• Judo boss slams Brian Cookson’s Winter Olympic idea1 year 8 weeks agoCookson was inviting

    Cookson was inviting criticism by naming other sports notwithstanding that his question is valid. [Although not without an agenda - I imagine Cookson wants to move track so he can make room for more BMX or move track so he can bring the kilo back.] He would have been better advised to have referred only to "other indoor sports". But judo boss sounds like a puerile c*&£.

  • Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail1 year 8 weeks agoExtra vote for a lifetime

    Extra vote for a lifetime driving ban in these circumstances, by the way Applause

  • Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail1 year 8 weeks agoPaul_C wrote:so this lowlife

    Paul_C wrote:
    so this lowlife used his job as a means to get free beer and drive at the same time??? That 10 year drinving ban, it had better not start until he gets out... I hate it when most of their ban is while they're doing time... defeats the object.

    If it were true that the beer inspector is expected to drink beer at every stop then this would be a case for corporate manslaughter, surely? (or should that be 'shoorly'?).

  • Bottom bracket and compact chainset queiry1 year 8 weeks agoDepends whether or not you

    Depends whether or not you buy the English thread version.

    As with most bbs, there are English and Italian versions available. All you need to do is tell the retailer which one you want.

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"1 year 8 weeks agonorthstar wrote:Ah yes, 20mph

    northstar wrote:
    Ah yes, 20mph limit (zones) which are ignored routinely by 100% of motorists.

    I live just outside Bristol and commute in by bike five days a week. Watching motorists trying to stay within the speed limit (Bristol has pretty much blanket 20 mph across the central areas) is absolutely hilarious.

    Brake light on - brake light off - brake light on - brake light off - brake light on ... They don't seem to consider just easing off the accelerator a bit.

  • Back pain and stem length/saddle position1 year 8 weeks agoThe stem on the CAAD10 has a

    The stem on the CAAD10 has a couple of spacers and is the "normal" way up as far as I am aware.

    There are a couple of bike fitting places local to me - MidlandBikeFit who use a "Dynamic Fitting System" (midlandbikefit.com), which would seem to be similar to a Retul fitting but half the price?

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"1 year 8 weeks ago@northstar: not 100% - I, for

    @northstar: not 100% - I, for one, observe them when driving.

    I ride through a 20mph on the way to work - it's a little difficult to tell whether it's the limit, the road layout or the speed cushions but I would say that more than 50% drive at or below 20mph.

  • Primal Hi Viz Race Cut Fusion Jacket1 year 8 weeks agoarms - Hi Viz...as drivers

    arms - Hi Viz...as drivers are most likely to see movement in the limb areas...and no real movement in the main body area...but the arms COULD deffo do with less black at the rears...and the reflective sleeve stripes are continental side...so not too great a position for UK/ROI roads...nice top, but could do with a few more design enhancements to be spot on...

  • If it's good enough for Vin Cox...1 year 8 weeks agoThat is a fantastic looking

    That is a fantastic looking bike Mr Thomas.

    I'd absolutely love a bike like that - I'm sure carbon/hydroformed alloy is very good/light/stiff etc. for racing but it is so incredibly ugly, especially with massive blocky logos and acronyms all over it. This Genesis is gorgeous - sleek, classy and understated. It would suit the riding I do - different types over different terrains at a mid-to-reasonable pace (I'm too lazy to get involved in any racing).

    I'd also love to do a massive tour somewhere. Some day...

    My one reservation about the bike would be the bottle cages...different colours and look a bit race/weight weenie to me. But then it's not my bike.

  • Leeds plans 20mph zones in communities along its £29m "super cycleway"1 year 8 weeks agoThe general move towards

    The general move towards 20mph must be seen as a good thing.
    Some time back, my doctor asked me how many units I drink a week, to which I answered 'about 20'. He pointed out that the maximum for men is 21 - it doesn't mean it's a recommended amount. Well, I think speed limits are exactly the same - a 30mph limit zone denotes the absolute maximum anyone should be travelling, but the recommended speed is often far less.

  • Judo boss slams Brian Cookson’s Winter Olympic idea1 year 8 weeks agoIf you name check other

    If you name check other federations it's no surprise that they respond. The judo fella seems to have a good sense of humour.

  • Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail1 year 8 weeks agojacknorell wrote:Redvee

    jacknorell wrote:
    Redvee wrote:
    vbvb wrote:
    Are they allowed to drive after 10 years off, without practice or a re-test?
    jamesfifield wrote:
    I'm fairly certain that after a ban a full re-test is required.

    A restest is required these days, in the past you just applied to DVLA for your licence back IIRC. When bans are imposed as well as a custodial sentence I believe the ban starts straight away, not on release from prison, so effectively only a 2 year ban. Can somebody tell me if I'm right or wrong with this?

    I believe you're wrong, and the ban starts once the custodial sentence is served.

    You're correct, the law was changed to make them run consecutively 5 years ago (Apologies the only reference I could find readily is in the Fail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1228881/Mother-wins-law-change-d...)

  • TRP RG957 Deep Drop Brakes1 year 8 weeks agoI built up a Ribble 365 this

    I built up a Ribble 365 this last winter and went with the R650. They've been a excellent brake and at £51 for a pair from Ribble (inc 10% discount) they where good value compared to these TRPs.

    The TRP RG957 is a bit lighter a 171g per caliper compared to the R650 at 185g but for a winter bike it didn't matter so much.

  • Just In: Sublime Six C Aero1 year 8 weeks agoI'd buy that for a dollar!

