• Lezyne M Caddy Quick Release1 year 15 weeks agoI liked the look of these

    I liked the look of these when I saw mention of them a number of weeks back, and thought it ideal to swap quickly between bikes, so emailed Lezyne to ask whether the mounts were available separately.

    Still waiting for a reply...

  • Just in: StantoVelo Protective Arm Warmers1 year 15 weeks agoThe thin end of a wedge is

    The thin end of a wedge is becoming visible
    First its crash hats and now protection - soon we'll all be wrapped up like motorcyclists

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 15 weeks agojdstrachan@yahoo.co.uk

    jdstrachan@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
    Are you telling my 20 select riders cause more litter than the thousands of fans on the roadside watching the race?

    Usually in highly crowded areas dustbins or plastic sacks are provided, so fans can dispose their (mainly food related) rubbish. Which might not always work:

    For the riders, how about a dumping zone? Before and after the feed zone. I think one french team introduced a small opening on the back of the jersey for gel wrappers. Applause

    As cyclist, being a kind of greenish we should protect the environment. Unlike the car drivers who drop their Mc Donalds waste into the country side. Sad

  • Thank God for the pizza dish1 year 15 weeks ago@Hollisharri: The extra miles

    @Hollisharri: The extra miles in your legs will be a good thing, in my experience. On my last Alpine trip I really suffered on day one/two (Colombiere/Galibier) but by day three had ridden myself fitter and the Izoard felt a lot easier. So hopefully you'll be fine although personally I would still give myself the option of lower ratios, there is no shame in spinning up the Alpe, just making it up there under your own steam is enough I should think...

  • So what's this Bianchi worth? full Centaur, carbon fork, Vento wheelset1 year 15 weeks agoIs there a LBS close to the

    Is there a LBS close to the shop? I'd ask to leave a deposit and maybe your passport or something and see if they will let you take it to a LBS to get that fork checked out.

    That would be my only worry with it, if its in a charity shop, it'll be a donation, be cheeky and bargain with them, See if you can get it for £250 Wink

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 15 weeks agoSorry but all this is

    Sorry but all this is nonsense. I'll bet that even the well behaved and ecofriendly continental crowds leave much more lying around than the cyclists chuck away. Organisers can sweep up when the peloton has passed by as they would for say a marathon - or maybe you want marathon runners to carry their rubbish from the drink and feed stations to the finish line.

  • Thank God for the pizza dish1 year 15 weeks agoPS: Of all the hills I've

    PS: Of all the hills I've climbed in UK, the Bwlch and Rhigos on Dragon Ride route were definitely closest to Continental gradients and feel. Good training ground for the mountains by British standards.

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 15 weeks agoI have updated them this

    I have updated them this minute Smile I will double check it again tomorrow Nerd

  • Thank God for the pizza dish1 year 15 weeks agoI did the Tourmalet a few

    I did the Tourmalet a few years ago with a compact and 28 and the Galibier et al a couple of years later with the same sprocket. All the big climbs were seriously painful and at times I would have gladly sold my soul for SRAM Apex, but I made it up them all without needing the sag wagon except on Hautacam. That said, on hills that tough I'm not sure how much physical difference those extra teeth really make, although psychologically I can imagine they do. Off to the Stelvio and Mortirolo in June have have already ordered my 30 cassette, there are cols and then there are Dolomite cols! Screw the purists, though - even Contador used a 32 on the Vuelta and he wasn't just on Jelly Babies either. Spinning up hills is more pleasant and better for your knees, end of. I don't care what the armchair climbers say.

  • Giro Del Trentino stage 41 year 15 weeks agoKOM RESULT 1. Serpa Perez


    1. Serpa Perez (Lampre, 46)
    2. Bongiorno (Bardiani, 87)
    3. Huzarski (NetApp, 152)

    26km to go and peleton at 1min 40secs.

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 15 weeks agoAre you telling my 20 select

    Are you telling my 20 select riders cause more litter than the thousands of fans on the roadside watching the race?

    Bidons is neither her nor there for me, empty ones at the time of a new pick up from the team car could be given back (also reducing the costs to the teams) or they will be picked up by fans. I know I got several in the mid 90's at the Leeds International Classic's!

    General rubbish though could just be put back in jersey pockets, and passed to the team car at certain points, or as it seems to suggest, dropped during a specified area (hope its a good 5km from a feed station) with PSO staff allocated to clear up.

    They seem to forget though, that the PSO are the race organiser, so surely the responsibility of the impact of the race lies with them? They make the money from the race by the teams being there, surely they should have cleaners to deal with it?

  • New Rim Advice1 year 15 weeks agoanything on here that would

    anything on here that would fit? Can't see 6600 but there is a 6700 rim, hard to say if it would fit without the dimensions


    One of the downsides of pre-assembled wheels with proprietary parts is the spares availability. With only 16 spokes, those spokes are going to be pretty high tension as well - could be challenging to swap the rim.

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 15 weeks agoatlaz wrote:The ASO has said

    atlaz wrote:
    The ASO has said the authorities won't stop anyone racing. It'd kill world tour races in Belgium if they did

    Very tue, but if races lose public support because of littering they'll die anyway...

    This has to be a good thing if implemented sensibly - nothing more infuriating that seeing country lanes littered with gel wrappers and inner tubes - hopefully cracking down on it at pro level will have some impression on the non-pro litterbugs.

