• Podium girl Maja Leye says she fought to keep calm as Peter Sagan pinched her behind1 year 16 weeks agoI wonder if those that defend

    I wonder if those that defend him, or imply she should expect it as she's a podium girl, or bemoan 'political correctness' have any idea how creepy they sound?

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 16 weeks agoI don't expect Albasini to do

    I don't expect Albasini to do anything and Clarke could be a good shout.

    if you want to take a punt on someone who lost time yesterday how about Jeremy Roy? He lost 12 minutes yesterday, not sure if it was intentional or not but he could be one for a long break. Taaramae too lost a good 6 minutes so he might try something today/tomorrow.

  • Tour of Flanders Tech 2013: New bikes & kit from this year's Ronde1 year 16 weeks agoMust get really annoying

    Must get really annoying having to type out (or copy/paste "Dogma 65.1 Think 2" each time. Such a clunky model name!

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agoYeah, Quintana, Sanchez and

    Yeah, Quintana, Sanchez and Spilak were already in my team so with the addition of Contador, Porte, Peraud +3 other climbers I've got a full team for the hills.

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agoYep, one for Quintana, I

    Yep, one for Quintana, I think. Got Costa and Porte, too. Dropped Gilbert but always wonder whether I'm wise to do that.

  • Kapz launch custom-etched headset spacers1 year 16 weeks agoOr you could just pick some

    Or you could just pick some annodised spacers offa Chain Reaction or Ebay for pennies without all the silly engravings..


  • Podium girl Maja Leye says she fought to keep calm as Peter Sagan pinched her behind1 year 16 weeks agoIt was foolish It was

    It was foolish
    It was wrong
    Sagan is a young and foolish man (that's not a crime).

    He's apologised
    She's accepted apology

    Move on, we've all done it (when young and foolish) and if you haven't it may explain why you're all so uptight and politically correct in your middle years..

    Ultimately he made himself look stupid, he came off worst by far..

    Grow up, nobody died ..

  • Pulled by the fuzz1 year 16 weeks agoRide single file. In the

    Ride single file. In the Primary position. Demonstrate how much harder that is to overtake...

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agoOh, and I also dropped

    Oh, and I also dropped Albasini and Gilbert today. I can't see Albasini doing much as he prefers the rolling stages, not summit finishes.

    Gilbert though might come back to haunt me if he's in some form, the stage today doesn't look too tough except for the final climb so if he's there and feeling good Gilbert may test his legs.

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 31 year 16 weeks agoI've made six changes (inc

    I've made six changes (inc two penalties) and dropped all of my sprinters.

    I haven't picked up Txurruka (who I took out of my team an hour or two before the stage 1 deadline Crying ) as I can't see him doing as much today and for me it's all about the final climb which is steep reaching 21% during the last 500m.

    Brought in Contador, Porte & Peraud as my obvious ones then three others who are slightly less obvious and unproven.

  • Vuelta al Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 16 weeks agoRant wrote:142º 121 ALBASINI,

    Rant wrote:
    142º 121 ALBASINI, Michael SUI OGE a 12:02

    Anyone else thinking about Albasini for tomorrow? Greenedge on a roll. Thinking

    No. Clarke, if anything from GreenEdge.

  • Buyers guide: The best waterproof cycling clothing1 year 16 weeks agoDo not rate Sealskinz stuff

    Do not rate Sealskinz stuff at all. Used it in the past and found that tho waterproof, was incredibly uncomfortable and with the fitting, could make you very very cold.

  • What's the best pro cyclists's name?1 year 16 weeks agoJohann Tschopp is a great

    Johann Tschopp is a great name. Also I'm intrigued by Boy van Poppel. Is Boy a Dutch name? Is it a nickname? Or are his parents really unimaginative and his sister is called Girl van Poppel?

