• Dutch-style cycle lane planned for Manchester's Oxford Road in major revamp1 year 13 weeks agobambergbike wrote: It isn't

    bambergbike wrote:

    It isn't realistic to expect faster cyclists to use the road while slower ones share the path with the zombie pedestrians. Drivers will see the path, decide that all cyclists should be on it and hassle the cyclists who don't use it, so some fast cyclists will be deterred from using the road, maybe after a near miss.

    Essentially what happens now then?

    I see punishment passes of people who don't take to the path by Oxfam/Whitworth Park pretty regularly. The difference is that the facility in that case is meandering and indirect - heading towards Rusholme, in particular, it's somewhat better going into the city, admittedly, although a bit interesting at funfair time.

    TfGM haven't built this yet - so it's a chance to say "Please make it wider" "maintain it properly" and so on. It's also a chance to fold our arms and declare that it'll never work, ever, of course.

  • Pat McQuaid secures nomination of Swiss Cycling to stand for third term as UCI President1 year 13 weeks agoWith no change at the head of

    With no change at the head of the sport, why do people believe it is cleaner?

  • Giro d'Italia - Tappa 121 year 13 weeks agoWhat did say about Mezgec!

    What did say about Mezgec! Crying Bouhanni has gone? booted out or what?

  • Tour of California stage 51 year 13 weeks agoCantwell abandoned

    Cantwell abandoned

  • £0 to spent, but what bike to buy?1 year 13 weeks agoThat's a good idea

    That's a good idea

  • sold: new Genesis Day One Disc 56cm1 year 13 weeks agogiladj wrote:have you sold

    giladj wrote:
    have you sold the bike?
    if not I'm interested

    I've not sold mine no, and it is £350 collected from Bristol..just don't use it as much as I thought and want some other spangly new bits for the bikes I do use (wheels, chainset etc). Hence selling.


  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoLowest rolling resistance,

    Lowest rolling resistance, 320 tpi , grippy in all conditions, like tubular but with clincher compatibility

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoVittorias....oh no more

    Vittorias....oh no more options! Smile

  • £0 to spent, but what bike to buy?1 year 13 weeks agoLove the idea of a (dare I

    Love the idea of a (dare I name them) 'top gear' style challenge, £300 to 3 road.cc writers, 1 week to assemble and 5 challenges to complete!

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoVitoria open corsa cx !

    Vitoria open corsa cx ! Amazing

  • RaceWare Direct Garmin 200/500 bar mount1 year 13 weeks agoracewheelsdirect wrote:Hi, It

    racewheelsdirect wrote:

    It is pretty close to the blue that team sky use although not a perfect match. I would need to speak to the chaps who run road.cc before advertising any type of discount but it is not out of the question.



  • Bikes like the pros ride (but slightly more affordable*) from Bianchi, Merida, Focus, Lapierre, Scott and BMC1 year 13 weeks agoGossa wrote:Neither Bianchi

    Gossa wrote:
    Neither Bianchi nor their dealers are 'taking the piss', they do not have a consumer direct distribution model like Canyon so it shouldn't be a surprise to you that a Canyon (or any other consumer direct product) is substantially cheaper should it?

    I detect a Bianchi/Trek/Specialized sycophant. Mugs like you have lead to price rises that are putting cycling into the luxury goods market. Bikes should not be over inflated frippery like Channel handbags, or is that what you want?

  • Giro d'Italia - Tappa 121 year 13 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Modolo's tweet

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Modolo's tweet -

    Quando Mark mi ha portato sulla dx ormai non ne avevo più per passarlo. Bouhanni non è stato scorretto ha solo avuto fegato di passare!!

    Once through google translate -

    When Mark took me on right now I had no more to pass. Bouhanni was not incorrect liver has only had to go!

    Italian's use liver as a metaphor for bravery. He is saying that Bouhanni did nothing wrong he was just brave enough to go

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoI personally think ZX's look

    I personally think ZX's look the business but have found they wear really quickly , plus prone to cuts and find they develop circumferential cracks. If you want a quick tire but don't mind replacing them every 1000 miles or so then they are worth a punt.
    I've had gp4s on my commute bike for about 2000 miles, never had a puncture, cut or crack and they still look as though they have miles left in them!

    my view is if u want quick tire and want to colour code your bike but don't mind replacing regularly then go for zx's but if you are on a budget and want to fit and forget then go for conti's

  • Tour of California stage 51 year 13 weeks agoSurely a sprint finish. Used

    Surely a sprint finish. Used one transfer, so 3 for tomorrow.

