• UCI announces change of direction for Southern Hemisphere track racing1 year 8 weeks agoExcellent. Well played Road.

    Excellent. Well played Road.

  • Sergio Henao suspended by sky1 year 8 weeks agoWell, we learnt one thing

    Well, we learnt one thing from this thread; Mr Peyresourde found out that you can like your own posts on here.

  • Shimano 105 goes 11-speed1 year 8 weeks agoWelsh boy wrote:Neil753

    Welsh boy wrote:
    Neil753 wrote:
    With the debate about longevity of modern chains appearing once again, it's worth reflecting that the late Tommy Chambers, that most eminent Glaswegian clubman who in his lifetime rode a documented 799,405 miles no less, meticulously records in his diaries that he wore out 76 chains.

    In other words, a decidedly impressive average of 10,518 miles per chain.

    That may be the case but he also rode old steel bikes, fat heavy tyres, baggy clothing, fixed wheel and pedals with toe straps (not even clips on the pictures i have seen) so what exactly is your point? That old technology is better than modern stuff maybe? I, for one, dont think so.

    You want me to clarify? No problem. Forget about baggy shorts and all that, it's the chain I'm talking about in this instance. Transmission components in other industries seem to be designed not only for better performance, but for increased longevity too.
    I think a lot of cyclists would prefer to change a chain perhaps every 5k, rather than 1.5k, and I think many newbies would be surprised at just how long chains lasted, not just in days gone by, but up until quite recently in fact.

  • Shimano 105 goes 11-speed1 year 8 weeks agoGot to say, 50/36 and 11-32

    Got to say, 50/36 and 11-32 mechanical, plus hydro discs, all internally routed, sounds like my perfect group.

    Whether that's 10 or 11-sp, I care not.

  • Deep Breath Everyone1 year 8 weeks agoIs this the right room for an

    Is this the right room for an argument?


  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 8 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    solentine wrote:
    God, not in the Cotswolds ....again!

    Apart from most of Stage 4 Wink

    Lets see if they do it properly...
    anyone for Bushcombe Lane...


  • Shimano introduces road hydro disc brakes for mechanical shifting1 year 8 weeks agoHmmm, am I the only one

    Hmmm, am I the only one wondering April fools...

    Just hoping it isn't, cause I'll be taking a pair of these the minute they hit the shelves if so.

  • Shimano 105 goes 11-speed1 year 8 weeks agoyenrod wrote:I run 9sp. I use

    yenrod wrote:
    I run 9sp. I use about, say, 3-4 gears...when riding/training...

    An overly critical person might say that smacks of either poor training or a very dull parcours....

    yenrod wrote:
    10/11sp. blocks have reduced the choice of sprocket combo's of consumers of Shimano...

    Not massively, and the extra gears can actually increase the usability. You can still pick and mix individual cogs for the top 7 (10-speed) or 6 (11-speed) on Shimano, use SRAM (10/11 speed) or even Miche or Campagnolo (11-speed).


    yenrod wrote:
    Whatever happened to 170mm cranks ??? - instead of; compact cranks - another money making idea.

    170mm cranks are still about, as are 165mm to a lesser degree. What, pray, was the point you were trying to make here ?

    yenrod wrote:
    Compact cranks are a con - well and truly - ok you spin but they wear out faster - KMC recently done research that backs this up.

    A con ? Seriously ? What are you on about..... and as for wear, yes - because each tooth gets more use as cadence increases the wear rate goes up. Is that a reason to choose a groupset ? Average cadence appears to be going up these days anyway - perhaps you could ask folk to pedal more slowly ?

    yenrod wrote:
    STi units smaller - thats a retrograde step if ever their was one.

    Rubbish, entirely horses for courses.

    yenrod wrote:
    Shimano chains are well known for being BAD/Failing.

    Not really - there are better chains out there to be sure, but Shimano aren't "BAD".

    yenrod wrote:
    They also used to index GREAT but now they are machined to such tolerances that when they wear after NOT LONG its 'replace time'..

    Yeah... whatever... probably a government plot under mind control of the aliens....

    yenrod wrote:
    Lastly; when are Shimano to do electric shifting on 105 = thats when its'll be MEGA-HEADLINE time !

    That would actually be a nice thing, modulo price, particularly for the casual users, commuters etc.

  • Ti bike wanted1 year 8 weeks agoJoelsim wrote:Thanks guys. I

    Joelsim wrote:
    Thanks guys. I have a Boardman Hybrid Pro which I use for commuting, but given that's my main usage I would like something else that I can use on that and for the odd ride out with friends. With drops.

    Ah okay... I'm about to add a disc CX bike to my stable to run the commute in place of my Boardman Hybrid, but it won't be titanium.

    They're all good suggestions above, and I can see the attraction of the Pickenflix for one - I had looked at that myself, but given I have a Ti Audax bike, it would just be too similar.

    My concern for both you and I is that the change to drop bars on the commute will be in the negative direction... Hence my original suggestion and why I'm not binning my hybrid yet (although I've not been able to give it a proper check since crashing and it might be heading for the skip anyway lol)

  • Sheffield fountains to run yellow from tomorrow as city marks 100 days to Tour de France start1 year 8 weeks agoIsn't that just Sheffield in

    Isn't that just Sheffield in general?

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 8 weeks agoProb more to do with the

    Prob more to do with the insulinergic response than the decomposition of the peel...

  • HELP! Squealing front wheel.1 year 8 weeks agodrfabulous0 wrote:Have at

    drfabulous0 wrote:
    Have at look at the hub and see if there is a rubber seal at either end, if there is stick a screwdriver behind it and spray in some GT85. Used to be quite common on low to mid range wheels.