  • Choosing a new bike, how hard can it be?1 year 16 weeks agoNot much at all Bikes I've

    Not much at all Big Grin

    Bikes I've considered so far and in no particular order are;

    Condor Leggero
    Condor Super Acciao
    Enigma Esprit
    Basso Astra.
    handbuilt by Ricky Feather (he is 10 miles down the road)
    handbuilt by an old skool builder (he is 10 miles up the road)

    Now let's be honest, all those bikes would be lovely although they are in danger of really pushing the budget (£2.5k ish).

    I enjoy fast riding and heading off out to explore, geometry wise I'd say most 'sportive' bikes are too relaxed but I'm not quite there for aggressive 'race' geometry either.

    That 675 is certainly a striking looking bike although I must admit based on the pictures I'm not sure how fond I am of the integrated stem.

  • Canadian cop filmed punching cyclist faces investigation +video1 year 16 weeks agoVikeonabike 8 minutes ago

    Vikeonabike 8 minutes ago

    Firstly, for a red light/no lights offence a ticket would have been written. So What did he do to get himself arrested? Behaviour? Refused details? He admits to using language he wouldn't use on TV! He could have accepted the ticket and been on his way. If he did not agree with the ticket he could have requested a court appearance. The "Victim" was clearly not "IN" cuffs, he had one arm free. He resisted! A "distraction" strike was used to affect arrest, it would have looked better had it been a slap rather than a punch. You only see the end of the film and not the altercation from beginning to end!That makes a big difference! The officer did not do anything wrong in my humble opinion! Had I been in his position I feel comfortable I could have justified my action!

  • Etape Insurance Advice1 year 16 weeks agoIs it worth looking at

    Is it worth looking at British Cycling / CTC?

    I know their 3rd party insurance covers you for Europe and ROW (I think). (British Cycling that is - I used to have CTC but let it lapse as it was both pricier, and they seem to be ever more extremist vehiucular cyclists these days).

  • Pulled by the fuzz1 year 16 weeks agoThanks for the comments

    Thanks for the comments guys,

    It was definitely a case of PC littledick, stuck behind a bus and feeling that he'd lost control of a situation- so we copped the blame!

    Being advised to ride single file is often well-founded, but would have been the wrong advice there too, as it's a 'normal' road with a broken white line down the middle, but with no cycleway and a solid wall on the outside right up against the road. If we conceded to riding single file we'd be going against all modern thinking and DFT advice about defending your space. It would encourage drivers to make an unsafe overtake and possibly squash us straight into the wall. Better to stay put.

    Unfortunately we didn't get his number or reg. I think we were in a mixed state of adrenaline and surprise and didn't think to ask. That's my biggest regret about it all, but the Police track their vehicles don't they? We know what time it was and our GPS data can show exactly where....

  • Etape Insurance Advice1 year 16 weeks agoThank you

    Thank you

  • Pulled by the fuzz1 year 16 weeks agoDid you get the pc's number?

    Did you get the pc's number? Report him officially and get an apology. If police can't do their job we are all in trouble.

  • Commuting Rucksack Recommendations Please1 year 16 weeks agoNot sure what brands may have

    Not sure what brands may have the style over there, but a great American design is a backpack/messenger bag monosling. The weight is against your chest rather than on shoulders (and therefore lower back). I use the north face striker.

  • Strava reliability1 year 16 weeks agoMattT53 wrote:Strava always

    MattT53 wrote:
    Strava always gives a lower avg speed than the data directly from my garmin. I assumed this was due to what im going to call gps drift (i.e when stood still the garmin reads 0.5 mph or so)?
    Also, does anyone know how do you go about defining a known elevation for an edge 800? (i'm a bit technolically challenged!)


