• VAA scores not showing1 year 9 weeks agoScratch all that, just

    Scratch all that, just managed to find you in game and checked your team, appears your stage three transfers were registered:

    Volta ao Algarve stage 3 Standard Feb 21, 09:39 Sacha Modolo Alexandre Pichot
    Volta ao Algarve stage 3 Standard Feb 21, 09:39 Jonathan Castroviejo Rui Faria Da Costa
    Volta ao Algarve stage 3 Standard Feb 21, 09:39 Michal Kwiatkowski Mark Cavendish

    This suggests you had a team and that you were able to make changes to it however I agree that no scores seem to have been recorded for the VaA.

    Definitely something not right there Thinking

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 9 weeks agoNot enough for the Road.CC

    Not enough for the Road.CC flog 'em and hang 'em brigade ( whatever could be without the return of the noose) but it sounds as if the judge is actually keen on cycling which is a step forward. 6 months for dangerous driving and a ban is pretty much all that was possible for the offence.

    I refer you, as ever, to my footer.

  • Chris Boardman: "Helmets not even in top 10 of things that keep cycling safe"1 year 9 weeks agonitram wrote:He is plain

    nitram wrote:
    He is plain wrong, would you drive a new car without airbags - no, I just a month ago would have died from a serious head injury if it were not for my helmet. Helmets are a not brainer.. excuse the pun. Martin McGrevy

    My car is very old and has no air bags or any of the features that many vehicles have now days. I am of the opinion that driving skills have deteriated massively as a result of these new features. People rely hugely on the computer to control traction, braking etc. and also have a misguided perception that the air bags, crumple zones and roll cages are going to protect them. That's why we see idiots bombing up the motorway in torrential rain and zero visibility at 100mph. It's why we see the same idiots braking at the last minute.

    The issue of safety on our roads is poor skills and behaviour towards other road users. NOT wearing Hi Viz and helmets - of which there is nothing wrong with. It's just that non-cyclists seem to think that this is the answer to road safety and is the easiest option rather than deal with the real issues which means upsetting the motoring lobby.

    Boardman is correct in saying that the helmet debate is a red herring. Oh, and if you watch the TdF when Chris is talking about stages you see him wearing a helmet when on the road. So he is not anti-helmet

  • Barclays Bank paid nothing toward south-west Boris Bike expansion1 year 9 weeks agooozaveared wrote:Everybody is

    oozaveared wrote:
    Everybody is following the contract then?

    People don't just write contracts in a vaccum and present them to potential sponsors. You can't claim that they are badly written for not clobbering the other party for extra money. Contracts are negotiated. One of the key concerns of a potential sponsor would to remain unclobbered by extra costs.

    There is a step up threshold on extra payments. It hasn't been crossed.

    If there was an issue with only adding 2000 bikes (not 2400) in the expansion then their usage would be higher. If they had just added 2401 to get extra money from Barclays then I dare say Barclays would be crying foul if that was an overreach.

    So the news is. Barclays and TFL had a contract. Neither side has breached it. Green Party AM thinks there's a problem with that.

    Can you tell me where the contract in question is as the conditions you state are not mentioned?

    I think the relevant points for me are that no one was told this without a FOI request and that Barclays still had their logo plastered everywhere at the taxpayers' expense. The expanded scheme should have been sans logo and people in London told why.

  • Unique Essax Shark saddle launched… who needs a hole when you can have a fin1 year 9 weeks agoA saddle that is described

    A saddle that is described to
    "evenly spread a cyclist"
    Rolling On The Floor

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoMalori beats martin

    Malori beats martin


  • VAA scores not showing1 year 9 weeks agoDaft question but I assume

    Daft question but I assume you're a premium member? Also, I assume you submitted a team? (I know those are condecending questions but I have to check).

    Can't really do any more because it seems to be an individual issue and not something widespread.

    If the problem persists after scores go up tonight then post again and I'll raise it with Dave or Keith who deal more with the back end stuff.

  • road.cc's Elaine Curtin selected as one of the 50 most influential people in UK cycling1 year 9 weeks ago(No subject)

    Applause Day Dreaming

  • road.cc's Elaine Curtin selected as one of the 50 most influential people in UK cycling1 year 9 weeks ago"BikeBiz describes Elaine,

    "BikeBiz describes Elaine, whose official title is "head of keeping those pesky guys in check" at Farrelly Atkinson, the company behind road.cc," Wave Wave

    Congratulations Elaine, keep up the fine work and the lads in check Laughing

  • Saddle re-covering1 year 9 weeks agoI know a couple of people,

    I know a couple of people, depending on what covering your have in mind.

    Get in touch info@b-kam-cycling.co.uk

  • Bike History1 year 9 weeks agoparksey wrote: (N.B. The

    parksey wrote:

    (N.B. The Raleigh theme is because that's what our LBS stocked. He's still there, and I got my latest bike from him, but he sadly doesn't stock Raleigh any more.)

