• FS: "Most" of a SRAM grouppo1 year 11 weeks agoI'm interested in the

    I'm interested in the chainset. £80 posted? Or, where are abouts are you based?

  • Vuelta - Stage 161 year 11 weeks ago1 change for me, Valverde out

    1 change for me, Valverde out and JRod in Nerd

  • Saboteurs ‘lay out tacks’ on Etape Cymru route1 year 11 weeks agoThere will always be

    There will always be opposition because it's quite important to pop down to Greggs by car on a Sunday to get a bean slice, take Gemima to the stables and, crucially, because cyclists don't pay road tax.

    Of course, it might be a nice opportunity to stay at home, have a cooked breakfast, catch up with some good books, kick a ball with the kids.

    But no, society demands 24 hours unfettered access to the world at large.

    Roll on the zombie apocalypse.

  • Hope V-Twin Hydraulic Disc Brake Converter1 year 11 weeks agoI see it comes with X2

    I see it comes with X2 calipers - will the converter work with other makes? If so, any intention to sell the converter on its own?

  • Saboteurs ‘lay out tacks’ on Etape Cymru route1 year 11 weeks agoThis saddens me. I guess

    This saddens me. I guess there's opposition to the event in the area? To be honest, I was surprised there wasn't any of this at RideLondon

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 11 weeks agoGosh if he had included a

    Gosh if he had included a comment on bike helmets and earphones the responders would have gone up in flames.

  • Bloody Car Drivers!1 year 11 weeks agoAh- the elite Road.cc Crash

    Ah- the elite Road.cc Crash Investigation Team out again! Rather than jump to assumptions, all we know is over 100 cars were involved-that means there were over a hundred factors! Taking my drive on the M1 here in NI the past couple of days with heavy rain and reduced visibility making it dangerous as an example- many drivers were going too fast for conditions; many had no lights or only sidelights on; many were carrying out last minute manoeuvers with no indicators; many were driving safely. Thankfully there were no major accidents just a few close calls, but if there had been it would have been a combination of all these factors rather than just one. So basically what I am saying is the incident above is probably no different- some were probably going too fast for conditions, some didn't have the brains to turn on their lights, some driving too close...and many doing a combination of all, rather than trying to boil it down to a simple single reason- after all, you could be keeping your speed down and your distance from the car in front, but if some bollox smashes into you from behind, it would be a reminder than no matter how safely you drive or cycle and what precautions you take, you are still reliant on others not being eejits.

  • Eurobike 2013: Spot the bike1 year 11 weeks agoThis makes me think of how

    This makes me think of how badly I need a new TT bike.

  • Hope V-Twin Hydraulic Disc Brake Converter1 year 11 weeks agoCan you explain why you think

    Can you explain why you think a short lever throw is disadvantageous for riders with short fingers?

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 11 weeks agooh, I didn't go. First it

    oh, Crying I didn't go. First it was going to rain then it cleared up, then I was stood in Sainsburys holding a tub of icecream on Saturday morning thinking, if you put this in your basket you aren't going... I put it in.
    I have been very fatigued from work recently, it has been very busy and I am being pressurized on performance [14 seconds average between calls to fill in forms, I've been there since April and am now being compared to all the permanent staff. I feel like I might be on a conveyor to the door.] I have to work alternate Saturdays so a full weekend off is precious. I remember how tired I was after London when I also had the Monday off, I was spent. The Etape has at least double the climbing and I would have had to camp out on Saturday night. I just couldn't stomach the prospect of going into a week of work after that.

    After London I did get a new chain and Dura-ace block with 28t ring. I got one decent session of climbing in above Rainow, Macclesfield and found it did really help. I even tried to get up out of the saddle, which is a whole new technique in itself. Even that session was a quarter what the Etape would throw up.
    I despaired to find East Cheshire Council had chipped Shrigley Rd. (a guy in black Castelli passed me and said 'what have they done to this road.) and the A34, a fast weekend treat now destroyed. If they will chip a major bypass nowhere is safe.
    I wish I could have given my spot away but registration doesn't work like that. I'm not so bothered by the cost as the train and food would have added to it. I have a loan ending in two months, so next year I will be £230 better off ever month. I might become one of those persons with a racing bike (it WILL be a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, I have seen it, I want it,) and a winter bike.

    I did book onto a triathlon in 2009 and pull out of that too cause I can't swim for toffee, but that just made me more keen to cycle. All I have to do is at least bike to work the rest of the year and I will cover 6000km, up from 5kk last year. Probable doesn't seem like much to some of you.

    Thanks for asking, it has been cathartic. I have been keeping my posting to a minimum this week as I am only up to the ITT on the Vuelta. I might stir up some threads on aero kit now; and start planning my calendar for 2014. A Monday rest day is in order for the Etape, but I can book off early and put my failure behind me, I just bit off more than I could chew. 18 months ago it took me 1h45 to do 40km around the airport so I've come on a bit. Maybe some shorter warm ups in Cheshire 60miles events and so much more climbing. I'm back in the pot for London again and know what to expect. I found out my time was in the 51st percentile, barely in the top half, just beating Boris won't cut it. And I have to work on the mystery that is cadence... So much to do.


