• No plans for cycle hire scheme in Greater Manchester1 year 7 weeks agoWhilst i dont think bike hire

    Whilst i dont think bike hire schemes are the magic bullet some politicians think they are (no one is going to hire a bike when they fear for their lives on the crap infrastructure) i cant help smelling a bit of politics here.
    If the dominant, majority Labour group in manchester had suggested this idea im sure it would be considered the best idea in the world and would be endorsed. However if a politician of any other colour suggests it may be a good idea it is dismissed.
    Im not saying Garrido (Tory) or White (LibDem) are correct or even well qualified to comment but they do not have the monopoly on uselessness and crap ideas.

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoUnless he's improbably

    Unless he's improbably claiming that before these stickers appeared, our bus drivers were better drivers, it doesn't really demonstrate cause and effect. Individual encounters don't tell us anything, except that individuals can be arses.

    I generally find bus drivers amongst the best trained for the size and category of vehicle. The amount of times I get some acknowledgement from a bus driver, tells me how well they've been trained to look for cyclists.

    But yes, TfL should still revise the stickers. The danger is the message they send to other drivers, and that they may encourage private vehicles to copy them (but without the training requirement).

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 7 weeks agoJust going to throw this out

    Just going to throw this out there, but i guarantee the whole "aimed at cyclist" part of this will be swept under carpet and will focus entirely on hitting the hair salon.

    Thus, you fined x amount for causing damage and stupid driving, rather than

    Go to jail for x amount for trying to kill someone..

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoDespite using bus lanes

    Despite using bus lanes regularly I can honestly say I've not had any problem with bus drivers so far...but coach drivers on the other hand...utter psychos (actually a minority are of course).

    They've done the above to me while I've been in a cycle and bus lane and have no concept of how dangerous their actions are (or dont care).

    "professional drivers" who work to a strict timetable or who get more money for taking less time need to be watched carefully if possible...of course normally they overtake then left hook you so you really need to be on your toes.

    Complain to TFL if you want to waste time.

  • Disc Brakes (are they any safer)1 year 7 weeks agoIt's not so much about

    It's not so much about overall braking power as that's limited by tyre area but sustained ability to brake all the way down a lengthy descent. Blown tyres due to rims over heating is a proven problem on mountain stages. Blown rim walls due to wear on the braking surface is another problem for day in day out riders that is eliminated as well so discs help both the pro and the commuter.

  • Video: Cyclist appeals for help in identifying rider who crashed into him in West London1 year 7 weeks agoSara_H wrote:I disagree a

    Sara_H wrote:
    I disagree a little with those who think these videos shouldn't be highlighted, I think its important that it's demonstrated what cyclists are up against. Be that poor infrastructure or endemiccally poor and dangerous attituted to cyclists.

    Sara, I don't disagree with you in principle especially on the poor attitude. What I disagree with is putting a video of cyclists often by cyclist onto a cyclist website to show/showing how bad cycling is. Converted and preaching comes to mind.

    What impression does it give to those exploring the possibility of taking up our wonderful and mainly very safe form of activity? I fully accept the net has just become one big bashing ring full of people complaining about this and complaining about that (just like..., oh dear!)

    Cycling, brilliant isn't it!

  • Sir Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome doesn't pick Sky Tour de France team - I do1 year 7 weeks agoDuncan Farrell

    Duncan Farrell wrote:
    Hostility to froome dog is not in question here, the fact that Wiggo could be left out is! It would be a travesty for for the sport, Wiggo and all the fans that want to see their hero if he was out. He is still at least a top 10 finisher in the tour and a much better bet than porte. Sod all the crap, get him in!

    What cos you want to see him ride? I'd love to see both Wiggo and Froome in the team. But they really can't be. The trouble is there's bad blood between them. It doesn't matter how many times they shake hands for the camera and say it's all over, there isn't the necessary depth of trust. It's just seems logical to me that they can't sensibly both be picked. IF Froome is the choice for Sky's main GC contender then he is right to be worried whether Wiggo will fully commit to supporting him.

    And to be fair I'd say vice versa.

    Then there's Sky's sponsorship money and what they want from that. How much more coverage will Wiggo get from the UK media compared to Froome. What success could they get from each rider being the GC contender versus the possible embarassment of a team meltdown if they are both in it.

    There are lots of considerations. This cannot come as a surprise to Brailsford or the Sponsor. I could have predicted a bun fight like this for the last two years.

    There's more here than meets the eye.

    My guess is that performance wise Froome has the nod and he's the holder. Hard not to pick the current holder of the title unless they are seriously underperforming. And they and we all know that Wiggo can't be trusted to pull the stops out for him.

    Wiggo is very popular with the public and with the sponsor.

    There's a tug of war between the performance selection and the commercial selection.

    There may also be contractual obligations / promises made.

    What I would hate to see was these two spending 3 weeks sniping at each other everyday and one accusing the other of not supporting whist the other looks for every opportunity to change the GC selection by fair means or foul.

