So like any other case in the legal system the prosecutor does not have to share evidence before the courts. And why would they? It would only hurt their case instead of springing a few surprises in court.

I think Armstrong also realised he would be humiliated and run over in a court like this. Who knows who the 10 witnesses are? Hincapie, Vaughters, Pat-man? Its all speculation though.

What I think is pretty clear is that an innocent man would be happy to prove his innocence. By the way, how do you beat Jan Ullrich when he is drugged. Jan Ullrich, despite doping was a very talented cyclist, and I have trouble seeing Armstrong being THAT much better. Though I am sure a few Americans would challenge that.

Also, if one of my favourite riders did what Armstrong did I would be immensely disappointed, but also equally happy to let them burn for their "betrayal".

  • Vuelta stage 71 year 28 weeks ago95 points on the stage(zilch

    95 points on the stage(zilch from my DS'....athough I know they're savuing it all for stage 8 Liar )

    Still enough to move up 48 places for the Vuelta overall Big Grin

  • USADA formally bans Lance Armstrong for life, disqualifies him from all results since 1 August 19981 year 28 weeks agoMore idiotic, misinformed

    More idiotic, misinformed comments here today.

    Who gives USADA the right? Well, **Lance did**, when he signed up for his US Cycling licence in order to compete in UCI sanctioned races. He signed a contract agreeing to abide by the rules, which mean he agreed to abide by the WADA code and submit to testing by ADAs, and the processes they have. Even a Texan federal judge has said USADA has the jurisdiction over Lance and its processes are fair.

    Lance had the choice. He *chose* to sign up for sports signed up to WADA.

    Where's the evidence? Well Lance has seen it, which is why he's given up. USADA will be publishing it in due course, once processes against related individuals are finished. They are required to release a report on the case to US Cycling, WADA and UCI.

    It apparently consists of witness testimony not just from already convicted dopers, but from team-mates who previously were thought to be clean. These people had nothing to gain from falsely implicating Lance.

    If you think Lance hasn't doped, then you must believe that there's a giant conspiracy against Lance. Basically all these people are working together against him:

    - USADA, a quasi-NGO, constituted to conduct anti-doping testing and sanctioning processes in the USA, with responsibility across a very wide range of sports.

    - WADA, world anti-doping governing body, setup by the IOC but independent of it. Responsible for anti-doping governance on a world-wide basis.

    - Scientists and technicians at anti-doping labs, who have found positive tests for EPO in Lance Armstrong samples.

    - Many (10+?) of Lance's former team-mates, who've testified to Lance talking about how he doped or have even seen him do so.

    - Former Lance staff, who have testified to transporting dope for him and disposing of used material

    - Federal judges, who've ruled that USADA does have jurisdiction and is fair, despite what Lance says

    - A wife of a team-mate, who heard Lance confessing to doping in a hospital.

    You basically have to believe all these people are lying and conspiring to take down Lance. You have to believe that the only people telling the truth are Lance and a dwindling number of people around him, who all are financially dependent on Lance or have other financial interests in or with Lance, and UCI, who Lance has paid lots of money to.

    To believe Lance did not dope requires believing in a fairly vast conspiracy theory.

  • Vuelta stage 71 year 28 weeks agoSounds like a touch of the

    Sounds like a touch of the Freddy Rodriguez' ?

    Stay healthy Giff Cool

  • thefatcyclist abandones1 year 28 weeks agoThanks for all the comments

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll see it out till the end of the Vuelta and then see what is what. Big Grin

  • Cyclist pushed by passengers in passing car suffers serious injuries1 year 28 weeks agoSub human scum are the only

    Sub human scum are the only words that come to mind

  • Lance Armstrong set to lose his seven Tour de France titles after giving up USADA fight1 year 28 weeks agoit's lance's actions that

    it's lance's actions that have suppressed the evidence here, not USADA's. lance chose not to hear the evidence. it'll come out anyway through the other cases.

    not everyone who was lined up to testify has any particular beef with armstrong. it's george hincapie's testimony that would be most damaging, i would think. if his 'best bro' is prepared to implicate lance – and himself, he's never failed a test either – where's left for him to go?