  • Tour of California stage 51 year 13 weeks agoCat 2 climb taken by Feng,

    Cat 2 climb taken by Feng, gap now 8.50

    EDIT: Jones, Feng, De Gendt, Mancebo then Torckler get the points

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoI have a set of the Conti

    I have a set of the Conti gp4000s and gotta say I can't fault them

  • Tour of California stage 51 year 13 weeks agoBreak away - De Gendt, Jones

    Break away - De Gendt, Jones and Kai Feng - gap 7 mins and approaching first KOM summit.

  • sold: new Genesis Day One Disc 56cm1 year 13 weeks agohave you sold the bike? if

    have you sold the bike?
    if not I'm interested

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoSlightly faster, a bit less

    Slightly faster, a bit less grippy and not at all as durable as GP4000s.

  • Tour of California stage 51 year 13 weeks agoIn answer to your question at

    In answer to your question at the end of stage 4 - I've brought in Farrar, Boeckmans and Deignan.

    Hoping for a sprint finish Big Grin

  • Look mum no L plate1 year 13 weeks agoTunbridge Wells is a poor

    Tunbridge Wells is a poor place to drive, let alone when being tested. I had my driving test and motorcycle test there, not an experience I'd like to repeat.

    I was marked down for hesitation on my bike test as I slowed down to avoid hitting some old boy dragging some old dog across across the road. They happened to not be in the way when the examiner came around the bend behind me!

  • Dutch-style cycle lane planned for Manchester's Oxford Road in major revamp1 year 13 weeks agopmanc wrote: Do you have any

    pmanc wrote:

    Do you have any links to back up your comments that German cycle infrastructure is considered dangerous and the Germans are giving up on the idea?

    My point - I may not have made it very clearly - was that the Germans are increasingly moving away from off-carriageway infrastructure and towards putting cyclists on the road (in urban contexts). There is a portal site with information on current German design guidance here:

    It's cautiously worded - the powers that be aren't going to admit outright that they have come round to the campaigners' point of view - but it's revealing all the same.

    To quote from one of those documents (http://www.nationaler-radverkehrsplan.de/en/transferstelle/downloads/cye...):

    "Active press and PR work must be used to inform the
    public why it is often safer for cyclists to ride on the carriageway than on old, unsafe off-carriageway cycle facilities. It is crucial to address the reservations of motor vehicle drivers as well as experienced cyclists that have grown accustomed to off-carriageway cycling."

    My point about capacity is contained in the same document:

    "Where space is lacking, the default option is to
    provide on-carriageway facilities rather than a separated cycle path of poor quality. Given the increases in
    cycle traffic, cycling facilities introduced today should
    also be able to meet future demand, making costly investments at a later stage unnecessary."

    Space is often lacking in urban contexts. In rural contexts, where vehicle speeds are likely to be higher, stretches of road between junctions longer, and space less of a consideration, segregated facilities still make perfect sense and are very popular with many cyclists.

    pmanc wrote:

    So you're saying only the Dutch can do decent bike-specific infra and that's the way it will always be, even if we make a good job of following their examples and get their help?

    Dutch-style facilities can obviously be built anywhere the political will to do so exists. That is usually the case where doing things that genuinely benefit cyclists is a clear vote-catcher. That implies that there are enough people already cycling that can tell the difference between something that benefits cycling and something that makes drivers happy, say by removing cyclists from the carriageway and removing priority at side roads from cyclists. In the UK and Ireland, it can, at times, be easier to marshall example of schemes that call themselves "Dutch" than schemes that actually adhere to Dutch design guidelines. This is an Irish example:


    David Hembrow has lots of excellent posts on various UK misinterpretations of Dutch guidance, and also on the willingness of the Dutch to spend serious money on cycling.

    The European Cycling Federation had a press release recently about how Germany might be a more useful model for the UK and Ireland than Holland and possibly Denmark precisely because it isn't a country that has already had a high modal share and very good infrastructure and drivers who think like cyclists for decades already. German cities, rather, are "on the jump" - they have recently seen big increases in the number of people who cycle, from a low base - and that's what I hope will happen in the UK and Ireland, too. That document is here:


  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 13 weeks agoMoved up into the 90's, still

    Moved up into the 90's, still a canny way off but another victory for Cav tomorrow will help.

  • Giro d'Italia - Tappa 121 year 13 weeks agoFDJ confirm Bouhanni left

    FDJ confirm Bouhanni left race