• socks1 year 14 weeks agoI was surprised to find that

    I was surprised to find that the free socks from cp fitted. I have rather large feet. Been washed twice and still fit. I have two pairs of Bike Pure and two of ShuttVR all white.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 14 weeks agoIf you look the part you can

    If you look the part you can get away with it. If you're carrying a few extra pounds then you look like those people who wear 'Van Persie' replica shirts. Or worse, someone (over 16) playing football in replica shirt. I always say when we see someone out shopping in a, for instance, a 'Lampard' shirt 'There's only one person we can be absolutely sure that isn't'. If you want to wear kit, join a club and wear their kit whatever your shape.

  • Mitie London Revolution1 year 14 weeks agoGuessing no one on the forum

    Guessing no one on the forum did do the London Revolution...

    Just thought I’d add a little more to anyone thinking of doing it next year.

    The event starts off at Peruvian Wharf, east London and follows an anti-clockwise route on the outskirts of London ending in Windsor on the first day.

    The second day comes again back around the southern half of the M25 taking in more climbs including Box Hill and North Downs before coming back up through Crystal Palace, a lap around Herne Hill Velodrome and finishing up at Peruvian Wharf.

    It was my first Sportive but I must say that it was incredibly well put together with fully stocked food stops, mechanics, medics and the Windsor Racecourse camping arrangements were superb.

    Met some fantastic people and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I would say it was mostly experienced cyclists so the pace was high but there was definitely people taking cycling on for the first time.

    For more info see http://www.london-revolution.com/

  • Tech roundup: BMC Impec, Madison Genesis' Lazer helmets, retro kit, game changing brake pads and more1 year 14 weeks agoGreat news on the Showers

    Great news on the Showers Pass kit. Bought one of their Touring jackets and waterproof trousers when in the US the other year and have been delighted with it.

  • Updated: Norwich Police seek driver who tweeted about collision with cyclist1 year 14 weeks agoI can't believe that not only

    I can't believe that not only does this Girl think it's ok to knock a cyclist off their bike but it's fine to bragg about it on twitter after. Surprise Clearly she is a danger to everyone on the road and should be banned from driving for life... Or maybe thrown in to a pit full of angry bears... Excuse the last comment, this article has p****d me off

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 14 weeks agoI wear an AG2R jersey -

    I wear an AG2R jersey - mainly because it was in the sale and was dead cheap and its a really nice jersey but also because AG2R are a bit rubbish and im sure some of their riders dope. Which appeals to me.

  • Venting frustration1 year 14 weeks agoAfter many years of near

    After many years of near misses in London, I've come to realise that reacting angrily does nothing. If you get a chance, calmly explaining to the driver what they did wrong can sometimes help. Otherwise, smiling and waving cheerily can throw people for a loop.
    It's really, really hard though at times. The natural reaction to nearly being killed is a massive adrenaline boost and a load of anger. It's very, very hard to stay calm. That's probably why cyclists have a reputation for being angry - so many near death experiences, so frequently.
    Not sure what drivers' excuses are though....

  • What's the best pro cyclists's name?1 year 14 weeks agoNice idea. Someone should do

    Nice idea. Someone should do that. Change your surname to that of a Pro cyclist. It would be the ultimate declaration of being a pro cycling fan.

  • Difference between wet and dry lube?1 year 14 weeks agoYou shouldn't need to lube a

    You shouldn't need to lube a new chain, it's lubed in the factory (with decent sticky stuff that stays in the rollers), just need to wipe down the outer plates on the links to stop it attracting dirt. Only once it starts creaking or you've degreased the chain to clean it do you need to lube it after (although technically you're not supposed to degrease them but I think most of us do for convenience sake...)

  • Venting frustration1 year 14 weeks agoClapping sarcastically is

    Clapping sarcastically is quite fun.

    But to be mature, and safe, best thing to do is just roll your eyes and carry on with your journey.

  • socks1 year 14 weeks agoI've been wearing the free

    I've been wearing the free socks from Cycling Plus (Scott, Wiggle and now Hargreaves)as regular socks with jeans and regular shoes. They might be free, but I don't like black socks on the bike (too Lance!) and won't advertise brands I don't use. Alright, I do use Wiggle quite a lot, but if they want me to advertise them on my bike, they should pay me.

    Currently, I wear Sidi socks to match my shoes, or Pinerello socks to match my bike, or blue Endura socks to match my blue Endura club kit.

  • Updated: Norwich Police seek driver who tweeted about collision with cyclist1 year 14 weeks agoGenuinely surprised people

    Genuinely surprised people use the road tax thing. Easier to be angry at something than research it I guess.

