teach effectively until you have built a relationship with the kids, so that they trust you, believe in your competence and believe that you genuinely care and have their best interests at heart. Only then will they have the confidence to ask for your advice and not mind when they are stuck if you humbly suggest that an alternative approach to the problem might bear fruit. Long gone are the days where kids feel that they have to listen to anything you say, just because you are an adult and in theory have more experience than they do.

    I don't believe this is a male/female thing either.

  • FORUM's SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 20141 year 9 weeks agochiv30 wrote:ray silvester

    chiv30 wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    chiv30 wrote:
    Wig_Billy wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    Bustin' those stripes Technojim....nice to see them on the start line.

    No Wig-Billy yet?

    I'm in. Devil

    Well that's the majority of the races top spots taken .... Crying

    stricter drug testing this season though Chiv!!

    Let's hope there's no "payments" to the leading body otherwise his reign could last year's with ppl asking questions ....then he will retire and it will all come out in some publicity stunt that he lied about riding clean

    I've never tested positive... Liar

  • Tour de San Luis1 year 9 weeks agoMark Cavendish (30.1) Michele

    Mark Cavendish (30.1)
    Michele Scarponi (22.7)
    Janier Acevedo (21.8)
    Taylor Phinney (20.1)
    Juergen Van Den Brouck (15.4)
    Darwin Atapuma (14.2)
    Sacha Modolo (12.0)
    Miguel Rubiano (10.3)
    Daniel Diaz (3.0)

    Total 149.6

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoCouldn't care who passes me

    Couldn't care who passes me as i just like to ride, always say good morning or afternoon whoever they are

  • UPDATE: Police looking into moped rider caught on cam trying to kick London cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:First thing to do is

    First thing to do is report the potholes to the local authority then when they haven't repaired them in the alloted time have an accident the sue the council.

    Personnally i would rather not have an accident than worry about suing after the event!

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 year 9 weeks ago19th Jan: 1 Point; 131.6km

    19th Jan: 1 Point; 131.6km (81.9 miles)
    TOTALS: 1 Point; 131.6km

  • First road bike - help please1 year 9 weeks agoYou can pick up a real

    You can pick up a real bargain on eBay. It's where I got my current bike, a GT GTR Series 3 (2010 model) in pristine condition for £255. I can't afford a more expensive bike at the moment, but it does what I want it to and I can upgrade components (new wheelset this year! Drooling )

  • Lezyne Zecto Drive rear light1 year 9 weeks agodee4life2005 wrote:It's a

    dee4life2005 wrote:
    It's a great light, but unfortunately the clip on it's own isn't secure enough for a saddle bag ... mine disappeared mid-ride the other night and I never heard it hit the road. RIP Lezyne Zecto. Crying

    I think a lot also depends on the thickness of the fabric tab on the back of your saddle pack. In my experience, some packs have relatively wide (20cm) strip of thick webbing which provides a firm and secure point of contact for clip-on lights. Other packs have a flimsy loop of ribbon which is almost useless. The thick webbing has the additional advantage of holding clip-on lights upright, so the beam points back at approaching traffic. On bags with flimsy ribbon (such as this: http://road.cc/content/review/80897-lezyne-m-caddy-quick-release) I've found grip can be improved slightly if I pad out the ribbon with a bit of rubber cut from an old inner-tube before clipping on the light, but it still doesn't hold the light vertical, and is far from ideal.

  • Pedal for the J's1 year 9 weeks agoI did the 35 mile one last

    I did the 35 mile one last year, was my 1st sponsored ride & furthest I've ever gone in 1 day that day. Its a lovely ride in the country side & we had weather on our side. great chats to fellow cyclists as we pedalled along & enjoyed every bit as I raised money. A win win all round! Big Grin

    I have a blog if you like to see what the ride was like: http://the2wheeledwolf.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/day-28-of-30-days-of-bikin...

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks ago"Women already battle a

    "Women already battle a number of reasons not to get on a bike every day.... to employers who don’t provide showers or decent changing facilities, the list of reasons not to get onto a saddle can seem endless."

    That obstacle applies only to women?

  • How not to be a knob to female cyclists1 year 9 weeks agoPersonally I treat any female

    Personally I treat any female cyclist the exact same I would any male. I do that off the bike and in the real world as well, it's called being adult.

    As for advice, I'd never offer unsolicited advice, I'm not a pro just a keen amateur, but I'm happy to accept it from serious riders.

    I've also no macho issues about women flying past me. I don't ride to compete with others, I ride to compete with me.