• I saw a deer in the city on Friday, what's the most unexpected thing you've seen on your commute?1 year 9 weeks agoI once had a pheasant fly out

    I once had a pheasant fly out from the hedgerow and bounce off my helmet.
    ...and also had a small bird (finch, I think) fly thru my front wheel as I cycled along a country lane...I guess having low spoke count helped...still don't know how it didn't get hit/caught...was doing >20kph at the time...(me not the bird...)

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 9 weeks agoMy Road steed is a Trek 2.1

    My Road steed is a Trek 2.1 Madone and I'm looking to upgrade this year to fully carbon!

  • Video: Cycling commuters caught unaware in Tesco Mobile ad1 year 9 weeks agoGoldie's taken the money and

    Goldie's taken the money and run many, many times before this, and good luck to him. Eastenders anyone?

    As for the advert, it's a good example of taking someone else's nice idea and systematically pummelling the charm out of it. It'd make excellent fodder for sweary industry blog CopyC***s, if it were still active.


    Still, looking forward to the sequel with Doc Scott doing a flypast in a gyrocopter.

  • Riccardo Riccò reportedly caught red-handed buying doping products1 year 9 weeks agodaddyELVIS wrote:pwake

    daddyELVIS wrote:
    pwake wrote:
    noether wrote:
    Now, who is brave enough to follow up on the leads?

    It would be good to see some prosecution of the dealers here for once. That never seems to happen.
    Catching Ricco doing something wrong is about as hard as catching a whale in a bucket, but catching guys selling drugs likely stolen from hospitals could maybe lead to some name naming.

    Agree with this. The fact that Ricco was willing to drive over 200 km to meet these dealers suggests to me they could be well connected. However, I'm guessing nothing much will come of this in terms of the wider doping 'industry'.

    He at least could have ridden it.

  • Trek launch Domane 6.9 Disc (there's a Domane 4.0 Disc too)1 year 9 weeks ago£6k for the 6.9

    £6k for the 6.9 apparently.

    I'll have to get saving then!

  • Cambridge Tour de France road closures a "nightmare" says councillor1 year 9 weeks agoSo a road closure for a day

    So a road closure for a day is a 'nightmare'.
    I am sure that the victims of the various tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes etc that completely devastate their lives will no doubt have great sympathy for the people of Cambridge who are inconvenienced for a whole 24 hours.

    Perhaps we could gather together a bunch of d-list celebs and hold some kind of fundraising event to help the impoverished of Cambridge get back on their feet after such monumental devastation?

  • Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 Ultegra road bike1 year 9 weeks agoAnyone (else) think that the

    Anyone (else) think that the wheels are a little 'low rent' for the rest of the spec/price?
    I'd hate to pay £2.5k and then 'need' to upgrade the wheels...

  • Manchester bike thieves are targeting top riders, says Paralympic tandem pilot1 year 9 weeks agoWhen defunct called out for a

    When defunct called out for a digger, I thought of this:
    http://youtu.be/YJDT04DOalI?t=19s Surprise

    I guess there is a reason, why we all end up with a low mileage Sunday bike and (at least) one daily rider bike, e.g. my C40 was once somebodies Sunday best. While my Sundays best is safely secured:

    http://innercitymobility.blogspot.de/2012/11/editorial-break-days-of-dar... Wink

  • Met says thieves target mass-market commuting bikes - because they are easier to sell1 year 9 weeks agoallez neg wrote:harman_mogul

    allez neg wrote:
    harman_mogul wrote:
    allez neg wrote:
    No no no no. No.

    Victim blaming surely - there should be the infrastructure in place and the societal change necessary to eradicate theft before us bike owners should be expected to use locks.

    Is this for real?

    Of course not. I'm just trying to highlight the doublethink exhibited by a fair few commenters on here (some may be less charitable and call it hypocrisy, but I'll stick with doublethink) when it comes to road accidents and matters regarding police.