  • Talk me out of buying this Condor Barrachi1 year 11 weeks agoI had the 2009 Barrachi. It

    I had the 2009 Barrachi. It was comfortable, but soggy. If you're doing long rides and don't want to descend, corner or accelerate too fast but want to stay comfy, then it'll be ok. If you want something more precise and nimble, look elsewhere.

    Also, it's bloody expensive for a mid-range frame. Got mine in the sales, but even so it was only 100 quid more for the entire bike.

  • Vuelta Stage 151 year 11 weeks ago218pts and 2nd= on stage...

    218pts and 2nd= on stage... finally got my Stage Podium badge so now have very badge Big Grin

  • Cannot believe there are no replies!!1 year 11 weeks agopwmedcraft wrote:It is hard

    pwmedcraft wrote:
    It is hard to work out what points you are trying to make, other than you don't want to be inconvenienced by this event every year. You say you only posted here in reaction to the OTT language in Mr Huggins's petition. So are you saying you don't agree with his anti-cycling vitriol but signed the petition anyway?

    Most respondents have been reasonable about the problems residents have - see the very first reply here for example.

    Your fourth sentence is incomplete. I was expecting another comma and then a conclusion instead of a full stop. What do you fear with the fairly polite reactions and name-calling?

    You should read some more forum threads if you reckon we think that all cyclists are angels. I agree that education for all is the way forward. An idiot on a bike will also be an idiot in a car.

    Also agree with all of this!

  • Cannot believe there are no replies!!1 year 11 weeks agofreespirit1 wrote:I am not

    freespirit1 wrote:
    I am not trying to antagonized anyone. However my initial post was only put on here in reaction to the OTT language in the petition from Mr Huggins.

    However I was hoping that some people may want to be reasonable about the problems that residents of Surrey have.

    There has to be a common ground on this where we can all get together and SHARE the facilities.

    However I fear that with some of the reactions from your community and the name calling, allbeit far more polite that what I have had when using the highway even when I have given cyclists loads of room (I amd talking here about being 4 to 5 feet away)riding a motorbike I do know what it is like to have someone pass too close.

    Yes there are inconsderate car drivers and motorcyclists, but until you accept that not all cyclsits are angels and you have your share of pillocks too the hostility will remain. What we should all be doing is educating those that do not have a clue for the greater good ofg us all. By that I mean ALL road users.

    Kind regards


    Your initial post here makes 5 points.

    The first of which you acknowledge isn't the fault of cyclists, or in fact the organisers as they made it clear carers where to be let through, it seems it was the fault of individual stewards who were either not informed of the full facts or simply failed to follow instructions, however I'm not sure what response you want apart from to say that carers should have been let through (already said in a post above).

    Your second point states you were not consulted, I believe it has been pointed out that you do not have to be consulted about road closures, councils did take it upon themselves to inform people but it is not mandatory. I believe the event organisers also informed some people too, which again is not mandatory. Again, I'm not sure what response you want on this either, there are no rules which state residents have to be consulted or informed, I guess it may seem unfair (which is why you posted) but as others have said, it seems that the inconvenience of a small number is outweighed by the benefit of the 15,000 cyclists riding on closed roads plus the people who came out to watch that and the professional event, spending money in local shops and businesses.

    Your third point states that some places ARE completely isolated, it seems that this isn't strictly true, you were able to get out of Byfleet albeit via a long detour and a resident of Westcott posted that you could leave a car somewhere the night before to use it that day.

    Your forth point is a link to the Highway Code, I think most of the cyclists on this forum will be well versed on this, but you do not pick out a particular point. If it's the cycling two abreast on busy roads (A25?), what is the significance of this in the context of a closed road event? If it's a different rule, which one?

    Your last point is very well put, we should all be able to use the roads if everyone follows the rules but that simply isn't the case - Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians all break the rules. I'm not sure what reaction you wanted to this either, I think everyone here would love for this to happen but in context to the event, do you think that 15,000 cyclists could share the road with cars and that there shouldn't be closed roads? I would suggest not which is why the road closures are there. If they did try it, I'd guess there'd be even more of an uproar just as the residents of the New Forest complain when a couple of thousand turn up.

    I think people on here have been reasonable, I guess you are upset about being called a NIMBY, unfortunately you have written a few things which would lead people to that conclusion, like you are not complaining about the London Marathon as it doesn't affect you but you are about this as it does. Would it have been better for them to point out that this seems like you're fine for events like this to happen, just not as long as it affects you? It's the same kind of point that you made about "us" advising you to take your motorbike further even though we're all eco-friendly.

