• Giro tech: Nairo Quintana’s pink Canyon Ultimate CF SLX1 year 9 weeks agoCampag pink hoods would

    Campag pink hoods would sell.....

  • The Traffic Droid on C4's The Complainers1 year 9 weeks agoIf you go out with five

    If you go out with five cameras on your person/bike, I can only conclude you are looking for trouble. Sure there are some bad drivers/cyclists out there but if you go looking for trouble in London, you will soon regret seeking it out.
    Riding in London is not that bad if you avoid busy traffic pinch points but this guy seems to want to assert his "rights" in all situations. No point being "right" if you end up being "dead right".

  • Do you trust your handlebar stem?1 year 9 weeks agoWould you be able to name the

    Would you be able to name the brand ?

  • Updated: Pinarello announce Dogma F8 + video1 year 9 weeks agoBit disappointed with the

    Bit disappointed with the name tbh. I thought it was going to be called the Pinarello Dogma 48.69X Quantum Mind Force 6:4K+ Excelsior Hyper Flux Shifter Z. Or something snappy like that.

    Still, I'm glad it's more balanced. I'm forever falling off my bicycle at red lights. I wonder if they ship every model with a complementary pair of stabilisers...

  • Giro Stage 181 year 9 weeks agochrisdstripes wrote:Good luck

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Good luck Alan, take a win for East Anglia!

    I had 3 of the top 4 today with no pens and still only came 36= on the stage - tough crowd. Quite glad that if I'd gone Duarte over Kelderman I still wouldn't have won the stage, that would've been annoying.

    It is nigh impossible to win a stage now. I thought mine might be good enough but not quite (you needed De Gendt rather than Wellens) but I'm not stage hunting so Wellens is the better choice actually. To be honest it's been having him that's saved me from some of my silly mistakes (taking out Pirazzi just before he won a stage!). I'll do my best for East Anglian, the forum and myself but it's really squeaky bum time now!

    The race will be decided on Sat but the fantasy one only by Sun.

  • Waterproof Jacket- Any suggestions?1 year 9 weeks ago(No subject)

    Big Grin

  • Sensors of Crossrail lorry involved in cyclist's death not working1 year 9 weeks agoSafety improved massively in

    Safety improved massively in the construction industry when there were incentives and penalties for "lost hours" to personnel through injuries and deaths. Put the same conditions in the contracts for any contractor and legislate for all commericial vehicles as industrial place of work and they'll soon start paying some attention - this is within the gift of all public contracts and make sure the condition gets flowed down to sub-contractors. If the big contractors were penalised for the slip-shod attitude to safety of some vehicle operators, the whole industry would smarten-up.

  • Cyclists make great dates, says match-making website eHarmony1 year 9 weeks agoMercuryOne wrote:Interesting

    MercuryOne wrote:
    Interesting interview with Fern Brittain in Waitrose magazine this week. I realise how achingly middle class that sounds but bare with me. Fern urges more women to cycle as it gives you 'a firm bum'. It's the best incentive I've heard to get more women on bikes.

    As my wife rarely has a pot if tea brewing when I get home she might as well come out with me....

    Bare with you? I know it's a dating article, but that's very forward of you.

  • Waterproof Jacket- Any suggestions?1 year 9 weeks agoWould have been keen on

    Would have been keen on buying the muur but I'm not an 'Italian large'. Gone for the mavic.

  • Bradley Wiggins to join Orica-GreenEDGE for 2015 and beyond?1 year 9 weeks agoi wouldn't have thought he

    i wouldn't have thought he would fit into OGE - But Whitey knows him much better than me......

  • Tune Spurtreu uses a laser to perfectly align your stem1 year 9 weeks agoI've got an Ambrosio Champion

    I've got an Ambrosio Champion stem.
    Does this mean I need to use old, italian string?

  • Triban 3 red1 year 9 weeks agohi is the bike still for

    hi is the bike still for sale? im 6 foot 1 would the frame be big enough?

  • Opinions on Shimano 105 10-speed STI transmission ??1 year 9 weeks agoThanks everyone. The front

    Thanks everyone. The front and rear mech's have been sprayed with lubricant, and that did seem to work well, not a long term solution though. This talk of cable routing does make me think though that there may be an issue there. Over the last five months I have gradually lowered the bars by what is now 25mm, as well as replaced the stem with a 10mm shorter one. The cables coming out of the bar tape now have noticeably more bend on them and there is an obvious bend on the outer as it terminates on the down tube.

    Going to look into that and shorten the outers and see if that solves things. Thanks.

  • Which road bike - from 3 (off shelf carbon or custom alloy?)1 year 9 weeks agoIt has to be one of the first

    It has to be one of the first two, can you take a frame builder seriously who names a frame something stupid like Wyndy Milla?

  • Updated: Pinarello announce Dogma F8 + video1 year 9 weeks agogiobox wrote:Super Domestique

    giobox wrote:
    Super Domestique wrote:
    Wiggins had a huge frame though and I was talking from experience, not Google.

    Hooray for you.

