Not only that we also ask them wether they've got a new motor!

  • Northamptonshire County Council consults on multimillion pound cycling strategy1 year 26 weeks agoI think the article above is

    I think the article above is exactly what it is... a proposal and that is it.

    Treads have had a very long running battle with the council from that we have had this latest email, if anything from the proposal ever gets done it will be a miracle.

    I am fully aware of the condition of the highways generally across the county and in deed farther afield and my officers are tasked with carrying out inspections etc in accordance to or policy.

    I think it is clear that your aspirations of what condition the highway should be in, differ from what is both practical and realistic especially in the current economic climate. The fact that the Council have had to take some very difficult decisions, such as turning off 50% of our lights, no longer providing school crossing patrol services, reduce subsidies for public transport by 75% etc hopefully puts in into context. In addition our revenue budget has experienced a year on year reduction, not just in real terms but in actual terms and despite this I still believe we offer and deliver a good value for money service.

    I accept we would all like the over all condition of the roads and footpaths to be better, myself included, however I also believe we need to be realistic in terms of what can be delivered.

    Regards, Dave. (David Farquhar)

  • Video: 2012 Catford Hill Climb1 year 26 weeks agogreat vis, bloody awful

    great vis, bloody awful version of that song tho ...

  • Police appeal for witnesses in deliberate hit and run attack that left cyclist for dead1 year 26 weeks agoSimilar case involving a

    Similar case involving a pedestrian, all 4 car occupants arrested for attempted murder.

    They guy should have known that the minute he got on a bike he ceased to be a person; he became a cyclist, and we all know that cyclists only get what they deserve. I'm suprised he wasn't arrested for cycling on the pavement.

  • Cycle psychologist: Driver aggression still needs to be understood1 year 26 weeks agoBlimey, this debate's getting

    Blimey, this debate's getting a bit polarised, isn't it?

    I don't think Ian is saying "don't wear hi-hiz", but that we need be wary of any outwardly easy solution to road safety that may not be particularly effective and transfers blame to the victim of the accident for not using it. See also helmets...

    We invited him to speak at Bristol Cycle Festival this year and his talk is available to listen to and download here; it's well worth listening to in full.

  • Mekk 3G Potenza SL5.51 year 26 weeks agoa 27.1 seatpost? what an odd

    a 27.1 seatpost? what an odd size Wink

  • Police appeal for witnesses in deliberate hit and run attack that left cyclist for dead1 year 26 weeks agoThis is really disturbing,

    This is really disturbing, makes me feel a bit sick.

  • Lance Armstrong says conscience clear despite USADA sanctions1 year 26 weeks agoTotally agree but please do

    Totally agree but please do not knock my Trek EPO..oops I meant Madone. I am just needling you Laughing

    Let's face it, LA would make a good addition to the cast of that HBO series 'True Blood' Rolling On The Floor

  • Metric Century Challenge 2011-20121 year 26 weeks ago10 Nov 1pt 117.2k: Total pts