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 15 weeks agoif you're after a savoury

    if you're after a savoury boost then try new potatoes. Skinned, boiled and dried then add some salt and a little olive oil - a little bit of grated cheese can be nice as well - wrap them in foil and they make a good snack. Easy to digest and can counteract all that sickly sugary stuff.

  • First spy shots of finished Kinesis Aithein frame1 year 15 weeks agoMy bike has the die feature.

    My bike has the die feature. So was this copied from Cinelli or was it originally somebody else's idea?

  • Giro Del Trentino stage 41 year 15 weeks agoI need Bouet to win the GC,

    I need Bouet to win the GC, then Cardoso, Aru and Locatelli to be top 10 today and Niemiec outside the top 10 and victory should be mine

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 15 weeks ago…… had powered away from his

    …… had powered away from his fellow escapees as he crested the final climb, and upon entering the final 2k had a seemingly unassailable 40 second lead. However he hadn’t anticipated being stopped by a police officer with 250 metres to go and being made to pedal back down the course to put a carelessly discarded gel wrapper in the bin. He would eventually finish just off the podium in 4th.

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 15 weeks agoray silvester

    ray silvester wrote:
    TERatcliffe probably thought his 64pts on stage 3 would see him lose the lead in the Forum's Scorum's Giro del Trentino but it turned out to be round about par and he will now look to hold on and go back on the honours board for the first time since Algarve.It's a close race for the purist title with stevemarks(245),STEVESPRO79(242)technojim(240) and KeejayOV(238) all lining up at the start of the last climb.

    A day of Status Quo in the Forum's Scorum's Overall peloton.....and no I don't mean that they were listening to 'Rocking All Over The World'!!

    It's funny really, I think I am really rubbish at the purist thing, and don't pay it too much attention, perhaps that's telling me I spend too much time on my main team??????

    My target is for a top 20 place in all the grand tours, and overall would be nice, I need a podium badge too.

    Oh and I want to win a bike, just got back from the mechanic and need new chain rings cassettes and chains on both my main bikes.

    Sick Sick Sick

    Should change the chain more often!

  • Cannondale launch Synapse Hi-Mod1 year 15 weeks agokitkat wrote:Is there a disc

    kitkat wrote:
    Is there a disc version and will we be able to buy it as a frame only?

    No plans on a disc version, they want to wait and see where the disc thing goes. I wouldn't be surprised if they've been working on something, they've kept this bike secret for the past two years.

    I'll hopefully have prices and details on what is actually coming to the UK soon

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 15 weeks agoI've not heard anything about

    I've not heard anything about banana skins not breaking down, I'd have thought that any fruit waste (apple cores, orange peels etc.) would all break down just as well. When I go out I take some home made flapjacks (banana and chocolate with sunflower seeds) and for really long ones, some fruit, normally banana, or a satsuma for something different, but they do need you to stop to eat them. I always have a gel as well, just in case I make a right dogs dinner of eating (excuse the pun) and end up bonking.

  • Giro Del Trentino stage 41 year 15 weeks agoTxurruka had to be in a break

    Txurruka had to be in a break eventually-didn't pick him though Sad

    Savini for Moyano
    Rosa for Cerny
    His Nibs

    Had a shocking stage 1a(just 6pts)and despite slow recovery it's just been a holding operation really for Overall/Forum Scorum's/London leagues.

    After 1a 548th
    After 1b 382nd
    After S2 228th
    After S3 157th

  • First spy shots of finished Kinesis Aithein frame1 year 15 weeks agogo on road.cc do a comparison

    go on road.cc do a comparison with the Kinesis carbon frames if you can.

  • Starting Out1 year 15 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:Raleigh

    notfastenough wrote:
    Raleigh wrote:
    Also stay away from that weight room.

    Just smack a turbo in front of a Telly.

    Wake up an hour early, get on it and smash around. Wakes you up and increases circulation to the brain for PRODUCTIVE LEARNING.

    Get on again at Lunch, especially if you have a free period straight after and smash around again.

    Smash around again after school before Prep.

    20 minutes easy spin before bed.


    I'm guessing you have a kitchen?

    Eat Porridge.

    Your schoolmates must think you're mental. Hell, I'm a cyclist, and I think you're mental.

    What the f*** is smashing around?!

    Something useful to do on the turbo: http://gcmendurance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/M2M-Crush-Your-Time-T...

  • Tubular for daily use - Any thoughts?1 year 15 weeks agoAgreed and undetstood that

    Agreed and undetstood that the need to inflate tyres is no worse on tubs than clinchers. In fact my clinchers use latex anyway so I'm used to adding 20 more psi in the morning..

    I think there are some misconceptions about the hassle of tubs, and perhaps unfounded safety concerns about installation and repair, but you have to have confidence in your equipment otherwise you'll never fulfil your potential.

    Tubular wheels are a big investment and there's always some risk that you won't get on with any different or new system. Personally I'm confident the benefits will outeigh any potential risks so my long term plan is to invest in tubs.

    Apologies that this thread had been hijacked by a tubular/ clincher debate, but it's proved quite useful to me, so thanks all.

  • Giro Del Trentino stage 41 year 15 weeks agoHalfway through, gap holding

    Halfway through, gap holding at 3 mins or so - looks like they won't be letting anyone get too far up the road today so should be a higher-scoring day. Hoping Bouet loses 5 mins!

    My team...
    A Cardoso
    Konig (hoping he'll have a dig today)
    Battaglin (prob won't score but didn't want to use a penalty transfer)
    M Rodriguez (ditto)