• Pain from eyewear1 year 9 weeks agoI have this quite often, on

    I have this quite often, on and off the bike. I just slightly change the angle the glasses are at, therefore changing where the ends are resting, this is easier to do with some than others. I have a large head and some are worse than others; the ones with curved sides as they dig in more. Just have to also accept some glasses won't fit me.

  • Smith launch high-tech Overtake helmet1 year 9 weeks agoInitially looking at the

    Initially looking at the static picture I thought, it's a bit of a duffer....but after having seen the video I convinced myself that it DEFINITELY is a duffer...and that price.... Yawn Rolling On The Floor

  • First road bike1 year 9 weeks agoHi, Ive already had some


    Ive already had some awful experiences with my local halfords with stock and generally unhelpful staff, ill likely be purchasing via a finance agreement so unfortunately boardman is out of the question anyway Sad

    Been looking at the specialized secteur or allez at the moment.

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 9 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:I like

    notfastenough wrote:
    I like the sound of it, but is there a difference between this and a cx bike?

    About 30 years and a plastic cover to you chief Wink


  • Thinking about a hybrid... sorry!1 year 9 weeks agoThanks for the input so

    Thanks for the input so far.

    The kind of reasons that have been suggested for having a bike like this is pretty much exactly why I'm after one. Don't get me wrong, the road bike will still get used for fair(er) weather commuting, but a back-up would be handy for when it's grim out, or if I do fancy stepping towards the dark side of off-road riding.

    Wasn't aware of those Revolution bikes, assume they're an in-house brand of EBC or something? Seem to offer good value though. Only immediate problem is that none of the shops are particularly local to me on the south coast, making it difficult to try one out before buying...

    There is of course the CX bike angle too. A colleague recently bought a Trek Crossrip, which seems a capable bike, and there's definitely plenty of choice out there. Difficulty I'm having with CX bikes is that they just seem comparatively expensive when compared to a broadly-equivalent hybrid bike.

    Take Specialized as an example - the Crosstrail Sport Disc, being their slightly more off-road focussed hybrid, low-end Acera groupset but with hydraulic discs, all for £550. Now take the Tricross CX bike, low-end Claris groupset and cantilever brakes, but it's £750. The Sport version of that, with mechanical discs and Sora, is £1000...

    Not singling out Specialized, the same appears to be true of the other big names, but I'm just not sure I can see what more you're actually getting for your money, particularly when viewing them simply as "do it all" bikes?

  • Are cracks appearing in the Walsh / Sky love affair?1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:I'm not entirley

    I'm not entirley implying guilt by association, but if they were keen on a clean (as possible) team, you'd avoid guys linked to people who were dirty.

    someone connected to USPS/Festina/Ferrai/Puerto and so on should have been an instant no.

    Ever heard of the phrase "innocent until proven guilty"?
    Besides which if you took the "guilt by association" to it's logical conclusion, you'd rule out the entire pro peloton. It'd be very easy to link pretty much any rider back to doping via some sort of association.

    There are certain instances where you can deny someone a job due to "guilt by association" but by and large, it's illegal.

  • First road bike1 year 9 weeks agolots of people on here might

    lots of people on here might not like buying a bike from Halfords but the Boardman bikes offer fantastic value in that price range. Failing that the ones in Decathlon always get good reviews as well.

    advice is usually buy the best frame you can afford and then you can upgrade components as you go along.

    good luck, buying your first road bike is very exciting!

    p.s. if you are buying clipless pedals then I suggest using SPDs first, they are not for the road purists but easier to work with to start off.

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 9 weeks agooldstrath wrote:Looks nice,

    oldstrath wrote:
    Looks nice, but not sure it can do anything my 1980 Galaxy can't do.

    No disrespect to a perfectly lovely bike but, functionally, I doubt there's anything your Dawes can do that a Penny Farthing can't - but out of that, the Galaxy and the GT I know which i'd rather take out with me for a bit of mixed surface fun.

  • Smith launch high-tech Overtake helmet1 year 9 weeks agoI'm always astounded that

    I'm always astounded that anyone would spend this much on a helmet.

  • Anyone know if its possible to ride to etihad stadium along canal?1 year 9 weeks agoYeah, as stated above it's

    Yeah, as stated above it's easy. To be honest though the road route is simple and not in the least bit difficult. Just exit picadilly and go down the sloped approach, left onto London road and then left again onto Store street. Then straight on to the standium. It's a wide and none too busy route, it'll only tkae 5/10 mins.

    The tow path isn't in the least bit dangrous as stated above (I run down there quite frequently), but the surface is not consistent so i just use the road when cycling.

  • Smith launch high-tech Overtake helmet1 year 9 weeks ago£250 for a helmet??? That's

    £250 for a helmet??? That's just mental, especially as they're new to market.

    On a similar note, Giro are releasing a new aero helmet that looks better than the Air Attack, priced approx. £200. Still high, but a much better option.

  • Forum game idea - Eurovision National Championships1 year 9 weeks agoBelgium: GVA France:

    Belgium: GVA
    France: Demare
    Germany: Degenkolb
    GB: Swift
    Holland: Dumoulin
    Italy: Ulissi
    Norway: EBH
    Switzerland: Wyss (Danilo)
    Spain: Valverde

  • Are cracks appearing in the Walsh / Sky love affair?1 year 9 weeks agoDaddyElvis, GKam, Glynr - Do

    DaddyElvis, GKam, Glynr - Do you think all British riders, from 1997 onwards, should be stripped of every medal they have won?