    10 Nov 1pt 117.2k: Total pts 1, total km 117.2
    12 Nov 1pt 104.9k: Total pts 2, total km 222.1
    16 Nov 1pt 112.8k: Total pts 3, total km 334.9
    19 Nov 1pt 101.0k: Total pts 4, total km 435.9
    21 Nov 1pt 148.9k: Total pts 5, total km 584.8
    25 Nov 1pt 104.5k: Total pts 6, total km 689.3
    3 Dec 2pt 214.0k: Total pts 8, total km 903.3
    13 Dec 1pt 104.3k: Total pts 9, total km 1,007.6
    22 Dec 1pt 104.3k: Total pts 10, total km 1,111.9
    31 Dec 1pt 104.2k: Total pts 11, total km 1,216.1
    25 Jan 1pt 165.1k: Total pts 12, total km 1,381.2
    31 Jan 1pt 102.3k: Total pts 13, total km 1,483.5
    1 Feb 1pt 100.7k: Total pts 14, total km 1,584.2
    9 Feb 1pt 100.7k: Total pts 15, total km 1,690.8
    12 Feb 1pt 102.7k: Total pts 16, total km 1,793.5
    20 Feb 1pt 165.1k: Total pts 17, total km 1,958.6
    24 Feb 1pt 102.3k: Total pts 18, total km 2,060.9
    25 Feb 1pt 101.6k: Total pts 19, total km 2,162.6
    1 Mar 1pt 165.0k: Total pts 20, total km 2,327.6
    2 Mar 1pt 101.5k: Total pts 21, total km 2,429.1
    3 Mar 1pt 106.4k: Total pts 22, total km 2,535.4
    6 Mar 1pt 104.4k: Total pts 23, total km 2,639.8
    8 Mar 1pt 100.2k: Total pts 24, total km 2,741.0
    10 Mar 1pt 101.9k: Total pts 25, total km 2,842.9
    25 Mar 1pt 100.5k: Total pts 26, total km 2,943.4
    1 Apr 1pt 119.4k: Total pts 27, total km 3,062.8
    7 Apr 1pt 104.6k: Total pts 28, total km 3,167.4
    12 Apr 1pt 162.6k: Total pts 29, total km 3,330.0
    14 Apr 1pt 111.9k: Total pts 30, total km 3,441.9
    21 Apr 1pt 127.6k: Total pts 31, total km 3,569.5
    28 Apr 1pt 100.2k: Total pts 31, total km 3,669.7
    5 May 3pt 300.5k: Total pts 34, total km 3,970.2
    24 May 1pt 130.4k: Total pts 35, total km 4,100.6
    29 May 1pt 102.1k: Total pts 36, total km 4,202.7
    9 Jun 1pt 100.7k: Total pts 37, total km 4,303.4
    12 Jun 1pt 101.1k: Total pts 38, total km 4,404.5
    13 Jun 1pt 103.4k: Total pts 39, total km 4,507.9
    15 Jun 1pt 101.3k: Total pts 40, total km 4,609.2
    16 Jun 1pt 104.2k: Total pts 41, total km 4,713.4
    23 Jun 1pt 165.5k: Total pts 42, total km 4,878.9
    25 Jul 1pt 102.5k: Total pts 43, total km 4,981.4
    26 Jul 1pt 107.7k: Total pts 44, total km 5,089.1
    29 Jul 2pt 236.5k: Total pts 46, total km 5,325.6
    4 Aug 1pt 103.6k; Total pts 47, total km 5,429.2
    11 Aug 1pt 118.4k: Total pts 48, total km 5,547.6
    15 Aug 1pt 162.0k: Total pts 49, total km 5,709.6
    16 Aug 1pt 147.1k: Total pts 50, total km 5,856.7
    17 Aug 1pt 117.5k: Total pts 51, total km 5,974.2
    18 Aug 1pt 146.9k: Total pts 52, total km 6,121.1
    19 Aug 1pt 135.0k: Total pts 53, total km 6,256.1
    20 Aug 1pt 119.1k: Total pts 54, total km 6,375.2
    30 Aug 1pt 103.0k: Total pts 55, total km 6,478.2
    4 Sept 1pt 100.6k: Total pts 56, total km 6,578.8
    6 Sept 1pt 100.1k: Total pts 57, total km 6,678.9
    8 Sept 1pt 102.2k: Total pts 58, total km 6,781.1
    9 Sept 1pt 100.1k: Total pts 59, total km 6,881.2
    14 Sep 1pt 163.0k: Total pts 60, total km 7,044.2
    16 Sep 1pt 100.6k: Total pts 61, total km 7,144.8
    19 Sep 1pt 105.8k: Total pts 62, total km 7,250.6
    22 Sep 1pt 100.6k: Total pts 63, total km 7,351.2
    27 Sep 1pt 114.0k: Total pts 64, total km 7,465.2
    6 Oct 1pt 163.6k: Total pts 65, total km 7,628.8
    14 Oct 2pt 119.8k: Total pts 66, total km 7,748.6

  • Legal battles could lie ahead for Lance Armstrong as old court cases come under spotlight1 year 26 weeks agoHitting him where it

    Hitting him where it *actually* hurts, eh!
    He clearly doesn't care about how he's viewed as a sportsman or as a person, as long as he's still getting his munnee.
    Now why didn't they think of that earlier..?

  • Tour Down Under criticised for silence on Armstrong AND keeping quiet over 2003 stage winner's positive test1 year 26 weeks agoit's all about the money,

    it's all about the money, nothing else matters really

  • Lance Armstrong lawyer caught out by lie detector… question1 year 26 weeks agoI know that more often than

    I know that more often than not, the tests prove "inconclusive" but I think it would prove once and for all Lance's guilt, which in my eyes has already been proved.

    The problem being, that their will always be doubts, no matter the amount of evidence, people confessing, taking lie detector tests, swearing on oath's....etc....etc

    The only way that EVERYONE could be 100% that Lance doped, is for Lance to confess it. Which lets face it, unless he's on his death bed, he wont. It would ruin him.

    As it is, Nike don't seem bothered and are sticking by him, he'll always have the "support" of people he's helped through Livestrong. I don't see its work being effected, although donations might be slightly down.

  • Lance Armstrong lawyer caught out by lie detector… question1 year 26 weeks agoThe 98% figure you're quoting

    The 98% figure you're quoting is from a study in the American Polygraph industry journal. I'm sure homeopathy journals also print stuff about how effective that is - it doesn't make it so. You really need to find studies in reputable, non-biased (i.e. ones with a much wider focus), peer-reviewed journals. The study you point to doesn't match what I've read about polygraphs.

    E.g. here's a British Psychological Society primer and background on polygraphs:

    Note that all the studies quoted on page 15 have very high "correct" ratings, but only for the guilty. For the innocent cases, the studies they quote show the lie detector generally gives poor results - i.e. not significantly better than a coin-flip in several cases (and these studies may over-estimate the efficacy due to the flaws).

    Note that these are field studies, and from the previous page, such studies often are very badly carried out from a scientific rigour point-of-view:

    "Numerous field studies have been published to date, but they are subject to debate. The problem is that the quality of polygraph field studies that have been carried out or published to date is low."