    I'd buy that for a dollar! Laughing

    I like the colour...it's (nearly) the same as my DaBomb Da Pukka sussy bike...

    ...not great VFM when compared to Canyon though...

  • Cycle helmets have "major flaws" in safety, insists cyclist airbag firm Hövding (+ video)1 year 8 weeks agoBears "shit in woods",

    Bears "shit in woods", insists ursine behavioural specialists.

  • Ordnance Survey launches free iOS Ride Tour de France route app with Chris Boardman1 year 8 weeks agoah...stats....lies and damned

    ah...stats....lies and damned lies....statistics can be made to show whatever you want...especially inferential stats...
    at least 60% of all lies are made up, 19% are slightly inaccurate and the remaining 42% are incorrect!
    However many iOS devices vs Android devices exist out there...there will eventually be an Android app to follow.....will it be better, more stable...who knows...
    aslong as David Bellamy...I mean Chris Boardman is happy, so am I... Applause

  • Mark Renshaw on switching teams, bikes & gear and the dream team reunion with Mark Cavendish1 year 8 weeks agoGlad that Mark has his

    Glad that Mark has his wingman back alongside him. I am already enjoying this season.

  • TRP RG957 Deep Drop Brakes1 year 8 weeks agoThey do look cool (apart from

    They do look cool (apart from the rusty bolt), but that is a pricey calliper brake for sure.

    650s are an exceptionally good brake - I've certainly never be looking for more road than is available in 3 years of using them coupled with Swissstop Greens.

    I'm all for shiny cool looking things - but I'm not sure I could entertain that sort of price.

  • Ordnance Survey launches free iOS Ride Tour de France route app with Chris Boardman1 year 8 weeks agoThe person above linked to a

    The person above linked to a study of sorts - why are people getting arsey about finding their own:

    iOS - 32%
    Android - 54%
    Windows - 10%
    Blackberry - 3%

    (rounded down to 0 decimal places - hence missing 1 %)

    So it's only 2/3rds of total UK users that OS are ignoring at best.

    In addition, as has been noted, cyclists are not identical to the wider market make up, they will have a different break down - which I don't have access to.

    I think the main point to note is that the people saying "make it for Android (or Nokia 3210 or whatever) are basically saying Crying but what about me.

  • Back pain and stem length/saddle position1 year 8 weeks agoA CAAD10 will have a

    A CAAD10 will have a different head tube to your Charge & Genesis, probably much shorter, giving a lower drop from the saddle to handlebar. Is the stem slammed? Do you have the stem angled down? Bringing it up might help.

    First thing to do is to measure up the bike that is comfy and set your CAAD10 to the same dimensions: reach, bar drop and saddle setback are the things that resolved the issues I had with lower back pain. 10mins with a tape measure and a plumb line will let you know where things need to be moved and dictated what stem you need to buy.

    That and doing plenty of hamstring stretches!

    EDIT: I'd also recommend a Retül fit. I've not had any problems whatsoever since getting it done. http://road.cc/content/blog/88098-get-fit-get-bike-fit-experiencing-ret%...

  • Judo boss slams Brian Cookson’s Winter Olympic idea1 year 8 weeks agoMaybe Vizer has come across

    Maybe Vizer has come across badly, but he sounds a lovely bloke. How many of the international sporting federations are populated by power obsessed sociopaths?

  • TRP RG957 Deep Drop Brakes1 year 8 weeks agoThey'd be just the ticket for

    They'd be just the ticket for a bit of Genesis Equilibrium upgrading. I've got the Shimano R650s on mine, which are fine, but if / when they need replacing it's good to know there are other options.

    It's a brilliant descending bike, but I do get a bit of judder on the R650s at speeds north of 40mph.

  • Cyclist sues Halfords for £1 million, claims steerer tube "failure" led to severe facial injuries1 year 8 weeks agoJust to add my experience to

    Just to add my experience to the Halfords saga........Observed a Halfords' assistant trying to prevent the bars from rotating by levering the star nut on an Aheadset with a large spanner. When challenged, it became clear he was only a Saturday morning lad and trying to be helpful to the customer. No supervision, no training and no idea. He hadn't been told the limit of his responsibility.
    Halfords aim their business at the Average Joe who are not bike mechanics. The reason laws are enacted (in this case Sale of Goods) is because traders generally cannot be relied upon to do a professsional job.
    If I go to a LBS and buy a new machine I expect the shop to check it over before release regardless of how knowledgeable the customer appears.

  • Chainstay mounted calipers1 year 8 weeks agoThanks. I need to replace a

    Thanks. I need to replace a broken Scott CR1. It's nearest equivalent, the Scott Solace, comes with this style of brake. I would plan to fit some mudguards for the winter.

  • Back pain and stem length/saddle position1 year 8 weeks agoI struggled with proper fit

    I struggled with proper fit after having a regular fitting at my LBS a couple of years ago. Constantly tweaking here and there.

    I know it's kind of expensive but I can't recommend Retul fitting enough, if you shop around you should find someone (usually not an LBS but a lot of coaching services do it) that does it.

    I'd particularly struggled after damaging my knees and shoulders after a couple of altercations with iron horses, despite the bike being fitted no amount of fettling seemed to ease these issues. Got a Retul done and lo and behold all pain just disappeared, even my power output was higher.

    On the saddle, I find if my lower back is hurting it's usually a wee spot too low...but I'm no Dr or expert so probably don't take my advice there! Everyone is different.

    I've since bought a new bike and I've tried to fit it the same myself and it's just horrendous, I'll be taking it back for a Retul fit asap!