  • Britain's Mike Hall wins Trans Am Bike Race1 year 9 weeks agoOUTSTANDING!


  • Live TV coverage of men's race at National Road Championships this Sunday1 year 9 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:I think it is

    Gkam84 wrote:
    I think it is great that Eurosport are covering it. But 2 hours.....they could have easily done both races live and just caught the last half of the race for each....

    Forget coverage. Bring ur bikes and enjoy the roads down here ....I am Wink

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 9 weeks agoI like the sound of it, but

    I like the sound of it, but is there a difference between this and a cx bike?

  • Dura Ace C24 wheels - sticky brakes issue1 year 9 weeks agoIsn't it amazing how poor new

    Isn't it amazing how poor new wheels can be? Obviously they churn them off a production line, but to me, more than £400 is enough to spend on something for them to have been at least quality-checked before going out the door.

    I don't think its a minor dish/out-of-true issue, as I've been through 4 pairs and each pair has the same issue, sometimes one wheel sometimes both. I'm thinking it must be the brake pads, though you'd think Dura-Ace alu specific pads would work very nicely thank you very much with Dura-Ace alu rims...

  • The Tour1 year 9 weeks agoFor me its set a sprint team,

    For me its set a sprint team, and then work backwards....

    How many penalties, and who do you go for?

    stage 2 is a must have Sagan in, and then its the best of the rest. Also though you have to keep in mind the intermediate sprints.
    Ive got a couple of strong guys in such as Bennett and Bennati, but equally Greipel can be strong and if the breakaway wins it could still be a sprint for 5th place down.

    As for stage 5, again don't think it will be a full n sprint and again Sagan is a no brainer (unless you wanna risk). and then maybe someone like Terpstra, and Degenkolb, but I still think someone like Greipel will do ok over cobbles.

  • Support Chris Froome? Get your limited edition Sidis1 year 9 weeks ago' ...leaders jersey colour


    ...leaders jersey colour and all that, but, but, but.... yellow shoes ?

    Yellow. Shoes.'

    No. Not yellow shoes, or even Yellow. Shoes.

    Yellow. Sidis.

    Let the true hideousness of that sink in. It's the sort of stunt you'd expect from Specialized or any number of other 'sports' footwear companies. Not Sidi.


  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 9 weeks agoGrahamSt wrote:Scoob_84

    GrahamSt wrote:
    Scoob_84 wrote:
    Premixed concrete doesn't.

    And is there are reason that can't be delivered at off-peak times? Or transported in smaller loads? Or mixed on site?

    I assume they never use concrete in Paris.
    Do they just stick buildings together with ripe Camembert and a gallic shrug? Wink

    You know what, it wouldn't surprise me if one or two of them have done!

  • Are cracks appearing in the Walsh / Sky love affair?1 year 9 weeks agocrazy-legs wrote:Pretty much

    crazy-legs wrote:
    Pretty much everyone was doping in pre-Sky days hence why it was so difficult for Sky to employ a known clean team.

    True, but they employed people complicit to USPS/LA.

    crazy-legs wrote:
    They did the best they could using the available information as to who was clean - none of the people involved at the time the team was formed had ever been found guilty of any crime.

    See above, but they didn't seem to look in backgrounds that much, it just seemed like they asked 'Ever doped?' got a 'No' and left it at that, I'm not entirley implying guilt by association, but if they were keen on a clean (as possible) team, you'd avoid guys linked to people who were dirty.

    crazy-legs wrote:
    And when they admitted their past they were fired (or they retired then admitted it, end result is the same) unlike all the other teams where, as I said earlier, numerous riders and/or admin staff linked to doping in the past are still on the roster.

    I'm not saying Sky are the only ones (many people do though) but when they came into the sport spouting the 'no dopers' 'clean team' lines, then they should have really done some home work and really erred on the side of caution, someone connected to USPS/Festina/Ferrai/Puerto and so on should have been an instant no.

  • Forum game idea - Eurovision National Championships1 year 9 weeks agoTwybaydos wrote:Hey - anyone

    Twybaydos wrote:
    Hey - anyone wanting to enter? Deadline is Friday.

    People on reddit have been writing about their local championships at http://www.reddit.com/r/peloton/comments/28wh5r/nationals_preview_write_... this may help

    Nice piece there. Post mine shortly

  • Are cracks appearing in the Walsh / Sky love affair?1 year 9 weeks agodaddyELVIS wrote:stumps

    daddyELVIS wrote:
    stumps wrote:

    You feel the need to comment but with nothing constructive to counter what I've said - probably because I've stated the truth. I don't expect you to accept that as your rose-tinted specs are more lopsided than mine!
    Rolling On The Floor

    errr - every comment you've ever written about Sky is all just pie in the sky without fact or foundation and as i said is just 2+2 = 10. I get it you dont like Sky but there's no need to lie just to get your point over because all it does is make you look rather silly and your inability to include other pro teams in the arguement who, like other posters have stated, are still more heavily involved in drug users both past and present is quite sad.

  • Problems with site1 year 9 weeks agoworking on the issue...

    working on the issue...

  • Anyone know if its possible to ride to etihad stadium along canal?1 year 9 weeks agoMKultra wrote:If you pop into

    MKultra wrote:
    If you pop into the library or council offices they have stands with free cycle maps. They are basically a free OS map with cycle routes super imposed over them. If you are still stumped you can look at the satellite image on google maps for the same footprint.

    Bit tricky to do that for some of the canals in the city centre due to them using tunnels.

    Some you can get through, some are blocked off, some smell of violent sexual assault and are probably best avoided. You can't gauge that from Google maps.