• To(m) Boonen or not to Boonen1 year 16 weeks agoI can't imagine a bunch

    I can't imagine a bunch sprint tomorrow....I reckon more likely a select group of tough guys coming to the line and battling it out(Spartacus,Sagan and Thomas 123 for me with Degenkolb just in case).

    Every one of my riders is listed for Gent-Wevelgem and Flanders so hopefully I'll only have to use 3 transfers max between the two which will give me free rein to swap the whole team for Roubaix if necessary.

  • New British brand Worx launch road, cyclocross and kids’ bikes at Taipei Show1 year 16 weeks agoHi All, Firstly, I'll

    Hi All,

    Firstly, I'll introduce myself as the designer of the Worx Bikes Products. Secondly, thanks for taking the time to read the article, as a new brand, press exposure is very important to us, but i would like to take the opportunity to clarify a few points .

    1 : We are not linked, in any way to the power tools. Mat's shots, taken at the show don't quite show the quantity of blue and white on the bike to give an idea of the paint scheme in the flesh so to speak. It's always difficult getting good pics in a challenging, busy environment with a real mix of lighting. Thankfully, the pictures of the other models come across very realistically.

    2: Roadiesean: you are very right, there are a lot of cookie cutter products coming out of Taiwan and being re-branded - Almost all of them are carbon open mould frames. Apart from the belief at Worx Bikes that aluminium is a great material for building performance bikes: This lack of ability to alter and significantly tune an 'open mould' product - thus realising a ride quality and performance level we were happy - with was a huge determining factor with our range. I can happily, and steadfastly assure you, and everyone else, that every Worx Bike product is totally unique, and cannot be purchased with another brand applied to its aluminium tube walls.

    I also know it's easy for me to say all this, with the relative anonymity of the internet, and with no possible way to prove anything - but i am quietly confident that when our bikes arrive early this summer, anyone who rides one will be very pleasantly surprised by the level of ride quality you can get at a given price.
    Any bike, whatever the brand, and whatever the colour scheme or logo is only ever as good as the smile it brings to your face when you turn the pedals in anger or just as importantly, railing corners on a favourite descent.
    This product line has been two years in the making,with many prototypes tested across all the models; geometries revised, wall thickness's varied - along with a myriad of componentry changes. All this is vital to get a level of ride quality we strive for and without adding unnecessary cost. As such, we as a bike company firmly believe that - while we haven't re-invented the wheel - we have managed to produce some genuinely innovative bikes. Bikes that will offer you as riders something you can enjoy riding. Hopefully, when any of you throw a leg over one to test, you will see for yourselves: A bike is always ultimately defined by the ride.

    It is always right to question the unknown, it is one of many things that separate us from other species. It also helped us evolve as far as we have. However, It was only what we subsequently did with our new found knowledge that allowed us to get off the 'flat planet' and onto the moon. Challenging preconceived ideas is what actually lead to the Worx Bike brand starting out, so all of your questions are welcome.I sincerely hope this is useful to anyone who has shown an interest, helps allay fears to those who despise low quality bikes and has added another little insight into what makes us as a company tick. Fingers crossed it onwards and upwards from here with our new found knowledge.

    Until then, enjoy the ride, and say hi if you see us out there on the road or trail.

    Neil Webb.

    Product Director, Worx Bikes

  • Eye-catching Bike of the Day IV: Dream Machine1 year 16 weeks agoIt's knee bashin' time!

    It's knee bashin' time!

  • To(m) Boonen or not to Boonen1 year 16 weeks agoobutterwick wrote:Boonen has

    obutterwick wrote:
    Boonen has said it's all about Cav tomorrow. Mind you, Offredo has revealed the race could be put back until Monday, according to my French sources.

    Why would a hollandaise tell you anything?

    Oh.....I see not that kind of French Sauce!!

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 16 weeks agoJonas Lorenzen continues his

    Jonas Lorenzen continues his fine run of form in the Forum's Scorum's Volta Catalunya(in fact he's leading the entire game in this race)despite good pressure from chrisdstripes and drheaton.stepho's purists lead the purists thanks mainly to an inspired pick of Salerno!!

    The outstanding move of the day in the Forum's Scorum's overall came from dr heaton whose 137pts was enough to see him leapfrog TERatcliffe and stevemarks into 5th spot.

    Wig_Billy's overall leads are 566pts in standard and 294pts in purist...plus I've just seen that he's bought in the same weapon as me.....Simon(Sojasun) Crying

  • Spanish cyclists demand asylum at European embassies following helmet law1 year 16 weeks agoPersonally always wear a

    Personally always wear a helmet. Banning kids from riding on roads and forcing cyclists to ride in gutter. Seriously is this for real. My limited experience of riding in Spain was quite pleasant with drivers giving me loads of room and respect

  • VaC stage 61 year 16 weeks agoI think the 'High Mountains'

    I think the 'High Mountains' classification is way over-exaggerated so bought in Simon for Elissonde who DNS yesterday.