    Bike theft - Road cc gives tips to reduce the risk of this, they suggest the cyclist incurs personal cost and inconvenience in purchasing, carrying and using physical security locks to deter theft. Theft requires a thief - someone with the intention, the mens rea, to dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention to permanently deprive the owner of it. A victim of theft is a victim of someone with the intention of committing an offence - a predator you might say.

    And yet a cycle owner is reasonably expected to take precautions against this with roadcc giving advice accordingly.

    Road accidents are somehow different on here - when a police spokesman, coroner, judge, politician or pretty much anyone makes a general comment regarding the cyclist trying to reduce their vulnerability by means of lighting, bright clothing, reflectives etc along with adherence to the rules of the road you'll find people òn here jumping up and down and using the term "victim blaming" almost immediately. I could go out tonight on my black bike, in my black shorts and top, with shades on and maybe even headphones too, and leave the lights at home. I'll ride down the middle of a 60mph road and if I hit a pothole, gravel, horse shyte, or if anyone hits me, then it'll be due to the poor infrastructure and bad driving, surely?

    I can't imagine many motorists actually having the intention to injure or kill cyclists ( there are some admittedly) so the cyclist is normally the victim of someone negligent to varying degrees, but not someone with the intent to harm, and yet providing advice to cycle riders to reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident is victim blaming, apparently.

    If a cycle rider can't be arsed to take basic personal precautions for his own benefit (be they equipment and behavioural), then when he asks for the moon on a stick in terms of infrastructure and changes to legislation, vehicle design etc I can kinda guess what the answer will be.

    That's the problem with being a vulnerable road user though - you could also go out high-vizzed to the max, lights everywhere and riding to the letter and spirit of the law (be that riding in the cycle lanes, or in primary position - it doesn't matter) and still get killed or injured by someone else's mistake.

    So, where do you draw the line? If someone is behaving legally and is harmed through no fault of their own do you always 'provide advice' to them despite a complete lack of evidence that they did anything incorrectly or that what you suggest would make any difference at all? Does there have to be a bike involved, or does your 'holier-than-thou' attitude extend to every area of society?

  • Tour de Romandie Stage by Stage Dream Teams, the Giro Budget and a Giro Forum Competition Idea1 year 9 weeks ago(No subject)


  • Which TV channels for cycling coverage?1 year 9 weeks agothanks for all the posts

    thanks for all the posts

  • Cambridge Tour de France road closures a "nightmare" says councillor1 year 9 weeks agoSurely this just goes to show

    Surely this just goes to show that you will always, without fail, find somebody who will complain about something. It doesn't mean they're right or wrong - it's just human nature. I'm sure there are things that people on here would complain about too.

    It feels like a classic 'media taking one comment to blow something out of proportion on a slow news day' issue. "Regional road closures of up to 24 hours" suggests most of Cambridgeshire will be closed, whereas what's meant is that some but not all roads near the start line will be closed for 24 hours.

    Is someone after a job at the Daily Mail/Express?

  • Sustrans and Cyclenation launch handbooks for bike-friendly transport1 year 9 weeks agocat1commuter wrote: (such as

    cat1commuter wrote:
    (such as cycle lanes with priority over side roads)

    When i have seen this done, it was screwed up. You had some side roads with priority and others without, add into the mix that many(most?) drivers and many(most?) shared use path users, don't realise how priority actually works. Drivers would go straight through the give way signs, pavement users wouldn't assert their priority because they might be in the right, but being dead isn't very helpful!

  • Lucas King of the Road front light1 year 9 weeks agoSorry, but having experienced

    Sorry, but having experienced Lucas' reliability through previous decades that accorded with their nickname as the "Prince of Darkness", it's no longer a name I trust, even if it's merely a logo on a foreign-sourced unit. Still waiting for more manufacturers to follow the German requirements of a road-shaped beam, rather than just uber-torches.

  • Manchester bike thieves are targeting top riders, says Paralympic tandem pilot1 year 9 weeks agoPeople will steal anything.

    People will steal anything. It's not difficult to work out where the sports person lives. It's not difficult to work out when they are out of the country. They have expensive equipment in the garage.

