• Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agoI avoided buying a Crosscheck

    I avoided buying a Crosscheck for ages, despite loads of friends raving about them, because I convinced myself it was too heavy. I finally gave in and got one after the rack mounts on my light alu frame stripped out, and I haven't wanted to change it since, until this bike came along.

  • Latest fares increase makes London bike commuting even better value1 year 9 weeks agoBack in July 2011 the

    Back in July 2011 the Guardian did an article about the financial savings that were possible through cycle commuting.

    This of course took into account only the savings from travelling to work by bike, not all the other benefits that regular cycling brings such as other journeys, peace of mind, general fitness, etc.

    In the comment thread someone called Steve posted a link to his cycle to work calculator, with which I was able to calculate I'd saved £28,440 by cycling to work over the years.

    Just recalculated - £30,413 saved now.

    [[broken link fixed - sorry!]]

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agoForester wrote:Worth buying

    Forester wrote:
    Worth buying for the name alone, reflects my position in my cycling group. My hybrid is fine on 38s, not sure 41s are really necessary.

    Not a huge difference from 38s, admittedly, but I ride my Surly Long Haul Trucker on 42s - lovely plush ride compared to the 32c tyres I started off with.

    Continental Comfort Contact were the ones I liked best.

  • 33shake Original Vanilla Chia energy gel1 year 9 weeks agoOnce you've paid for them,

    Once you've paid for them, you'll have plenty of room left in your pockets.

  • Coffee machines1 year 9 weeks agoDualit Espressivo. £50 on

    Dualit Espressivo. £50 on ebay, great little machines. We make about 5-10 cups a day for last 4 years no problems.

  • Coffee machines1 year 9 weeks agoThis is all very well but

    This is all very well but should you drink your espresso, Nespresso, moka, press, instant or drip after riding on:

    1. handbuilts; or
    2. Kysriums?

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agobroomie... the disc pad

    broomie... the disc pad position on the rotor is altered slightly when you slide the wheel backward or forward, but not enough to make any difference to overall pad contact

  • TDU - Stage 1 - Nuriootpa to Angaston1 year 9 weeks agoIs the points breakdown for

    Is the points breakdown for my team available anywhere - i.e. who got what points in my team?

  • US Google Glass driver case thrown out, but law remains unclear1 year 9 weeks agoJust because your mobile

    Just because your mobile phone is powered up doesn't prove one has used it while driving - I was referring more to proof such as texts/calls etc which are chronologically logged.

  • Tour terror threat being planned for, but organisers "100% confident" of incident-free Grand Départ1 year 9 weeks agoNor hopefully the same

    Nor hopefully the same disdain (spitting and general abuse) for Sky or covering the road with tacks.

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks ago@mostyn Since when was 'a

    @mostyn Since when was 'a better buy' determined solely by weight?

    The Tricross is dull as, and I'm still on a post-Café Roubaix fiasco Specialized boycott anyway (a shame as I quite fancied an AWOL).

    Have you ridden a Cross Check or Straggler? They have fanboys for a reason. Smile

  • Hertfordshire police seek cyclist who may have information on fatal crash that claimed rider's life1 year 9 weeks agoHorrible news. I wasn't

    Horrible news. I wasn't there that day but have been once (never again).

    It might help others to know that there is a workaround to avoid it, which I was desperate to work out after being scared witless just getting from Redbourn to Harpenden: go north-west from the Hub up Dunstable Rd, turn right into Luton Lane, which appears as a dead end on Google Maps, go across the pavement (dismounting, naturally), CROSS the main A5183 road and keep going. Then you can use back roads to get to Harpenden and then to St Albans (or of course Luton the other way).

    Of course, the Nickey Line Sustrans route runs almost parallel to this but it's no good unless you have a cross bike / MTB.

  • Latest fares increase makes London bike commuting even better value1 year 9 weeks agoNot everyone, but a lot more

    Not everyone, but a lot more people could cycle.

    I'm riding from zone 5 (with no underground station) and a season ticket to a London terminal station costs £1,620.00. That is a substantial saving, even when you take into consideration servicing. Goes up to £2,136 with travel to any zone.

    Oyster Card at peak time is £4.60 (Z1-5) so it works out more expensive than a season ticket which is between £3.37 - £4.45 on average.

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agoMostyn wrote:Who the hell

    Mostyn wrote:
    Who the hell writes these reviews?

    It's not a review, it's a 'Just In'.

  • Bit of advice of shaving legs....? (16 y/o)1 year 9 weeks ago@Al_S You don't want wookie

    @Al_S You don't want wookie shorts mate. Shave up to wherever they will be seen - just stop at the eyebrows.