    And you jibe at being called names by cyclists, I'd guess that most cyclists here will have been called far worse that you have, been beeped, some past within inches, some even almost knocked off, a few maybe have been knocked off so you may not find much sympathy here if someone's shouted at you. As an aside, my cycling club was nearly run into by a motorcylist, I think they took exception to the group riding two abreast on a dual carriageway, the guy swerved in and out towards the group while the lady on the back filmed it on her camera. This doesn't mean however that I dislike all motorcyclists, just that one.

    And your last point, as said above, I don't think many people here think we're angels, we definitely have our fair share of idiots, but we're not responsible for them, just as you aren't responsible for all motorcylists or drivers. I don't jump red lights or ride on the pavement, I wear lights at night and follow the highway code, should I receive hostility from motorists? I also agree that we should educate all road users, the only thing I would point out is that if a cyclist breaks the rules, they are only usually putting themselves in danger and if they're putting someone else in danger, it's rarely potentially fatal, when a driver breaks the rules, they are also putting other people in danger and they cause a lot (understatement) more fatalities so if you wish to make the road a safer place, everyone should be educated but you may want to start with those that cause the most danger.

  • Wildlife campaigners fight outdoor cycle track near Derby Velodrome that they say threatens wild birds1 year 11 weeks agoThese wildlife nutters may

    These wildlife nutters may wish to go to Marsh Tracks at Rhyl despite being built on a redundant landfill site built on coastal marsh later made redundant and left for ' conservation' purposes the council wished to make better use of the land whilst retaining the conservation value. As a result the track has a sown wild grass seed and flower mix and has produced a delightful wild hay meadow. I was stood there watching the building of a new mtb track looking over the River Clwyd where hordes of Herons, Cormorants, Oyster Catchers all appeared to be non plussed by the civil plant and no doubt after the restoration of the unused ground it will be much loved by smaller birds possibly hoping the bikes will scare off the raptors wanting to kill them.

  • London 100 climbing issues, advice needed; and a story.1 year 11 weeks agoBikeboy, just wondering how

    Bikeboy, just wondering how you got on in the Etape Cymru? Did you manage to complete on a standard, and how were those hills?!


  • Saboteurs ‘lay out tacks’ on Etape Cymru route1 year 11 weeks agoWith any luck any miscreants

    With any luck any miscreants at the TdF will be taken to a damp cell and given the Zero Dark Thirty treatment.

    Why do people have to be such idiots!? Then again, I say that to myself every day...

  • On the search for a speed/cadence magnet1 year 11 weeks agoFor anyone else looking, you

    For anyone else looking, you want 12mm x 3mm Neodymium magnets.

    These are the ones I bought http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neodymium-Disc-Magnets-12mm-dia-x-3mm-thick-Pk-10-/221239484935?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3382e6a207

    They work perfectly.

  • Which one Steel Frame, 'Genesis Croix De Fer or Charge Filter'?1 year 11 weeks agolooked at the Kaffenbach, but

    looked at the Kaffenbach, but the clearances weren't so good, and the geometry wasn't right for me. Plus it's Planet X so guaranteed wouldn't have one in stock... (they never have anything I want in stock)

  • British Cycling appoints its first infrastructure expert1 year 11 weeks agoDear Adrian, Can you come

    Dear Adrian,

    Can you come help us in Liverpool? Sefton County Council, Liverpool CC and Peel Holdings are developing the North corridor of the city's commuter route for increased car use with scant regard for cyclists.

    It would be very easy to make Liverpool into the UK's first true cycle friendly city but opportunities are being ignored.

  • If You Can’t See My Handlebars…1 year 11 weeks agokylemalco wrote:If all you

    kylemalco wrote:
    If all you can see is your handlebars get off the road plenty of club riders thinking they are Gilbert and thus fast enoughto own the road

    Smile Yup one or two seem to be on a mission and have issues with social etiquette. (and I'm a club rider - one who climbs slower than a stannah stairlift so has no chance of imitating a pro).

    I think that cycling is a broad church and every 'chapter' has its characters who are the exception rather than the rule. I feel/think the original piece was just picking up on this.

    I occasionally get the mick taken out of me because I still ride a steel bike, but I can take it on the cheek and give as good as I get (I usually reply by saying that at least my bike has scrap value). It's called banter and happens in life.

    Just get on your bike and enjoy the ride.


  • On the search for a speed/cadence magnet1 year 11 weeks agohttp://road.cc/content/forum/


    This one?

  • On the search for a speed/cadence magnet1 year 11 weeks agoI've got some spare ones here

    I've got some spare ones here you can have next time I see you.

  • Wildlife campaigners fight outdoor cycle track near Derby Velodrome that they say threatens wild birds1 year 11 weeks agoMost of the wildlife comes

    Most of the wildlife comes from Derby County's ground which is next to the velodrome.

  • On the search for a speed/cadence magnet1 year 11 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:This

    Yeah, that was the original, but I think there were some different eBay suggestions...