• First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoI like it.

    I like it.

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoThe new look Garmin Connect

    The new look Garmin Connect has finally pushed me to sign up to Strava. Sad

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoIf you're using an older

    If you're using an older Garmin 305, 205 (705?) the whizzy new Garmin Express won't work and you have to switch back to old school Connect using the Communicator plugin. Looks like they're doing an Apple.

  • Irish cyclist apologises to Marcel Kittel for selfish selfie1 year 7 weeks agochrisp1973 wrote:The _Kaner

    chrisp1973 wrote:
    The _Kaner wrote:
    Please write out 100 times
    could HAVE not could OF...
    would HAVE not would OF
    (should HAVE not should OF)

    That, to me, is way worse than taking a selfie with a stage winner...

    Please write out a hundred times:

    I am a cock if all I can mention in a forum debate is someone's spelling or grammar.

    You too are a cock if all you can mention is someone else's correction of poor grammar (not spelling) - a pet peeve of many - in a forum debate and call them a cock for it...after all you're not adding anything useful to the debate either...sucks to be you, eh!

  • Smartphones and long rides: The Strategy1 year 7 weeks agoThat stem mount of yours Dave

    That stem mount of yours Dave has convinced me that a Quad Lock is the way forward rather than the Finn, as that's exactly the solution I'm after. With a waterproof phone you don't need to worry about a separate "poncho" for it either.

    Just a matter of finding a suitable case to stick the universal adaptor too, not much around for the Z2 yet.

  • Rapha 3/4 women's tights1 year 7 weeks agoI'd probably say that the

    I'd probably say that the model - in an attempt to 'provide absolutely no sexual stimuli to obvious perverts' wore some undergarments especially for that reason...
    heck she probably even considered a pair of Bridget Jones granny pants...

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoGiven Garmin's complete lack

    Given Garmin's complete lack of interest in resolving issues with the Edge 500 software, I shall not be holding my breath for improvements on Connect. As such, I will continue to use Strava.

    A (very) small instance of Garmin reaping what they sow.


  • Now I understand why.1 year 7 weeks agoThis week, whilst driving

    This week, whilst driving home, I too encountered one such 'Driving Instructor'...
    Hands/fingers interlocked behind head whilst stretching at one point... attempting to steer and change gear with god knows what part of his anatomy...
    stuck on a country road behind him for several kms, he decided that he could spare his right hand for some hand surfing out a partially closed window...and then piece de resistance... a coffee cup appeared in his left hand...
    It was all I could do to stop myself running him into a ditch...or phoning him up for a fake lesson (not affiliated with a large company)....

  • UCI wants YOU — to tell it what you want from sportives and mass rides1 year 7 weeks agoI mentioned it because if the

    I mentioned it because if the goal of the UCI and BC is to increase mass participation then (in my opinion) helmet compulsion prevents mass participation.
    In my opinion.

  • Chris Boardman says UK MEP candidates should be "ashamed" of attitudes on cycling1 year 7 weeks agoMEP = waste of time and money

    MEP = waste of time and money -on any subject-, the sooner we do away with these pointless jobs the better. Leave the eu, regulate ourselves, Sweden I want to move to Sweden!

  • Actor Alec Baldwin handcuffed after riding bike wrong way up New York City's 5th Avenue1 year 7 weeks agoPauly Shore

    Pauly Shore Angry At Wits End

  • €220m will not solve Dutch train station bike parking chaos, says railway company1 year 7 weeks agoAm I the only one to spot

    Am I the only one to spot this in the article..."noting the country’s improving economy and its correlation with the swelling cyclist numbers."

    So! The more affluent people become, the more likely they are to ride a bike. I must remember this next time a car driver asks me if I want HIM to buy ME a car. My reply will now be "No thanks, Mate! Haven't you heard? Only poor people drive cars!" Big Grin

  • Chris Boardman says UK MEP candidates should be "ashamed" of attitudes on cycling1 year 7 weeks agoLead East of England LD

    Lead East of England LD candidate (and current MEP) Andrew Duff is likewise suggesting he didn't receive it.


    Possibly he or his office overlooked it, or perhaps there is a bit more to this than is obvious. What contact details did ECF have?

    As for MEPs having no contact with voters - I just got a response from the two I contacted within an hour, on twitter. How hard have you tried to engage with your MEP candidates? I've also been door-stepped by Andrew Duff.

  • Sensa bikes1 year 7 weeks agomooleur wrote:Haha we'll see

    mooleur wrote:
    Haha we'll see - the Madones pretty sexy too.....

    I'm going to end up with too many bikes and not enough money again aren't I Tongue

    I'm not really sure what else you expected becoming a cyclist Smile ha, pics of Madone?

