• Reynolds Aero 58 clincher wheels1 year 12 weeks agoHard to imagine a wheelset at

    Hard to imagine a wheelset at this level would fill up with water in the rain - was this a one off (faulty set?) or have other users experienced this as well? Any feedback from Reynolds regarding the niggles you have pointed out? I guess most people may elect not to take these out if there's a cloud in the sky.

  • Anti-doping systems in sport doomed to fail, says study1 year 12 weeks agoSo anti doping is largely

    So anti doping is largely ineffective especially if a team was to pay close attention to details, like, how to beat the doping testing Thinking

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoMade it that same day great

    Made it that same day Smile great cycling

  • Orbital Cycling Festival opens today1 year 12 weeks agoPlus one, news to me

    Plus one, news to me

  • Ex power lifter1 year 12 weeks agoFancy a race up a big hill?

    Fancy a race up a big hill?

  • French Senate names 1998 Tour de France dopers; O'Grady and Durand confess1 year 12 weeks agoSince pro cycling hit the

    Since pro cycling hit the spotlights for all the wrong reasons I have wondered how far back doping goes. Having only been aware of Tommy Simpsons story over the past 5 or 6 years it dawned on me that at pro level, doping of one sort or another was commonplace in the peloton for many decades.

    In atheletics there are those who suggest that as testing will always be inaccurate then athletes should be allowed to take what they want. I don't hold that view but there are those that do. Maybe that ethos became the norm for the pro peloton over the decades since WW2.

    I remember watching WW2 documentaries about US Bomber Pilots who were given Methamphetamine and other performance enhancing drugs to stay awake and alert and that even after the war the stuff was available over the counter without prescription in the USA. So it is easy to see that for commercially sponsored events such as the Pro tour, with such huge demands on human endurance, and the almost 'State condoning' of chemical performance enhancement that doping would gain a foothold in a sport like pro cycling. I am sure those invoilved will have said 'If everyone is doing it what difference does it make?...' '...Afterall the riders are being paid to ride so it's not like an amateur event.'

    I think the UCI should simply say 'It is likely that, up to recently, doping of one sort or another, within pro cycling, was been so common that we should assume everyone was at it, at some level'.

    I don't see any point in a truth and reconcilliation process as some riders will never want to openly admit fault and the story will drag on an on. If the UCI were to admit that doping was the norm, up to recently, then anyone who hasn't doped can come forward and be scrutinised. I doubt anyone will as we won't believe them anyway.

    We will just have to accept that the ethos in the pro peloton was different to the ethos in amateur sport and now it is the same. And hooray to that.

  • Just in: Hoy Bikes Sa Calobra 0031 year 12 weeks agoLooks tidy.

    Looks tidy.

  • Updated: Driver who killed cyclist Brian Dorling at Bow roundabout gets suspended sentence1 year 12 weeks ago"If you haven't seen the

    "If you haven't seen the cyclist, how could you possibly even have that thought?"

    because the person driving the vehicle would be MORE careful and look about - noticing the cyclist and not running them over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Updated: Driver who killed cyclist Brian Dorling at Bow roundabout gets suspended sentence1 year 12 weeks agoboo hoo, the hgv driver is

    boo hoo, the hgv driver is upset. who cares! someone is DEAD!

    whethere he is remoreseful or not is NOT the point!
    he broke the law and someone died, he should server a stronger punishment. it will deter other people killing more cyclists on a regular basis!

    maybe others wont care so much!

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoExcellent read Jo. I feel as

    Excellent read Jo. I feel as though I should have gone back with you to deliver the pocket-fulls of hail we brought down with us a few years back. I still remember the shivering on the descent that made me think my headset was alive.

  • Orbital Cycling Festival opens today1 year 12 weeks agoLikewise, this would've spot

    Likewise, this would've spot on for the family (and me, really!); first i've heard of it.