    As long as you only prise off/out the seal using the screwdriver... DO NOT stick the screwdriver into the hub! Smile

  • Dublin plans 10-fold expansion of hire bike system1 year 8 weeks agoThey do a pretty good job

    They do a pretty good job looking after the bikes. And w.r.t. distance, I've seen people as far out as the top of Howth (about 12 miles followed by a moderate stiff climb of several hundred feet) in the summer.

  • Brighton BikeHub wins cash to set up ‘banks’ for surplus bikes1 year 8 weeks ago@drfabulous: Really? I've

    @drfabulous: Really? I've never heard of that scrap man. Is that just in Stockport? What does he pay for an old shopper bike wheel? The various bike recycle charities (I only know of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth) are happy to receive it, re-use it, then use cash raised to promote cycling further.

    If you do set one of these up in Stockport, your mech pals may thank you - more old bikes on the road means lots more work for them.

  • Help required. Sorry, another thread asking for opinions...1 year 8 weeks ago...or try something stylish,

    ...or try something stylish, as featured on road.cc

  • Tour of Britain full route announced1 year 8 weeks agoQuote:I am not really sure

    I am not really sure when it last past my way, sure those with a better memory will tell me when the North East last had a visit?

    It did Darlington - Gateshead in 2008 and 2009 with a loop up into Kielder Forest.

    The NE hasn't seen as much of the Tour of Britain as some other areas but that's not necessarily down to the organisers - maybe one town really wants it but there's no suitable finishing town nearby on that day. Maybe one council won't allow it through their area on that day. Whole host of reasons.

    Petition your council to bid for a stage.

  • Brighton BikeHub wins cash to set up ‘banks’ for surplus bikes1 year 8 weeks agoThere's a similar scheme

    There's a similar scheme going in Guildford but you have to take the bike to one specific location. They are refurbed and then sold on 'relatively' cheaply with the proceeds going to charity. Like Brighton Bike Hub it is staffed mainly by volunteers.

  • Wheel bearings - tell tale signs1 year 8 weeks agoAwesome post as always! Thank

    Awesome post as always! Thank you dude, appreciate that. Smile

    Sounds like I'll have to make a bit of time and have a look at them then. Sounds like they're probs due for some TLC at the very least now.

  • Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset1 year 8 weeks agoDo the 6800 shifters snap

    Do the 6800 shifters snap cable ends like Dura-Ace 9000 does? The 9001 update didn't solve anything, btw.

  • HELP! Squealing front wheel.1 year 8 weeks agoHave at look at the hub and

    Have at look at the hub and see if there is a rubber seal at either end, if there is stick a screwdriver behind it and spray in some GT85. Used to be quite common on low to mid range wheels.

  • Brighton BikeHub wins cash to set up ‘banks’ for surplus bikes1 year 8 weeks agoEvery town or city I've

    Every town or city I've visited already has a proccess for this which keeps a lot of people employed. Scrap man collects the bikes then sells them on to the multitude of bike mechanics around, they then get restored and sold on. This appears to be a cynical attempt to corner the used bike market and get the bikes for free, thereby putting independant mechanics out of business, which seems to have been high on the mainstream bike trade's agenda for some years as they can't compete with us on fair terms.
    Quite frankly I am tempted to steal this idea and set one up in Stockport, perhaps along with some other local mechanics.

  • Wheel bearings - tell tale signs1 year 8 weeks agoBest practice is to service

    Best practice is to service them as often as you can. Simple as that.

    There are a huge number of variables that can influence the timing at which you MUST service a hub such as bearing type, mileage, weather, quality of hub seal, quality of grease used last time etcetera etcetera.

    For either cup and cone or cartridge bearings get the wheel spinning and have a close up listen any squeaking, grinding or rumbling suggests a service is due.

    For cup and cone bearings, do the listen test and then, regardless of what you hear, open them up and have quick look at the grease around the bearings... If there were no noises and the grease is clean and there in sufficient quantity, top it up an reseal. If there is even a hint of contamination, its time for a full service.

    Finally - Always, always make sure the cones are properly readjusted before you ride.

    Cartridge bearing symptoms are usually play, noise or complete failure. Pop out and replace is the order of the day. Very occasionally, some "sealed" bearings benefit from a greasing, but this is generally not a simple task.

  • Winners Thread1 year 8 weeks agoMy highest GT finish is 23rd

    My highest GT finish is 23rd in the 2012 Giro and I have a few top 10s in stage races but I'm yet to win anything outright,

    10th - Tour of Britain
    2nd (purist) - Vuelta
    3rd (purist) - Tour of Beijing

    7th - Volta Algarve
    7th - Paris Nice
    7th - Volta Catalunya
    6th - Pais Vasco (purist)
    9th - Tour de Romandie
    10th (purist) - Tour de Suisse
    8th - Tour of Poland

    8th - Tour de Med
    9th (purist) - Tour de Med
    5th - Volta Catalunya

    Needless to say my favourite races tend to be the spring stage races, Algarve, Med, Catalunya and Pais Vasco.

    Classics are not my strong suit as proven by my 469th position in 2012, 442nd position in 2013 and current 192nd position this year. I kinda miss the old style purist classics comp, I managed to finish 4th in that one year. It has to be said though, there are loads fewer confused people on the forum this year trying to work out how transfers work for purist people.

  • Lapierre to launch Pulsium endurance bike1 year 8 weeks agoWell they clearly haven't

    Well they clearly haven't 'borrowed' that idea from Trek, then. That's good...

  • Help required. Sorry, another thread asking for opinions...1 year 8 weeks agohttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Banan


    I heard a rumour Rapha is developing one in partnership with Team Sky. It will be made out of carbon fibre, will come in various colour ways and will cost the reasonable sum of £50.

    Froome is testing one now.