    It's surprising more of them haven't been robbed

  • 11 professional cyclists on Strava1 year 9 weeks agoGot one of these last year at

    Got one of these last year at the foot of Ventoux, if you're going to lose a KOM , has to be the best way to do it!

  • Just in: Cotic Escapade1 year 9 weeks agoAnyone know how the frame

    Anyone know how the frame rides? I'm after a comfortable do it all, this sounds a possibility.

  • Met says thieves target mass-market commuting bikes - because they are easier to sell1 year 9 weeks agoI'm glad I'm not the sort of

    I'm glad I'm not the sort of person who is so determined to belittle dead and injured people that I write my thoughts on the matter underneath completely unrelated articles.

    You get an awful lot of judgmental comments when people have a poorly secured bike stolen too, and not one of those has ever helped bring a bike back.

  • Another way to play digital games on your bike.1 year 9 weeks agoI think you "conquer lands"

    I think you "conquer lands" (to use their terminology) by being the most frequent rider. I think. Not totally sure. I did notice that the first areas I conquered were those around where I live, which makes sense.
    In terms of other players - yes, I just checked and lots more people are on it now, from all over the world. Still, I seem to be the only one in North Wales at the moment.
    Battery issues - i was out on Sunday for about 3 hours, and from full, the battery was at about 60% when I got home. So you might not want to use it on all day epic, if you're worried about not being able to make phone calls.
    Data connection - in my review I reported a false start with the app, because I couldn't use it initially as there was no data. I think this was only because I hadn't logged in already. I'm assuming now, that like most apps, you don't actually need a data connection to record your ride, just the GPS. Your phone records the GPS track and it will sync later when it can connect. In my experience, using phone GPS apps doesn't dramatically increase data consumption. If you've ever used the facebook app on your phone, that's likely to use waaaaaay more data.

  • Video: Cycling commuters caught unaware in Tesco Mobile ad1 year 9 weeks agoOooh lovely. The ASA can get

    Oooh lovely.

    The ASA can get all frothy and cite "socially irresponsible" cycling again.

  • Which TV channels for cycling coverage?1 year 9 weeks agoanother vote for eurosport -

    another vote for eurosport - I paid for a year up front which gives me full access on all devices - so I can also watch it via a smart tv app

  • Derailleur failure sram force 221 year 9 weeks agoHi For all the great people


    For all the great people who have offered advice and help, just an update.

    Focus have finally got the bike back in Germany and have said they will not cover it. They are still insisting that the derailleur had gone into the spokes even though in a gear nowhere near the spokes. They had no interest in the garmin and strava data which showed I was on a flat (why would I be changing into smallest gear) so they are happy for me to have to take LBS to small claims, even though LBS copied me in on emails stating they thought it was a component failure.
    They did offer to sell me a frame and components, add a wheel, chain and cassette and it's a bargain £750.

  • Manchester bike thieves are targeting top riders, says Paralympic tandem pilot1 year 9 weeks agoGot a garden? Love your

    Got a garden? Love your bikes? Got access to a tractor / digger? Worried about theft? Try this!


    Then just add motion sensors, alarm, and biometric access controls Cool

  • 11 professional cyclists on Strava1 year 9 weeks agogreasyrider wrote:Strange to

    greasyrider wrote:
    Strange to see this article alongside one where top cyclists are being targeted by bike thieves. I wonder if these two stories are related.

    I had the same thought. Strava's new 'flyby' feature even makes it possible to track other people you pass while out riding. It ought to be an opt in feature but it's enabled by default. In theory you could just loiter in a popular spot with strava running, take note of any tasty machinery that passes and then compare your 'ride' on flyby later on. Anyone who has uploaded a ride that intersected with yours will show up, including their whole route. It's pretty dodgy.

  • Which TV channels for cycling coverage?1 year 9 weeks agoAnother thumb up for

    Another thumb up for Eurosport. They don't have everything (e.g Romandie) and sometimes some proper random stuff (e.g. Azerbaijan) but their coverage of the classics was really good, well worth the dough instead of the usual virus-laden hooky feeds.