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 14 weeks agoI've always been fine on

    I've always been fine on Ultremos (used them summer and winter for 4 years), for sure they do cut up but they're a racing tyre so if you use them for training (for the grip and low rolling resistance) then it's something you need to accept. Somehow I've managed to avoid any of the failures to (must have used 15-20 Ultremos over the years) but have seen first hand failures on mate's bikes so generally don't recommend them these days (happy to carry on using them myself).
    I have used GP4000s and they're very nice but they don't grip quite as well as Ultremos (but you really have to be pushing it to notice any difference), they resist cuts better to (puncture resistance I'd say they're similar), it's likely the tyre I'd switch to if I gave up on Ultremos

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 14 weeks agoquite bizarre there is no

    quite bizarre there is no reaction from any of the other riders, deemed acceptable by the peloton?

  • Is it considered naff to wear roadcc kit?1 year 14 weeks ago'cause that way you'll

    'cause that way you'll *never* get mistaken for me or tony Big Grin

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 14 weeks agoAlways amazes me that

    Always amazes me that watching the same video can result in different views, I cannot see how this was NOT deliberate.

    The guy in green rides up to the guy in blue, clearly something was said, the guy in green raises his arm, the guy in blue responds but more forcefully, guy in green ends up on the floor.

    OK you could argue that the guy in blue did not intend to knock the other guy off, but there is no way you are going to get a bang like that and stay on your bike, he actions where always going to end with him on the deck.

  • Is it considered naff to wear roadcc kit?1 year 14 weeks agoas long as you slam that stem

    as long as you slam that stem and you're running a standard chainset and a straight-through block, you'll be fine.

  • socks1 year 14 weeks agoIf you live in the heat like

    If you live in the heat like me, only 1 sock cuts it..

    Prendas High Summer Carbon socks. I have Assos/ Castelli/ Giordana and De-feet socks as well, but have now got 6 pairs of the Prendas, without a doubt the best hot weather sock and the only ones I wear during my summer


  • socks1 year 14 weeks agoNever got on with any free

    Never got on with any free socks from mags, they always go in the bin (too nylony feel). I mostly use Endura coolmax socks over summer as they're cheap and seem comfy enough to me. I have a couple of pairs of fancier socks (Assos etc.) but once out riding I can't tell the difference. Winter socks are different, prepared to spend more money on merino and low volume thermal ones (although the Assos fuguspeer ones I spent the most on are rubbish)

  • socks1 year 14 weeks ago+1 for Aldi

    +1 for Aldi

  • socks1 year 14 weeks agoI have some aldi and some

    I have some aldi and some lidl ones, both of which are good. DeFeet socks are about 6-7 pound per pair, and are good to, I have a pair of their BikePure ones I use for racing.

  • Venting frustration1 year 14 weeks agoI give them the fist pump and

    I give them the fist pump and offer them a fight, what I have always wanted to do is carry marbles in my bike pouch and launch one at the offending car, jujitsu for 8 years I can handle myself, I explained that to a driver once and asked him which arm he would prefer I broke lol, sensibly he drove off. funny enough it was my fault at the time ha.

    I would recommend to others just to carry on and ignore them, you never know what they have with them, baseball bat in the boot etc

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 14 weeks agoRight. have just read some

    Right. have just read some more comments. It's inspired me to get a polka dot Jersey, champions Jersey, or similar.

    If any of you snobs do drop me on a climb, making comments as you pass, be very sure you can stay away, as there's a strong likelihood I will embarrass you when the road flattens out! Wink

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 14 weeks agoNo dramas for robacairns in

    No dramas for robacairns in San Francisco securing the Forum's Scorum's Tour of California to add to his earlier Tirreno-Adriatico triumph.......in fact he was 6 pts away from a clean sweep but NeilG83 ended up with the purist jersey.

    A massive season high 285pts for silas chime saw him rise 13 places in the Forum's Scorum's Giro D'Italia to 11th but that hardly registered on the serene progress of long term Maglia Rosa Jonas Lorenzen......purist is led by specialist NeilG83.

    Jonas' giro form has seen him jump to 3rd in the Forum's Scorum's overall rankings pushing Alan Tullett out of the podium spaces whilst drheaton retook 6th from me(ray silvester)as we went over the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 14 weeks agoQuite a lot of anti Sky

    Quite a lot of anti Sky sentiment, it's a typically British thing, to try to undermine success, or to slate successful individuals.

    Don't forget what Sky have done for British cycling, their investment has enabled a lot of success, increased cycling popularity here and put Britain on the cycling map.

    I have a few tops, one of them is Sky. I'm always conscious when I'm wearing it that some snobs following 'the rules' may look down on me, but quite honestly I CGAF. I am not very often overtaken on sportifs so I don't get to hear derisory remarks anyway Wink