    Do you really want to see all that just so you can see one rider in a race a couple of times?

    This is the problem of a team that has so much money it has two decent TdF GC contenders in a single squad. Both former winners. That can't get along.

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 7 weeks agoResult of the intermediate

    Result of the intermediate sprint at Ambert, km 130.5:

    1. Matthias Brändle (IAM)

    2. Thomas Damuseau (Giant)

    3. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale)

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 7 weeks agoPositions at the côte de

    Positions at the côte de Bard, cat. 2, km 90.5:

    1. Kevin Reza (Europcar)

    2. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale)

    3. Thomas Damuseau (Giant-Shimano)

    4. Alexis Gougeard (AG2R-La Mondiale)

    5. Matthias Brändle (IAM Cycling)

    6. at 4.05: Danny Pate (Sky)

    Positions at the col de la Croix de l'Homme Mort, cat. 2, km 100.5:
    1. Kevin Reza (Europcar)

    2. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale)

    3. Thomas Damuseau (Giant-Shimano)

    4. Alexis Gougeard (AG2R-La Mondiale)

    5. Matthias Brändle (IAM Cycling)

    6. Danny Pate (Sky)

    Five out of five for Reza

    Positions at the col des Pradeaux, cat. 3, km 115:

    1. Kevin Reza (Europcar)

    2. Thomas Damuseau (Giant-Shimano)

    3. Alessandro De Marchi (Cannondale)

    4. Alexis Gougeard (AG2R-La Mondiale)

  • Jonny Bellis: From never walking again to Commonwealth Games aspirations1 year 7 weeks agoCauld Lubter wrote:Jeez,

    Cauld Lubter wrote:
    Jeez, better tell An / an Post that they've got it wrong on their own website.

    Read the article and you will see the posters point, it is An Post not AN Post, which is how it is written.

    enough of the pedantry.

    Hope it works out ok for him, how easy would it have been to walk away and accept it was all over?

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 7 weeks agocyclingDMlondon wrote:...

    cyclingDMlondon wrote:
    ... Bullies do not respond to being asked nicely. Bullies do not respond to 'education' (despite the best wishes of the bran muffin-munching liberal élite). Bullies respond to a punch in the face so fucking hard that they can still see the scar in the mirror, eighteen months down the line.

    I get very frustrated when I read and hear people advocating 'education' as a solve-all for the so-called 'war' on the roads. Hatred by its very nature is irrational, and education cannot work on irrational feelings. It never has, it doesn't, and it never will.

    I agree although we should be aware there are two types of crap drivers on the roads - the 'bullies' who need some proper sanctions (i.e being banned) and the 'muppets' who are not necessarily aggressive or vindictive, but are incompetent. They could do with some more training / getting a retest i.e. education. I'd say they probably have a lot less impact overall though.

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoSo two bus drivers treat

    So two bus drivers treat cyclists badly. Its hardly news, and you can't conclude a direct link to those awful stickers..

    People who have bad attitude towards cyclists probably don't need a sticker on the back of their vehicles to behave like tw@ts, do they?!

  • Sir Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome doesn't pick Sky Tour de France team - I do1 year 7 weeks agomooleur wrote:VOS FOR TDF

    mooleur wrote:

    Second this. I'd back her against plenty of the men as well.

    Unrelated point (and nothing to do with Mooleur's post). Does anyone else cringe at the expression "Froome Dog"? Skinny, pale, hairless bloke with a slightly whiny voice who isn't especially articulate = a long way from down with the kids cool deserving of epithet that implies person to whom it is applied is ghetto.

    Although I also find it slightly unnerving when people talk about "Bradley" (rather than Wiggins).

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 7 weeks agochiv30 wrote:Perhaps all the

    chiv30 wrote:
    Perhaps all the froome haters should read this thread and take note of what DB said .....proves my earlier point that wiggo is diplomatically spitting the dummy out ....again!


    The only thing that has been proven by all of this is that some people prefer Chris Froome and some people prefer Bradley Wiggins.

    If anyone from Sky starts telling you it's daylight, you'd better pull back the curtains and check for yourself.

  • Disc Brakes (are they any safer)1 year 7 weeks agoI am sure this is the same

    I am sure this is the same argument as banded about when discs first came into use on the MTB scene.

    Yes there is a finite amount of tyre grip available, and yes, disc brakes are going to help you find that limit quicker, but its exactly the same off-road where there is rarely enough tyre traction to be able to apply the brakes full force.

    Where discs come in handy is consistency and as mentioned, modulation. They will still require the rider to have a degree of competency.

    It does raise the argument however, that potentially disc brakes are going to encourage more cavalier riding from roadies as they feel more confidence in their braking.

    A few falls should right that one I'm guessing.

  • Video: "Excessive force" - Florida cop takes down Critical Mass cyclist1 year 7 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Told

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Told you....people flock to things like this....lock the comments now. let them go rant sh*t on youtube.