    I had the same thing Smile Everyone had Raleighs because that's what was on the high street and there was no Internet. A few people had a Trek or Kona (kudos!), but they were exotic things from the pages of MBUK.

    I still remember the smell of that shop, and the slightly creepy owner...

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoI bought Kelderman and

    I bought Kelderman and Castroviejo in for Oliveira and Demare


  • Bike History1 year 9 weeks agoHmmm, let's see... Raleigh

    Hmmm, let's see...

    Raleigh Charger BMX - like a Burner but white, with black and red grips, and black plastic 'mag' wheels.
    Emmelle Cougar MTB - awful, awful thing. Made of scaffolding and lead pipe. Ten non-indexed shift-by-ear gears. Had it for five years.
    Raleigh Max Ogre - again heavier than a small moon, but completely indestructible. 15 - count 'em! - gripshift gears. Rode it all over Devon and Somerset, then took it to university where some scumbag bent its wheels while it was locked up and then someone scavenged it for parts.
    Ancient road bike. It was red and had downtube shifters.
    Cheapo rigid yellow BSO, used almost exclusively for bombing along the canal path to the pub and back.
    [wilderness years]
    Scott Sportster hybridy MTB - Gears that worked! Front suspension! Disc brakes! Still have it, may yet convert to a rigid MTB with carbon forks and hydraulic brakes.
    GT Palomar - another yellow MTB that weighs a million tons. Used mostly for night raids through the forest. Currently dismantled and in need of new chain/cassette/chainwheels. If anyone wants it, it'd be cheap...
    CAAD8 - wonderful wonderful bike. Commuted, trained, should have been on the London 100 but was killed by the accident that smashed my wrist. Sadly missed.
    Boardman CX Team - commuting, splashing around the forest, alleged training.

    And then there's The N+1 - don't tell the wife but sooner or later I will have to replace the CAAD8. The lightness and speed was amazing; the CX doesn't quite replace it. Current favourite is a 2014 Synapse carbon (or maybe a CAAD10).

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 9 weeks agoIn talks behind the scenes.

    In talks behind the scenes. The first one that is defiantly going to be included is Milan Sanremo.

    Others are being discussed before that in addition to those you mention Chris, the Roma Maxima is another.

    But we'll see what comes about Wink Wink

  • VAA scores not showing1 year 9 weeks agotried closing the browser,

    tried closing the browser, logging out and in again - still nothing on the VAA, other competitions have been ok but nothing on this one - it's as if I didn't have a team

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 9 weeks agoLuckily he has an uncommon

    Luckily he has an uncommon name and comes from a small town. He's on my list.

  • Children's insurance1 year 9 weeks agoI don't know if there is such

    I don't know if there is such a thing. This is why most sportives are 18+, some are 16+ but require a parental wavier.

    I don't know what Sky Rides and family events do.

    I would suggest you contact British Cycling for advise. Rather than a group of informed (well and not so well) people on a forum Wink

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 9 weeks agoCyclists know your place

    Cyclists know your place

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 9 weeks agoMike McBeth wrote:Pedant's

    Mike McBeth wrote:
    Pedant's corner - the judge must has said (and intended) pastime, not past time - two entirely different things and we don't really want cycling to be a past time activity!

    Good report though Smile

    Pedant typo, oh the irony

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 9 weeks agoBarta comes in third fastest

    Barta comes in third fastest so far.

  • single speed1 year 9 weeks agoEBC revolution track flip

    EBC revolution track flip flop ss/fixie, love it love it love
    been riding it two years all year through never serviced never needed a single repair & cleaned the chain once (ok that one is just neglect of the highest order i know & i'm ashamed!) come off two on ice & it just goes & goes & goes

    just get one

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 9 weeks ago"Morris had two previous

    "Morris had two previous convictions for drink driving and leaving the scene of an accident."

    Come on, at what point does someone lose the right do drive for life? Somewhere around here I'd say.

    Lessons need to be learned -


  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 9 weeks ago1,2 so far for me then...

    1,2 so far for me then... things could be looking up Silly

  • When's too many bikes enough ?1 year 9 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:mooleur

    notfastenough wrote:
    mooleur wrote:

    Speaking of chain oil, DEAR LORD I've just moved out of a rental property and could not for the live of me get that shit out of the cream carpet.....panicking about waving that deposit goodbye!

    I got a bit on our oak dining table and nearly waved my life goodbye!

    Ooops! I managed to soak the dye in to ours from fluorescent pink post-its... I'm basically a walking divorce textbook.

    Good news, had a friendly text from ex landlord stating that the cheque is on it's way - happy days! (she must have checked it out without the lights turned on...)

  • Hotels in Calais with safe parking1 year 9 weeks agoI normally stay in cheap

    I normally stay in cheap hotels like F1 and take the bikes (usually 2 or 3) into the room with me. Never had any objections from staff. More upmarket hotels might not be as accommodating though.