  • Orbital Cycling Festival opens today1 year 12 weeks agoI only found out about this

    I only found out about this yesterday through someone else. Is it me or has it not been advertised very well? I would have loved to have gone & taken part

  • First road bike, best value upgrade?1 year 12 weeks agoMy RS80s seem very nice.

    My RS80s seem very nice. Ultegra wheelset (CW review) is £250 online and hardly any heavier and very similar spec. Either of these would be a good upgrade.

    GP4000S, Ultremo or Pro4 SC are lightweight, fast rolling 'summer' tyres. Greater longevity and improved p******e resistance - Durano, GP 4Season, Pro4 Endurance and Vittoria Rubino Pro III. Blizzard Sport folding (~240g) now doing a surprisingly good job on the SCR for <£8 each, but the rear is wearing faster than I'd like.


    Beyond wheels and tyres the Law of Diminishing Returns applies. Save your money for extra cake
    Big Grin

    But keep an eye on chain wear. For better cassette & chainring life replace it before it gets to the 0.75 mark on chain checker (or use a ruler). I recently fitted a new 9 speed chain & cassette on my SCR and it feels quite a bit better than before Smile

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoGreat read - off tomorrow to

    Great read - off tomorrow to Provence where I will be happy with one ascent (the easy one at that)

  • Tour de France Stage 21 reaction from Marcel Kittel and Mark Cavendish1 year 12 weeks agoWe've had it easy for the

    We've had it easy for the last 4 Tours. Cav has not had any genuine challengers, from either individuals or teams. This year we saw Argos & Lotto out ride OPQS in the last 2 - 3Km. In the past no other team has been competing for Lead Out dominance once Cavs team were in position. Almost as if the other teams couldn't be bothered.2012 said it all when we saw Wiggo lead out until the final right hand sweeper. Psychology matters hugely and in 2012 Sky basically said (through their riding) don't bother trying to spoil the party, this is our year. The peloton complied like the true gentlemen of honour that they are. And we had the most wonderful summer as a result.

    2013 was very different. Teams could see OPQS were inexperienced and that Cav would struggle to get it together behind a weak Lead Out train. So up step the 2 pretender teams (a term I use without being derogatory) to fill the void left by HTC. Of the two, Kittel is the biggest threat to Cavs future stage wins, but if they both started absolutely level I would still put my money on Cav. Greipel has been around for as long as Cav and has been beaten by him in most head to head sprints. That will continue to be the case in my view so long as Cav has no major fitness or helath setbacks. Combined with a few mishaps, which in a 3 week tour is very common, OPQS could not get the train together for long enough to give Cav the edge. Solo runs are always more random and though Cav has succeeded in past Tours, going solo on those occasions, the competition hasn't quite been good enough to hold him off.

    With Renshaw moving to OPQS I suspect Cav will improve on this years stage wins but Argos & Lotto will still be big challengers. I don't expect to see dominance by any sprint team, as we did with HTC in 2010 & 2011, at the next Tour but you should never bet against Cav.

    The one person we have left out of the equation is Sagan. Hhe isn't as super quick as the top 3 but then again the Canondale team are pretty weak when it comes to Lead Outs. If anything Canondale highlight the point about the necessity of a strong Lead Out train. The fact that they don't have one leaves Sagan to go solo, which he does superbly. I still havn't warmed to him, as his post race interviews and voice grate on me but this year I felt that changing. He is a great showman and a superb bike handler so deserves all the success he gets. However, I could tell from his interviews that winning the Green jersey was fine but only one stage win was not enough. I am sure he believes that the Green is a sprinters jersey and stage wins and not simply about consistency. He is pleased to win it but would have liked more sprint stage wins. Canondale will have to do some serious reorganising for that to happen but it may well make TdF2014 a great sprinters tour.

    As far as Stage 21 results went I think OPQS were beaten fair and square but that Cav, effectively riding solo, did nothing wrong.