    Goto this website and navigate to the location that you want to predefined the elevation for. It will tell you (using your choice of NASA or OS data) exactly how high above sea level a given location is. Best to use a proper computer, rather than a phone or tablet for this website! http://www.osola.org.uk/elevations/

    Once you know the elevation of your given location:
    1) Goto the map screen on your Garmin and press the icon with the four arrows, to enter full screen mode.
    2) Pan around and zoom out / in to find your chosen location? Once you've found it, zoom in to make your saved location as accurate as possible.
    2) Tap at the precise place you want to define the elevation and a pin will drop in place on the display. If you mess up, just tap again and it'll move.
    3) at the top of the display you'll see a little information box with the coordinates and elevation displayed (carry on even if the elevation is correct as you want to override the barometric sensor on the Garmin and ensure it's always correct at the start of a ride - this only happens when you predefine).
    4) Tap on the information box and you'll get a new screen with 3 buttons along the bottom. The middle one is a little flag on an "x" a as in "x marks the spot". Press it!
    5) your Garmin will say something like "location saved as 001" a click ok.
    6) A new screen will appear like before except the middle button is now a pencil - press this to enter edit mode to edit the location.
    7) now you can change the name, the symbol it is displayed as on the map (think office block for work or little house for home) and crucially the correct elevation.
    8) Scroll down to "change elevation" and select it.
    9) Use the delete key top right to get rid of all the zeros and type in the correct elevation. You must fill all 5 spaces, so if your location is 45 metres above sea level, you should out 00045. Then press the green tick.

    That's it! Now whenever you start the Edge's timer within 50 metres of that location it will automatically set the elevation to whatever you put in and then give much more accurate readings based on the barometric pressure. It's like automatically calibrating it every time you start a ride.

    You'll also find that you can navigate to your saved locations easily by going to the "where to" menu and selecting "locations". Great if you're half way round a route and decide for some reason that you just need the quickest route home possible etc and want to use your edge as a sat nav!

  • Peter Sagan makes video apology to podium girl +video1 year 16 weeks agoConradCyclo wrote:The fact we

    ConradCyclo wrote:
    The fact we have podium girls is an indication of liberty and the girls aren't forced to do it. In Qatar and Oman women aren't allowed to ride bikes! ...so they have no chance of getting close to the podium...

    So, Kirsten Wild didn't win the Tour of Qatar then?

    I'm not even going to dignify your 'liberty' comment with a response...

  • Commuting Rucksack Recommendations Please1 year 16 weeks agoI really really like my

    I really really like my Ortlieb Velocity - I've had mine for years. It is very comfortable, and there's chunky foam with large gaps in between to keep it off your back.

    That said, the times that I have to carry the laptop every day - after a few days I stick on the rack & pannier. It's just less pressure my back for the commute (20 miles each way). If the commute was half the distance I'd probably stick with the velocity, its so much nicer having the bike free to move when you stand up.

    I stick the laptop in it with a neoprene slipcase. It's waterproof, and the yellow adds a bit of visibility, but it isn't hi-viz. If you want that just put some hi-viz stickers on it.

    edited to add: I mostly rode with a 13" Macbook Pro (2008) - 4.5lb (2.04kg). At the moment due to ****ing job I'm using it every day (but not cycling) with a 15" retina MBP - also 4.5lb. Both fit fine, but note both are fairly light laptops. You don't want a heavy laptop on your back.

  • Commuting Rucksack Recommendations Please1 year 16 weeks agoAny ventilated back rucksac

    Any ventilated back rucksac curves which makes being laptop compaticble a nightmare.

    I have always got on with osprey packs i think this one is new , it has a enclosed ventlated back from the looks of, but i have always found osprey packs to be less curved than others.


    good luck with the hunt

  • TfL defends bus safety record after figures reveal two incidents every day involving cyclists or pedestrians1 year 16 weeks agoYou obviously haven't cycled

    You obviously haven't cycled through Brixton, something about that stretch turns even the most normal bus driver into a cyclist hating zealot!

    All in all, I have to agree that red buses are the least of our worries.

    I did have an experience today with a AA van which left me with hope about drivers though. They were patient, didn't sound annoyed behind me (ie low gear reving engine etc) and only passed me when there was clear space and let me heaps of room even though he passed me once and i caught back up and past him at some lights. All this going passed Clapham Common which has some nasty holes in the road at the mo. Unfortunately I forget the number plate before i could jot it down so i could write in. Maybe we as cyclists need to take the time to start to reward good driving? I would even go as far as saying maybe TFL need a feed back website where we could log in and provide positive feedback on buse's?