    @Joeinpoole and other sceptics - it isn't simply a matter of conformity. To me, as a regular club and racing cyclist (and I'm 47) it does say something about the person you are riding with.

    When I go out with a club group there are inevitably people I don't know. Now you may have a different view but when I'm riding six inches from someone's wheel, or someone is rubbing elbows, I like them to have some idea what they're doing.

    It isn't infallible but one makes immediate judgements about people on these rides, simply in the interests of preservation. Decent, well-maintained bike, well-chosen kit and shaved legs tell me that you are likely to be serious about riding and more to the point that you probably know what you're doing when riding in a bunch.

    I'm not saying that hairy-legged people in baggy shorts and cheap bikes (or hairy-legged people in head to toe Assos on stupidly expensive bikes for that matter) are incapable of meeting those standards, but I will give them a bit more room and take a little longer to come to a decision.

  • TDU - Stage 1 - Nuriootpa to Angaston1 year 9 weeks agoWig you may have done me on

    Wig you may have done me on the podium badge, but I still made a good start, as I had 4 of the top 5, just missing Von Hoff!

    Not bad for my purists either, just pretty much swap Gesink in where I had Bouet in standard

  • Tate Labs Bar Fly Cateye mount1 year 9 weeks agojimc101 wrote:Bit confused

    jimc101 wrote:
    Bit confused about how this review gives the product a 6/10 when the 2.0 got a 9/10, and it's such a similar product http://road.cc/content/review/96400-bar-fly-20-garmin-mount

    £20 to mount a £350 Garmin might seem fair (if I had a Garmin, which I don't). £20 to mount a £40 Cateye seems steep. Plus both my Cateyes rattled annoyingly in it until I stuck some tape on it.

  • Harrogate shop advises drivers to park in bike lane, takes down sign after social media criticism & police advice1 year 9 weeks agoQuote: how is blocking a

    how is blocking a cycle lane with a car not considered causing an obstruction...

    If the road is quiet enough that a cyclist can always safely move out of the lane and ride round a parked car, it's not really causing an obstruction.

    But if that's true, the lane is pretty pointless.

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agoLooks like a heavy -

    Looks like a heavy - expensive garden gate! Who the hell writes these reviews? Tri-Cross by Specialized would be a better buy; or if you want heavy? the Genisis Range might be the way to go. Surly Frame and Fork for just under £500.00 > not cheap for a garden gate heavy frame.

  • Hertfordshire police seek cyclist who may have information on fatal crash that claimed rider's life1 year 9 weeks agoWas on this road only last

    Was on this road only last week and it is fast. No cameras and long sight lines mean drivers really crank up the speed. But it is wide so there's plenty of space to pass. I would not cycle down it in the dark though.
    I can't imagine a lower speed limit would modify drivers' behaviour on its own unless it was backed up by speed cameras or at least mobile units to deter drivers.
    Sad news to hear of a death there and a sober reminder of inherent danger of some roads.

  • Just In: Surly Straggler1 year 9 weeks agotech Question regarding the

    tech Question regarding the above. If you can move the wheel back in the dropout what happens to Disc line up?

  • Who will be king of the sprinting jungle in 2014?1 year 9 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:Very

    notfastenough wrote:
    Very true, the only problem is getting to actually see any footage of womens racing. I tend to get my news from Twitter, although there was a low-res blocky youtube clip of that stage 1 sprint. Viewed on my phone, it could have been anyone!

    It's truly horrendous, I made a few comments on twitter about the lack of decent coverage. Thankfully Huw Williams & Sarah Connolly were on hand to feed back some good info but the feed (in spanish) on the san luis site was awful.

    Myself & the other half were on the turbo watching it and I made him endure the lot just so he could see how rubbish we have it, so he can go and tell the world to make it better! ^_^

    I think the UCI will endeavor to cover the world cups a little better this year and I know the ladies Tour will have great coverage too. Just a shame those lesser known tours don't get the coverage they deserve.

    Totally going off topic here, sorry!

  • TDU - Stage 1 - Nuriootpa to Angaston1 year 9 weeks ago115 on my purist, not bad.

    115 on my purist, not bad. Totally misread this though, thought it would have been a group sprint - bah.

    I need to spend more time looking at the profiles !

  • TDU - Stage 1 - Nuriootpa to Angaston1 year 9 weeks agoWig_Billy wrote:First stage,

    Wig_Billy wrote:
    First stage, first podium badge. Party

    Now I need to go to sleep. Yawn

    And so it begins!

  • Velopac Protective Smartphone Case1 year 9 weeks agoGot a brilliant case for my

    Got a brilliant case for my rather large Samsung Note phone from Lakeland Ltd.. Not sure it they still have them....but a complete bargain.