    Defending 10th in the Volta with this little lot


    4 Forum's Scorum's competitors in the top 10 of this race Cool Cool Cool

  • Spanish cyclists demand asylum at European embassies following helmet law1 year 16 weeks agoIs this an early April Fool?

    Is this an early April Fool?

  • Genesis Croix de Fer1 year 16 weeks agotwosparetubes

    twosparetubes wrote:
    Don't understand your comment! I'm 6"2 and 100kg ( planning on shifting 20 kg of that) this year. Would it be suitable for me?!!

    Don't worry, I'm just under 6'3" and 95KG's and I couldn't be more delighted with this bike. I've got the 58cm frame and it feels great. Replaced the tyres with Continental Grand Prix Four seasons and have a Topeak Super Tourist DX Rear Pannier fitted.

    Comfortable, flexible, fairly quick and a confidence inspiring ride. I spent a long time deciding between many different rides, I made the right choice. It would fit you fine too Smile

  • Bike Fitting. Where and what?1 year 16 weeks agoI'm central but kinsgton's

    I'm central but kinsgton's only 40 mins by bike. Will have a look, ta

  • Bike Fitting. Where and what?1 year 16 weeks agoDepends where in London.

    Depends where in London. Sigma Sport in Kingston are very good.

  • Video: Road race road rage - Bretagne Seche Environment team car rams moto1 year 16 weeks agoWhy is this happening in a

    Why is this happening in a cycling event with people associated with cycling? Surely these aren't one offs? These drivers must believe that it's part of the game where normal driving rules don't apply during these events. What on Earth is their rationale & justification?

  • Electroluminescent paint on its way1 year 16 weeks agoI'd rock the Tron look, for

    I'd rock the Tron look, for sure!

    In fact, an evening chain-gang in matching kit would look seriously impressive!

  • VaC stage 61 year 16 weeks agoDe Gendt in for Quintanilla

    De Gendt in for Quintanilla is my only change.



  • VaC stage 61 year 16 weeks agoGot some serious green arrow

    Got some serious green arrow climbing to do after 3 very poor days. Finally got purito into my team!

    Try to salvage some pride today and tomorrow...... Thinking

  • VaC stage 61 year 16 weeks agoI followed a similar train of

    I followed a similar train of thought TER...

    D Martin (in for Wiggo)
    J Simon
    Gerrans (in for Poulhies, just to be different...)

    Could go horribly wrong today - currently lying sixth and fancied taking a chance! Thinking

  • Cyclist who survived cancer twice gains support on two world record breaking attempts1 year 16 weeks agoJames was involved in an

    James was involved in an event I organised when I worked for Macmillan Cancer Support, when 4 cast members rode from Emmerdale to Eastenders (Leeds to London) in 24 hours.

    A very inspiring guy. Good luck James!

  • Water off a Ducks Back Livia Cycle Coat1 year 16 weeks agoLooks like a dressing gown to

    Looks like a dressing gown to me. No thanks.

  • aaahhhhh bleedin Snow1 year 16 weeks agoCycle_Jim wrote:Got a couple

    Cycle_Jim wrote:
    Got a couple of inches here, got country roads and 35's fitted now just trying to decide if I'm brave enough to go out! Never cycled in snow! Any tips?

    Bit late for today, but funnily enough...


  • aaahhhhh bleedin Snow1 year 16 weeks agoJust got back from a ride to

    Just got back from a ride to the north east coast, tynemouth loop is 40 kms for me. No snow but a really cold, biting wind that made it a real chore. Now sat with a coffee feeling smug. I was going to say its about time you southern shandy bashers got some proper weather , but I wouldn't be that naughty.

  • Vulpine: fifteen thoughts on value1 year 16 weeks agoYennings wrote: Not to

    Yennings wrote:
    Not to mention some cleated city riding brogues with the chaps up in Northampton - my ultimate cycling dream product.

    I would pay through the sodding nose for this.

  • Just in: Specialized Tarmac1 year 16 weeks agoPersonally I ride Spesh

    Personally I ride Spesh because they ride well, fit me well plus have excellent customer service and warranty. All good reasons imho.

    Also components break / wear out. The frame is the heart of the bike.

  • Eye-catching Bike of the Day IV: Dream Machine1 year 16 weeks agonappe wrote:I wonder what use

    nappe wrote:
    I wonder what use the extra hand position is? (goes into garage to dig out those mtb bar extensions to try it out).

    Nothing is new...

  • How to keep your feet warm this winter1 year 16 weeks ago*Real* wool should *always*

    *Real* wool should *always* be the innermost layer towards your skin. Thats my secret.. Stays warm if you get wet too Smile

  • New British brand Worx launch road, cyclocross and kids’ bikes at Taipei Show1 year 16 weeks agolets face it, the power tools

    lets face it, the power tools are shite and last 5 minutes....will the bike brand be any better ???

    Too many cookie cutter out of the Taiwan bike shed bikes knocking around. No wonder theres a lot of interest in handbuilt steel.