    There is a significant problem with many of these field-studies in how they determine the actual truth. The middle paragraph on page 14 is interesting reading.

    In highly controlled laboratory settings, the lie detector test fares quite poorly. Of course, the laboratory studies suffer from the flaw that they do not replicate the pressures often present in real-world use of polygraphs.

    Anyway, again, at least for innocents, there certainly is no good evidence the lie-detector doesn't do much better than a coin flip. And of course, since you can't know whether the person you have is innocent or guilty, that the test does better on "guilty" (slightly in controlled lab settings, amazingly good in the potentially biased and/or flawed field studies) is irrelevant - you don't know which case you're dealing with (or you wouldn't be doing the lie detector test) so you can't put more faith in the test itself than the coin-toss accuracy it has for innocents.

    For an extremely thorough look at polygraphs, see the NAP book, which is intended to be a comprehensive assessment of the issues for a US government audience:

    The executive summary is probably the bit to read:

    Basically, the lie detector itself doesn't give you information that is at all useful. Though, it may still be a useful prop in certain settings (offender rehabilitation sessions, interrogations, etc).

  • Lance Armstrong lawyer caught out by lie detector… question1 year 26 weeks agoNothing is ever going to be

    Nothing is ever going to be 100% accurate though.

    There has been some research has shown that an expert qualified polygraph examiner can be up to 98% accurate.

    In America,

    Polygraph admissibility varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some states ban it completely; others allow results by stipulation; and some allow polygraph evidence over objection.

    If Lance was to face criminal proceedings following the outcome of the USADA case, for example, Fraud and Perjury, the court could order a polygraph. I'd love to see that.

    One notiable perjury case in the US, also from sport and lying about using performance drugs would be Marion Jones who got 6 months after admitting the charges. If Lance denied it, The sentence could be 15 to 21 months in prison.

    Depending on the factors of the perjury, it could rise to 41 to 51 months in prison

  • Lance Armstrong lawyer caught out by lie detector… question1 year 26 weeks agoIt's worth bearing in mind

    It's worth bearing in mind there is no scientific validity to the notion that a lie detector test can detect lies with any significant reliability. Indeed, I gather humans with experience of questioning people do better than lie detectors (and even they aren't very reliable - somewhere around 60% if I remember correctly, only a little better than chance). Which is why lie detector test results, of themselves, are not admissible as evidence in criminal court in a number of jurisdictions.

    The lie detector test is pure theatre. If it has a valid use, it is as a prop to help a good interrogator to persuade an ignorant subject to talk more than they would otherwise. If a subject "confesses", because they believe they machine will implicate them otherwise, you can believe that confession as much as any other.

    However, you can not place any great faith in what the lie detector operator judges to be truth and lies. Genuine scientific testing says they do little better than tossing a coin.

  • Lie detectors1 year 26 weeks agoFinally, a sensible article

    Finally, a sensible article about it, top work and Mr MacMichael Wink

  • Cycle psychologist: Driver aggression still needs to be understood1 year 26 weeks agoLuhmiester wrote: "However,

    Luhmiester wrote: "However, treatment of vegetarians vs cyclist by a socially dominant group will be different,the following factors could all play a part.

    1. Competition for a resource(s)."

    I'm pretty sure that whoever it was who beat me to the last decent steak in the butcher's yesterday afternoon wasn't a vegetarian Thinking

  • Lie detectors1 year 26 weeks agoThe thing is, this story is

    The thing is, this story is all over the internet and is being reported as LA could take lie detector test... which is a bit of a leap from what was actually said.

    Here's our take on it Wink

  • EPO and irony1 year 26 weeks agoIf you are that worried about

    If you are that worried about being caught as a potential doper, route your IP through a few proxies in different countries to check out the sites. Just don't buy and have it delivered to your own address Devil

  • EPO and irony1 year 26 weeks agoAh, so not actually supplying

    Ah, so not actually supplying EPO, which is what the url implied to me, as in boost performance using EPO, not boost EPO production.

    I guess my response shows how effective their choice of URL and advertising isn't as I was not even prepared to visit the site presuming the worst, i.e. that it was a trap site to identify potential dopers.

  • Exercise Bike vs Turbo Trainer1 year 26 weeks agoUsing your own bike on a

    Using your own bike on a turbo sounds on the face of it a good idea but the truth is they flex too much.A good quality exercise bike like a schwinn spin bike £1000 or a Wattbike £2500 are much better.To be honest unless it's peeing down all winter dress up warm and ride out doors.Buy a winter hack (charity shop job) and ride.It's all shite in the winter but it has to be done.Better idea go to Tenerife for the winter 30c ha ha if only! Smile I think your point about hr rate at 150bpm etc is also right.Your heart and lungs get the same work out and don't know if your in or out on your bike.Mind you 2hours on a exercise bike at 150bpm takes some doing.It's like climbing a 1% hill no free wheeling corners etc to take a brake also if thats your chosen route use a cooling fan it's gets hot in the house.