    Big Grin

  • Do you trust your handlebar stem?1 year 9 weeks agoTwo bolts is a poor design as

    Two bolts is a poor design as you now realise, if they are not tightened evenly then one can be taking excessive force, four bolts or one are better. I've seen a few failures like this though, threads stripped and cracks and even once a stem shear off at the weld, luckily none of these resulted in injury but poor manufacturing quality was the issue in all these cases rather than incorrect installation.

    I've been a bike mechanic for many years and I have to warn you guys not to put to much faith in reccommended torque settings, it is not uncommon to do up stem bolts to the manufacturer's specification and find that the bars will slip under a slight load. An experienced mechanic can not only make a fair estimate of torque without the torque wrench but can also feel when the bolts are under sufficient but not excess tension.

  • Updated: Pinarello announce Dogma F8 + video1 year 9 weeks agoBest feature of this bike:

    Best feature of this bike: threaded bottom bracket.

  • Updated: Pinarello announce Dogma F8 + video1 year 9 weeks agoSuper Domestique

    Super Domestique wrote:
    Wiggins had a huge frame though and I was talking from experience, not Google.

    Hooray for you.

  • Strava adds routes to mobile app1 year 9 weeks agoRichie Watkin wrote:I noticed

    Richie Watkin wrote:
    I noticed it gives an estimated moving time once you create a route. Is this based on your Average ride speeds?

    I get different estimated times from a slower friend for the same route so I believe so.

  • Do you trust your handlebar stem?1 year 9 weeks agoOuch! I could add to that do

    Ouch! I could add to that do you trust your LBS, when I got my cross bike home I gave it the once over and found that the headset bolts were loose even though they insisted giving it the once over before I took it home. Always check 'em with a torque key, bike shop or not.

  • Giro D'Italia 2014 - Pick Three Italians1 year 9 weeks agoIt was good while it lasted

    It was good while it lasted but life goes on
    How about pick 2 Manxmen in the Tour ? Crying

  • CX Bike around £10001 year 9 weeks agoIf you do a quick comparison

    If you do a quick comparison between the CAAD X 105 and Ultegra the main difference is, obviously, the groupset. The important factor is it's the same frame and forks (even the rims are the same) you can upgrade around that as and when. 105 is still a good groupset.


  • Cyclists make great dates, says match-making website eHarmony1 year 9 weeks agoI can vouch for that, I met

    I can vouch for that, I met my husband through Matchmaker.com back in 2002, both of us had put that we were members of the LCC, then simultaneously we emailed each other saying "i see you are a member of LCC" and it took a moment for us both to realise we had sent each other the same email at the same time.
    We both cycled everywhere in London, I was working at Bikefix at the time - so me, the girl was the more bikey one. He came to one of the Spin classes I taught at the YMCA and almost died of exhaustion.
    We've been married since 2005 and earlier this month rode the 10 miles from Ely to Reach Fair and back with our two sons, the eldest, who is 7 was racing me back and winning as I had his 5 year old brother on the back of my bike.
    We are moving to NL in the Summer and I can't wait to get my eldest his first road bike.

  • Boris Johnson hails "significant drop" in number of London cyclists seriously injured in 20131 year 9 weeks agobikebot wrote:You know, I

    bikebot wrote:
    You know, I think we've all failed to take this subject seriously.
    Carry on.

    What is there to take seriously? Old news (soon to be overtaken tragically by events), Boris on a photo-opportunity, yet another victim-blaming crackdown on cyclists, more old news about unsafe lorries and more promises to look into the causes of accidents (no promise to eliminate the causes accidents).

    All froth and inconsequentialities glossing over very real issues. A complete waste of an article trying to cover too much and in the end covering nothing. Are you really surprised that the string is the way it is? I'm not! Rolling Eyes

  • Sensors of Crossrail lorry involved in cyclist's death not working1 year 9 weeks agoDepends if it is a proper

    Depends if it is a proper safety system governed by EN/ISO standards, or it's just something people have stuck on as an idea that seemed good (meaning it's not subject to anything).

    Furry Mommy wrote:
    It's all well and good having them fitted but what is the testing regime for these sensors and where is the proof that they were tested...???

    Personally if these sensors are fitted (even if they are voluntarily fitted) there should be both a stringent method of proving that they are working and a robust process to record this and then an embargo of the vehicle if any are found to be non functional...!!

    Testing is all well and good, but testing only proves a system is good at the point of testing. You could test and 2 mins after the test the system has failed, it's not going to negate this.

    tarquin_foxglove wrote:
    Safety equipment should 'fail safe'.

    If a sensor isn't working the alarm should sound until the sensor is fixed.

    You could have a catastrophic one in a million failure that bypasses that, and what's to stop the driver ignoring it, or the alarm sounder failing? You can't just put blame on the driver for these, it's down to system design in the first place to take away human option/error.

    I imagine (I don't know how these systems on lorries are governed or if they are, something that isn't compulsory isn't usually) that in fact no such EN/ISO standard exists for them, meaning it relies on people to do work to a good standard. Machine safety makes you RA and then design to a certain level based on the outcome of that, and actually the good design replaces the need for an active testing regime as the system self checks.