  • Actor Alec Baldwin handcuffed after riding bike wrong way up New York City's 5th Avenue1 year 7 weeks agochokofingrz wrote:He should

    chokofingrz wrote:
    He should have been arrested years ago for making Bio-Dome.

    That would have been STEPHEN Baldwin...and Pauly Shore...

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoKeep seeing this, infact I

    Keep seeing this, infact I saw it several months ago, possibly last year.

    Please stop writing about this until its actually live or at least they've given a friggin date for everyone.
    Its wasting my time.

    At Wits End

  • Topeak Ridecase (or similar stem cap mounts) - feedback?1 year 7 weeks agoThanks everyone for the tips

    Thanks everyone for the tips and the feedback. I'll keep an eye out for the new model (and perhaps also price drops on the older one when it launches).

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoArgh... it's been completely

    Argh... it's been completely metro-ified and non-intuitivised, though to be honest I didn't use it much in the first place.

    I think they are way too late to game to try with segments although the local search shows zero so I may set some just to be lone KOGM for a short while.

    Maybe they should just concentrate on the hardware and do more 'partnering' with services like Strava.

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoTomsk wrote:@Jimbonic: the

    Tomsk wrote:
    @Jimbonic: the calorie count is off because both sites are guessing, and use different algorithms to make those guesses.

    This new Garmin is so awful I've stopped using it. It's slow, buggy and I don't give a shit about any of the panels except 'activities', which doesn't actually display any of my activites. It doesn't even manage the updates for my Edge properly. Great job Garmin!

    Spot on, on the calorie count. I have the opposite issue; Strava states about twice as many calories as Garmin Connect. I think it's because I setup as a 'lifetime athlete' on my Edge.

    As for Connect, it's just typical Garmin. They don't have enough competition to drive real improvements in both software and hardware. I can't believe that Shimano will stay out of their market for much longer and then they will be toast, in much the same way that the Shimano camera could well be GoPro's nemesis for cycling applications.

  • Topeak Ridecase (or similar stem cap mounts) - feedback?1 year 7 weeks agoIve been using the ridecase

    Ive been using the ridecase for just over a year now and its been great, no worries about the phone coming off and it enables me to do everything I could with a garmin plus my phone is insured so if I do have a crash it'll only cost about £40 to replace.

    I'd recommend getting the battery pack too, this is great and means you don't have to worry about running out of juice on longer rides (i could get about 4 hours without it but had to make sure wireless and 3g were off and the screen brightness was down)

    Can also recommend the HRM that they do, also had this just over a year and its been performing faultlessly.

    The only problem is when it rains, the rubber cover is fine for drizzle and light rain but can let a bit of water in when it gets heavy.

    Might be worth holding out a little bit longer though as there is a new model coming out this summer that completely encases the phone and is watertight!

    also they do a version for some samsung phones and also a "wet bag" style case that you can fit most phone in

  • Giro stage 51 year 7 weeks agoMy mistake......Cunego was

    My mistake......Cunego was smoking a cigar so took him for Purito!!

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoNo new view here either, must

    No new view here either, must be on a slow roll out if some of you have had it for over a week.

  • Rapha 3/4 women's tights1 year 7 weeks agoI love my bike wrote:Tell the

    I love my bike wrote:
    Tell the model next time that cycle shorts etc are worn without anything underneath - it's so fundamental, it's not even listed in 'the rules'.

    Ever thought that maybe high value test items need to be returned after review?

    Also, ever actually realised that "the rules" are tongue in cheek and that bike riding, and anything that goes with it, can be done by anyone, wearing anything in any way or means they like?

    What's fundamental is the fact that it shouldn't bloody matter what she's wearing in some token photographs for a review.

  • First look: new Garmin Connect1 year 7 weeks agoandycoventry wrote:To me it

    andycoventry wrote:
    To me it seems a little late to the party with regard to segments, Strava has too much of a hold on this.

    To use it you need a garmin, and whilst they are popular its still exclusive, and hence uptake will be lower than strava, so the 'competition' on segments will also be lower.

    If you have a garmin you will upload to both but the amount of data available through Strava and Veloviewer already makes this out of date.

    It doesnt do anything Strava hasn't done for years so needs something far more innovative to draw people away although I have no idea what that could be.

    You may be right, but don't forget that Garmin will show you where a segment is on their device when out riding on the bike (I don't use a Strava app does this do this). Admittedly only on a Edge1000 at the moment. If Garmin release firmware updates so that it appears on 800, 810 etc then it will probably gain some traction.

  • Chris Boardman says UK MEP candidates should be "ashamed" of attitudes on cycling1 year 7 weeks agodrfabulous0 wrote:Bollocks!

    drfabulous0 wrote:
    Bollocks! Despite what the oil companies would have you believe the world's oil reserves will be nearly dry by 2030...

    No they won't. Just saying...