    You or I know nothing about it. You can say, he was riding slow, he was an accountant....that has nothing to do with it.

    What did he do to be arrested? We get his side and a little bit from the police, but that cannot make a full story...

    Whether the police had cause to arrest him isn't the point. I don't know if they did or didn't. It's the manner of the arrest which is the issue. Order him to stop let him get of his bike. tell him why he is being arrested , read him his rights, put cuffs on if you have to then put him in the back of the car. Can all be done without resort to this kind of nonsense.

    Having lived in Ft Lauderdale you have to be very suspicious of people that are willing to wear the kind of clobber that passes for police uniform. Whilst the police do need to wear a uniform this kind of get up seems almost designed to attract the wrong sort of people into the police.

    I can imagine the meeting where it was decided.

    "OK then, that's sorted. It's the Sam Browne belts and riding boots to get that authentic Munich 1936 feel, that should attract some of the real nutters in. Now hats....."

  • Sneak peek: Holdsworth to launch steel Heritage range1 year 7 weeks agoVery nostalgic. My very first

    Very nostalgic. My very first decent bike was a Pro, bought from the shop in Putney...the orange colour is classic. Applause

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoBad drivers will blame

    Bad drivers will blame anything and everything apart from themsleves. Because they are perfect drivers never doing anything wrong, simply as they got away with it and no harm done.

    To be honest, I don't think it's an issue particulary with TFL as First drivers in Yorkshire definately have a death wish on cyclist. As for the Keighely buses that drive down the cycle lanes!

  • Scapin Etika RC road bike1 year 7 weeks ago700c wrote:Seems a bit

    700c wrote:
    Seems a bit compromised if you have to put a shallow rim and wide tyres on it to make it bearable to ride

    I guess the review reflects this though, and that there are other high performance frames out there which have some concession to comfort?

    Or is it not possible to have your cake and eat it?!

    You could always use a deeper section rim with a wide profile and 25mm tyre as well. When I described my own experiences with my HED Ardennes Plus I wasn't trying to suggest that a shallow rim needed to be used, I was rather trying to illustrate that a wider rim could be used to great effect in terms of enhancing comfort.

    Something like a Zipp 808 clincher with 25mm Veloflex Corsa would also give a comfortable ride as this wheelset also has the wide profile that would mate perfectly with a wider, more voluminous tyre.

  • "Gutted" - Sir Bradley Wiggins confirms he won't ride Tour de France1 year 7 weeks ago'If you mean me ( I think it

    'If you mean me ( I think it was me that made that comment first) it was spelled correctly.'

    so perhaps I meant someone else? Not a difficult one, that.

  • Kingston driver 'aimed car at cyclist,' missed - and crashed into hair salon1 year 7 weeks agododgy wrote:Is the woman's

    dodgy wrote:
    Is the woman's insurance valid, since it was not technically an accident? Surely they wouldn't pay out if they knew she deliberately drove at someone, anyone know?

    If so, probably more of a punishment than the justice system will hand out.

    If I remember the basics of motor insurance correctly, the third party claims (the shop and the cyclist) will always be covered by the insurance company thanks to our laws. The policy holder may however be excluded for their own first party costs, depending on their actions and the small print.

    The incident is a good reminder why car insurance is mandatory for motorists, it's incredibly easy to do an awful lot of very expensive damage with a car.

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoYou have to be pretty thick

    You have to be pretty thick to qualify as a bus driver. To be expected

  • Are bad drivers using ‘stay back’ stickers as an excuse?1 year 7 weeks agoAs a daily commuter in London

    As a daily commuter in London from 2nd zone to Holborn, I think that the whole article is exaggerated. The stickers in the back indicate one thing: you shouldn't ride inside the buses, period. I do it myself, overtaking a bus from inside, which is, calmly seen, stupid and dangerous. If you linger too long on the inside of a bus, you would be inevitably cut as the bus needs to stop at the station. You either go ahead full speed and overtake the bus or try to overtake it from right, like everybody else. Can understand that a bus driver gets frustrated. Quite contrary, I think bus drivers are more careful than cab drivers in London, which, after the delivery vans, are the worst (not to mention the diesel exhaust).

  • Sir Dave Brailsford: Chris Froome doesn't pick Sky Tour de France team - I do1 year 7 weeks agolevermonkey wrote:Is your

    levermonkey wrote:
    Is your hostility based on the fact that he was not born in this country? If so I find that quite repellent.

    Wiggins wasn't born in this country, either, so f**k off with your faux outrage.

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 21 year 7 weeks agoKwia, Thomas, Barta and

    Kwia, Thomas, Barta and Vorbyev, for all the good they did me yesterday, out. 2pens


    Peraud Confused

    Peraud finished 3 seconds down on Bardet yesterday and I assume he will be doing bugger all for the rest of the week.