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoSounds epic, well done chaps

    Sounds epic, well done chaps

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoGreat write-up. I recently

    Great write-up. I recently found this article by a chap who did the Galérien... on a fixie with 70-inch gearing! You are so sane in comparison.


  • First road bike, best value upgrade?1 year 12 weeks agoYou got clip on TT bars?

    You got clip on TT bars?

  • Anti-doping systems in sport doomed to fail, says study1 year 12 weeks agoI think trending is the key

    I think trending is the key here and forcing the athlete to take responsibility, i.e. the system Froome said he is following.
    Daily checks in to a website for his whereabouts and monthly blood tests to spot anomalies.

    We have a much better understanding of a human's capabilities today than even five years ago, we know what tolerances athletes can perform within. I don't believe doping can be so precise as to limit someone's performances to that level and no more.

    So, lets not be put off by the naysaying of this report but keep working at it and reviewing procedures to improve anti-doping methods

  • Anti-doping systems in sport doomed to fail, says study1 year 12 weeks agoIt IS depressing, but unless

    It IS depressing, but unless one fully understands the problem, it's hard to solve/improve the situation. Also, using statistical methods, it should now be possible to determine the effect of improving the sensitivity of tests etc.

    . . .thus other solutions to the ubiquitous problem of doping may need to be sought, outside of individual scientific tests.

    For cycling, maybe also test the domestiques on the team of the leader in stage races?

  • Just in: Hoy Bikes Sa Calobra 0031 year 12 weeks agoNo mudguard mounts? on a UK

    No mudguard mounts? on a UK bike? Seriously? So much for 'attention to detail'.

    ...unless Evans are also going to do a job-lot discount on SKS Raceblade Longs, which apart from being a cracking mudguard should fit the quick-release-skewer-removable tabs, which I've been using in preference to unclipping each guard and leaving the tabs on the bike.

    But overall, nice. Can it fit 28C's though?

  • My News1 year 12 weeks agoThanks for all the kind

    Thanks for all the kind words, however I think I confused matters by mentioning bikes in the same post. Ultimately, my wife is not into bikes at all and doesn't want one. I'd use a bike/trailer on segrateted cycle infrastructure or on trails etc, but I always feel like speed and the agility of a road bike are one of the things that keep me alive on public roads, so don't intend to mix the kids up in the traffic.

    So, we need a double buggy, and have found one which sits the babies side-by-side but can fit through a normal door, as we don't want/need a 4x4-sized thing for them.

    Things are a bit mental now though - we've been told to have the emergency labour bag ready from 6 months, there's all manner of stuff we need to buy, the spare room needs turning into the babies room, the office needs turning into the spare room, the kitchen and dining room are being knocked into one so one adult can keep an eye on two babies while cooking etc, the kitchen's being updated...madness, but all very exciting.

    I do want to still get some time on the bike, but suspect I will probably get none for at least the first few months. (The road back to fitness will then be awful!) We've no kids yet, so suddenly having two is going to result in a handful.

    I'll raise a separate thread re the bike, as I test rode an interesting number of bikes and bits.

  • Anti-doping systems in sport doomed to fail, says study1 year 12 weeks agoA lot of waffle and

    A lot of waffle and assumptions here.

    With some intelligence behind the testing process the costs and effectiveness is much better.

    Top riders get more testing, lower ranked riders less testing. In and out of competition.

    UCI has the biological passport to monitor long term trends, surely it would not be too difficult or costly to take en mass samples at major races.

    UCI/WADA also work with drug companies to predict new doping trends and appropriate testing methods.

    EPO was so prevalent because it was initially undetectable and then given UCI 'approval' with the 50% limit.

    Yep, there will always be cheats and dopers, but with a good strategy the testing can be good enough to catch and also deter doping.

  • Ventoux Three1 year 12 weeks agoChomping at the bit here

    Chomping at the bit here Smile

  • Rubbee seek funding for bicycle electric drive1 year 12 weeks agoits not as good at the one

    its not as good at the one spartacus had concealed in his down tube.